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“New s*** has come to light! And s***, man, she kidnapped herself.” (The Big Lebowski).

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A HARD RECOMMENDATION: Listen to Joe Rogan interviewing Dr. Robert Epstein (#1768). He discusses Google and Facebook’s fascist censorship powers. They can easily rig elections. Put the playback speed at twice normal.

A SOFT ASK: If you live in Florida, consider getting together with us for lunch or dinner in a few weeks. Email me if you are interested. We are considering moving there.

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FIRST, THE GOOD NEWS. If you want comics, click HERE.

Twelve European nations are dropping their mandates. Their politicians are making various excuses for their recent behavior.

Matt Briggs has a high-level blog. He writes:

The Official Regime Coronadoom Narrative Has Taken A Series Of Vicious Body Blows… It’s been a busy week or two for the regime. They’re having an increasingly difficult time holding back Reality from leaking into the coronadoom narrative. Not everywhere, of course. Austria is moving to full ver-are-your-papers monetary-fines concentration-camps final solution for the unvaxxed. But elsewhere, even once stalwart allies are turning their faces toward the calm sunshine.

Here is similar reporting by Alex Berenson:

The pathetic collapse of Team Apocalypse… Democrats and the bluechecks are sprinting away from every restriction, mandate, and rule they have shoved down the throats of Americans for the last two years… What’s changed is that despite two years of lectures, most people now understand the uselessness of what we’ve done.

What’s changed are the polls. I can only imagine the internal Democratic numbers are even WORSE than the public numbers… Thus, the race to the doors of the last week.

The blue-state jab mandates will be next to go, though they may hang on a few more weeks. A lot of people don’t understand yet just how useless the shots have become with the Omicron dominant. Also, they were imposed so recently that dropping them now would be a whole new level of embarrassment.

In another post, Berenson writes,

ALL the major leftist/woke policy initiatives of the last decade are going disastrously wrong. Progressive policing and prosecution and incarceration? The United States murder rate is up more than half from its lows five years ago, and some cities are in far worse shape…

Worst of all, the progressive response to all these hard facts has increasingly been not to debate or even acknowledge them but to try to shout down – and now censor – anyone who points them out.

The result has been a flowering of new sources of information that can provide the data and analysis the institutional media will not. And people like Ezra Klein are now seeing just how much power and influence they have lost; they are seeing that they cannot stamp Rogan out, no matter how hard they try.

Berenson is a rude dude who angered me when he ran down Robert Malone, but anyone who writes this well stays near the top of my list.


An international grand jury has convened to try the criminals responsible for the covid genocide. It is an exhibition trial, but witnesses and formal rules of evidence are being used. Hundreds of lawyers are involved, and it will be a template for future prosecutions.

Sixteen states filed a new lawsuit against the federal COVID vaccination mandate.

As reported by whistleblowers, the shots have been disastrous for the military’s health. This data is more robust and complete than the VAERS database. Here is part of what has been reported:

– 1,000% increase in codes for neurological issues.

– 471% increase in codes for female infertility.

– 467% increase in codes for blood clots of the lungs, which are often fatal.

– 300% increase in codes for cancer diagnoses.

– 300% increase in codes for miscarriages.

– 291% increase in codes for Bell’s palsy.

– 269% increase in codes for heart attack.

– 156% increase in codes for birth defects of military personnel’s children.

The full report shows that since the shots were started, there has been a health calamity. When combined with the data Pfizer is being forced to release about when they knew the clot shot caused diseases and fatalities, criminal prosecution is inevitable. The courts refused their request to put off the document release for 75 years.

This is lawlessness. Here is another example among many: the military cannot distribute unlicensed vaccines, much less mandate them. There is no license for the Pfizer vaccine. The justifications for the general emergency use authorizations are similarly flimsy and fabricated.


 In Switzerland, only the vaccinated are permitted to undergo assisted suicide.

On February 1, 2022, Pfizer asked the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for emergency use authorization for their shot for ages 6 months through 4 years. This is for two doses and maybe a third. If this is allowed, liability protection is granted for the entire vax program(story from

Mainstream media has now reported 1 (one) single death from the clot shot. The CDC still reports that the jab’s death count is zero.

Because of the “smartest guy in the room” syndrome, we are listening to bought-off imbeciles. Many “experts” think that because they know one area that their other opinions are also valuable. We see this a lot in healthcare, where neurosurgeons, for example, believe that they are experts in stock markets or politics as well. Doctors who speak in public are often s**t clinicians—or not clinicians at all, like Fauci. Brilliant artists, writers, and actors are given wide platforms for their views despite their limited analytic abilities. Our media is full of charismatic morons and we listen to politicians about academic issues.

We have to wake up and stop kidnapping ourselves. Then, we must identify the criminals, stop the crimes, and start the prosecutions. Some of these gangsters need to have their heads put on spikes (did you catch the pun with the spike protein? Thanks, Jamie).

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