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Substack was recently abuzz with Died Suddenly, a documentary about the strange clots morticians are discovering in the corpses of those who die from the vax. This is not a new story, but the video is dramatic and professional. It was praised by Steve Kirsch, so I thought it was credible, and after a quick look, reposted his article about it.

I later thought more about it and watched it again. I had been on Stew Peter’s podcast and knew he was a turkey. I also understood his “snake venom” theory was idiocy. I realized I had made a mistake. My bad. Sorry.

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The doubts that emerged about Died Suddenly were expressed best here:

Jackanapes Junction
“Died Suddenly” Is Typical Trash from Stew Peters
[This post has been substantially revised. For the unrevised version as of Nov. 24, see here.] People are buzzing about the new documentary “Died Suddenly.” I watched it, and it made me angry. Here’s why. There is some great information in this movie. Information that could — potentially — open people’s eyes and minds. In particular, the interviews with t…
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And later here:

Rounding the Earth Newsletter
Stew Peters’ Chaos: Credibility that Died Suddenly, Part 1
“…you are in a war because this is a fifth-generation war for your hearts and your minds done mostly by digits…through your computer and those kinds of things.” -Lt. Col. Peter Chambers Click here to see other articles on Chaos Agents…
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The film opened with flashed images of dramas usually associated with conspiracy theorists—Lee Harvey Oswald, Middle East beheadings, UFOs, and even Bigfoot. These are used to convince readers that what they would see was like the Loch Ness monster.

Another problem was footage of a basketball player who collapsed on the court in Dec. 2020 from before the COVID vaccine rollout. He didn’t even die. In the face of so many thousands of taped fatalities, using this one is a red flag.

This film is designed to discredit the accurate, substantial news about the morticians’ clots using a partly false story.


“Partial Hangout” refers to the deceivers and manipulators who gaslight us with stories that are part truth and partly lies. As more of us wake up to what is happening, the percentage of accurate content is likely growing. It could be over 85 percent now.

This is “Fifth Generation Warfare,” and it is directed against ordinary citizens. Unconventional weapons are used: blind alleys, censorship, misinformation, and endless double bluffs. This is designed to fatigue us and make us disengage. But I will not quit, and my readers will not either.

The following is usually attributed to Voltaire, “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” But we know now that to learn what is likely true, we must notice what information is expertly sabotaged (credit: Sherman, my collaborator). 

Some say the Voltaire quote was actually by Kevin Alfred Strom, a white supremacist and Holocaust denier who is in prison for possession of child pornography. This might be an attempt to discredit the message.

Guard your mind and be careful whom you trust. This is now a survival skill. 


The Jackanapes post above implies we might give the benefit of the doubt to the global psychopaths. Amid the genocide, I refuse to quibble about abortion statistics or give the purveyors of the vax any credit for human motives—they have none. Read about this in Cassandra’s Memo, COVID and the Global Psychopaths, which you can download HERE. I will have it up on Amazon in 10 days, and you can review it.

All my best, and thanks for your tolerance of my freaking mistakes. 


Sherman wrote the original draft of this post and is responsible for most of the ideas. Thanks, dude.

Surviving Healthcare is a reader-supported publication. To receive new posts and support my work, consider becoming a free or paid subscriber.

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