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I am not sure you could learn this by using a routine search. Censorship is everywhere. But this story is all over the “alternate” media.

OF ALL THE APOSTATES—the press, the governments, big Pharma, and the tech companies—the medical journals have hit physicians with the deepest gut punches. Of the “big five” medical journals—Lancet, JAMA, the BMJ, Annals of Internal Medicine, and this once-revered NEJM, only the BMJ is still true to us. The rest have become the painted whores of industry.

To help you understand how this feels for me, I must share that I was no great medical student. When I once did something right, a mentor told me, “Yoho, even a blind squirrel occasionally finds a nut.” But during my struggles, I absorbed an old-school respect for medical Science and particularly the NEJM. This is dead now.


AND THE International Covid summit in France was recorded on March 30-31st and is available to watch. The French have a tradition of liberty and freedom that may be stronger than ours. See Robert Malone’s reporting HERE.

IN THE LATEST from the military whistleblowers, US service physician Theresa Long testified that she was ordered to “cover-up” vaccine injuries (as reported by Paul Alexander).

This is a tear-jerking, unbelievably brutal abuse of our cherished young people. Even in this time when evil strides among us, forcing this dangerous vax on our children is a monstrous atrocity. In contrast, China and India do not use these mRNA vaccines, and Iceland ended its pandemic with a vote.

ARE YOU GULLIBLE? The following chart tells it all (credit:

The stalking horses of the global predators include the World Economic Forum and the World Health Organization. The WEF is pushing a digital ID system that can potentially monitor online behavior, purchases, biometrics, and more. The WHO is aggressively attempting to co-opt individual countries’ constitutions in the name of world health.

Google/YouTube continues to censor all mention of Covid and vaccines, terming these “disinformation.” They trash my podcast interviews, and they would call me a “domestic terrorist.”

None of us would have chosen to be in this place at this time in our lives—or ever. To explain where we live now, I sometimes think of a quote from Sacred Games, an Indian novel:

There was no escape for me. I had no future, no life, no retirement, no easy old age. To imagine any of that was cowardice… But I would live like a king. I would fight this life, this bitch that sentences us to death, and I would eat her up, consume her every minute of every day. So I walked my streets like a lord of mankind, flanked by my boys.

All my best from Pasadena, California.

Robert Yoho

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