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What my life is like now and how I see our future.

THIS POST IS ABOUT ME, on the tenuous theory that you might find it interesting.

My philosophy has always been both kaizen and praxis, the first a Japanese word and the second Greek. Kaizen is continuous improvement and praxis means taking action. But when you are practicing medicine, philosophies become theoretical. Careers like mine devolve into Groundhog Days repeated ad nauseam. Between patient care, staff management, financial worries, and many other hassles, doctors are so consumed with their work that their personal development stands still for decades. They never get any time to come up for air.

Now, at 68 years old, I face other challenges. As some of my friends die—a few from the vax—I see my own end coming at me like a wall. Although I have no comfort from religion, I find meaning in getting as much good work done as I can in the short time I have left.

Since retirement, I’ve been shot through a cannon of ever-accelerating personal development. During my last years in practice, I began studying the FDA’s criminal distortions of hormone therapy, and after I understood that, my focus broadened to the rest of medicine. Because of corporate and government interference, profits were dominating every consideration. Patients were no longer being put first—our ethics were on their deathbed.

I wrote Hormone Secrets and Butchered by “Healthcare” to explain what I had learned. After four years of writing and promoting these books, one day I found myself in a podcast with Dr. Peter Breggin. I wanted to speak about what I had studied, but he insisted on a dialog about Covid. I thought that Breggin was either a jerk or maybe a little demented, but I was wrong.

He led me, unwillingly and unwittingly, into today’s brutal red-pill reality. For decades, evil forces had been battering our institutions and actively destroying America. We were creeping into fascism, which is control by government and corporations rather than the rule of law. I was learning Plato’s words the hard way, “One of the penalties of refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.”

I found myself in a never-before-suspected dystopia. As I cast my gaze around, I learned:

  • Things were so far gone that initially all seemed lost. Hugely wealthy players were pressing these fascist agendas, eating into our constitution, and chipping away at our rule of law.

  • There was still time to act because some of our institutions survived. But they were diminished and might not last very long.

  • The broader culture had undergone a shocking degeneration. There were irrational “woke” ideologies everywhere such as sexual confusion and bizarre racial theories. I had formerly thought these were bad jokes confined to college campuses. But they were accepted as gospel by most academics and much of the left-wing. Corporations were cynically complying and profiting.

  • Many institutions that I had previously respected, such as hospitals, had turned predatory and lost all regard for human life.

  • A few people were standing up, but most were either hypnotized by the ubiquitous propaganda or thinking they could save their hides by covering their heads and pretending to agree.

  • I saw much more that I will continue to describe in my podcasts.

At the time of this post, we face the grotesque plans of the World Economic Forum (WEF) and a power grab by the World Health Organization. This second threat seems to have been beaten back by quick action led by James Ruguski and others. But the WEF’s wealth, power, and consuming evil make them seem nearly unstoppable. As I’ve written before, we have to struggle—our feet are in this alligator’s mouth.

Thanks to all my readers for accompanying me on this journey. For more background about the subjects I have covered, review my past posts in the substack archive. Any communication, especially criticism, is welcome. Use

PODCAST BASICS: To listen, use an application on your phone. The Apple podcast app works fine, but I like Downcast better ($3). I always download and archive my favorites for later listening offline. A few of these are RFK Jr.’s, the Breggins,’ and Fit Rx.

HERE ARE A FEW IMAGES from my adventures. Besides the US, I have journeyed virtually to India, Australia, Taiwan, France, Britain, and several countries in Africa. You can find what I have said by searching “Robert Yoho podcasts” or looking on

A new friend from the Florida panhandle at her beach club during the best day of my trip. She looks so happy and beautiful that she seems like an avatar, not a real woman.

Podcaster James from Arkansas and me. He’s sophisticated but should learn to dress for success! The traditional view is that facial hair also impairs sales, but maybe that is changing. Who knows—I’m a mastodon.

Dr. Moore is a true A-lister who is being censored but deserves to be heard. If you have not listened to him, see HERE. He will give you far less to worry about. You can also search for his work on YouTube.

The BS Free MD show is hosted by two wonderful Canadians. I will have them tell you their story soon. They kept their clinic open during the pandemic and saved lives using drugs that work.

My friend Sandy lives in Australia and has kept me up on events there. She sells natural magnesium products. Her contact info is,, and

HERE IS THE INCISION from my total shoulder replacement performed a few weeks ago. I had bone-on-bone arthritis from climbing, weight lifting, and doing thousands of liposuctions. Each of these surgeries required 2000 strokes, which is 2 million strokes per thousand cases. After the total replacement, I was pain-free by day three.

A bad selfie at a charity dinner benefiting one of RFK Jr.’s anti-mandate litigators. Kennedy is my age, and he kindly reassured me about my shoulder surgery, telling me that he has already had multiple joint replacements. He also said that he could still do over 20 pull-ups.

After a long and productive life, this polar bear, facing terminal cancer, sacrificed his life to be embalmed for Science. Seriously, the polar bear population has grown so much in Canada’s NorthwestTerritories that they are killing many Inuits. Contrary to any b***s*** Greenpeace is spewing lately to get donations, these bears are in no danger of extinction. See Dr. Patrick Moore’s recent episodes on this substack and his book, Fake Invisible Catastrophes and Threats of Doom.

TEASER: I AM INTERVIEWING TONY LYONS AND SOFIA KARSTENS SOON. They collaborated in the creation of RFK Jr.’s The Real Anthony Fauci. HERE is one of their inspiring interviews about the book and where we are today (This is the best part of this post—don’t miss it.)

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