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The hearing yesterday to approve the baby-vax was a transparent fraud presented to paid-off criminal accomplices, and the FDA authorized the jab today for emergency use.

JAMES ROGUSKI tells you why this evil company should be bankrupted and its leaders thrown in jail. They presented study data to the FDA that showed the vaccine did NOT work. Seventy-three percent of the babies were taken out of the trial before it was complete. And the (in)efficacy was 14 percent, not 75 percent. HERE are more details. And HERE is another video interview of James. HERE is this video on Rumble.

YOU ARE AWAKE (not woke!), or you would not be reading this. But to cast off any remaining drowsiness, please view THIS critical video. In Spain, 2500 elites including Pharma executives paid thousands of dollars each to get illegal salt water injections instead of the jab. They didn’t want to drop dead of “SAIDS,” the Sudden Adult Death Syndrome. This fake disease was invented to cover up vax deaths, and everyone but the media knows it.

The video linked above is, surprisingly, still up on YouTube HERE. More documentation is HERE.

Geert Vanden Bossche, a world-famous virologist, explains that the current benign Omicron version of COVID is likely to mutate into a much more deadly variety. He reports that the “vaccine” not only ruins immunity, but it also drives the virus to mutate, and that more deadly types are likely. He also says that those who refused to get injected with this bioweapon are much safer.

Bossche is also says that if the virus mutates, taking Ivermectin daily would prevent many fatalities in the “vaccinated.” This safe medication is still cheap, universally available, and requires no prescription from sources outside the USA. Del Bigtree reported this story also, but I lost the link.

FINALLY, there is good news. Many are waking up, and if enough of us learn the truth and ignore the propaganda, we can prevent what is happening. Share my Substack posts with your friends and encourage them to subscribe.

This is Friday, June 17, 2022.

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