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HERE is the Rumble link. Please read my chlorine dioxide post HERE before you listen to this, and as always, train your ears by increasing the speed.

The use of chlorine dioxide (CD) to treat diseases is heavily suppressed. The prohibitions against its promotion and manufacture are akin to the rules chiropractors face in certain states. In many, they can only say that they provide support to improve people’s health. They are forbidden to claim that they treat or cure anything.

Similarly, Snoot! Spray is marketed as a “nose cleanser.” It was granted a US Patent (HERE) titled ‘Method of treating sinusitis, including chronic sinusitis.” The NIH did an analysis that shows it is not toxic, even at ten times strength.

CD is the most significant healthcare advance in decades. Thousands of studies have been performed on it, and its safety is unchallenged. It has been EPA-approved as a high-level disinfectant. It is also approved for drinking water disinfection and treatment and as a disinfectant for seafood, vegetables, and poultry.

Val’s father, Howard Alliger, discovered many of the health benefits of CD and formulated safe, effective, and easy-to-use combinations that Frontier Pharm and SnootSpray are still selling. For example, his formula in “Nail-it” for nail fungus is potent—3000 parts per million. Alliger held many patents but never pursued the idea of taking chlorine dioxide internally; Jim Humble innovated this. 

Since CD is cheap and offers no hope of substantial corporate profits, it has not had the studies that Rockefeller Medicine claims are required for credibility. But thousands of success stories prove it works. As you learn about CD, remember what Pierre Kory said, “A thousand anecdotes become data.” I call them proof.

I am in a multi-decade battle to the death with nail fungus that I caught from my climbing shoes. Once a week, I use a Dremel tool to grind it down and apply the ointment du jour. Nothing has worked. I have been unwilling to take oral antifungals for fear they would damage my brain and liver. Fluconazole is fluoridated, for God’s sake. 

Until recently, I assumed my infestation would outlive me. But Frontier Pharma’s product is turning the tide, and I am hoping to watch my fellow traveler die before my eyes! I hope I do not sound sadistic, but I am enjoying killing it. 

I have friends with terrible mouth problems who are in a lot of pain, and they say that Frontier’s mouthwash is cleaning them up. Val gets grateful phone calls every week from people with oral problems.

Val and Michelle are far from rich and nearly abandoned their business in frustration two years ago. Their company faces the same growth problems as any startup—how does it bootstrap and grow? I was thrilled when I heard Frontier and Snoot had started affiliate sales that included multilevel marketing (MLM) capacity. This takes advantage of the small but vocal group who understands CD and incentivizes them to sell it. 

These commercial products make chlorine dioxide easy to use and remove any guesswork. You can use the links below to join their affiliate program. This is not another tired MLM model. Most of these required an upfront ‘investment,’ then sold humdrum or nearly useless household products. CD is unique—it is virtually unknown, and it works phenomenally well. The big corporations stand against it, for it threatens their revenues. Val and Michelle have had to listen to their lies for years about chlorine dioxide being bleach.

HERE is an affiliate link that takes you to the Frontier website and the Snoot! Spray products. You will receive a 5% discount on your first order when using this link.

If you understand the chlorine dioxide story, help spread the word by joining Val and Michelle’s affiliate program HERE. You will be provided with a custom affiliate link and you will create your own coupon code at the bottom of the registration form. You can send your affiliate link and/or the coupon code to refer the products to anyone.

Your referral customers will get a 5% discount on their first purchase, and you will also receive a commission. There is no purchase requirement, minimum order, or “starter package.” Growth is our object rather than short-term profits. 

I do not know what will happen, but if we go for it, we will have the adventure together. And when you start raking in $20,000 a month, you can keep it! I do not sell these products and will never make any money from them.

Chlorine dioxide can potentially cure or improve Lyme, cancer, autism, parasites, infections, neurological diseases, and inflammatory diseases. Read what I recently wrote about it HERE. Stay tuned—in a week, I am interviewing Kerri Rivera, the protector-goddess helping autism with CD. 

“Legal” disclaimer: Val, Michelle, and their companies have nothing to do with my writing and make no therapeutic claims. Remember also that I am not practicing, give no specific medical advice, and my writing is for general education only. Find an experienced, licensed provider to treat you if you have health problems. But never check your critical thinking abilities at the door—do your research and participate in your care.


Michelle Herman,; Owner and President.

Valerie Alliger-Bograd, Owner and President of Frontier Pharmaceutical, Inc.,, O: 631-367-3400

Grab an affiliate link and get involved even if you do not entirely understand chlorine dioxide. These products are “gateway drugs” to learning about and spreading the word about CD. Along the way, sign some people up for Surviving Healthcare (please do not simply tell them about my newsletter ha).

Parting shot: Judas Dentistry continues to improve

If you still need to download it, HERE is the link. I revised the preface’s first paragraph to include a reader’s nasty comment. If you are kind enough to criticize harshly, I may also use your quote. This is the first section of the Preface:

It is of no consequence to you what other people think of you. What matters is what you think of them. Gore Vidal

I am already under fire. For example, a reviewer wrote, “Your book is a horrible snipe attack on dentists who spend their careers trying to prevent dental problems and keep people healthy. Dentists are good people who wouldn’t do anything they knew would hurt anyone.” She is right; they believe in what they are doing, and yes, my work is a rabid assault. I have had to adopt Vidal’s attitude to tell my truths and write this book. 

I judge people by what they do, not their intent. Ignorance is scant excuse for anything, least of all criminality. Dental practices are killing us. By the end of this book, you will realize that what happened to me is also happening to you and your family. 

I know there is more to this story than dentists, and I have no delusions about the innocence of MDs. The second part of this book, “Dentistry in Context,” explains the dark forces commanding all species of doctors. We are being pressed into fostering a host of new, lethal, man-made plagues. Few of us understand that we are playing a part in a vast, networked conspiracy that seeks to kill a lot of us (Chapter 9).

Their latest and most deadly threat is the Covid “vaccine.” For the first time, the criminal network was able to cause a decline in live births and an increase in disability, chronic illness, and overall deaths. This was documented by insurance companies and exposed by Edward Dowd and others (See my last book, Cassandra’s Memo).

This is a black pill, a bitter insight; understanding it is agonizing. But if you keep your faith through the last chapter, I will put a lightsaber in your hands to wield against the evils. You need only have the strength to pick it up. 

Dentists and doctors commit treason, not just malpractice

They swear the Hippocratic oath, “Put your patients’ welfare above your own.” It is a binding contract, but nearly all of them dishonor it. When they do, they become accessories to murderous psychopaths. 

I always thought dentists were somewhat stupid colleagues who still deserved respect. But as I studied them, I realized their treachery surpassed any medical specialty’s. Make no mistake—I am furious with MDs. What they do is a monstrous net harm. 

But the dentists… Self-reflection, objective analysis, and “patient first” ethics seem outside their considerations: 

✪ They are co-conspirators in the fluoride debacle. 

✪ They use mercury in fillings. This is one of the most toxic metals.

✪ They never met a wisdom tooth they did not want to pull. 

✪ Most of them place toxic titanium implants any time they can. 

✪ Their worst atrocity is root canals, which are universally infected and seed bacteria throughout the body. 

I interviewed two senior dentists, Dr. Gammal from Australia (Chapter 4) and another from Europe, who requested anonymity. They independently told me that dental care is closely related to forty percent of human diseases in the developed world. In Africa and other less affluent areas, dentistry is less “advanced,” so it is less hazardous. Decide whether this is hyperbole as you read this book.

To put dentistry in context, meet the butcher doctors 

Gutless pediatricians have danced in a conga line, hard-selling vaccines for decades. No study has ever compared these with placebo. The result is that Pharma pays our kiddie doctors to mindlessly traffic poisons. It is a brutal assault on those we love most. Over the past 40 years, this raised the US autism rate from 1/10,000 to 1/30. It will tear our society apart unless we deploy a cure soon. See my last chapter for how we can do that.

Psychiatrists are drug pushers proffering elixirs they claim cure a thousand ills. Sorry, I exaggerated. Only 450 “diagnoses” are found in their “billing bible,” the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. To concoct these, American Psychiatric Association members cast votes. Most are handsomely paid by Pharma. These “physicians” claim that disclosing their “financial conflicts of interests” fumigates the bribery.

Psych “diseases” are purpose-built to be “treated” using pricey medications that are often pre-approved by the FDA. Just as they pay doctors, Pharma supplies half of the FDA’s budget, so this is a rubber stamp. Finally, massive disease-mongering campaigns run by ad agencies convince us to use the purported remedies. Since the drugs are all highly addictive, little persuasion is needed after that.

This “mental health” industry has persuaded over a quarter of Americans (and 80 percent of Danes) to swallow psych drugs. Monthly shots are forced on others. None of these medications has been proven effective. They numb us, addict us, and cause violence, suicide, and social dysfunction.  

The proof is that—as with all vaccines—the jackals running big Pharma never run tests of these pricey nostrums against placebo controls. Studies without this vital metric are nonsensical. When the authors publish, they prove their work is a scam, the journal editors admit they are accessories, and the companies confess they are ringleaders in a racketeering conspiracy. The FDA is guilty of accepting disguised bribes. It blinds itself because it is paid off. All the people involved are murderers, for these pills are killers. 

See Butchered by “Healthcare” for more. Most medical specialties are also involved in the slaughter.

I knew nothing about dentists until the last half of 2023

I was forced to study them when I realized they had crippled my health. I discovered this story bit by bit, and as you go through this, you will see how my thinking evolved as I read and interviewed experts.

Yoho disclaimer: I claim no copyright; you may quote any of my essays or books in part or whole without restriction or permission if you credit me. My writing is general commentary, and I never give medical advice because I am retired. Make your own decisions about your health and use the information here at your own risk.  

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