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Case Number: 316

Case 316 before Before Case 316 after After

Case: 316

Surgeon: Dr. Yoho
Patient Gender: Male
Race: Latin American descent


This is a 16 year old Los Angeles area boy was brought in to our Pasadena facility for evaluation of his breast tissue. He noticed at the onset of his physical maturity female-looking breasts that were humiliating for him. They were a bit tender also. He didn’t want to go to gym class or take his shirt off for any reason. He didn’t want to go swimming. He was extremely self-conscious, and although we don’t usually perform cosmetic surgery procedures on minors less than 18 years old, in this case the purpose was to help him psychologically. His parents were very much in favor of proceeding.

The reason for this extra breast tissue in adolescent men is thought by medical scientists to be related to extra testosterone production that is converted to estrogen (female hormone) as part of its breakdown process. This in turn stimulates the breast tissue to grow. No blood testing is usually thought necessary to be sure the person is normal unless the male has other problems that are apparent on physical exam, such as abnormal penis or testicles.

So we explained that we would put this boy to sleep long enough to get the local anesthetic in the area, then do a liposuction of the breasts with light sedation, just enough to keep the patient unconscious. After this, the glandular breast tissue would be removed through a little opening. You can see this opening in the after view. It is below and outside the nipple line. This incision is pretty obvious in these photos because the after photo is taken only 11 days after the before photo. While the usual surgery goes through the nipple, and can sometimes deform and scar the nipple, we performed a more sophisticated surgery that involved taking the tissue through this tiny incision. Another option would be to make the incision in the hair bearing area of the armpit. Note that this scar will likely fade to nothing in several months. It could require some fade cream, which we supply at no extra charge. This patient and his parents were very, very happy with his result, and felt that his visit to Pasadena was worth-while.