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The Greek god Apollo condemned Cassandra to know the future but be disbelieved.

By January 29, 2022June 10th, 20242 Comments

This is my shortest post.

The basics:

* Covid is a bioweapon that was purpose-built by traitors and foreign nations to destroy our society’s structure.

* The “vaccine” is injurious, sometimes lethal, and offers no immunity. Even the dimmest bulbs are now starting to grasp that they should not allow the mobsters at Pfizer to inject them.

* To get the lies believed, simple treatments for covid have been concealed. As a result, millions worldwide have been murdered.

America has had body blows, yet we are still standing:

* Our money printing is a relentless disaster that is causing inflation. It is an economic Tower of Babel that is destroying our ability to trade among ourselves and to save. We all know the examples from history.

* Our Constitution is fading. Our vital free speech and trial by jury are being suppressed. The propaganda and censorship we permit dwarf any that the Nazis or Soviets could manage. The result is that many people have been stuffed with ideas that defy appeals to proof or reason.

* Our borders are thrown open.

The media, politicians, intellectuals, and the government endorse this insanity.

Since all are subsidized, they have never had to face economic reality. As a result, their thinking became perverted. Other accessories to the crimes are wicked, degenerate tech companies and billionaires gone rogue. They are willing to slaughter us in order to eat our food as well as their own. They excuse themselves with politically correct lies that could only have been invented in America.

It can’t go on forever. The well-known corollary is that it can go on much longer than anyone thinks.

We don’t yet live in China, Hong Kong, or Australia. There is still hope because hordes of us are standing up. Join the Cassandras. Learn, resist, spread the word, and know that if we give up, the alligators will eat us.

(And take heart. There are positive signs that I will explore in my next post.)

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Listen to Joe Rogan’s interview with Peter McCollough HERE. Equally good is Rogan’s Robert Malone podcast: HERE. Buy RFK Jr.’s book, The Real Anthony Fauci, on Amazon.

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