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By February 27, 2022June 10th, 202426 Comments

You know who I mean. You three with the 150 k salaries and the high IQs.

Parents should beam unconditional positive regard to their kids, but we are past that. I would continue to endure your naïve actions in silence, but you are making mistakes from which you may never recover. You have not read the memo—despite having it sent to you many times. Your intellectual arrogance is a suit of clothes that looks terrible on anyone, so listen to me for once and earn my respect.

One of you recently accused me behind my back of being a Republican, but I assure you that I am innocent of that. I am simply pro-life–your life. At 68, what do I have left besides you? I may not live to see the destruction of your health and freedoms, but you will if you don’t wake up. Strain yourself to see through the dark glass–it is time to give up childish things, speak like adults, and act like adults.

Review the following basics. There is no controversy about any of it.

Our country’s foundation is freedom of speech, but this is fading along with other Constitutional Amendments. This is a principle rather than a narrowly interpreted law. Ever since the censors took over, we have been easily fooled. The mainstream media and the scientific literature are sewers, and their filth has made distinguishing right from wrong difficult. Only a few platforms such as are still free of interference. I hope they last.

Covid was financed by US sources, made in a lab, and used as a weapon. We have a decade of proof that includes patents, testimony, and financial records.

Simple and effective treatments for similar viral diseases have existed for a decade and were proven effective against Covid in early 2020. These include vitamin D, zinc, ivermectin, hydroxyquinone, steroids, and recently monoclonal antibodies. Concealing them or making them unavailable using lies and propaganda resulted in millions of unnecessary deaths.

Over 1000 studies have proven that the “vaccines” are toxic, sometimes fatal, and much worse than doing nothing. To continue the lies, the WHO changed the definition of vaccine. Recently, robust death data from insurance companies and the US military has shown about a 50 percent increase in overall fatalities since the shot was introduced. It has killed—at least–hundreds of thousands of people in the US alone.

We cannot predict the longer-term effects of the vax because our experience is brief. But we know that spike proteins found in the jab concentrate in the female reproductive organs, and they kill over half the fetuses if given to pregnant mothers. Many fear that they produce infertility, but although the evidence is suggestive, we do not know yet. Some have developed AIDS-like syndromes, but it is too early to be sure how many will be affected. We do know that the chances of injury and death increase with every injection.

Who is responsible? Clear, open, and convincing documentary evidence convicts the world bankers, the World Economic Forum (WEF), and many billionaires. China and the rogue Pharma companies are also accessories to the genocide. Some of these groups are financial opportunists, but the primary players want totalitarian control.

Events in Australia foreshadow their next moves. Here, Chinese-style social credit scores are being implemented. In a similar move, Trudeau, a WEF puppet, froze the assets of those who donated to the truckers. Vax cards with QR codes are now being offered in more than 30 US states. If implemented, the government’s ability to inject us with whatever they want on the threat of financial penalties could become a hard reality.

Our governments have been destroying our currencies with money printing. These are the greatest financial crimes in history, and the coming hyperinflation is an economic Tower of Babel that will impoverish us. Implementing controlled digital currencies would make their control complete (Bitcoin alone is decentralized, outside their command, and will hopefully remain an alternative).

We have recently been saved from Covid by the natural development of omicron. It creates immunity but poses little risk. But do not expect it to save us from the global predators, who are trying to eat our lunch along with their own. You are now hearing messages about the horrors of hemorrhagic fever, “VAIDS”, and exotic Covid strains with new Latin letters. Do your best to ignore it all and focus on yourself. For example, get your assets sheltered. The traditional advice is gold, real estate, and possibly Bitcoin, but I make no recommendations. Predicting the future is a fool’s game.

A Democrat party internal memo was leaked, but it contained few surprises. Biden will declare the end of the pandemic at the State of the Union address and claim the credit. He will say that the vax was the pandemic’s cure rather than an unmitigated disaster. He will not acknowledge the medications that could have saved so many. Mask mandates may vanish but the push toward universal “vaccination” schedules will ultimately continue. We will not hear from Fauci, for he seems to have scuttled under some rock like a cockroach.

So awake, arise, look around you, and take your intellect in hand. Get out of the internet box. Ignore wiki, google, and social media sources. Turn away with disdain when you hear “conspiracy theory,” “debunked,” “quackery,” “antivaccine,” or “hesitancy.” Realize that “fact-checking” is faked and controlled. Understand that people like me are now called “domestic terrorists.” Fire yourself from your job if necessary to avoid mandates. Consider relocating. I am writing from Florida, and you might consider Texas, Tennessee, and Idaho as well.

I love you and I hope we are all still here in two years.



  • Avatar Jerry Wills says:


  • Avatar Laurie says:

    Love ❤️ your post!!

  • Avatar American gypC says:

    This really hit home, I feel your pain. My whole family are vaxxed and I’ve been hearing about all the horror from around the world and trying to deal with family that won’t listen to me. To make it worse they all went same day to get their booster in x-mas like it’s some badge of honor. I know someone who is a family friend who works for CDC and they rather get their info there and media then listen to me. I have 2 doctors and 1 RN in the family and all vaxed so I lose hope everyday but keep coming back after I hear more horror. I keep asking myself are they really not hearing about this? not even the doctors? but that’s impossible at this point. I’m almost scared to go to rumble everyday because it’s a lot being disclosed there. If you haven’t Mariazeee, Stew Peters are great sources on rumble but I’m sure you know about them. Also this shedding thing is scaring me a bit idk if it’s propaganda to separate us or legit.

    • Avatar Evil Harry says:

      Stew Peters was great, but he can be way too over the top on many topics.

    • Avatar I_Am_Unconconquerable says:

      gypC, I had an appointment with a physician on March 30, 2021. He was vaccinated. On April 2 I began bleeding vaginally. I had my uterus and ovaries surgically removed over 30 years ago. At that time I consulted a physician and they had no explanation. It was not until a few days later that Dr. Sherri Tenpenny began revealing the ‘shedding’ phenomenon

  • Avatar Frederick R Smith says:

    Top shelf.

  • Avatar Frederick R Smith says:

    My contribution to the freedom of speech issue

  • Avatar Sandra Raymond says:

    Your adult children are very lucky to have a Dad showing such care, love and wisdom. Prayers that they really listen and have the courage to learn for themselves and to change their minds.

  • Avatar Robert Yoho MD (ret) says:

    I got hell from my wife about this post. She didn’t take the poison herself, however.

    • Avatar Dr Mike Yeadon says:

      Superb, Robert.
      I just accused one of the heads of vaccine R&D at JNJ, a longtime former colleague, of being an accessory to crimes against humanity.
      I know seniors in R&D at 3 of 4 of the manufacturers of gene based alleged c19 vaccines.
      It has helped not at all.
      One ignores all communications. One is either in a trance or the best actor I’ve seen. Let’s see how the 3rd responds.
      Why did your wife give you grief?
      I point out to people that if I’m wrong, the downside is everyone gets to laugh at me.
      If they’re wrong, the downside is the end of the world as we know it.
      Sadly, it’s way too late.
      Best wishes

      Dr Mike Yeadon

      • Avatar KC & the sunshine says:

        It won’t let me like your response but I do like it and am grateful for both of you, your work and eloquent wisdom.

    • Avatar Laurie says:

      This letter was amazing, I would love to copy and paste this to my friends and family with your permission.

  • Avatar Lee Muller says:

    Please see a couple of my posts in which I had my kids in mind. 1) 2) 3)

    Please don’t give up. Take breaks, approach warmly. Emotion need not be necessary, might not even be helpful. I begged and that didn’t seem to help. So just the facts at this point. I try not to describe the very worst scenario, which of course could all be true, but baby steps are necessary. I still to this day have trouble believing how deceiving groupthink has been.

  • Avatar Paul says:

    spot on Bob !

  • Avatar Robert Yoho MD (ret) says:

    Dr. Yeadon, thanks for everything you do! We all look up to you.

    My wife thought I violated everyone’s privacy. My kids didn’t comment.

    We have to shake everyone awake no matter what it takes. One of my close friends has only one daughter. She was triple jabbed and is developing an autoimmune disease with a positive ANA and joint symptoms. Fortunately my brood is so far unharmed. All my best.

    • Avatar mzlizzi says:

      “My guess is that at some point within the next 12 months, much of what I am writing to you about will appear in the public domain . . . .”

      And it’s almost 1 year to the date of your letter: June 20, 2021 . . . .

      Thank you for sharing it!

  • Avatar Cathleen Manny says:

    Thank you for sharing this. I hope your children will be okay.

  • Avatar Truth Seeker says:

    Accused you of being a Republican ? Considering that the few effective fighters we have in this battle are Republicans, that might not be a bad thing.

  • Avatar James Hill, MD says:

    Terrific message, Robert.

    My son got a job right out of college this year with a leading New York bank, but they demanded he be injected multiple times and refused his request for a religious exemption.

    It’s infuriating we’re required to kowtow to these people by begging for “exemptions” to their robbing our health, bodily autonomy, and freedoms.

    He turned down the job and is now looking for another.

  • Avatar Evil Harry says:

    “Accused you of being a Republican”. As though that was a terrible crime…….
    Humanity has little hope at this point.

  • Avatar I_Am_Unconconquerable says:

    Robert, I wish my parents were as forthcoming with me as you are with your children. They should thank their lucky stars that they don’t have to learn life’s hard lessons through trial and error. You are giving enough to share what you have learned in an attempt to prevent them any unnecessary suffering

  • Avatar S. Nicoletta Rogers says:

    My son (25) took 2 (possibly more by now) jabs, because he “wanted to do stuff with his girlfriend”, ie go to concerts, etc. And his attitude is “if I die, so be it…”

    In order to maintain any connection with him at all, I decided to respect his boundary … AFTER I had sent him a few links… to “never mention anything covid related” again. I can’t preach “freedom of choice”, and then deny him his freedom to choose.

    My husband took 2 Pfizer and 1 Moderna injection. A few months after the last shot, he had an “episode”… He thought it was a “panic attack”. A week later he was admitted to emergency with shortness of breath and severely swollen ankles. 4 days later: quadruple bypass surgery with arteries 80% blocked, and blood “so thick”… according to the surgeon… that his heart could not pump it properly through his body, leaving it functioning at 25% capacity. Internal bleeding required a SECOND operation within hours of the first. Then they prescribed two conflicting drugs that “should never be prescribed together”, because it causes bleeding in the stomach, destroying the stomach lining. It took 3 blood transfusions before they figured that one out.

    Prior to this my husband had never required ANY medical interventions and was never on ANY prescription meds for over 30 years!

    This all happened WHILE we had just decided to put our home on the market, because I was on medical disability from my job since October 2021, when I became extremely distressed over the impending injection mandate, 40+ emails asking management questions about their justifications of the mandates… every single one IGNORED. Ultimately, I was terminated from my job of 16+ years and forced into early retirement, because I refused to participate in this gross medical EXPERIMENT…

    My husband is physically weak now, sleeps a LOT, may never play golf again… something he was passionate about….

    At least my 2 daughters are on the same page with me, and my eldest is mother to my first (and so far only) grandchild. I fear for his future.

    Thank you for speaking out! I just listened to your interview about psychopathy … posted earlier this evening… and then landed here after reading another of your posts.

    I am comforted knowing that more and more people are getting educated about what’s really going on….

  • Avatar KC & the sunshine says:

    I’m a little late to this substack but reading this in November, it was prophetic on your part. You can go straight down the list and just check things off. Biden announcing the pandemic is over during the State of the Union- ☑️ Declaring it was as a result of the vax ☑️, never mentioning the deaths and harm ☑️, Fauci not being heard from, scuttling under a rock like a cockroach ☑️… The list goes on ☑️

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