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247. An Unbekoming repost: Glyphosate and its Historical Context

By July 9, 2023June 10th, 202462 Comments

On “fearing the bankers more”, Glyphosate and Wealth Transfer.

Yoho comment:

When I cannot compete with a smart kid, I sit behind them in class, look over their shoulder, and copy their homework word-for-word. That is what I did here. I cut some of this post to focus it on glyphosate, but recommend the original HERE if you have the bandwidth.

The RFK video below is a masterpiece that dwarfs this post, and if you listen it, you can skip the summary. Use 2 x speed. And support RFK for president HERE. I do.

I put another superb podcast about how to detox from glyphosate at the bottom of this post and will have more for you about this soon.


JUL 8, 2023

The video is a conversation between Dr. Mark Hyman and Robert F. Kennedy Jr., an environmental attorney, about the dangers of glyphosate, a key ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup weed killer. The discussion revolves around the health and environmental impacts of glyphosate, the legal battles against Monsanto, and the influence of corporations on government agencies.

Kennedy explains that glyphosate, a herbicide, is a probable human carcinogen. He discusses his involvement in lawsuits against Monsanto, where he represented individuals who developed non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma after using Roundup. The lawsuits resulted in significant financial judgments against Monsanto, largely due to evidence that the company knew about the potential risks of glyphosate but failed to warn consumers.

Kennedy also discusses the concept of “agency capture,” where regulatory agencies are influenced or controlled by the industries they are supposed to regulate. He provides examples from his legal cases, showing how Monsanto had significant influence over the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). He argues that this influence has led to inadequate regulation and oversight of harmful chemicals like glyphosate.

The conversation also touches on the broader impacts of glyphosate on the environment. Glyphosate is harmful to the soil microbiome, which is essential for healthy soil and carbon sequestration. The widespread use of glyphosate has therefore contributed to soil degradation and climate change.

Towards the end of the video, Kennedy and Hyman discuss the broader issue of corporate influence on democracy. They argue that corporations have too much power over government agencies and policies, leading to decisions that prioritize corporate interests over public health and the environment.

20 Key Points:

  1. Glyphosate, a key ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup weed killer, is a probable human carcinogen.

  2. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has represented individuals in lawsuits against Monsanto who developed non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma after using Roundup.

  3. These lawsuits have resulted in significant financial judgments against Monsanto.

  4. Evidence from these lawsuits suggests that Monsanto knew about the potential risks of glyphosate but failed to warn consumers.

  5. The concept of “agency capture” refers to regulatory agencies being influenced or controlled by the industries they are supposed to regulate.

  6. Kennedy provides examples from his legal cases showing how Monsanto had significant influence over the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

  7. This influence has led to inadequate regulation and oversight of harmful chemicals like glyphosate.

  8. Glyphosate is harmful to the soil microbiome, which is essential for healthy soil and carbon sequestration.

  9. The widespread use of glyphosate has therefore contributed to soil degradation and climate change.

  10. Kennedy and Hyman discuss the broader issue of corporate influence on democracy.

  11. They argue that corporations have too much power over government agencies and policies.

  12. This corporate influence leads to decisions that prioritize corporate interests over public health and the environment.

  13. Monsanto’s influence over the EPA is an example of this corporate influence.

  14. The repeal of the Fairness Doctrine and the Citizens United ruling have further increased corporate influence over government and media.

  15. The Fairness Doctrine required broadcasters to present controversial issues of public importance in a manner that was honest, equitable, and balanced.

  16. The Citizens United ruling allowed corporations to spend unlimited amounts of money on political campaigns.

  17. Kennedy argues that these changes have undermined democracy and led to a “corporate kleptocracy.”

  18. Kennedy and Hyman argue for the importance of litigation in holding corporations accountable and revealing their influence over government.

  19. They also stress the importance of an informed public and independent press in maintaining a functioning democracy.

  20. Despite the challenges, Kennedy remains committed to his legal work and believes in the possibility of change.

For me, this connects with Toby’s recent article:

How then shall we think about the economy?

Summary and takeaways:

The central theme of the article is the need to reassess our understanding of the economy in light of the mass poisoning caused by industries like Pharma, which have rendered existing economic models obsolete.

Key takeaways from the article include:

  • The current U.S. economy is centered around industries that produce poison, such as Pharma, pesticides, plastics, war, energy, and big media industries that numb society’s awareness of the problems caused by these industries.

  • Big Finance and Big Tech/Big Data play a significant role in supporting and manipulating these industries, leading to a form of fascism where government becomes a subsidiary of industry.

  • The short-term economic benefits of these industries, such as increased GDP through pharmaceutical sales, mask the long-term costs of widespread health issues and societal consequences.

  • The mass poisoning economic system perpetuated by industries like Pharma and coal creates the illusion of prosperity based on increased economic activity but leads to poor health and happiness for individuals, families, and the nation.

  • The ruling class profits from the mass poisoning system, while the rest of society suffers the physical, emotional, and financial consequences.

  • The cultural system perpetuates amnesia and distracts individuals from recognizing the harm caused by these industries through streaming services, social media, and propaganda in the mainstream news media.

  • Traditional economic topics like taxation, trade, and debt become insignificant in the face of the urgent need to address the mass poisoning system.

  • The author acknowledges the challenges of confronting the poisonous industries that have political and cultural influence but believes it is possible to change the economy and address societal collapse.


“The United States is now organized around producing poison, war, energy, and forgetting. Because these big industries own the political and regulatory system we are now living under a new form of fascism.”

“Pharma and other poisonous industries are mining our bodies for profits. It is the worst possible economy one can have and the greatest transfer of wealth to the ruling class in history.”

“The entire way that we think about the economy has to change because we are living in the era of the iatrogenocide.”

This reminds me of a Twitter thread from Bill Ackman recently. I didn’t know who Ackman was until a friend pointed him out to me as an example of someone who was beginning to wake up, prompted by Bobby’s recent Rogan podcast.

Here is a section of his long tweet:

Imagine, however, if:

(1) you could create a drug in a much shorter period of time, a year or two, rather than 10-15 years, and the total cost to get it approved and marketed to patients was a fraction of the cost of a typical drug.

(2) the new drug is prescribed for everyone, regardless of their health, and therefore the market for the drug is every newborn or potentially everyone on the planet.

(3) the drug is prescribed for everyone regardless of their age or consent and they need to take it in order to attend school or keep their job, and the gov’t pays for it.

(4) the patients who are prescribed the drug are of an age where they are incapable of assessing the risk versus the reward for taking the drug.

(5) the drug needs to be taken every year regardless of the health of the individual who takes it.

(6) the drug companies who manufacture these new drugs are exempt from liability for these drugs even if they cause serious harm or death.


(7) drug companies are: (a) permitted to advertise on TV and on other media and are one of the largest sources of revenues for the news media who are responsible for educating the public about risks to public health and safety, and (b) the drug companies are also major lobbyists to the government and funders of the FDA.

If (1) – (7) were true:

and you were a drug company, you would seek to obtain approval for as many of the above drugs as possible, as the above drugs would have the lowest R&D costs, the fastest time to market, the lowest marketing costs, the largest addressable market, and no liability.

You would be crazy not to develop as many of the above drugs as possible and do everything possible to convince the government to make them standard of care, and motivate the public to take them.

If you were a citizen, however, you would want the above drugs to receive the highest scrutiny for safety and efficacy, and you would want longitudinal studies to understand the long-term effects and the potential cumulative effects of these drugs, in particular, on children.

Now, if the number of doses of these drugs taken by children increased from 3 to 72 in the last 30 or so years, and over the same period there was a massive unexplained increase in the percentage of kids that suffered from debilitating diseases like autism and other less debilitating, but concerning issues, like allergies and eczema, you would look deeper until you understood what was causing the massive increase in these issues.

I see Glyphosate, Fluoride, and childhood vaccination through the lens of chronic disease. There is little money and power in health and death.

I see chronic disease through the lens of Wealth Transfer. If I can make you just sick enough, for long enough, and I have the solutions you need, you will transfer your wealth to me.

I see wealth transfer through the lens of Empire.

A sick nation will borrow from Empire (in US dollars) to buy the solutions for its people from Empire (in US dollars), thus transferring a nations sovereignty and wealth to Empire.

Chronic disease is the building block of modern Empire. It is far more valuable that military might.

Yoho coda:

Back to glyphosate. As RFK, Jr., said, “The stuff is everywhere.” It is the number one toxic exposure in the US, and seventy percent of us have glyphosate in our urine. In his interview below, Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt tells how he treats this with a level teaspoon of glycine powder taken twice a day for several months. This increases excretion of glyphosate. Since I tested positive for glyphosate, I am starting this.

Search for other Klinghardt interviews at These could save your life. I have listened to some several times, all at 2 x speed. You can contact the doctor HERE.

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  • Avatar Remi Steele says:

    RFK is brilliant, likable, and makes sense. He is taking a stand, and I might support him for President. His pro-choice stance and his previous and avid unquestioning support of the Clintons, Obama, and Biden is what’s holding me back as yet. I have a hard time believing that he would make any inroads on fighting the shadow government. RFK is the Democrat’s Trump, IMO, and would be undermined every step of the way; he is a threat to the establishment and the WEF.

    • Avatar Robert Yoho MD (ret) says:

      All true, but he is the only leader who sees the whole dystopian picture. I believe he has grown, and like Trump, (hopefully) his views were/are partly realpolitik.

  • Avatar Kat Bro says:

    I keep getting texts from CVS to take more vaccines. Since when does the pharmacy recommend Vs your physician? I’ve also been receiving calls from my insurance co. For consultations with a “health advisor”. They’re doubling down their efforts to “capture” my “health”. 😹

    • Avatar Rosalind McGill says:

      My insurance company does an annual “ wellness check “, it replaced an actual physical exam. Useless to me but makes $$$ .

    • Avatar ArnoldF says:

      vxx agenda from top to bottom is all about making large sums of money that grease the entire medical-complex (CVS and others are the tip of the spear). they dont realize its killing humanity which is what the few at the top know (depopulation Satanists).

  • Avatar K.E. Cronin says:

    “Chronic disease is the building block of modern Empire. It is far more valuable that military might.” If only more subjects of the empire understood it.

    • Avatar K.E. Cronin says:

      I cross-posted this. Thank goodness you retired and chose to follow this path. A torch in the dark for the rest of us.

    • Avatar RE Nichols says:

      I figured that out when I escaped the Mental Illness System. A huge industry created by driving and keeping large numbers of people insane.
      On a level it makes no sense. It makes the empire money but it prevents useful goods and services by creating useless or harmful ones. No wonder they figure they’ll have to reduce food, garments, houses, etc. for a drastically reduced population. Their robots aren’t that efficient yet. And they know it.

  • Avatar jeffrey p lubina says:


  • Avatar Karen says:

    Everyone is glyphosate positive, and I read vegans and vegetarians are often higher than omnivores. Why? Because they eat a lot of grains, pasta, beans and bread. Glyphosate is a desiccant, so farmers spray extra on wheat, etc. shortly before harvest to speed up their readiness for harvest (because small farmers have to RENT harvesters, so they have to schedule their rental period way in advance). Glycine powder is inexpensive and tastes sweet, so everyone should take it.

    • Avatar ArnoldF says:

      its everywhere. The bible states after the millenium, the Lord is going to burn this place up before He establishes the final kingdom of Jesus Christ–a new heaven and new earth established in righteousness.

  • Avatar Dachsie says:

    Here is a link to some glycine powder products.

    I hope Mr. Kennedy achieves his goals in choosing to run for president.
    I am offended when I even see the words Democrat and Republican uttered in the same breath with the terms “pandemic”, “the virus”, “COVID19”, “vaccines”, and public health.
    When I see the condition of my country and the world at this time, when I see the condition of every aspect of my country, public health, the practice of medicine, education, family, parental rights, free speech, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, law, sovereignty, military, religion, war ….everything, I am determined that being not conformed to this world system and placing my life, heart, and soul in the Hands of the One Who is Truth, is the only hope for me and my country and the people of the world.

    Here are two video series I have recently watched on YouTube that I recommend.

    THE HISTORY OF THE CIA: The OSS and the Birth of American Intelligence


    4 separate videos in series, no playlist.

    Friday, July 7, 2023
    Crisis in the Church links to 4 part You Tube video series

    Father Kelly and Father Sanborn. Now traditional bishops.

    Crisis in the Church Part 1

    25:55 video runtime

    2014 is upload date. Date of original broadcast was about 1992.

    Crisis in the Church Part 1
    What Catholics Believe – Holy Mass Livestream

    Feb 27, 2014
    Date of original broadcast was about 1992


    Crisis in the Church Part 2
    What Catholics Believe – Holy Mass Livestream

    Feb 28, 2014 2014 is upload date. Date of original broadcast was about 1992.

    24:13 video runtime


    Crisis in the Church Part 3
    What Catholics Believe – Holy Mass Livestream
    19.5K subscribers
    Mar 1, 2014 2014 is upload date. Date of original broadcast was about 1992.

    25:52 video runtime


    Crisis in the Church Part 4
    What Catholics Believe – Holy Mass Livestream

    2014 is upload date. Date of original broadcast was about 1992.

    25:42 video runtime


    And be not conformed to this world; but be reformed in the newness of your mind, that you may prove what is the good, and the acceptable, and the perfect will of God.
    Romans 12:2

  • Avatar LucyNeo says:

    Go deeper. Interview Dr. Zach Bush. He goes beyond your glycine protocol to actually REPAIR THE DAMAGE TO THE CELL LINNG OF THE GUT FROM.GLYPHOSATE; not just excrete the toxin. But even more importantly he understands the relationship between soil and gut microbiomes/ integrity. Developed cancer strategies. Grasps the micro/macro relationship between body and environment. RFK Jr, while bright, ambitious and likeable, is a limited hangout on this issue.

  • Avatar Edwin says:

    Vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate. I had to leave the pharmacy because of this, I was out with a broken hip and after 38 years of being screwed over as much as my patients, a brief spell back and I was done, finished, I refused to administer vaccines of dubious quality (shingles) and was done.
    I didn’t renew my license, and this was before Covid.

    (For anyone’s information, I was very popular in the Diabetic clinic, I gave about 50-100 shots a day.)

  • Avatar Frederick Sacco says:

    As a poor man maintaining his rural residential property of less than two acres, with a gravel 500′ lane from road to house, I carefully sprayed between one and three gallons of Roundup every year for 30 years, until last fall when I developed many tumors of “high grade B cell lymphoma”, one of the cancers linked to glyphosate exposure. Six courses of RCHOP chemotherapy resulted in “remarkable complete resolution”, until a follow-up CT scan last week, followed next day by an MRI, that showed there to be three meningiomas, a common brain tumor that can grow big enough to kill you.

    I filed a claim against Monssnto/Bayer when I began treatment. I am led to expect a settlement offer, which has yet to be negotiated. Maybe I’ll get compensation and be able to cover the extant bills from months of being dysfunctional from chemo and Udenyca, a wicked pain-creating immune booster injection given with each RCHOP course, before I become braintumor-batty, or die.

    The stuff is poison. I was a home weed control user, applying as instructed on the jug.. No matter how careful I was spraying I could always taste it and feel the fine sprayed mist in my eyes and nose. I was well stocked with N95 masks I bought for Roundup when the Covid hysteria required masking to enter many buildings. And even being that careful I
    still I got Non HodgkIns lymphoma tumors all over me, from a visible egg-sized tumor inside my jawbone, to a painful one near my kidney and several in between.
    And still, Roundup was prominently displayed at the bigbox home store I was in last week. Settlements with the likes of me are just “the cost of doing business”, to Monsanto/Bayer, selling a highly profitable product that kills people(and weeds), only $14.97 a gallon, ready to spray.

    • Avatar Robert Yoho MD (ret) says:

      I’m sorry Fred.

      I did a podcast with Fred about Fembendazole treatments for cancer.

    • Avatar Robert Yoho MD (ret) says:

      Dr. Nasha Winters, coauthor of “Mistletoe and the Emerging Future of Integrative Oncology,” reviews some of the benefits of mistletoe in the modern world of oncology.

      Mistletoe cancer book

      an idea for you not a recommendation

    • Avatar HardeeHo says:

      What is so confusing is apparently the susceptibility to Roundup damage is variable. Most users don’t become ill. I use the stuff but a gallon might last three years. I avoid use if there even is a slight breeze and don’t go near useful plants. Can’t recall any mist in my face.

  • Avatar ArnoldF says:

    I have problems with the RFK’s following point on glyphosphate:
    > The widespread use of glyphosate has therefore contributed to soil degradation and climate change.
    Seriously vapid comment that every issue should relates to climate change. this is hoohy. [fyi…the climate changes all the time. God turns one favorable land into a arrid waste due to the sins of the people, while one parched place becomes a fertile basket because of righteousness within a society.]

    RFK, is this what we should expect if you become President to kowtow to the climate change hoaxers? We ask for real science, not propaganda and socialist redistribution of wealth which is all that green new deal is all about.

    • Avatar Robert Yoho MD (ret) says:

      I think this vid is 2 years old
      He’s imperfect on guns too

      • Avatar ArnoldF says:

        the reality is he is swimming in the democrat swamp (sorry if that comment offends democrats on this thread). He needs to abandon that ship and shake up the Republican party or to create his own independent party called Life + Liberty party. He needs to turn away from this democratic party of open abortion and the politics of social division.

  • Avatar Rascal Nick Of says:

    I am convinced that Ag chemicals like glyphosate are responsible for Alzheimer’s, Chronic Wasting Disease, and Mad Cow. If not, what else?

    • Avatar Edwin says:

      Chemtrails also.

    • Avatar Robert Yoho MD (ret) says:

      prob polyfactoral
      AS, PD, AD, autism are similar and related to toxic exposures
      mercury and glyphosate and aluminum are top candidates
      and maybe Lyme
      sorry to make it complex

      • Avatar Rascal Nick Of says:

        Probably multi-factor, yes. I have seen maps of CWD outbreaks and they are heavily concentrated in Ag areas of wild deer, plus deer farms (like mad cow was). The wild deer and farmed deer are basically eating similar grains that are exposed to similar chemicals. Humans too…but if my theory gains traction, Big Ag stands to lose a lot of money….Big Pharma too.

  • Avatar LucyNeo says:

    Gotta qurstion WHY RFKJr. (“He is so [smart] and sees the full scope of the dystopia”) Is so hip on his hipster Sherpa-pal and has him front and center w CHD. How far will Bobby go to restore medical freedom/ choice with this dude on the ‘team’?

  • Avatar Fat Clemenza says:

    I like many of RFK Jr’s ideas. My house sits on 3.5 acres. I use < 2 gallons of Roundup mix (95% H2O) annually to kill weeds because it’s nasty & does a great job. I wear gloves & sometimes, a paper mask. Given that Roundup kills every plant it touches, why would farmers use it on a massive scale for food? I am evidently clueless on glyphosate despite being well-versed & mostly anti-vax. Please advise. Thx

    • Avatar Robert Yoho MD (ret) says:

      re: farmers. listen to the podcast and videos.

    • Avatar Dog says:

      30% vinegar mixed with table salt is equally effective with ZERO risk

      • Avatar Robert Yoho MD (ret) says:

        For what

        • Avatar Dog says:

          For killing any plant with leaves.

          A bush or poison ivy with a big root system no, but garden weeds, small vines, and even your lawn and cherished flowering or vegetable plants. (be careful what you spray)

          monsanto doesn’t want you to know because they need to sell patented garbage.

  • Avatar HardeeHo says:

    Haven’t looked but have experiments been conducted on soil damage and Roundup? I am aware that some farming practices have resulted in poor soil and plants that are less nutritious (we think). There are efforts to promote sustainable farming to improve soils, not sure of adoption rates. See efforts at vertical farming in enclosed greenhouses where there is little need for weed/pest control but the economics are not fully developed yet.

    Like the human biome, we are learning a lot.

    • Avatar Robert Yoho MD (ret) says:

      problem w greenhouses is water supplies are contaminated

      • Avatar HardeeHo says:

        I assume the water can be cleaned of those pesky forever chemicals. I see that most are recycling the water and some are using fish in open tanks. I might hope the water issue has solutions. It does seem we are in an experimental era for these kinds of greenhouses. I might question the nutritional value of the plants and am not sure we bother to test much at all. I understand that current produce from depleted soils might be an issue.

  • Avatar MClark says:

    Great information and glad for detox info too 🙏 At the risk of poking the hornets nest, I would like to point out the role of these pesticides in deranging plant hormones (how they work) and then up the food chain with terrible consequences in livestock husbandry and human fertility … and I believe perhaps the rise in gender dysphoria for some. It’s been a huge problem and Dr Joe Mercola has been tracking it with distinguished researchers for a long time. I saw the 2012 interview w Prof Don Huber and Dr Mercola where they discussed Hubert’s efforts to inform the federal administration to no avail. A who’s who of the Monsanto board shows uniparty representatives and big names for decades. Why wouldn’t we think that a disruptor of plant hormones would not go up the food chain? A similar question: why wouldn’t we think injecting the toxic spike making apparatus would have toxic effects– especially when it’s sheathed in pseudouridine and BBB transporters? Or maybe, opening our borders to the world is going to invite in drug resistant TB and a host of infectious diseases we haven’t faced in generations? Dr. YoHo, you are right that RFK gets the entire sweep of the dystopian crisis. People need to understand that he doesn’t say everything he knows and has known about the intelligence complex and the horrendous assault of human life. If one thinks RFK is limited in his knowledge about one of the vital issues of our time, get past the sound byte the media planted to control your perception… they did the same to Trump in a lot of areas. Then, go read about “confirmation bias”.

    • Avatar Robert Yoho MD (ret) says:

      People need to understand that he doesn’t say everything he knows and has known about the intelligence complex and the horrendous assault of human life. EXACTLY

  • Avatar RE Nichols says:

    I wonder if that is why people get better on “paleo” diets.
    It’s not that bread–a dietary staple for thousands of years–is bad. Though the bio engineering has certainly made it less nourishing and the added corn syrup hurts it.
    These chemicals get sprayed on all these plants and cause sickness when eaten.

  • Avatar Teresa says:

    Thank you for sharing this valuable information! The video, the article, the detox info – essential knowledge that everyone should have, but unfortunately do not acquire . 😕

  • Avatar PRice says:

    A 2019 Washington State University rodent study from Dr. Michael Skinner’s lab found adverse effects in the grand-offspring and great-grand-offspring following their ancestor’s exposure during pregnancy to the world’s most commonly used herbicide:

    “Using a transient exposure of gestating F0 generation female rats found negligible impacts of glyphosate on the directly exposed F0 generation, or F1 generation offspring pathology. In contrast, dramatic increases in pathologies in the F2 generation grand-offspring, and F3 transgenerational great-grand-offspring were observed.

    The transgenerational pathologies observed include prostate disease, obesity, kidney disease, ovarian disease, and parturition (birth) abnormalities:
    – Prostate disease in approximately 30% of F3 generation glyphosate lineage males, a three-fold increase in disease rate over controls.
    – A transgenerational (F3 generation) obese phenotype was observed in approximately 40% of the glyphosate lineage females and 42% of the glyphosate lineage males.
    – An increased incidence of kidney disease observed in the F3 generation glyphosate lineage females affecting nearly 40% of females.
    – A significant increase in ovarian disease observed in the F2 [48% vs. 21% for controls] and F3 [36% vs. 15% for controls] generation glyphosate lineage females.
    – During the gestation of F2 generation mothers with the F3 generation fetuses, dramatic parturition abnormalities were observed in the glyphosate lineage. The frequency of unsuccessful parturition was 35%. To further investigate the parturition abnormalities an outcross of F3 generation glyphosate lineage males with a wildtype female was performed. There were parturition abnormalities observed with a frequency of 30%.

    Classic and current toxicology studies only involve direct exposure of the individual, while impacts on future generations are not assessed. The ability of glyphosate and other environmental toxicants to impact our future generations needs to be considered, and is potentially as important as the direct exposure toxicology done today for risk assessment.”

    Why isn’t coverage of this study the top story of world news organizations?

  • Avatar Petra Bueskens says:

    Great piece. Thanks. I wrote a piece recently in support of RFK Jr. that touches on Big Ag/ glyphosate:

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