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I corrected some mistakes and sharpened some arguments.

Few readers understand how essential editors and proofreaders are for quality writing. My other books might have had 40 drafts. I extensively rewrote parts of this one as well, but it still needs a bit of a beating.

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I made some corrections. The best suggestion so far was moving the piece about me going virtually around the world to the first chapter. This introduces my origin story.

It’s freaky hard to make time to read these days with all the turmoil, but we have to do it. I appreciate every moment you spend looking at my organization, ideas, and prose. Some of the errors are just typesetting that I can take care of the next time around. Thanks ahead of time for pointing out anything you see. And if you have an aunt who is bored and needs a project, or know anyone else who might be interested, forward this to them.

My fear with this thing is that it’s too far ahead of the herd. I am not that smart, but the pack is way far back there.

So, if you have downloaded it already and want the most recent version, or if you have not had a chance to look at it, here is the link for the current one. It has lots of free stuff inside that you can access using links. For example, you can have my other ebooks free if you are cramped for funds (they are $3 to $4 on Amazon). This latest version of Cassandra’s Memo is HERE, and a podcast about it is HERE. My email is

Thanks ahead of time for any ideas you have for me. is the link (same as above) to download this book:



PS: My bestie Martha sent me this cartoon she made. She puts out three (3) articles a week for Epoch Times. That is not easy.

Ha ha.

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