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What are the Global Predators Likely to do Next?

By February 11, 2022No Comments

Guest Podcast from The Free America Podcast: Nick Yaya interviews an American hero, Dr. Peter Breggin.

Episode 80: Dr. Peter Breggin

The trucker convoy protest in Canada continues to grow in size as thousands converge on Ottowa. Farmers driving tractors have broken through police barricades, and have now blocked the border crossing at Coutts. The trucker convoy has also been exported around the world with protests appearing in Finland, Germany, Australia, and more! Ottowa police join with US FBI and DHS to investigate convoy participants and possibly execute a false flag to justify using force against protesters. Serial hypocrites Gavin Newsom and LA Mayor Eric Garcetti appear maskless at a football game and offer pathetic excuses. A Virginia assistant principal threatens to charge maskless kids with trespassing, as a California high school barricades students in a gym and turns down the thermostat to torture children for refusing to wear masks. 

Then we are joined by Dr. Peter Breggin to discuss his latest book, “COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We are the Prey”, in which he pulls back the curtain on who is responsible for the Covid-19 crisis, who is profiting from it, and how it ties into a larger plan by globalists to roll out a corporate-fascist dictatorship worldwide. Dr. Breggin also reveals two powerful and secret entities that have been operating in the shadows and are quietly operating the levers of power as the ultimate puppet masters. This and much, much more on this revealing and bombshell episode!

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