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He has interacted with tens of thousands of people whose lives have been ruined by legal drugs. The following is a rare interview with him.

Tim Alexander has interacted with thousands of people whose lives have been ruined by legal drugs. The above is a rare interview with him. Tim is a documentary filmmaker whose marriage ceremony to his wonderful wife Karen Alexandar (his co-producer on the project) was conducted by Cedric Anderson.

Tim Alexander is on the left and Pastor Cedric Anderson is on the right during the wedding ceremony. Shortly after this wedding, pastor Anderson himself married Tim’s cousin, Karen Smith, pictured below.

But Anderson became erratic, paranoid, and delusional. No one knew that he was taking SSRI (Prozac class) antidepressants, not even his mother. Karen Smith moved out after only 6 weeks because of his bizarre behavior.

A month later, Cedric Anderson entered the elementary school where his wife taught and shot and killed her, a student, and then himself. This was a major media story nationwide for two months, and Anderson was dubbed the San Bernadino shooter. No mention of the medications he was taking was seen anywhere in the media.

Tim kept asking himself how such an impossible event could have happened to people he knew and loved. Since Tim’s career as a documentary filmmaker is partly detective work, research is natural for him. So he formed a Facebook group called “Legal Death – In Drugs We Trust” that sought to address the topic of drug side effects. It grew to 30,000 people within a few months. There were soon up to 3500 posts a day, and he read every one. He learned that suicide and violent behavior were well-established side effects of SSRI antidepressants, and he learned many other things.

He then made a post requesting interviews from people on his page who had related experiences, and he and his wife Karen were soon on a two-month 16,500-mile road trip across America and Canada. Many of the people he interviewed were bed-bound and neurologically damaged for life, and their stories were horrific.

This map was his route:

The result of Tim’s bold effort was a full-length feature film about the toxicity of prescription drugs. Tim found that many drugs that were previously considered harmless were quite damaging. He developed new theories about the relationship between fluoroquinolone antibiotics (such as Cipro) and gadolinium contrast dye. Although they are both toxic individually, when used together they can be devastating.

After completion, Tim’s challenge has been to get distribution in a Pharma-controlled media environment. He has not yet found a way to release his project and would find it best to buy his investors out so he can release it to the public on smaller online platforms that will accept it. To free the film, he needs to raise about $200,000. If you have ideas about how he might accomplish this, Tim can be contacted to screen the film for you. His direct email is

Although Tim Alexander is not a physician, he is a top, if not the top authority on prescription medication side effects and the damages they cause. What differentiates Tim from other experts is that most are focused on a few specific drug classes. In contrast, Tim has explored many drug classes, so his knowledge is far broader than those who focus only on a few. Through his numerous in-person interviews and many years of Facebook moderation on his Legal Death page, he has captured more up-to-date information from severely medication-damaged people than anyone else on the planet.

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