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Part 2, The pandemic has given us a keener nose for b******t because we have been lied to over and over.

By March 30, 2022June 10th, 2024One Comment

Too many images for one Substack email. This is the final part of the last post.


Climate concerns are being exaggerated and used to create panic to destroy critical thinking and promote the Great Reset. If you do not understand, the 20-minute video HERE debunks the “science” that is being foisted on us. I copied and summarized Moore’s slides (this was a lot of work), but if you have the slightest doubt about these issues, I urge you to come back and watch him tell his story. His book is Confessions of a Greenpeace Dropout.

By geological standards, California has no drought today. It is wetter than it was 800 years ago.

This map shows the greening of the world due to the improving (higher) CO2 levels. The excess CO2 that we put into the atmosphere is causing a huge increase in global biomass, which is 90 percent trees. Plants need 150 or more PPM in the atmosphere to live and require 1000 to 2000 PPM for optimal growth. That is why growers put exhaust from heaters or bottled CO2 into their greenhouses.

Water vapor is a much larger influence on climate compared to CO2.

CO2 is the most important nutrient on earth, the very currency of life. It is what everything on earth is made of. It is crazy to call it a pollutant.

This is the carbon cycle. Seventy times more carbon is in the sea than is in the atmosphere, and they exist in equilibrium. Plants and soils contain more carbon than the entire atmosphere, and fossil fuels contain still more. The earth’s crust contains a hundred million billion tons of it, all derived from life.

Carbon has been sucked out of the atmosphere by plants for millenia. This is a model of a carbon fossil.

They say we should go to zero emissions. Dr. Moore says this is zero human beings. If we would not have “polluted” by burning fossil fuels into the atmosphere over the past 200 years, life might be nearly extinguished by carbon starvation. We may have unknowingly saved ourselves.

There is a 4000 horsepower diesel engine in that boat, and they are attacking a Russian oil rig using an oil-powered ship!

Then, when they tie up at the dock, they get fueled up by British Petroleum.

Nasty photos like these are used to get people to think the world is destroyed by the oil industry.

But Canadian reclamation is some of the best in the world. This was once oil land:

One Comment

  • Avatar Ty says:

    One thing I would argue – your depiction of cirrhus clouds is really jet engine chaff from geoengineering operations.

    Please do not ignore that elephant in the room. It is destroying our beautiful natural atmosphere with unnatural heavy metals.

    A decades-old lie.

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