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Ginger Breggin told me, “I used to worry about being polite and returning my shopping cart. Now I worry about saving the world.”

Rather than narrating this post, here is Mercola’s fantastic interview of Patrick Wood, Understanding what we are up against from Jun 14, 2023. He says a “technocracy” has been growing for decades and it is destroying our autonomy and critical thinking skills. He describes the situation and tells how we must proceed.

Wood is on the Crimes against Humanity tour with Reiner Fuellmich, Richard M Fleming, and Judy Mikovits. I went to the first of these events a year ago in Sacramento. He says that connecting in person is critical and says the “awake” among us are growing. If you liked this podcast, Mercola’s June 12, 2022, interview with Woods is HERE.

After I retired, I started to research and open my eyes.

One of my great polymath tutors kindly said that I have more ability to change my mind than anyone else he has met (thanks, JF—I listen carefully to everything you say). My wife has trouble tolerating this and claims I find a new Jesus weekly. She also says in moments of irritation that my friends are losers—but many of these brilliant losers somehow sleuthed out the truth decades ago. 

Marcus Tullius Cicero wrote: Nothing is so strongly fortified that it cannot be taken with money. Wealth is powerful, but our side has critical advantages:

  • We are trying to preserve government and religious structures that have existed for hundreds to thousands of years and are still intact. Efforts to destroy them are just a thin layer of filth over their bedrock.

  • Although the psychopaths seem as if they are everywhere, they are a tiny minority. The creatures cooperating with them will switch sides in a moment when the wind blows the other way.

  • The totalitarian agenda is deeply irrational, inconsistent with human nature, and would be ridiculous if less money was behind it. If enough of us shout the emperor has no clothes, it becomes common knowledge, and everyone starts to laugh.

  • The world is waking up. Some commentators, including my wonderful friend Christian Eliot, are optimistic. He thinks the cabal’s plans—including digital currency—have little chance of succeeding and says they are losing patience and getting desperate. 

  • A core group of heroes and role models is with us, and they will stop at nothing. New leaders are arising from our ranks to replace the popes and presidents who have been bribed, threatened, or hypnotized.

    But the new problems are worrisome:

  • Our Constitution is under attack. Other countries with weaker structures and more passive people (Hello, Europe, Canada, and New Zealand) are cracking.

  • Shockingly, over 90 percent of those around us value peer pressure and social proof above all else.

  • Many people I previously respected have no ethical core or behavior standards. Their moral framework is narcissism. 

  • Many others know what is happening but have gotten the s*** scared out of them by ghost stories. These cowards still hold masks in front of their faces like religious icons.

  • Most people swallow propaganda without question; by now, they look like sleepwalkers. 

  • In the face of the above, and with the pressures of their daily lives, most people DFL and DFR (listen or read).

  • Finally, rational thinking is understood by few and valued by fewer.

Most of us have an overwhelming need to believe the status quo will continue, but the scales have fallen from my eyes (Acts 9:18). Life is too short for denial, and there are snakes everywhere.

When this guy scared the s*** out of me, I considered giving him the stoning that The Hague should be meting out to the globalist reptiles.

If you are an intellectual, and want to hear more about today’s snakes, see Dr. Jordan B. Peterson and Dr. James Lindsay’s discussion HERE. I do not know how they have the strength to crawl over the broken glass that is today’s academia.

I like Peterson and this podcast even though it is esoteric. Remember I am a poindexter. If you are not, skip it (link contributed by KEC).

My quest to learn and communicate both depresses and exhilarates me. 

I have never been a leader, but I am now eclipsing some of my mentors. My life has never seemed so vital—the challenges are immense, but so are the stakes. I am reminded of Jack London’s Call of the Wild (1903), where he wrote:

Spring came on once more, and at the end of all their wandering they found… a shallow placer in a broad valley where the gold showed like yellow butter across the bottom of the washing-pan. They sought no farther. Each day they worked earned them thousands of dollars in clean dust and nuggets, and they worked every day. The gold was sacked in moose-hide bags, fifty pounds to the bag, and piled like so much firewood outside the spruce-bough lodge. Like giants they toiled, days flashing on the heels of days like dreams as they heaped the treasure up.

I work not for riches but for the survival of my children.

What about Trump? 

Insiders who know him told me that the virus scared him to death. This is understandable since he was at the center of the action. We seniors all have mortality fears, but because of my background, I knew that few viral illnesses were significant. For example, I immediately understood that the RSV hype was a pack of lies. And later, that a vaccine for it was a ridiculous fraud. 

Putting the Trumpian stick in the eye of the globalists seems like a righteous idea, and he has been sharpening it during his wilderness years. Presumably, he has learned from what happened and has plans. His stance about the vaccine is likely realpolitik, but who can be sure? Tucker Carlson said THIS after Trump’s arrest.

The prosecution of Donald Trump is transparently political. He’s literally Joe Biden’s main political opponent. He’s polling at over 60% of Republican voters right now.

So, Joe Biden is doing what no other President has ever dared to do: He’s using law enforcement to lock up his chief rival. That’s happening right now. Anyone who denies it’s happening is lying to you.

The next day, a Fox newscaster showed this and was immediately fired.

Kennedy has larger huevos than Trump, and leadership is everything. RFK has a nearly perfect platform (though what’s up with those global warming opinions?), and he may not be electable, but we have to live through these times and will see what happens. We face so many critical issues that I counsel anyone with a “litmus test” like abortion or climate to feel the heat from the burning house and join the bucket brigade.

Given the election fraud, the whole thing may be solely a spectator sport. I have no more clarity than that, but I will share other thoughts as things develop.

Self defense

The first principle is that weapons are no longer optional. Although your part of the US may still be safe, this will change because of what is developing on our borders and cities. Your problem will be intruders.

The most basic protection is a $10 pepper spray, which comes in a plastic case slightly larger than a lipstick. It instantly transforms almost any man or dog into a crying pacifist for an hour without harming them permanently. Order the “stream” type now from POM or Sabre. Some other brands lack trigger protection against accidental discharge and can go off in your pocket. Spraying your junk is the last thing you want.

You will need extras for your kids and your car’s steering column. (Sadly, pepper spray is illegal in Australia. I hope we can save you, dear friends, but we have our own troubles.) 

Study pepper spray and guns at John Correia’s YouTube channel “Active Self Protection.” Also, scan my article about handgun carry HERE. Although the geeks dispute everything, I recommend you buy a nine-millimeter Glock handgun, a Kydex holster that protects the trigger against accidental shootings, possibly an AR-15, and a shotgun if you can afford it. I got a 20-gauge because I am not macho enough to handle a 12-guage. These all require study and practice.

Guns are legal in the US, and over half of our jurisdictions are “constitutional carry” with few or no restrictions. Familiarize yourself with the laws where you live and get a concealed carry license if required locally. Firearms are a fun martial art that seniors can master, even if they are as crippled as me. Like almost everything else, instruction from the University of YouTube is close to the real thing.

The following will motivate you to follow my advice. Correia has reviewed 15,000 violent encounters on video and says that your 25 % chance of getting hurt in an armed robbery drops to six percent if you are armed

The reasonable prepper

The US is the breadbasket of the world. Although we produce nearly twice the calories we need, the Mormons’ idea of storing at least three months of food against uncertain times seems less foolish now. They rotate their stocks so they remain fresh. If your resources are short, buy inexpensive dried grains, whey protein powder, and canned animal fats like lard and ghee. Remember that most adults’ health improves if they fast for up to a month.

Online resources describe other strategies. Getting prepared is not expensive, but it requires an uncomfortable mindset. Man up about that.

Moving to a rural area may become attractive once you understand what is happening.

Basics of a mini-farm if you decide to do it

Raising chickens is the first step. They are filthy but become pets, and “layers” can turn out an egg a day for years. Twenty chickens more than supports a family’s protein needs. You must feed them, protect them with an inexpensive coop, and lock them up at night. It is another basic learning curve. Here is what happened one morning to a few of my little friends. Watch it only if you do not mind blood.

I dined on them that evening. Pigs are a bigger hassle, but they act like dogs. The cuties below have by now suffered misfortune at the knacker’s hand.

How seriously should we take all this? 

It is easy to get discouraged after hearing stories ranging from beam weapons starting forest fires to chemtrails. How much of this is designed to discourage us and how much is true is unknown.

And the psychopaths want us to argue about everything. The following is an example sent by a close friend:

And if the virus was deliberately released, the facts don’t fit. I have NO doubt it was engineered by humans. That’s what they DO at Wuhan. ‘Gain of function. And it may WELL be true that they INTENDED to release it at some point.

But the actual release in 2020? Almost certainly an accident. The Chinese aren’t stupid, and if they intentionally released the virus it would have been anywhere on Earth BUT just near the Wuhan lab. They’d release it in Germany…or Singapore, etc. This is the overwhelming clue….and it doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to work it out.

I hope you understand that his point is moot.

We are in trouble, but the time course is anyone’s guess, and we must hope to get it turned around. After some preparations, our energies are best spent publicizing what the cabal is doing. After Churchill told his people, “Something always happens,” the US entered the war. We are all praying for an unexpected win, the Deus ex machina event that might happen if we all work to expose the evils.

I often think of Edmund Burke’s quote, “Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little… Never despair, but if you do, work on in despair.” 

I also contemplate what Victor Neiderhoffer said after he lost many millions in the currency markets. This is from The Education of a Speculator (1998): “I have my resolve, and there are many things that I can do.” Here are a few of my resolutions, all of which require continuous effort:

  • Operate ethically. 

  • Tell my truth. 

  • Resist the evils. 

  • Make my life worth living. 

  • Make my behavior worthy of a good man. 

  • Never look back.

  • Rise above jealousy, pain, and pleasure. 

  • Never be small about the flaws of people I love. 

  • Always remember that my time is short.

    This is another post-graduate post that may be too much for some. My book links or the dental posts might be better for your naive friends.

When patients and families are butchered by “healthcare,” I suffer along with them. So I write to teach others about the world we face and to encourage them to join the resistance.

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I claim no copyright, so you may quote my essays or books without restriction or permission as long as you credit me. Also, I am retired, so I never give personal medical advice. Use the information here at your own risk.  

Parting shot: I get an optimism fix from Christian Eliot every few weeks. Although he is at least as knowledgeable as I am, he has the gift of keeping his thoughts sailing true north. Although Christian’s business is counseling, he “treats” me for free because I am his friend. Find him HERE if you need him.

PS: RR, please keep your sense of humor about my responses to your emails.

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