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Case Number: 380

Case 380 before Before Case 380 after After

Case: 380

Surgeon: Dr. Yoho
Patient Gender: Female
Race: Latin American descent


This Visalia / Fresno area patient had breastfed her children and was happy with the size but not with the shape of her breasts. She decided to schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Yoho to see if Fresno area cosmetic surgery could help her achieve her goals.

Dr. Yoho explained that a breast lift could reshape her breasts without reducing her breast size. He recommended a vertical mammoplasty (sometimes called the "ice cream cone" approach), which allows the surgeon to lift the breast tissues without detaching the nipple or areola. Many patients prefer this method because it avoids damaging nipple sensation and does not create a scar at the crease below the breast. Some patients experience temporary changes to their nipple sensation, but in the vast majority of these cases, the result is very satisfactory after only a few months.

Dr. Yoho created an incision just around the areola and then down the front of the breast. Through this incision, he reshaped her breast mound and precisely reduced the size of the areola to match what he has found to be the "perfect" areola size for most women, 4.2 centimeters. He designs his incisions to help prevent scars from stretching, so in most cases the incision line remains very thin and difficult to notice.

Following surgery, the breasts will usually be a bit high for a few weeks or up to a few months, but they descend to a more natural position very beautifully, as this patient's photos show. Because the scar down the front of the lower breast works a bit like a strut or support, results with this approach tend to last well in the long-term. For this Fresno breast augmentation patient, who wanted to conserve the breast size she had, her procedure has created very nice results and she is very happy with her new shape.

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