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Study this material if you care about your children and their future.

“Those who have the privilege to know, have a duty to act.” —Albert Einstein

I recently reposted Naomi Wolf’s Covid vaccine essay, DEAR FRIENDS, SORRY TO ANNOUNCE A GENOCIDE. She is one of the most credible journalists alive, and that article is far better than this one. If you don’t believe her, I remind you that the Gates Foundation was originally named The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for Population Control. And also that the WHO has been conspiring to develop “fertility regulating” (sterilizing) vaccines since at least 1992:

As I reviewed in another recent post, you and your children must avoid all vaccines—including influenza, which is another ineffective fraud (see HERE or search Cochrane reviews about it to see for yourself). The stories about vaccine health disasters include ruinous disabilities or death occurring immediately after injection. These are chronicled in many places, notably in VAXXED and (the better) VAXXED 2 movies. Evidence this strong preempts the need for placebo-controlled trials. Vaccines, for example, Gardasil, do not get studied like this anyway.

Liability shields for vaccine manufacturers were signed into law in the 1980s. This unprecedented move emboldened the Pharma companies, and a gold rush started to hatch out new jabs. But all their new concoctions were toxic, some of them profoundly so. Later, analysis proved that sanitation rather than the new injections was responsible for improvements in public health.

United States rates for autism were 1/10,000 in the 1980s at a time when there were only 24 doses of vaccines given. But after the heedless scramble to fabricate these liability-free injections—there were 72 doses on the pediatric schedule by 2018—autism rates became an epidemic. One of fifty or maybe even one in thirty kids are now affected. No one can blame pollution, cell phone radiation, or space aliens for the thousands of children who started banging their heads and never spoke again from the very day they got a jab.

I knew pediatricians were the worst-paid physicians, but I always thought they were the most ethical. They have no operations or other lucrative ways to get paid. But pharma companies generally kick back 20 percent of the cost of shots given in a doctor’s office, and I suspect this includes vaccinations. It would explain pediatricians’ hearty enthusiasm for “well-child visits.” A related example is oncology. Overpriced chemotherapy with the attendant doctor bribery made the cancer doctors wealthy and destroyed their patient relationships.

When such a payoff is between physicians instead of between a doctor and a corporation, it is a federal felony called “capping.” But Pharma gets to pass through a loophole.

Here is Dr. Toby Roger’s opinion (from Lies are Unbecoming):

The evidence is now overwhelming that all vaccines on the U.S. schedule cause more harms than benefits. Particular vaccines, including the birth dose of the hepatitis B vaccine, HPV vaccines, and coronavirus vaccines are so clearly toxic and devastating to human health that support for their use can only be called psychotic and genocidal. Yet for forty years Democrats have refused to read original source documents that show these harms even as they add ever-more vaccines to the schedule to enrich the biggest donors to the Party.

Candice Owens has recently taken on the vaccine industry in an easy-to-understand multi-part video series that you can access HERE.

Gardasil, the HPV vaccine, is a particularly bad actor without any benefits. It has a mountain of seriously terrible effects. The shot prevents about half of the types of cervical warts, and these have a theoretical association with cervical cancer. But US cervical cancer deaths have not declined since Gardasil was introduced in 2006, which proves that the product is worthless.

RFK Jr. continues the story in The Real Anthony Fauci:

Prior to COVID-19, Gardasil was the most dangerous vaccine ever licensed, accounting for some 22 percent of cumulative injuries from all adverse events reported to the US Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS). During clinical trials, Merck was unable to show that Gardasil was effective against cervical cancers. Instead, the studies showed the vaccine actually increases cervical cancer by 46.3 percent in women exposed to HPV prior to vaccination—perhaps one-third of all women.

According to Merck’s clinical trial reports, the vaccine was associated with autoimmune diseases in one out of every thirty-nine women. Since introduction of that vaccine in 2006, thousands of girls have reported debilitating autoimmune diseases, and cancer rates have skyrocketed in young women.

Gates’s strong patronage of HPV vaccines (Gardasil and Cervarix) deepened suspicions that he was weaponizing vaccination against human fertility. Merck’s clinical trials showed strong signals for reproductive harm from Gardasil. People in the study suffered reproductive problems including premature ovarian failure at ten times background rates. Female fertility has dropped precipitously beginning in 2006 in the United States, coterminous with Gardasil uptake. Historical drops in fecundity have occurred in every nation with high Gardasil uptake.

Here are some Gardasil injury websites:

R.E.G.R.E.T Support Group (

Gardasil Deaths (

Nine Years Later: HPV Vaccine Injury Survivor is Still Recovering

A Decade of HPV Vaccine Horror Stories from the Press

The smallpox vaccine story was similar to Covid (from

We are presently reliving the smallpox vaccine tragedy where a deadly and unproven vaccine was released to the market in 1796. Once it came into widespread use, instead of preventing smallpox, it repeatedly caused widespread smallpox outbreaks and maimed or killed countless people around the world.  As the vaccine caused smallpox epidemics around the world, governments responded by increasingly draconian mandates to vaccinate (and then boost) the population to try and address the increasing waves of smallpox.  The medical profession and intellectual class supported these mandates while the working class opposed them, often going to prison or losing their possession for doing so. 

As the death count mounted, mass protest broke out.  This culminated in an approximately 100,000 person 1885 protest against the mandates in Leicester, England.  Leicester was forced to drop the mandates and switched to simple (but revolutionary at the time) public health measures to contain the epidemic.  The medical profession said mass graves would soon follow (and continued to say so for at least 30 years); Leicester instead became the first place to end the smallpox epidemic and their successful public health model was gradually adopted globally.  Despite what you have been taught, Leicester’s model (rather than the vaccine) is what actually ended the smallpox epidemic.

There are a few important takeaways from this story.  The first is that much of the insanity we are dealing with now arose from a past mistake that was never reconciled and instead became a mythology of our culture.  The second was that it took a century to end this tragedy, and it only happened because of mass working class protest against the mandates.  The third is the same gaslighting we see now was in full swing over a century ago.

All these diseases were declining dramatically at the time their vaccines were introduced because of public health measures such as clean water supplies:

ON ANOTHER SUBJECT: I was a recent podcast guest of a twenty-year-old man in Spain. He had read my book and understood a lot. But he had little inkling of our Matrix-like world and the layers of propaganda that prevent us from seeing reality. He said that even if I was right—and he was not sure about that—his individual actions had no chance of influencing the wider troubles. So he believed he should not get involved. You know, the “why vote, I have no influence” argument. And he said that “everyone” in Spain had decided the clot shot was good for them and they all took it.

I discussed the foot-in-the-alligator’s-mouth-so-you-must-fight metaphor with him, but maybe they don’t have alligators in Spain, or maybe he thinks they don’t bite, or maybe he suspects they are mythical. So I proposed an image of him sitting in his apartment in Lebanon during their revolutions, or Poland during the Nazi invasion, hoping for the best. I said, suppose he had an AK-47 that he had purchased for home defense. Does he wait until the thugs are in the next apartment before he decides it’s time to act?

Fortunately, we are not at the point of violence—yet—and we may not get there if we all stand up. And some of our institutions are still functioning. I told him to do his reading, starting with The Real Anthony Fauci and Covid-19 and the Global Predators. I did not tell him that his problem is fear:

Fear does not prevent death. It prevents life. —Naguib Mahfouz (thanks GB!)

Quite an experience to live in fear, isn’t it? That’s what it is to be a slave. —Batty character in the Blade Runner movie

OUR CDC IS SHOT THROUGH WITH LIES, AND WE MUST OBTAIN HONEST DATA FROM OTHER COUNTRIES. Health Canada has just updated their COVID dashboard: 99.96% of the COVID deaths in the last week were vaccinated and 70% boosted. And the triple vaccinated have a higher Covid death rate than the unvaccinated. Denmark is another pandemic of vaccinated—those with the jab now have more cases and more fatalities. And, according to UK data, the Covid vax kills more there than it saves.

TIDBITS: A pharma boss faked his vaccination and is facing criminal charges. And three former FDA commissioners now hold senior positions at Covid vaccine companies that received experimental use authorization—the revolving door/pay-to-play syndrome.

FINALLY, IN A RARE VICTORY, we beat the World Health Organization out of a power-grab. (Kudos to James Ruguski, the ordinary guy who led the charge.) But the globalists have not given up and are now pushing for a “pandemic treaty.” More on that later.

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