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The Real Anthony Fauci was written at the 12th-grade level. The film Died Suddenly can be understood by grade schoolers. 

The vax evils are slap-in-the-face obvious to everyone awake. If we can unravel them for the hypnotized and prosecute some of the criminal leaders, maybe we have a prayer to identify and punish the backers. The Chinese Communist Party. The tech companies. The billionaire club. The US government and its agencies. Our political parties. 

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Anyway, happy Thanksgiving, and HERE is the link to download Cassandra’s Memo. I have a few great editors helping me, but if you have comments, let me know. A new version should be up Monday, but the content is entirely there already. The final should be up on Amazon within ten days. Thanks ahead of time for reviewing it when it is on Amazon.

Died Suddenly, the movie, premiers. 7 million people watched it in the first 24 hours. Rave reviews from the mainstream media 😉

Here’s the link. Watch it. Like it. Promote it. Get your redpilled friends to watch it. It’s just over an hour long. I’m in it. It’s good. But don’t take my word for it (since I’m a misinformation spreader). Watch it and decide for yourself.

The best endorsement is this message I just got on Skype:

You KILLED IT in that Died Suddenly Doc!! You literally flipped my blue pill parents to red with your honest analysis.

Below are a few of the endorsements the movie has gotten from the mainstream medical community. With recommendations like these, who wouldn’t want to see the movie?

But the most important recommendation comes from the Twitter censors

You simply cannot do better than that! That’s Twitter’s highest endorsement!

Here are a few others:

Sure Angela, I left a high paying job in high tech and millions of dollars of founder’s stock on the table just so I can make peanuts as a journalist at Substack. Do you have any evidence I’m a grifter? And where is the link to showing that half the people in the video didn’t die?

Well, top cardiologists have said that if someone dies suddenly, the most likely cause is the vaccine unless proven otherwise. How come nobody wants to do the proper autopsy tests to find out?

Here’s a more honest assessment of the film:

Kim Dotcom @KimDotcom

The ‘Died Suddenly’ Covid-19 vaccine documentary has been watched by 7 million people within 24 hours. 5 million views on Rumble alone:… Ask everyone to watch this, including your doctor. Demand answers. Please don’t censor this @elonmusk.#DiedSuddenly

rumble.comWorld Premiere: Died SuddenlyWhy do we never believe them? For centuries, the global elite have broadcast their intentions to depopulate the world – even to the poi…

7:14 PM ∙ Nov 23, 2022


Surviving Healthcare is a reader-supported publication. To receive new posts and support my work, consider becoming a free or paid subscriber.

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