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Jason Hennessey and his wonderful staff made me feel welcome in his professional studio. I must have been on nearly 100 podcasts by now, and a few have audiences in the millions. But I have been interviewed by 15-year-old boys twice, so I have few illusions about my importance.

Even when I listen to Joe Rogan at double speed, I find him slow and the insights scarce. But Epstein is fighting Google, and I was just as stunned as Rogan by what he said.

One reader wrote that my re-post of Mercola’s blog about the Great Reset sounded like a parody. I agree–the story is horrible. But keeping your thinking flexible is today’s most painful challenge. For other advanced information, listen to my friends Nick Yaya and Dr. Peter Breggin on their podcast HERE entitled What Will the Global Predators Do Next?

I’m frequently brought back to what Frodo told Gandalf in the Mines of Moria: “I wish the Ring had never come to me. I wish none of this had happened.”  Gandalf replied, “So do all who live to see such times, but that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.”

We must act—no one is coming to save us.

This is not fake. Many of the fatalities from the vax are brain clots.

Wrapping your head around Bitcoin takes about 20 hours of study, and this is time well spent. The most popular podcast is What Bitcoin Did. Mallers describes his lectures to the IMF and tech giants here (but this is not the easiest place to start if you have no background).

This is Mikhaila Peterson, Jordan Peterson’s daughter, speaking about how the carnivore diet cured her autoimmune diseases. There are many stories like hers. I wrote about this in Hormone Secrets and will share the chapter in subsequent posts. (Yes, she does have breast implants.)

One of the “big six” medical journals towers over the others because all except the British Medical Journal (BMJ) are captives of the financial matrix. The BMJ published an editorial in July 2021 entitled “Time to Assume the Medical Literature is Fraudulent Until Proven Otherwise.”

The other journals split hairs over critical race theory and gender pronouns. Lancet, which was considered by some the best medical journal in the world, published an article last year claiming that hydroxychloroquine killed people. It was quickly called out as wholly fabricated quackery and withdrawn. And the Journal of the American Medical Association recently published bogus nonsense about our best anti-Covid drug, ivermectin, but this debate is long over. Lies like these have an impact even if they are debunked and retracted because a bell once rung cannot be unrung. These respected sources have morphed into propaganda, so where does that leave the New York Times, Internet sources, Facebook, Twitter, or TV?

We are left with “pre-print” articles published on the Internet. These have not been fully peer-reviewed, but since peer review is now censorship, they are more reliable than articles published in mainstream journals. and other new platforms are the only sources of uncensored information.

We hear arguments that private companies are not subject to the First Amendment. But the First Amendment is a first principle rather than an ordinary law to be argued over and narrowly interpreted. Our freedoms rest on it. A private company having the powers of Twitter, Google, or Facebook was never envisioned by our founders, and our personal sovereignty is in peril.

In case you didn’t listen to my last Mercola repost, look for the following words to identify lies. Conspiracy theory, debunked, quackery, anti-vaccine, hesitancy, and fact-checking are all markers for censorship. “Conspiracy theory” was originally used as propaganda after Robert F Kennedy’s assassination. These words have been used to “debunk“ inconvenient truths ever since. Most recently, Biden’s government is calling people like me “domestic terrorists.” Also, recall that the vaccine definition was changed by the WHO when it became obvious to everyone that the clot shot was not a vaccine. Lastly, watch for claims that randomized controlled trials are needed to know anything. Remember that randomized controlled trials are routinely faked by the pharma acting in concert with the FDA. We can still search the historical Internet archive of the Wayback machine, but if this gets compromised, we are in a full 1984 situation.

I spoke virtually at Guernsey a few weeks ago along with true experts including Peter McCullough and got big applause. Here is the whole conference, and here is my speech. I told them that they were like the Shire in Lord of the Rings: they could fence themselves in, but they could not fence the world out.

The last word: Canada has a parliamentary system and Prime Ministers can be fired by a party vote. I’m praying this happens soon. Otherwise, they are f@@@@d.

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