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Many of them tracked me down, but I stalked a few like wild animals.

My friends believe they are ordinary, but they are not. Some have prescience—the gift of prophecy. Most are specialists; none have my pretensions of being a generalist. When I think about us, I always recall the Indian parable about the blind men and the elephant:

[They] learn and imagine what the elephant is like by touching it. Each feels a different part of the animal’s body, such as the side or the tusk. They then describe the animal based on their limited experience, and their descriptions are different… The moral is that humans tend to claim absolute truth based on their limited, subjective experience [and] they ignore other people’s experiences that may be equally true (abridged from Wikipedia).

All of us see the world through our narrow training and experience. Sometimes, we fall prey to rejecting alternative explanations. I struggle to avoid this.

For example, one of my recent interviewees had toxic exposures that ruined the last twenty-five years of his life. After he quit the job that caused the issues, his body partially recovered, but he is still sick two decades later. 

When I asked him if he had mercury amalgams or root canals in his mouth, he said he had both. Since dental work causes immense health damage, I told him he should read Robert Gammal’s The Garbage Collector or at least look at my post HERE

Removing implants, root canals, and mercury amalgams improves health dramatically. My friend said he could not afford this, but I doubt if he can see outside his original problem. Being polite and pretending he is right is no kindness to him.

I study, synthesize, and try to tell my stories understandably. 

My background helps me with the first parts, but getting it into words requires multiple painstaking rewrites. I hate to admit it, but nearly all of my Substack topics were new to me until about two months before I published.

I am contemptuous of complex theory. Most academic analyses are attempts to impress a peer group rather than designed to make their subjects understandable. Most “science” authors are paid to sell horses**t. Most of their work is affected, condescending—and nearly always spurious. 

Statistics that can not be put into simple words are useless. Compelling anecdotes and simple, honest, and transparent studies are far superior to the garbage academics are churning out now. 

I always try to keep in mind the Golden Rules from Butchered by “Healthcare:” 

1) The updated Golden Rule is that those with the gold make the rules, so learning the funding source explains a lot.  

2) If you do not follow the reasoning, someone is likely lying to sell you something. You are as bright as the storyteller, so do not let them fool you. This applies to financial advisors and lawyers as well as to medical studies. You do not need to be an academic to judge complex data—in fact, learning too much detail obscures the truth. 

3) Controversy, confusion, and contradictory evidence about small numbers prove that whatever it is does not work. Do not fall into the trap of believing “reasonable people disagree” or “the science is developing.” Always remember Rule 1—follow the money.

Here are my people

Tim Alexander’s family was part of the San Bernadino shooter tragedy. Cedric Anderson, the shooter, was the pastor who conducted Tim and his wife’s marriage ceremony:

Shortly after Tim’s wedding, Mr. Anderson married Tim’s cousin, Karen Smith. But Anderson became erratic, paranoid, and delusional. After six weeks, Karen moved out.

A month later, Anderson went to the school where Karen taught. He shot and killed her, a student, and then himself. It was a nationwide media story for two months, but the prescription drugs Cedrick was taking were never mentioned. Not even his mother knew he was on SSRI (Prozac class) antidepressants and other psych medications.

Tim kept asking himself how such an event could have happened to people he knew and loved. So he formed a Facebook group addressing drug side effects. He named it “Legal Death – In Drugs We Trust.” It grew to 30,000 people in a few months and up to 3,500 posts daily. Alexander learned that suicide and violent behavior were well-known side effects of SSRI antidepressants.

Since Tim is a documentary filmmaker, he requested interviews from people with related experiences. He and his wife Karen went on a two-month, 16,500-mile road trip to film them. Many of the people he spoke to were bed-bound and neurologically damaged. Their stories were horrific.

This was his route:

Tim learned that many medicines considered harmless were damaging. For example, he learned about gadolinium contrast dye and fluoroquinolone antibiotics such as Cipro. Although they are both individually toxic, they can be devastating when used together. He made a full-length film about the trip and what he learned. 

Mr. Alexander admits that he hates doctors. I partly agree with him, but this does not make him easier to tolerate. We always snap at each other.

Mark Kennard is brilliant. He has been disabled for years due to his sensitivity to the orthopedic metals implanted in his body. I interviewed him HERE

When Mark took the Mensa IQ test, his number was 145, the top 1/10th of a percent of the population. For reference, the average MD’s IQ is 125, and mine is between 130 and 140. If I were to get defensive about these numbers, I would say that Mensa is a social club for awkward geeks. I do not know whether Mark pursued membership.

Kennard’s time spent studying his problems has given him a philosophy:

I seldom research books or studies about health. I examine people, including myself, other patients, and specialists. The problem with learning from books is you don’t know what you don’t know. Those who only learn from books have caused much harm because of inexperience. Doctors have caused me a lot of damage. Each time, I knew they were doing the wrong thing, and my gut instinct rang like a bell. Learning from the experience of hundreds of patients and functional medicine doctors who have made mistakes is far more reliable. 

I don’t have time for bookworms. It’s real-life experience that’s important. It is far more valuable than theory. 

Polymath Paul (PP) is in an even more elite group—his IQ is 155. His bandwidth is so broad that I cannot keep up with his thinking. He sends me links for a fantastic array of interests, and I snatch what I can from the torrent. Sometimes, he supplies the ideas and references for an entire post, and I spend 20 hours or more putting it together. He stalked me after reading my posts on Matt Brigg’s blog.

Margaret Aranda, MD, has a steely ethical structure and depths of caring and charm far superior to mine. She was committed to saving her patients from the “vaccine,” so she ran afoul of the California Medical Board and lost her license. Fortunately, she picked up another one and still takes care of the vaccine-injured. Her story is HERE.

Jim Arnold: Arnie, the Archivist (AA), started studying the cabal 17 years ago. He has 30,000 documents in his filing system. We compare notes weekly, and nothing shocks him. He is the closest thing to another generalist among my friends. His platform is Liar’s World Substack.

KEC is the team’s legal talent (Substack link HERE). 

Joe Fraiman, MD, represents academic medicine from the remove of his private practice. He is my mentor, tutor, collaborator, and idea person. In Butchered by “Healthcare,” his pseudonym is Dr. Katz. In grade school, when his teachers could not understand him, they put him in the retard class for a year. He says he was patient with the other kids and made friends.

Joe is the straight man in our clown world and is networked with the top intellectuals in the Medical Freedom Movement. HERE is his interview.

I picked up Dr. Fraiman when he lectured at a Lown conference one year. He tells me that my strength is my ability to change my mind. My wife is less impressed and claims I “find a new Jesus every week.”

Martha Rosenberg is a professional reporter and writer. She woke up several decades ago when her father committed suicide due to psych drugs. Since then, Martha has been poking the Pharma hornet’s nest. She has written for Mercola, Epoch Times, and Children’s Health Defense. Her book, Born With a Junk Food Deficiency (2012 and 2013), is a misnamed masterpiece indicting big Pharma and big Agriculture. 

I stalked Martha for six months before she answered my messages, but she is now my friend. I interviewed her HERE. She lives on a parakeet’s budget but manages to feed all of her little birds.

Fred Smith: Substacker, railroad expert, history buff, and soothsayer. He woke up over ten years ago when he learned about the Federal Reserve Bank from The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin. I have collaborated with Fred on several articles. Nothing shocks him.

Christian Elliott wrote an early article that went viral, “Seventeen Reasons I will Never Take the Covid Vax.” When I saw it, I hassled him until he finally answered an email. He runs a business teaching people how to adapt, and since I have trouble with that, I visited him in Florida. Find him HERE for a dose of his trademark optimism. We have interviewed each other.

Deb Butler is a networker on a mission to teach people about mercury toxicity and cure her own. She also has Lyme disease, so she has problems with neurological symptoms. Her email is I-Am-Unconquerable@(—— I initially thought she was a pain in the a**, but I was more sympathetic after I learned she was mercury-intoxicated. She got me started banging on dentists. 

Scott Schara’s daughter was murdered by hospital doctors operating under COVID protocols, so he set out to warn the world. His lawsuit will hopefully break open this story. Find him HERE

Jeff is a close friend and orthopedic joint replacement specialist. He married a girl from our medical school class who was elected to the Alpha Omega Alpha (AOA) honor society. Jeff missed this by a narrow margin. (I was completely ignored by both the AOA and Jeff’s future wife). She gave Jeff seven children. 

Jeff saw the cabal coming when we were in our early twenties. In those days, I thought he was crazy.

Tamara Santa Ana is a solid new addition to my crew. She was diagnosed with systemic lupus and bed-bound for five years in her early 40s. After several years of frantic research, she learned that her dentist and optometrist had poisoned her. 

She was a longtime user of mercury (thimerosal) eyedrops for contact lenses. Tamara stopped this and had her eleven mercury amalgams and three root canals removed. Her natural immunity kicked in, and the lupus vanished. As all this happened, she became a detoxification expert. She has been kind enough to coach me. I will put her on the podcast and introduce her soon.

Becky Dutton is the protector-goddess of mercury-damaged people and works full-time to help them. She is the volunteer ombudsman for, a diagnostic laboratory for metals allergy. I am deeply grateful for her help; my Parkinson’s story is still playing out under her kind and watchful eyes. 

Loosely attached 

Christine is a brilliant academic engineer from Silesia (a country that was part of Germany before World War I). I call her BAC—brilliant academic Christine. She is a new acquisition whom I hope to know better.

Robert Garmong. Like Maximus in The Gladiator, the husband of a murdered wife. I interviewed him HERE

Dog is anonymous. He is a software engineer and security specialist who pushes me toward hard reality. 

Bryce Eddy runs a huge Christian podcast and calls me “a friend of the show.” He is a jujitsu expert who still competes with the young studs. Bryce has a neck like my Cane Corso dog. HERE is one of his episodes.

Lynne Farrow wrote a fantastic exposé about iodine. My interview with her HERE was one of my most popular posts. 

Scott Schroeder, hero podiatrist, gives his time freely to patients injured by metals. Meet him HERE

Ken Stoller, MD, is the dean of the apocalypse. He predicted the whole thing, including COVID, years ahead. I have resisted asking him what will happen in the next two years because I am not sure I want to know. I interviewed him HERE and HERE. Because he was outspoken, he has been hassled by the psychopaths, but he may still be able to help you if you contact him. 

“Unbekoming” is an Australian blogger. He turns out new insights twice a week. I sometimes look over his shoulder, copy his “homework,” and present it as my own. I have had this bad habit since junior high school. “Good artists copy, and great artists steal,” right? Although Picasso is often credited with this quote, I said it first. Another example of my plagiarism is HERE

Peter and Ginger Breggin mentored Martha Rosenberg and me. When I was a guest on his podcast, Peter kicked me hard enough to wake me up about Covid. He knew exactly what I needed.

Jamie Turndorf is our resident empath and interpersonal genius. She is the most prominent speaker and writer among us. She has her books, a radio show, and millions of fans. Her platform is I visited her in Florida.

Teri Franklin coauthors the dental exposé Mercury Free (2021). She is brilliant, charming, empathetic, and academic. Our podcast together is HERE

Little Christie, a physician, was my climbing partner for El Capitan’s “Nose in a Day,” Astroman (511d), the Crucifix (5.12), and many other adventures. He is brighter than me, but what annoys me most is that he is a better climber. But since we are diminished now, we have stopped comparing. He works 50 hours weekly, so he only sees part of the Matrix.

RR lives on an island enclave where he thinks he is safe. I told him what Gandalf told the Shire residents, “You can fence yourself in, but never fence the wide world out.”

My dear anonymous M from Europe aggressively and sometimes abusively tutored me for hundreds of hours as I worked on Butchered by “Healthcare.” The most important lesson she taught me was that gentle critiques never work for boneheads like me. She wrote recently, “Skepticism guides me through philosophy, religion, politics, and medicine.” I have never met M or even spoken to her on the phone. When I finally track her down, she will see I tattooed her words on my wrist.

In loving memory

Mark Berman, MD: mensch, friend, mentor to many of us, and prominent stem cell expert. He died in the hospital, supposedly of COVID complications, but I am sure it was due to vaccine injuries and medical mismanagement. He posthumously won his federal court case vindicating stem cell treatments.

My lifelong climbing partner C ignored my warnings, got the jab, and had a massive stroke. He turned himself into the equivalent of a golden retriever—he is there and knows us but cannot speak. He was a far better climber than me.

Robert Morgan, the coauthor of Hormone Secrets, died as our book was published. He had just started flying lessons. He is sorely missed. 

Susan was not a collaborator, just a close friend. After she was pressured into getting the jab, she developed aggressive colon cancer because her native immunity had been destroyed. A general surgeon opened her abdomen, but after a quick look, he threw up his hands and gave her a colostomy. I visited Susan at home a week later, and she asked me what she should do. I tried to be positive, but my face must have said everything. She stopped eating and died three weeks later. 

If you have something to offer the Resistance

Reply to any email, and maybe we can chat. 

Thanks to my editorial team for your patience when I give you early drafts that do not merit your time. Try not to be so gentle with me.

I apologize to the friends I did not mention.

This one is insider baseball. Send it to anyone you want, and please try to find me some new subscribers in return.

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I write full-time to help my readers avoid being butchered by “healthcare,” to help them understand the world we face and to encourage them to join the resistance.

If anyone wants to volunteer to read drafts of my posts and critique them before they are published, please reply to this email. You don’t need a special background, and you must follow M’s lead and leave courtesy at the door.

Parting shot

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