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Dr. Aranda tells us a touching, heroic story that you must hear to understand. She is a Stanford-trained anesthesiologist who was head of several hospital anesthesia departments before a severe auto accident disabled her. For twelve years after that, her body had difficulty increasing her blood pressure enough to stand up. She additionally had severe vertigo related to a torn artery in the brain. 

During this time, many doctors called her problems psychosomatic, and she had multiple misadventures with them and the rest of the medical care system. She learned compassion for chronic care patients like herself. She also developed strategies for dealing with doctors that she shares in her work today.

Since Margaret pulled out of her illness in 2018, she has worked as a pain doctor dealing with addicts. She describes her techniques for pain and addiction treatment in these difficult patients. 

As the pandemic fraud started and the effective Covid therapies were being suppressed, Dr. Aranda ignored the directives to let people die and courageously improvised. Under her watch, several thousand spike protein-damaged people survived and thrived. She describes the collection of repurposed medications, including zinc, vitamin D, and ivermectin, that she used to treat these syndromes. They include doxycycline as a close substitute for hydroxychloroquine, something I had not heard of before.

In early 2022, near the end of the plandemic, Margaret organized a protest on the Sacramento state capital steps. She believes this was the reason the California Medical Board attacked her. They did the usual—found patients who were dissatisfied and fabricated an attack on her license. This is easy when all your patients are drug addicts. After enduring a year of set-up accusations and intimidation, she resigned her license. I was less brave but went through something similar. 

Dr. Miranda recently managed to get an Indian tribal medical license.* It is separate from any state licensing board, and she can practice in any state in person or virtually. Margaret treats Indians as well as the rest of us and prescribes using international pharmacies and one in the US. She specializes in spike-protein-related health issues but can consult on other problems. 

*Doctors, nurses, and medical professionals may apply for a Certified Tribal Practitioner license by visiting

Notes about the doctor’s Covid treatment

In Uttar Pradesh, millions were prevented from getting Covid with early treatment protocols including the ZIVERDO KIT: 3 doses of ivermectin 12 mg + 10 days pharmaceutical-grade zinc 25 mg + doxycycline 100 mg twice a day x 5 days. It eradicated Covid in the entire region.

Dr. Margaret likes doxycycline because pharmacists seldom know that it is similar to hydroxyquinone (HCQ). She has been using this hidden gem since nearly the start of the pandemic. She says that she has not seen doxy on any other US protocols, but says it should be there. HERE is an article on what to do if you don’t have HCQ. And HERE is Aranda’s article on what to do if you don’t have ivermectin. THIS is her complete guide to emergency Covid care.

How Dr.Aranda’s practice works

Aranda Medical Enterprises is her nonprofit, and it takes only donations. People can make as many consultations as needed, and the time varies by the problem. Fifteen to sixty minutes is typical. 

Since she does not need malpractice insurance, her appointment cost averages only $198. 

Medications can be purchased by donation, and valuation is estimated by the particular remedy and quantity. 

Dr. Aranda says, “We are a faith-based nonprofit organization and see selected patients for free. All my patients must join the PMA (Private Membership Association) for $10.” 

Medication resources she uses include


Benesom™, Melatonin from Metagenics

Clean Slate ROOT Zeolite solution

Augmented NAC. For 10% off, use CODE: HAHV8G4P

Other resources

Margaret’s book about how she treats Covid is free HERE.

Her Substack:

Published books

Guidebook to Low Back Pain

For children

Little Missy Two-Shoes Likes a Ladybug

Little Missy Two-Shoes

Little Missy Two-Shoes Likes to Go to School

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