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GUEST POST: Cursed Are The Fear Mongers

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I’ve been following Matt Briggs at for several years. His writing is superb, but he sometimes addresses religious, statistical, and philosophical issues that are above my pay grade. He is blatantly contemptuous of political correctness, which offends some. If you try a free subscription, he will tutor you.  He is so good that I pay for mine.

William M. Briggs


9 MARCH 2022


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Cursed Are The Fear Mongers


Cursed are the fearmakers, for they will be called children of Satan.

More than two years. A good twenty-six months of idiot fear, panic, rash decisions, saturation propaganda bombing, roiling of the rabble, shrieking hersteria, forced compliance. Lives lost, livelihoods gone, spirits wounded, sanity ruined. The “elites” and ruling class crushing dissent, growing rich, growing richer, the arrival of tyranny.


Not one damn lesson learned. We pivoted from the coronadoom moral panic to the Russia moral panic in the twinkling of an eye. No pause for breath. No delay to think things through. In a day, in a trice, the same elite set who sported masked avatars switched to blue and yellow. All to say I AM A GOOD PERSON.

Moral panics are not a bug but a feature of democracies. Where all people must have an opinion on all things. And not just an opinion, but the right opinion. This is why people who disagree with the right opinions are called dangers to our democracy.

Their minds rotted by popular “entertainment”, our elites and rulers cast the war as a children’s comic book movie. Ukrainian supporters assemble! Propaganda explosions on every source of media. All with the same message: Ukraine is an Innocent Victim, and they are winning, would never lose, could never lose, which is why you and the rest of the world must go to war for them. If you aren’t in favor of war, you are a bad person.

Fear, always fear. Be afraid. Ward off the evil using masks, flags. Fear.

The lies, then as now, are constant. Jen Psaki said, “The reason why the price of gas is going up is not because of steps the President has taken. They are because President Putin is invading Ukraine”. 

Some propagandists feel they are fulfilling their duty, doing what they must. But this one. She enjoys lying. She takes pleasure in your pain. Those that rule us are evil.

The propagandist supreme, the New York Times, boasted of the benefits of lying to the public: “Viral stories like the Ghost of Kyiv — a Ukrainian pilot who supposedly single-handedly shot down several Russian fighter jets — are of questionable veracity. But they’re a key part of Ukraine’s war plan, experts say, as it tries to keep morale high.”

They lie. They say the lie. They say lies are good. Therefore we should know not to listen to or heed them. We do not know. We welcome the lies. Jen Psaki lies regime change is “not the policy of the United States”. We believe.

Most propaganda is asinine, as befits a moral panic. The Economist—which switched its banner to a bloody Ukrainian flag—is an enthusiastic source of nonsense. Example: “More Russians are asking Google ‘how to leave Russia’ than have done so in 18 years since such data became public.” Many will believe this.

The vice-signaling and wretched attention-seeking nitwittery in our elites are as nauseating as always. Here’s blabbermouth Keith Olbermann weeping he has lived his “entire life with the stain of Russian heritage”. Condemning your own people is about as low as you can sink.

The ever-hectoring Stephen King was aghast that Coke could be found in Russia, and called for boycotting the company.

They were not alone. Indeed, it is a challenge to find any in the elite that has not rushed to let you know how deeply, how very deeply, they support the Current Thing.

Worse were the corporations, all woke, all cutting their own throats, shedding their own blood to show how much they care. None will do business, visible business, anyway, with Russia. They say. They shout. They support the Current Thing. They must force you to support it, too.

It has already become a meme on Team Reality of the Russian victory over Netflix, TikTok, Twitter, and other sources of cultural decadence, all of whom gifted Putin’s land by retreating from it.

Funniest were Visa and Mastercard, who shut off their services, knifing without warning anybody relying on them. China, well prepared, replaced their woke money with Unionpay. You have to laugh.

Many such cases. So many that optimists on our side are hoping our latest moral panic decapitates globalism. It may.

Anybody not joining in on the latest frenzy is called an “apologist for Putin”, or some other nonsensical name, like “science denier” during the last one. The left is hot for war. Not surprisingly, the “conservatives” are right there with them.

Worst are our rulers. No surprise about that.

Lindsay “Hello Boys” Graham and Marco “I’m A Big Boy” Rubio both called for Putin to be assassinated. Out loud. Our Affirmative Action VP said, “So, Ukraine is a country in Europe. It exists next to another country called Russia. Russia is a bigger country. Russia is a powerful country. Russia decided to invade a smaller country called Ukraine. So basically that’s wrong.”

There is no memory, at all, that it was the globalist empire, the USA, that caused the crisis by first fomenting the bloody color revolution in Ukraine, overthrowing the government, and threatening, merely for the sake of threatening, installing NATO on Russia’s border. There is no memory, at all, of it all happening before in Georgia for the same damned reasons in the same damned way.

As we say, nothing is learned from history except that nothing is learned from history.

Our rulers do not live like us, in Reality. They have little exposure to it, shunning it, seeing it as dirty and low. They live in Theory. The loudest noise they hear are praises of their intelligence coming from fellow elites. 

In Theory, Russia and China will do what theory says they will do. Theory says “We do X, they must do Y.” If instead Russia and China rebel and act against Theory? Well, our rulers would sacrifice us before they sacrifice Theory.

The only comfort in this latest panic is that if our rulers succeed in their mindless frenzy and missiles fly, DC would be left as a glowing pit.

Addendum Hilarious demonstrations of outright whopping lies from the usual sources. To juice the moral panic.

Fight to the death to defend what you love. That’s the American position. That’s why we call it the Defense Department, not the Department of Nation Building, or the Bureau of Trans Evangelism. (3/3)

— Tucker Carlson (@TuckerCarlson) March 8, 2022

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