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James recommends that we examine the documents they are preparing and publicize them.

He explains it all in and recommends we make our own videos and spread the word through social media. He gives an example of how a public outcry influenced the debate a decade ago.

The following is from his website: #StopTheTreaty



The World Health Organization’s attempt to negotiate a trade agreement (in secret) in order to ensure “equitable access” to pharmaceutical poisons and injectable bioweapons is NOT a sane way to prevent the next pandemic. It is evil.

This is organized crime that is designed to seek out “pathogens with pandemic potential” in order to terrorize billions of people around the world and convince them to damage their health while the organizations that are involved rake in billions of dollars from both public and private sources.

Please watch all the videos below…

United States Constitution

Article 1, Section 8, Clause 3 Commerce

“To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations…”

The interview below begins at 8 minutes

NOTE: The discussion with Shadoe Davis was recorded BEFORE I obtained the advanced copy of the “Proposal for negotiating text of the WHO Pandemic Agreement.”

At the time of publication of this article, updated versions of Article 12, Article 14, and Article 15 were not available.

Article 12 addresses the proposed Pathogen Access and Benefit Sharing System. The PABS System is very hotly contested and lies at the very heart of the agreement. I will be publishing an EXTENSIVE article about the PABS System ASAP.

Article 14 addresses Regulatory Strengthening.

Article 15 addresses Compensation and Liability Management

Click on the link below to download it to your computer or phone so that you can share it across social media. Use the PDF below to print the flyer and distribute it far and wide.

Top 12 Reasons To Stop The Treaty


“We the People” prevented the United States from ratifying the Trans Pacific Partnership simply by exposing it for what it really was.

“We the People” will also stop the United States from ratifying the proposed “Pandemic Agreement” by simply exposing it for what it really is.

There is NO WAY that 2/3 of the United States Senate will EVER consent to this proposed agreement.

“We the People” will not allow it!

I am confident that people around the world can, must, and will also #StopTheTreaty

The World Health Organization should just give up right now.

We have many threats now. Some are real, and some are psyops designed to terrorize us. This one is real but can be countered if we make a concerted effort.

Tomorrow, I will send you:


It is the story of how our kindly dentist nearly murdered my dear wife, Judy.

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