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He is an electrical engineer who has a higher IQ than me.

I met him (I’ll call him Steve) at the Los Angeles marathon almost 30 years ago and hooked him up with my wife’s sister. They are still married and have two charming, functional kids. There is more that I would love to write about, but it is not my story to tell. I can share that he scored an 800 on his math SAT.

Steve is an electricity expert. He says the concerns about EMF (electromagnetic fields) are not just overrated—they are ridiculous. His training and experience gained during a career in high-level industrial jobs give him credibility. However, I do not think I have feathers, and I believe the thousands of studies mean something.

My bro and my wife recently caught me stalking around our house with an EMF meter. They say they spotted my invisible tinfoil hat, started laughing, and told me my retirement hobby was joining Ghostbusters.

I am not an EMF expert, but I have one whom I hope to interview soon. Before then, I have a stack of books to read so I can create a coherent summary. I have gotten far enough by now to believe that electrical fields have health hazards. Given what we have learned about healthcare and food* corporations murdering us for profit, I am comfortable jumping to some conclusions about the cell phone industry. 

*Digression: Fueling the obesity wave, EBT cards (Electronic benefit transfer, formerly called welfare and food stamps) allow junk food purchases. Chips, Coke, candy bars, and aspartame diet drinks that cause cancer and diabetes may all be purchased. Fifteen percent of Americans get this garbage free, but the price they pay is ruined health. The food industry keeps the scam going by lobbying (bribing) legislators. Those on food stamps get 12 percent of their calories from sugary drinks versus 6 percent for the rest of us.

This post consists of practical suggestions to reduce your EMF exposure. If you want to scan a primer essay about the hazards, see:

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I will write my own post soon and supply other references.  Here, I review a few basics, then share some Science Experiments (ha) that I ran using what Steve calls “that gadget.” 

The most common causes of household radiofrequency exposure are wireless devices. These include cell phones, tablets, smart meters, WiFi sources, and laptop computers. 

  • The radiation we can mitigate comes primarily from WiFi and Bluetooth. Cell phone towers are problematic for those who live within a few blocks of them. 

  • Local sources are easy to avoid because these only travel a few meters. 

  • Recovery from the health hazards of EMF is possible if you limit your exposure.

  • Cell phone package warnings in the small print say you should never put the phone against your ear. Use the speaker instead. Temperature scans of children’s brains show temperature elevation where the phone is in contact with their heads. 

  • Like many health concerns, EMF is taken more seriously in Europe than in America.

  • Many reports show tumors developing where the phone was placed against the head or in a breast pocket. Sperm activity is also affected by front pocket carry. 

  • We have cases where cell phone towers near schools produce a lens-like effect and somehow concentrate EMF into specific areas or classrooms. The kids get cancer outbreaks.

  • Bluetooth earphones such as Bose or Apple drive EMF through your head. Apple AirPods are closer to the brain because they are worn inside the ears, which may be more problematic. I show you below how to mitigate your exposure to over-the-ear headphones. 

Though I knew roughly what I would find, using the meter convinced me that our house had problems. I cannot (yet) quantify the exposures, but I do know green from red on a display. 


  • I was turning off my router and the WiFi source at night, but the surrounding area still showed red on the meter. Then I discovered another EMF source, an “extender” that I had left plugged into an adjacent live socket. When I got rid of that, the meter went green.

  • If you do not completely convert to a wired Ethernet system for your TV, computers, and cell phones, try to find a place to set up your WiFi source and router at least twenty feet away from your kitchen and other heavily trafficked areas of your home.

  • You can pay thousands to a contractor to do the same thing I did. You are better off buying a meter and learning about it.

  • The meter said the microwave was cooking everything in a ten-foot radius.

  • Fabric Faraday bags completely block EMF and are safe ways to carry a live cell phone. It will not ring, however. You might as well turn it off or put it on airplane mode.

  • EMF-blocking paint for your house interior is rumored to work if you live in an area with cell phone tower issues. 

  • Many of the devices to mitigate EMF are scams. One person tried to sell me a $1500 item to put on my outside meter. It was supposedly designed “tune” my incoming electricity. I also purchased “air gap” over-the-ear headphones that were not loud enough to hear. 

  • Your cell is not your little friend, and it may slowly be poisoning you. My EMF meter goes red for two to three feet around iPhones. Avoid putting these in your pocket, keep them at arms length when you can, and on airplane mode as much as possible.

  • Kinden “air gap” earphones deliver no EMF, cost about $14, and produce fairly good sound.

  • My Sonicare toothbrush was rumored to deliver EMF to the inside of the mouth, but I believe nothing without verifying with my trusty meter. Thankfully, the meter said it was not a significant EMF source.

The World Health Organization claims that “despite extensive research, to date, there is no evidence to conclude that exposure to low-level electromagnetic fields is harmful to humans.” They also report that the Covid injection is good for you, and Steve agrees with both opinions.

You may have your own Steve who needs bringing up to speed, so ask him if he wants some new ideas. If so, stick his email below. Remember also that I live on your comments, so kick me there if you can add sophistication to this post.

Thanks to SK for teaching me about EMF.

To readers: if I am wrong about any of this, please slaughter me in the comments.

Great info from the Liars World Substack: Substack is an excellent resource on the increasingly censored internet. To limit your search request to Substack, type site: topic of interest [one space preceding topic]. Don’t use Google. I’ve had good luck with Ecosia.

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