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By August 12, 2022June 10th, 20248 Comments

It is a wholly “captured” agency, so this was not an internal decision and it was not done to protect our health.


“Regulatory capture” refers to an agency that is commanded by forces that benefit from their actions. This traditionally refers to corporations ensuring profits, such as big Pharma and the FDA. In this case, however, the CDC seems to be controlled by both international and domestic political forces.

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THE CDC ANNOUNCED new guidelines yesterday including:

  • No more asymptomatic testing.

  • No more isolating unless you are sick.

  • No more social distancing.

  • No more masking if you are unclear whether you have Covid.

  • Axing all the policies that have been used to keep kids out of schools.


  • No discrimination based on “vaccination” status (!)

  • Test yourself if you suspect you may have COVID-19 or were exposed to someone you knew had it.

  • After you have had COVID-19 for 5 days, if you are mostly well, get on with your life.

  • Encouraging people to gather outdoors and to improve indoor air circulation where they gather.

  • “Social distancing” only if you are at high risk for COVID-19.

  • They still encourage masking for high-risk individuals and high risk areas.

In another stunning, simultaneous reversal, mainstream outlets like CNN have turned on a dime and are admitting that the old guidelines are pointless.

But the CDC has continued its most destructive policy—browbeating the populace to get the injurious, sometimes fatal gene injection. They still purport that it protects against Covid and should be widely used.

BUT THE ENTIRE COVID PROGRAM has had profoundly evil, damaging effects. Here is a review of some of the worst:

  • Our children have had an IQ drop of 15 points. This is likely due to their emotional trauma because of anxiety and delayed development due to masking.

  • Live births have dropped 10-30 percent in many places, and other infertility markers are blinking red.

  • This international physical- and mind-control program has cost many trillions of dollars. It has been a monstrous, orchestrated theft from the poorest to the richest.

  • The overall death rate of the entire population, particularly in America and Europe, increased exponentially.

  • This injection purported to be a vaccine has caused an increase of often mortal diseases including heart, cancer, inflammatory, neurological, and thrombosis (clotting).

  • The international criminality and collusive propaganda enabling these atrocities are unprecedented. The perpetrators span the globe, and China is heavily involved.

  • The majority of the populace has been revealed as cowardly and/or indifferent. Their sheep-like responses cannot be explained by stupidity.

THE FOG OF WAR prevents clear conclusions, but the following are obvious:

  • If this is a break in the progression toward fascism, there is a reason. The cabal cannot predict every turn and twist in their progress toward global butchery. Their agenda is being hindered by real-world events. The American midterms must be a consideration.

  • Remnants of our legal structure remain and are operating. Progress is being made in the courts, but propaganda is impeding general knowledge of it. As damaged as the US constitution is, it still stands in the way of their complete control.

  • The jackals cannot have predicted everything that has happened and are on unsure footing. There is no way back for them, for they have committed myriad capital crimes. These predators are powerful, dangerous, and will attack again and again. If we have victories, they will stop at nothing. We must continue to fight and always be on the alert.

  • Godspeed to our attorneys, other warriors, and even the writers. We must use our resources wisely to fund our champions. If we lose many more battles, our children will be enslaved or murdered.

Surviving Healthcare is a reader-supported publication. To receive new posts and support my work, consider becoming a free or paid subscriber.


  • Avatar Gene Adaway says:

    They’re still touting these shots as our savior. We must find a way to shut them down.

  • Avatar Kelly says:

    Yes, we must continue to hone our vigilance! Can’t let our guard down with these predators. Feels kind of like a PTSD thing at times. 😟

  • Avatar Conservative Contrarian says:

    The truth in this paragraph is not new, it explains what brought us to the scam of the past two years:

    “The majority of the populace has been revealed as cowardly and/or indifferent, Their sheep-like responses cannot be explained by stupidity.”

  • Avatar Mystic William says:

    Vicodin and OxyContin were shut down. But arguably more deaths occurred over the last two years because of the shots, and the economic hit has been unprecedented. Yet, still they push it.

  • Avatar Katherine M. Moss says:

    Now I’m wondering whether or not I really should have canceled the event with my friends tonight in light of these policies? Seriously… because even though my dad tested positive, I don’t have any symptoms.

  • Avatar Mystic William says:

    The Vax passport will lead to a health pass that includes our ESG score. Wrongly held ‘unacceptable’ views will be used to make us pay higher interest rates at banks on our mortgages. Or eventually not qualify for mortgages. Make an anti LGBTQP (the P referring to pedophilia) and your bank account will be frozen. And so on. If you’re a Christian you will have to hide it. If you don’t, you will be imprisoned.

  • Avatar Jayne Doe says:

    Spontaneous Combustion for those responsible.

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