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Case Number: 403

Case 403 before Before Case 403 after After

Case: 403

Surgeon: Dr. Yoho
Patient Gender: Female
Race: African descent

This is a African American woman in her mid 50's from the Pasadena / Los Angeles / Beverly Hills area who originally had a breast reduction about 8 months before the "after" photos. She was not satisfied with her results, feeling that her breasts were too small and not perky enough. Though her back pain was gone, her feelings were understandable because she lived with large breasts all her life and she was unhappy with the image change. Most of her blouses no longer fit her, and she didn't feel sexy. Dr. Yoho went on to perform an improvement surgery by putting in a saline implant. She's now DELIGHTED with the results.

Note that the nipple distance from the "sternal notch"--the place at the top of your chest where there's a little depression--was originally 38 centimeters, a very big breast reduction. The patient currently has great nipple and areolar sensitivity. This sort of "big" breast reduction has been traditionally performed by cutting off the nipple/areola (you read that right) and transplanting it higher up on the breast. Dr. Yoho didn't do this, he used a folding technique to preserve the nerves and so she ended up with this nice result and good sensitivity. She's now a D and was a GG cup size before the original surgery!

The scars under the areola down the front tend to hold this sort of breast up so her breast is not as likely to sag in the future.

NOTE: the left breast is still swollen because it had some liposuction when the implant was placed. ALSO NOTE: this is a good example of the following. We can fix many problems to a patient's specifications, given time, patience and cooperation.

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