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It’s 130 AM, June 19, and I couldn’t sleep after I watched this video. I cut it down for you, but you can watch the full thing HERE on Children’s Health Defense TV.

This is my crude recording studio, and you can see Tucker, the canine assistant. You may also be able to hear him on the recording.

Toby Rogers, who spoke before Naomi Wolf, is nearly in tears. Wolf then describes the criminality of the vaccine manufacturers and the FDA. At the end, she reports what she heard from her contacts in the intelligence community. They say that Moderna and Pfizer are Chinese owned and that the data about the clot shot is being passed to them. She cites documentation. Wolf has concluded that the vax is meant to weaken us so that the Chinese can dominate by 2030.

I am wearing my favorite In-N-Out Burger T-shirt. The dog was snoring until he decided to pose for the photo above.

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