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He is also one of the foremost international experts on Lyme Disease.

This video is on Rumble HERE. Blast me in the comments if you think I was rude. Dr. Stoller is brilliant and has many insights, but since I hate video editing, I try to keep everyone on track. (Update: my friends are listening to this twice because they say it’s a great interview.) Run this at least at 1.5 speed.

A teaser to how good this interview is: in 2017, Ken predicted the Corona pandemic in a article HERE. I reproduced it in part below:

Let Me Tell You How Liberty Dies… (Or Does It?)

The “Deep State” is Losing the Information War with the American Public, and They Don’t Like It.

So, They Have Something Up Their Sleeves…

Let’s get ready..

Opinion by KP Stoller, MD,

I don’t know how it is going to happen, but it will be predictably formulaic, because “they” are predictably formulaic.

Who are “they?”  The “Deep State“ and the mega-corporations and banks they work with.

“The “Deep State” is Nervous…

The pressure of the population waking up and questioning, for example, the safety of vaccines, the undeniable proof they have been used as sterilization tools, the exposure of corruption at the CDC and other agencies poorly covering up the vaccine-autism link, the unexpected popularity of the movie about Andy Wakefield (The Pathological Optimist [yet to be released in present time – 2017]) caused the Deep State to pull the lever on their plan.

… of course it was more than just the public waking up about vaccines..

The public is waking up about everything… the pedophile rings at the highest levels of government and other trusted institutions; the true instigators of the several coups we have experienced from the Kennedy assignation to 9/11. The unholy alliances with murderous dictators, the drug trafficking, organ trafficking, and worse.

Too many citizens becoming way too savvy about, for example, the perpetual war machine to control resources in other countries and silence anyone who would interfere with globalist economic interests. The American people were getting to the point where they weren’t willing to pay for and die in another faux conflict for the benefit of corporations and the military-industrial complex.  Americans became fed up with their pesticide drenched foods, the BS from the Main Stream Media (MSM) was seen as the fraudulent news it was – all the corruption…it was unraveling fast and “they” were losing control. So, “they” needed to pull something again.

The Coming “Scare” Will Be Medical…

The Medical Cartel is akin to the enforcement arm of the elite globalist faction among us. This coming infectious disease scare (this will all be about fear) doesn’t even have to be some exotic disease… perhaps something we already have a vaccine for.. in fact, it really needs to be something we already have a vaccine for, so the unvaccinated can be blamed (continue reading HERE).

Other references

HERE is Ken’s May 2021 paper published in Acta Scientific PAEDIATRICS titled Gain of Function/Loss of Sanity: Pandemics and the Rise of Medical Madness.

Overview of Lyme: Critique of an Ignored Pandemic is HERE.

HIs two books are available wherever books are sold.

Ken’s favorite quote: Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities. —Voltaire

You have friends next door with small kids. Gently suggest to them that the pediatric vaccines might be as problematic as the Covid jab. If they are are not hostile, you can give them an ebook or paperback copy of Cassandra and show them the vaccine section. If they do not want to hear about it, they will just have to wait for the next big orchestrated disaster to wake up.

The Cassandra’s Memo ebook is free HERE if you promise to send this download link to five or more others. With your help, we will educate some people sitting on the fence. If you have time to write a review at Barnes and Noble, click HERE and scroll down the page until you see the blue “review” button on the right.

BONUS: I am also giving away the Hormone Secrets and Butchered by “Healthcare” ebooks using the same arrangement; you can download them free HERE and HERE if you promise to send the links to your friends. 

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