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Case Number: 258

Case 258 before Before Case 258 after After

Case: 258

Surgeon: Dr. Yoho
Patient Gender: Female

Liposuction of breasts for Los Angeles/Pasadena area woman, performed in Pasadena office surgicenter. Approximately 2 months post procedure. Notice how nipples have risen about an inch and a half. See "Liposuction in Breast Reduction: The "No Scalpel Breast Reduction" for an article about breast liposuction.

A note about insurance reimbursement and other issues with breast reduction and breast liposuction.
Did you know that many preferred provider and other insurance companies pay for breast reduction if there's a medical reason? If your breasts are causing you chronic upper or lower back pain, and if you have breasts larger than a certain size, you may be eligible. Another justification for payment is that you might have grooves in your shoulders that won't go away because of the bra straps you have to wear to support your breasts. And a third reason why insurance might pay involves skin problems under your breasts. Some people have fungal infections or skin ulceration down there because of their large breasts. And while the insurance companies are more accustomed to paying for surgical breast reduction, we have in some cases had them pay for breast liposuction, which is much cheaper and generally much easier on the patient, with less chance of complications. Significant pain, scarring and infection are very, very rare with liposuction. And you don’t get “dog earsâ€, which are funny pouches at the end of the incisions on either side of the bottom of the breasts. If you are interested in this procedure, be sure to have Dr. Yoho make out a report for your insurance company to see if they will pay for your surgery. And although insurance companies are usually not willing to pay for "cosmetic" or beautification procedures, your breast reduction or breast liposuction should be designed to give you the most aesthetic breasts possible as well. The nipples after breast reduction elevate on average of an inch or two. Firmness and some irregularity after breast reduction is common, but this goes away in most cases after a period of months. It really helps to mold the new breast into a fitting bra and re-arrange it every day, so it assumes the best possible shape. See the rest of for more examples of breast liposuction and see Dr. Yoho™s book (downloadable off the main page) for a complete discussion of your breast reduction options.Older woman can often go from even a G to a large C cup size or maybe small D. These breasts are largely fat tissue. Younger woman may not get such a spectacular cup size decrease, as they may have more glandular tissue, which cannot be liposuctioned away. However, they do get a more dramatic "lift" with better shaping because their tissues can contract so dramatically with the irritation of the liposuction process.