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A statistic in the last paragraph will knock you over.

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Catherine Austin Fitts originally freaked me out, but I now follow her like a Deadhead going to Grateful Dead concerts. Her is for people who can either tolerate a conversion by blowtorch or who already understand the basics. She told us the bottom line about Malone, Desmet, and Breggin HERE (I downloaded and copied this podcast above). Her view is that Malone is sincere but has a ridiculously thin skin that would make his planned entry into politics inadvisable. I heavily recommend that you listen to this podcast (30 minutes; less if you speed it up).

Other links about the lawsuit are THIS one on and my posts HERE and HERE. An exhaustive case against Malone is HERE or HERE. Look at it all and decide for yourself.

Malone’s actions created a conflict that hurts our movement. Ginger and Peter Breggin are some of the most courageous and self-sacrificing people I have ever met. To help them with the lawsuit, please donate to their legal defense here: I did. 

If you need a recap, recall that Robert Malone did a seminal interview with Rogan (# 1757). But after Malone sued Peter Breggin and other freedom movement people, I have viewed him with skepticism. Breggin observed that Malone and a psychologist named Desmet blame the worldwide disasters on a psychological angst they label “mass formation psychosis.” Breggin believes this takes responsibility away from the global predators. He is also concerned that the psychosis tag could mean that people concerned about events might be labelled crazy, and in today’s insane era, they might be given toxic psych meds.

Fitz’s references are at the bottom of this post.

Next, Alex Epstein. I covered his “climate denial” work in prior posts and Cassandra’s Memo. He says that no matter what global warming acolytes believe, no rational person can deny the safety and utility of nuclear energy. But this is hated by these “environmentalists,” who equate it with the hazards of hydrogen bombs. They never tell you that modern power plants cannot explode, that commercial production of atomic energy in the free world has never led to a single death, or that the radioactivity released is insignificant—or that the waste is easily managed.

Government regulation and protesters cripple US nuclear power, and no new nuclear plants have been put into service here since the 1970s. The industry is scalable, and it is cheap without this burden. Small reactors could be brought on line in just a few years.

Nuclear power plants produce so much energy—they operate over 90 percent of the time—that they pay back their construction costs in the first six (6) weeks that they are up and running. THIS fantastic podcast by “Doomberg” on the What Bitcoin Did podcast by Peter McCormack is the easiest path to understanding it. He also describes the political environment that hobbles nuclear energy worldwide and provides a comprehensive summary about alternative energy.

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