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Case Number: 399

Case 399 before Before Case 299 after After

Case: 399

Surgeon: Dr. Yoho
Patient Gender: Female
Race: Latin American descent

This patient from Hanford / Visalia / Fresno / Tulare area is in her mid 50's and is Hispanic. She was not unhappy with her breast size but was unhappy with the position of the nipples and the saggy shape overall. She had a breast lift, using the "vertical mastopexy" technique with no implant. This requires only one scar down the front of the breast and around the areola (in most cases). There is no scar at the base of the breast, as in an "anchor scar" procedure. This operation preserves breast shape for long periods of time because the frontal scar acts as a sort of support. You can see the careful markings which were performed on the day of the procedure. The nipple / areolar complex was moved up by a folding technique which spares the nerves and usually results in great post operative sensation. The scar in the front is often visible indefinitely (nothing is perfect) but sometimes the scars around the areolas disappear beautifully due to the shape of the incision. The incision is a sort of oval when drawn on the skin but becomes more circular when the breast is moved up to make the new shape. We always try to get our patients to be patient(!) and wait months before they judge their results, although some of these look great right away and some bruise hardly at all. This "after photo" result is shown about 5 months after the "before" photos.

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