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My hero Matt Briggs wrote a book entitled, “Everything You Believe is Wrong.” This should be tattooed on our wrists.

THE “BLACK LIVES MATTER” movement claims that white policemen are murdering Black Americans wholesale. It seems plausible because we see confirmatory media reports daily.

Black Americans do commit more violent crimes than other groups, and their share of US murders was a record 56% in 2020.

In 2018, based on data from the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program, black people were overrepresented among persons arrested for nonfatal violent crimes (33%) and for serious nonfatal violent crimes (36%) relative to their representation in the U.S. population (13%). White people were underrepresented.

The police have to deal with this, but the numbers do not bear out “murder by police:”

Police are now continuously monitored by video cameras worn on their bodies, and additional video surveillance is everywhere. Incidents of any kind are analyzed, and footage from these sources gets frequently released. If you watch YouTube’s Active Self Protection, you will see how difficult police work is. You will also learn about violent crime and how to prevent it. Be careful—this channel is addictive.

Like so many of the lies we deal with now, the Black Lives Matter baloney was hyped up by groups who are trying to use internal dissent to destroy our country.

YOU MAY HAVE learned by now that Will Smith’s slap at the Oscars was an advertisement for a new Pfizer hair loss product. Smith’s wife, like so many black women, killed her hair follicles with heavy hair extensions. This “traction alopecia,” permanently destroys hair follicles. Beauty parlor treatments including chemicals and excess heat cause scarring and hair destruction as well. No drug can treat this.

THIS is self-explanatory:

A ‘Freedom of Information’ request alongside an in-depth dive into the only pregnancy/fertility study performed on the Pfizer Covid-19 injection has revealed that Medicine Regulators and Pfizer chose to publicly cover up alarming abnormalities of the developing fetus and falsely downgraded the actual risk of Covid-19 vaccination during pregnancy by suppressing documented findings of the clinical data.

These decisions led medical professionals, who are far too trusting of Medicine Regulators, to wrongly inform pregnant women that the Covid-19 injections are perfectly safe during pregnancy, leading to many pregnant women feeling pressured to get vaccinated.

This fraud and deception have caused at least 4,113 foetal deaths due to Covid-19 vaccination in the USA alone, and a further study shows Covid-19 vaccination increases the risk of suffering a miscarriage by at least 1,517%.

STEVE KIRSCH VISITED the Ohio statehouse and learned:

Informal counting of people boarding the plane suggests about 2/3 of travelers have no mask; 1/3 are still brainwashed. This is consistent with the mass formation estimate that a third of people are lost causes, a third are persuadable, and a third was never fooled.

Myocarditis rates could very well affect more than 1% of kids. Nobody has done a troponin test on a cohort of vaccinated kids post-vaccine. We are basically afraid to look. Peter McCullough thinks it might even be as high as 1 in 20 when you consider subclinical myocarditis (elevated troponin with visible symptoms which means “smoldering heart damage).

I met an autistic teenager. He was vaccine injured. Hearing about autistic kids is one thing. Actually spending time with an autistic teenager is a whole new level. This is a horrible disease that is believed to be preventable if we stop the vaccines. I’ve been told that the Amish don’t have vaccines and don’t have autism.

MORE ABOUT MYOCARDITIS: Cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough told Joshua Yoder, an airline pilot and co-founder of the U.S. Freedom Flyers, that if the airlines conducted proper testing, 30 percent of the pilots currently flying would likely be disqualified due to vaccine-induced heart conditions. But they don’t look.

HOSPITALS GET LIABILITY PROTECTION WHEN they follow CDC or other published treatment standards. These include the use of ventilators and remdesivir, which are fatal for many. This is the whip. The carrot is an average $100,000 bonus for each Covid admission.

OUR SAFEST AND MOST EFFECTIVE COVID DRUG, IVERMECTIN, has been the subject of fraudulent attacks. Pfizers’ imitation (“pfizermectin”), Paxlovid, is toxic and works poorly. The FDA approved it, but my readers know that this agency is a branch of Pfizer’s marketing department.

INDIA’S SUPREME COURT sees the lies. They ruled that pushing vaccinations was unconstitutional.

THE TRIPLE VAXED HAVE THE HIGHEST DEATH RATE. See Canada data HERE. The New Zealand experience is HERE and Scotland’s is HERE. With four jabs, Israel became the country with the highest Covid caseload per capita. Consensus is developing that the vax is far worse than Covid. And Mercola asked “Does the COVID Jab Kill More People Than It Saves?” in the title of his May 3, 2022 post, but it’s behind a Substack paywall.

IF YOU HAVE ANY AFFECTION REMAINING FOR MICROSOFT or if you suspect that Gates is just misunderstood, here are articles showing their network of bribes involving half their salespeople and managers.


The goal of this kind of propaganda – or disinformation – campaign is to simply overwhelm the reader, the listener, the viewer, until he or she surrenders to the message, concedes its validity, and, crucially, follows its mandates… As one after another individual falls into compliance, groupthink forms, and resisters are soon conquered by peer pressure. As anyone knows, standing against a crowd is not only frightening but requires a kind of fortitude that few possess…*

I WILL HAVE MORE ABOUT CLIMATE CHANGE SOON—I am interviewing Patrick Moore, the founder of Greenpeace. The CO2 story, the supposed extinctions, and “climate change” are reality inversion fields as well.

*Not my writing and I’m not sure who wrote it.

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