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We have to fight–our feet are in the alligator’s mouth.

By January 22, 2022June 10th, 20242 Comments

Today: updates and philosophy.

Critical info: Paul Alexander just published key insights about the latest propaganda on his Substack blog HERE. There is some chance these perceptions foretell a stock market crash—my speculation, not his. But predicting the future is a fool’s game (thanks for beating this into me, M). 

A note from reader Joan, “I am pleased to see that you’re continuing your campaign to enlighten us to the shocking truths about the fallacies of medicine. Learning this all makes our human lives seem completely worthless and hopeless albeit downright pointless.  Aging now seems dismal. Is there no hope in the knowledge of the truths you share? Good of you to invest in honesty, but where do we resourcefully exit and how do we save humanity? It all looks hopeless from here on.”

She asks:

1)    Can medicine save us? It’s only a tool, sometimes powerful, often flawed. All of us ultimately decline, losing one thing after another until we pass. Fully grasp this and you will treasure each moment completely.

2)   What is likely to happen? Because of my full-time work, I possibly see a few months further into the future than others. Or maybe not. The fight is not hopeless. A worldwide tsunami of anger and activism is occurring in previously unpolitical and uninvolved people such as us. Join the fight and no one can stand before us. We are all small animals, but even a hobbit has an important part to play in the Great War.

3)   How can I find meaning? If you expect life to be easy, you will be miserable. The greatest accomplishments are through adversity. Set your priorities and work steadily on what is before you (read Aurelius, Meditations for much more). I focus on family, integrity, and growth.

I just received this from a physician friend. “My daughter is married, and the mother of her husband threatened her that if she doesn’t get her booster she could not go near the children of her husband with his previous wife. She got the booster and then lost her pregnancy. Do you know how much spike protein-poison goes into the ovary and uterus? Some women are rendered sterile. Pregnant woman lose their babies and stillbirths are common.  It destroys the endometrium and has many other deadly effects. Do you know they never studied the jab on women who were pregnant?” (Obscenities redacted.)

Comment: several sources describe pregnancy loss after the jab. See HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Cultural insight: We live in a new worldwide theocracy that conjures depraved visions of Islam and Christianity. Masks. Apocalyptic visions of oceans rising. Ayatollahs—Fauci, Biden, Trump. Perverted catechisms—the great reset, trust the science, build back better. Even fatwas–proclamations that certain people be summarily exterminated. For example, some advocate that medical care be withheld from the “unvaccinated.” We are not prostrating ourselves towards Mecca yet, but something like this may be is coming.

Evil stalks among us—the apostasy of our leaders, media, tech companies, politicians, judges. Our rule of law is weakening, a marker for empire’s decline. I’m not a Christian, but I occasionally wonder whether religion is a solution to the mystery of WTF is going on?

Learn as much as you can and spread the word. For today, THIS is the latest from Robert Malone’s Substack blog. Recall, he is the inventor of the mRNA technology who recently appeared on Rogan. Everything he writes deserves a careful read, and it is free. I will not spoil this with a summary, except to note that fortunately, he has a sense of humor.

A small ask: Sign a letter to Spotify supporting Joe Rogan, Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Robert Malone, and free speech HERE.

As you know, I use Gmail’s email signature option for critical links. You may copy any of the following.

Share the following links with anyone you care about.

Listen to Joe Rogan’s interview with Peter McCollough HERE. Equally good is Rogan’s Robert Malone podcast: HERE. Buy RFK Jr.’s book, The Real Anthony Fauci, on Amazon.

See to learn about my books, Butchered by “Healthcare” and Hormone SecretsMy podcasts are HERE. My essay with links to treatment and more is HERE

“LEGAL” DISCLAIMER: Use the information here at your own risk. It is not medical advice. Make your healthcare decisions with the help of a physician or other licensed provider. 

All my best,

Robert Yoho


  • Avatar USS Nitze says:

    Thanks for the useful links regarding the mothers who have lost their pregnancies. My young neighbor just lost her baby — she was unlikely to lose the pregnancy, it was her second one, her first had been healthy twins, and she was already 7 months along.

    Your post would be better without the cultural insights. This disaster is pure corporate greed and corruption, and Americans need to learn about it so that we are not blind-sided by this again. Media and the government have a long history of trying to distract Americans — look over there, there is a threat, look at Russia/China/Japan/Mexico…distract yourself with those threats. This has been going on for over 100 years.

    My mother was born in the 1920s. She was in a wave of children who got rickets. Why? Because the quality of wheat had become so poor in America’s breadbasket, the breads being sold were made cheaply, so they leached nutrients from the children eating them. That’s why the government finally MANDATED vitamins be added back to the bread, so a few cheap, synthetic vitamins were tossed in to stall the epidemic of such diseases as pellagra and rickets. At that time, China wasn’t doing anything on the world stage.

    Look at all the generations of statin drugs that have killed people. What has it been? 14 iterations of the deadly drug?

    I see so many toddlers now who supposedly need speech therapy, but who are actually suffering from malnutrition so severe that their jaws are not growing properly. Because of this, their teeth are not aligned, their tongues don’t work properly, so they can’t speak properly. Most of them have issues chewing properly, too, effecting their overall health. BUT their parents are buying the best foods available. The toddlers who started life with baby formula, pushed by all the hospitals and pediatricians, rarely develop properly. This results in lifelong income for the doctors and hospitals.

    The only children who pull out of these declines are those whose parents have seen the light, stay away from everything produced commercially, and go to extreme lengths to source grass-fed, no chemical meat and other food. It was never this hard to raise children before.

    The hardest thing to prove is the damage of all the pesticides, fungicides, flame retardants, and other toxins that are now in everything from food and soil to newborn babies and breastmilk. But we can see the damage. Children are suffering so much, but pediatricians prescribe psychiatric medications, amphetamines (ADD), and steroids, instead of trying to heal them.

    The distinction between medicine and pharmaceutical drugs must be clear. The healing compounds in plants, for example, is well-established, the pharma industry mines traditional knowledge to reproduce synthetic versions of the prime compounds so they can develop patented drugs. These drugs never heal anyone, they only mask the symptoms, so people continue to suffer from whatever ails them. There are many compounds that allow the body to heal, but they are not patentable, so they will never be prescribed. For example, Minerva will be prescribed, but not a sunlamp. Pregnant women receive dangerous forms of magnesium via injection, instead of being told to supplement with food sources of magnesium during pregnancy. The doctors do not even bother to test their magnesium levels.

    Instead of searching for yet another outsider to blame, we have to clean up our own country, government, and governance. Americans do not realize how sick they are when compared to citizens of other nations.

  • Avatar Frederick R Smith says:

    As usual, top shelf info!

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