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I am not asking for your money now, but you can help.

From Cassandra’s Memo, my new book:

We face wealthy, psychopathic foes, but there are only a few thousand of them and billions of us. As a group, we are far more dangerous than they are. Our tattered Constitution still lives, there is good news from the US and Indian courts, and hopefully, the midterms will improve the situation. Our children and families will survive and thrive if we step up.

Our immediate goal is to break the censors by spreading the truth. You may forward any part of my work, including my books, in any way you wish, with or without attribution. If you have resources, donate to our heroes HERE. I do.

Giving ground to predators emboldens them. Delay standing up, and it will be worse for you and your children later. If you think this is a spectator sport and do not help work in the courts and the legislatures, civil disobedience will soon be all we have left. That is ugly and dangerous. Stay frosty, keep at it, and this calamity will go no further.

Here are some things you can do:

Authors always need help. For Butchered, I must have had over 40 readers and collaborators. If you have some time, look at the current draft of the book at THIS link. You can get either the PDF and look at it on your computer or access the generic EPUB file. Email that to your Kindle app, and you can read it like any other ebook. It still needs to be added to Amazon.

If you email me, I will send you the Word version of Cassandra to edit. But who has that sort of time? I will run the manuscript through Grammarly again, which will catch many things. The most helpful contribution now would be for you to do a high-level scan of the document and tell me what you like and what you hate.

Most people do not realize the value of scorching critiques. I cannot be offended. These get impressions across to me that I might otherwise ignore because of my preference for my own ideas.

Search for “Amazon Butchered by “Healthcare”” and throw up a review. The more detail, the better. If you spend $4 for the Kindle version, they will give your review more credibility. Alternatively, HERE is how to get it free (no worries about that), and you may share this link. Wait several weeks to a month or two so all your reviews will not go up at once. If that happens, they may get removed.

I had over 300 reviews for Butchered, but Amazon seems to be randomly removing them. I could not use Amazon Ads, a sort of super search engine, to promote Hormone Secrets because I was recommending therapies that Pharma did not endorse. Censorship—jeez.

One way to read these downloads is to attach my ebook to an email send it to Kindle. Your Kindle email address can be found in your account on the Amazon website:

  1. Hover your mouse over your Account & Lists on the Amazon website.

  2. Click Content & Devices.

  3. Click Devices.

  4. Click Kindle.

  5. Click a Kindle when the list appears.

  6. Look for the Email: field to find the Kindle’s email.

If you have suggestions for new episodes or guests, I am happy to listen, and if you are a Substack author or have a compelling story, consider contacting me. Though I’m a month ahead, I can always use more content. My platform is up to 4500 subscribers.

Donate to a few heroes if you can afford it. Children’s Health Defense frequently has big donors who will match yours. Buy your vitamins from Listen to podcasts by RFK, Jr., at CHD,, and For healthcare ideas, I like FitRx. Peter McCullough can use help because some predators are suing him, and he must pay his lawyers.

Preface to Cassandra

Many understand that we are living through a Greek tragedy, but fewer realize that each calamity is planned for a purpose. Today’s theft, lies, and the explosion of immoral and illegal activity are neither random nor spontaneous. A few thousand “psychopaths,” working in a loose alliance, are driving it all. Psychiatry neutered this name to “sociopaths,” but the original is a better fit.


Learning about these deviants is a black pill, a painful insight, an icy reality. They stalk among us, nearly invisible behind a wall of propaganda and censorship, but their actions reveal them. They are trying to destroy our understanding, our peace of mind, and our ability to speak freely, so they can take over.

Shedding illusions is life’s most painful, challenging, and imperative work. Getting others to drop theirs is far more difficult. Nevertheless, many know what is happening, and more are learning. When most understand, our injured US Constitution still has the power to arrest the conspirators in their tracks.

The first two sections are an indispensable overview. After you scan these, read what you need from the rest and skip what you already know. To relieve the intensity, I included chapters about me on the questionable premise that you would be interested.

About this book: The original Substack text, audio, images, and videos are at the ebook links. In the print edition, you can access the posts using the QR codes and your cellphone camera.

Since Substack is now worth more dead than alive, some jackass could buy it and pull the plug. If this happens, I will make the material available elsewhere, so please stay on my subscriber list.

For much of this book, I abridged the work of some of the best minds alive, polymaths all. I stand in awe of what they are doing. I am just a popularizer trying to synthesize and spread their brilliant efforts, and I am responsible for the errors.

Thank you for your service. You are courageous, and your contributions are far greater than mine. You are Joseph Mercola, RFK, Jr., Naomi Wolf, Pierre Kory, Patrick Moore, Toby Rogers, 2nd Smartest Guy in the Room, Steve Kirsch, Unbekoming, A Midwestern Doctor, Ronald Stein, Christian Elliot, Tess Lawrie, Tim and May Hindmarsh, Nick Yaya, David Carmichael, Silvia Cattori, Roberto Strongman, Vera Sharav, Peter McCormack, and Bryce Eddy. We are all in this together—and this is not a Marxist slogan.

None of my work is copyrighted, and anyone may use any part of it without restriction, with or without attribution, for any purpose. I donate what little I make here to our movement’s heroes. You can find them in the “Heroes” chapter of the Lawyers, Guns, and Money section.

Presents for readers: If you buy my books, your Amazon reviews—thank you!—are prioritized. But if you are short of funds, here is how to get them free as my gifts. Click HERE to download Butchered by “Healthcare.” It has about 300 five-star Amazon reviews and was a category bestseller. My second book, Hormone Secrets, has about 100 five-star Amazon reviews. Download it HERE. Cassandra’s Memo is HERE. Use the ebooks or the Substack links to find references.

The audio version of the first half of Butchered by “Healthcare” is published as a podcast HERE and on YouTube. You can also listen to the first half of Hormone Secrets on YouTube HERE. A hormone testimonial video is HERE. I have been a guest on hundreds of podcasts. THIS one is about hormone supplementation. HERE is one about healthcare corruption, and THIS one is an introduction to the current situation.

Subscribe to, and I will send you updates. has more about me and my books. Feel free to contact me at

All my best,

Robert Yoho, MD (ret)    November, 2022

For power readers: Here are a few practical rules to help you decipher anything.

  1. The updated Golden Rule is that those with the gold make the rules, so learning the funding source explains a lot. I used to think it explained everything until I understood psychopaths. See chapter two to learn about that.

  2. If you do not follow the reasoning, someone is lying to sell you something. You are as smart as the storyteller, so never let anyone fool you. This applies to lawyers, doctors, medical studies, financial advisors, and more. The clearest clues are frauds, which are transparent if you are awake. You need not be an academic to judge lies, for there are many tipoffs.

  3. Controversy, confusion, and contradictory evidence about small numbers prove that any study is worthless. Never conclude that “reasonable people disagree,” “the science is developing,” or that small percentage differences mean anything. Your default should be to disbelieve whatever you are told about medical science, for “90 percent of everything is crap” (Theodore Sturgeon’s law).

    For medical studies, it is now closer to 99 percent. Richard Smith, editor of the British Medical Journal until 2004, titled his 2021 editorial, “Time to Assume That Health Research is Fraudulent Until Proven Otherwise.” For more, see The Real Anthony Fauci by RFK, Jr., and its 2200 references. The reason? Researchers must get the results that their funding sources dictate. Roughly 75 percent of worldwide biomedical money is corrupted—the Gates’ Foundation, the Wellcome Trust, and Fauci’s NIAID agency.

  4. Although “link rot” destroys up to ten percent of visible content on the Web, virtually everything that was ever there is still alive and well on the Wayback Machine Internet archive. Not even the Chinese or the global psychopaths have so far been able to hide from it. Just copy the bad URL (the web address at the top of the browser) and enter it at Then look for the backed-up copies and select the date you want to view. You can also save any page for free indefinitely on another of their pages. Unfortunately, there are signs that the Wayback may be soon vandalized or even destroyed. See Mercola’s Fake Fact Checking in the Gaslighting section to learn more.

  5. Blasting through certain paywalls is easy. Sci-hub is a “piracy” website based in Russia that will get you many academic articles at no charge. Just copy the link into their browser. This is against the law, but some academics publicly thank them. Whether you pay for articles is a private matter between you, the journal, Sci-hub, and your maker.

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