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Case Number: 259

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Case: 259

Surgeon: Dr. Yoho
Patient Gender: Female


Oversized breasts can be a burden emotionally as well as physically. This woman scheduled a time to meet with Dr. Yoho so that she could find out more about his popular no-scalpel Pasadena breast reduction. Patients with darker skin are often particularly interested in this procedure because darker skin tends to scar more severely, and patients like the fact that Dr. Yoho's nonsurgical approach involves little to no visible scarring.

In his no-scalpel breast reduction, Dr. Yoho incorporates precise liposuction techniques to remove the excess fat in the breasts. While some liposuction approaches create loose, saggy skin, Dr. Yoho uses techniques that encourage the skin to tighten naturally to fit the new, smaller breast shape. Liposuction requires only very tiny incisions, so this approach eliminates the need for the longer incisions and obvious scars that generally result from surgical breast reduction methods. Depending on the patient, this approach can reduce a D cup to a B cup.

Approximately 3 months after her Pasadena breast reduction procedure, this patient is enjoying a more confident, comfortable, and proportional shape. Some of the most common surgical approaches require the surgeon to detach and re-attach the nipple after the tissues below it are removed, but you can see that with Dr. Yoho's method, the breast tissues ave tightened naturally after the procedure, lifting the nipples about 2 inches. This lifting effect is is typical for his procedure, though the final nipple position will ultimately depend on factors like the quality of your skin.

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