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Case Number: 325

Case 325 before Before Case 325 after After

Case: 325

Surgeon: Dr. Yoho
Patient Gender: Female
Race: Asian descent

This Los Angeles area lady had nipples which were retracted, or pulled back into her breast tissue. They did not stand out from her breasts like ordinary nipples are supposed to do. To repair this kind of problem is a relatively simple process for the experienced surgeon. The patient is generally given relaxation medicine and then local anesthetic is inserted around the nipple and a tiny incision is made in the side of the nipple. After this, the bands of tissue that are holding the nipple down are cut carefully. When done properly, there is almost no risk of change in nipple sensation or any other significant problem. The little hole that is made in order to cut the bands needs to be stitched and sometimes, the stitch needs to be taken out later if it is not a self-dissolvable stitch. This Los Angeles area lady had one of her two breasts with this condition. She was here for breast enlargement surgery, and we performed this procedure for the patient right after we placed her breast implants through her bellybutton. She was delighted with the results. This surgery was performed in our Pasadena, California Surgical Center.

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