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176. Robert Malone Sues the Breggins for $25 Million

By November 29, 2022June 10th, 2024319 Comments

Malone shredded his credibility and created a conflict that hurts our movement.

To the podcasters and bloggers reading this: please re-post this ASAP.


  • To read why Malone is so worked up, see this link and make your own judgments:

  • I have not verified this link about Malone, but it has a lot of bad news: HERE.

  • Ginger and Peter Breggin are some of the most courageous and self-sacrificing people I have ever met.

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This post was written by Peter Breggin MD & Ginger Breggin. | Nov 27, 2022 |

Peter R. Breggin MD and Ginger Breggin

Dr. Robert W. Malone filed a lawsuit on October 30, 2022, against Peter R. Breggin MD and Ginger Breggin, seeking damages for $25,350,000.00 or $25 million for short.

Why would Dr. Malone make his claim so large — over 25 million dollars? The effect of what he is doing should be obvious. It threatens us with financial ruin and ties up our energies. Does he want to make us too afraid and too exhausted to criticize his public policy theories and his numerous highly destructive attacks on leaders of the health freedom movement?

The defamation suit (meaning libel, and slander) was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Virginia (Charlottesville Division). Service has been discussed between the lawyers for both sides and agreed to, but it has not been completed. The suit, already filed and ready to be unleashed, has had a suppressive impact on our planning and activities over the past two weeks.

Contrary to some rumors, we have never made “personal attacks” against him, and indeed the Complaint that is filed in court focuses on our scientific and public political disagreements with him. However, Malone’s defamation claims focus on our public policy differences. Much of it relates to opinions and analyses we already documented in our book COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We Are the Prey.

We have not defamed Malone. In our entire 110-plus combined years of reform work, no one has ever threatened us with a defamation suit, because we simply do not defame people.

Dr. Malone’s Unprecedented Attacks On Us, Exceeded Only by One, Decades Ago

Except for one occasion, we have never had to endure such personal attacks. Not even from the psychosurgeons in the 1970s whose lobotomy practices my international campaign closed down and whose research institute led by Harvard’s director of neurosurgery lost all its government funding.2 Not even from the electroshock company and their cabal that in 2018 was forced by my medical/legal report in a product case to inform the FDA and the medical world that shock treatment causes brain damage.3 Not even the U.S. government agency director who lost his job and his many other compromised colleagues whose eugenical, racist program Ginger and I forced to shut down. Their huge interagency program was about to be funded by Congress to do eugenical research on “inner-city children” from in the womb to adulthood to find biological and genetic causes for their alleged propensity for violence.

The One More Dangerous Set of Circumstances

The only other time in our lives that we have been so threatened was in the early 1990s. I had been approved as the single medical expert confirmed by a federal judge to review all the discovery from Eli Lilly regarding alleged harms from Prozac for a consortium of attorneys handling approximately 150 cases involving suicide, murder, and psychosis.

Of course, Eli Lilly, tried to discredit me in a myriad of ways, but the federal judge approved my credentials for appointment as the sole scientific expert for reviewing discovery, and the judge for the first trial would do the same. I was qualified to testify not only about psychiatric drugs but also about the corporate and FDA approval process. I was empowered by the courts to have access to all of Eli Lilly’s secret files about the development and marketing of Prozac, including all their clinical trials and all FDA correspondence.

What Near-Disaster Happened Next?

My position as the central scientific expert for all the dozens of lawsuits against Eli Lilly was not merely a threat to that one drug company. Multiple other companies had Prozac-like drugs, such as Zoloft and Paxil coming down the pipeline. Many financial interests had motives to do what happened next. In fact, we had many threats against our lives and contacted the FBI about one of them. We consulted with local police about wearing vests and carrying a gun, both of which we eventually decided not to do.

As we were getting nearer to my initial deposition against Eli Lilly. Everyone in our house became progressively sicker from week to week. I, Ginger and our daughter became chronically ill with exhaustion and with dry nagging upper respiratory infections. Multiple visits to physicians could find no cause. This went on, probably for a couple of months, until a plumber on a routine job was aghast to find that someone had entered our basement and removed the chimneys from the converted oil burner and the gas water heater, spilling fumes and particles into the house.

We Are Not Complainers

We are not complainers, and we have rarely talked about what we have been through as freedom fighters together for the past forty years and decades before then as individuals. Nor do we feel sorry for ourselves. By our deeds, we have earned our enemies, and the good that has come from our work has confirmed our choice on how to live.

Before we were together and then as a team, we have each searched our souls when something evil has appeared on our horizon. Our impulse has always been to step forward to take on the challenge, but in recent decades we have learned first to determine if we are especially equipped to deal with the threat and if others can and will do the job as well or better. We went through this process before deciding to take on COVID-19 totalitarianism, and we ended up writing what remains the single deepest and broadest investigation into predatory globalism — COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We Are the Prey. We did it again when we decided not to back down from Dr. Malone’s initial threats to sue us. No other psychiatrist in the world was better equipped than me to understand the risks and dangers of mass formation psychosis and to explain them to the public.   

Our own personal safety has never been our ultimate standard for taking action — and we have been blessed with a feeling of being protected when we have decided to make a stand about something we deem to be of great importance in respect to human well-being and freedom.

We have at times been penniless as a result of our reform efforts, but separately and then together, we were always young enough to feel confident we could recover. But now, at our ages, the lawsuit by Robert Malone does threaten financial ruin.

Is Dr. Malone merely protecting himself and his new career transition from the man who “invented mRNA vaccines”4 — one of the worst disasters in human history — to the man who is leading the health freedom fight on a worldwide level? Or is Malone’s mass psychosis concept being further developed and used by others, such as the Department of Defense or the intelligence community? Malone has boasted about this Deep State background:5

“I have historically worked with people who have been truly Deep State intelligence community. I have decades of experience in biodefense. I have been deep in the belly of the beast. I have won literally billions of dollars for my clients in grants and contracts. I have managed hundreds of millions of dollars in grants and contracts in the vaccine space.”

Malone has stated that these Deep State connections have been severed and no longer have influence over him.

The Escalation of Malone’s Threats

We first heard from Malone through emails to us on August 6 and 7, 2022, ten days after we published criticism of Mattias Desmet’s book, The Psychology of Totalitarianism. Malone has used Desmet’s concepts to develop his concept of mass formation psychosis. We invited Malone to come on my TV/radio show and later on to join me on someone else’s venue, but he never responded to us and later verbally attacked one of the venues that invited him to debate me.

Next, on September 5, 2022, on a short phone call, Malone issued the first legal threat against me and hung up immediately:

Voice (very dark, demanding tone): Is this Dr. Peter Breggin?

Me (hesitantly): Yes…(thinking it’s spam and ready to hang up)

Voice (continuing dark and demanding): This is Dr. Malone. Why are you targeting me? I will have to send you a cease and desist letter.

Me: Are you threatening me? (Then calling to Ginger, who’s nearby) Ginger, it’s Malone on the phone.

Ginger (entering my office): What’s he saying?

Me: I’ll put him on speaker.

(Malone hangs up.)

On his substack the following day, Malone referred to reading my comments about his phone call to me. He even provided a link to my column without denying my description of it. But within a short time afterward, he seemingly had second thoughts about confirming the call and deleted it from the end of his substack.6

After that, on September 26, 2022, his attorney, Steven Bliss, sent us a Demand Letter that included other defendants, mainly on the grounds of their interviewing or publishing us. The letter demanded retractions, apologies, and money for compensation:

Dr. Malone demands that you retract the false and defamatory statements, issue a written apology, and fairly and fully compensate him for the presumed and actual damages suffered, including loss of income, insult, pain, humiliation, embarrassment, mental suffering, and injury to his reputation.  P. 4

The Demand Letter also cited legal cases to threaten us with the large amounts of money we would have to pay if they sued us. Our attorney briefly replied that the demands were unacceptable and the allegations untrue.  

We began to learn more about Dr. Malone’s threats and criticism of other leaders of the health freedom movement. We felt that someone needed to alert the community to these disruptive and harmful events which were creating conflict among people. On October 6, 2022, on America Out Loud, we published “Dr. Robert Malone Attacks and Maligns Leading Freedom Fighters,”7 citing attacks on his substack against Peter A. McCullough MD, Harvey Risch MD, and the Wellness Company to which they belong.

Twenty-five days after our column exposing his attacks on others, on October 30, 2022, Malone filed the lawsuit against us for the more than $25 million. In accordance with our attorneys’ warnings we have written nothing more about him or his suing us — until now.

Examples of Dr. Malone’s Recent Actions that Harm the Health Freedom Movement

On October 19, 2022, an extreme left-wing magazine, The Daily Beast, quoted an interview with Malone about his April 26, 2022 Demand Letter sent to Ginger and me, as well as to other entities.8 In his interview with the Daily Beast, Malone attacks journalists Stew Peters and Jane Ruby by name and mentions us as “two allied conspiracy theorists” without naming us. Malone’s motives in making available to the Daily Beast the contents of this relatively private Demand Letter are unclear, but the result is a grand humiliation of the health freedom movement. The Daily Beast declares in its headline, “Inside the Anti-Vaxxer Civil War.” Yet Malone regularly presents himself as wanting to bring people together and end conflict in the movement.

Based on earlier experience, Malone should have anticipated that dealing with the Daily Beast would result in negative propaganda against people in the health freedom movement. Malone had a verbal conflict on the air on Fox News with Alex Berenson, a former New York Times reporter who is known for in-depth analysis of the failings of COVID narrative. The Daily Beast quoted a Malone substack where he fumed at Berenson after incident — and the Daily Beast must have delighted to title their piece, Fox News’ Favorite Anti-Vaxxer Guests Are at War.9

Ironically, Dr. Malone makes speeches complaining that “something” is tearing our movement apart.10

Our Relevant Background and Motives for Publically Criticizing Malone

I have been called “The Conscience of Psychiatry” for protecting children, women, older people, and other vulnerable groups from psychiatric abuse.11 I have written more than 70 scientific articles, most of them on these reform themes, and more than twenty medical and popular books on the same subjects, several coauthored by Ginger Breggin.12 My work has been endorsed by many wonderful people.13

I have opposed psychiatry’s reliance on drugs and opposed all use of electroshock and psychosurgery, also called lobotomy and psychiatric surgery. In the early 1970s, in a several-year-long campaign working with the U.S. Congress and many others, I stopped the worldwide resurgence of lobotomy and other forms of psychosurgery.14 Projects throughout the U.S. and North America shut down, and probably some in India and Japan. My efforts included writing legislation and successfully lobbying for a Psychosurgery Commission, which found the treatment too experimental for clinical use. I testified in the Kaimowitz trial and helped establish the comparison between state mental hospitals and concentration camps, leading the three-judge panel to apply the Nuremberg Code protects to the inmates of state hospitals. The trial also led federal agencies to stop their psychosurgery programs at NIH and the VA.

In the 1990s, led by Ginger, we stopped a massive eugenical program funded by the federal government. The government was starting to fund a multi-agency investigation into the biological and genetic causes of violence in “inner city” children.15 To document and describe this lengthy, arduous and successful campaign, and other issues surrounding psychiatric oppression, we wrote The War Against Children of Color.

We also began to criticize Prozac in the 1990s and other antidepressants in-depth and we coauthored Talking Back to Prozac. I began to testify more frequently against the pharmaceutical industry in product liability cases on behalf of injured patients or their families. Painful lessons about the pharmaceutical industry and federal government agencies prepared Ginger and me to research and write COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We Are the Prey.

In the last six months of 2019, leading up to COVID, we began an organized drive to stop the use of a new FDA-approved device for treating ADHD.16 The device involved placing two electrodes on children’s foreheads and stimulating their brains all night by pushing electrical pulses backward up the trigeminal nerve into the brain. It hammers the brain with an unrelenting abnormal electrical/mechanical energy that could do nothing but harm the brain. It was a prescription for disaster.  The FDA studies were too short and too small to determine anything positive but did reveal potentially serious adverse effects. The company stopped pushing the device, and very little was heard about again for several years. It seemed to have fizzled. But recently, in October 2022, the company is once again promoting it, and I’m looking into resuming our professional and public campaign against the bizarre transhumanistic machine.17

As a psychiatrist, I also have a lifelong commitment to stopping abusive, politicized psychiatry, as exemplified in the USSR and now in Communist China — a trend we are now seeing in cases drawn to our attention in the U.S. involving the use of psychiatric diagnoses against doctors and others who challenge the establishment narrative for COVID-19.

What We Have Decided

Ginger and I have been working together for forty years on these projects, and I  had been a psychiatric reformer for more than thirty years before we married. Combined, we have over 110 years of standing up for vulnerable people and for freedom.

Although we often spend more than half the week on reform work, we never take money for it and instead finance it ourselves. Over the years, I have earned most of my income from doing individual and couples therapy, helping people withdraw from psychiatric drugs, and offering medical expert testimony and consultations. After COVID-19 began, in August 2020, I finished work on my pro bono 62,000-word medical and psychiatric expert report for attorney Tom Renz that helped to stop the Governor of Ohio’s relentless emergency edicts.18

We will continue to write and speak, and to join others in collaborative work about any and all public issues that draw on our special areas of commitment, knowledge, expertise, and experience. Few things could be more threatening at our age than being sued for the first time in our lives with a demand for enough money to wipe us out several times over. This late in our lives — I am 86, and Ginger is 71 — we  will not betray our lifelong devotion to human wellbeing and human freedom. We will not be silenced — we will continue to stand up for freedom of speech and for our reform work which increasingly focuses on freedom in America and around the world.

Authored primarily by Peter R. Breggin MD and Ginger Ross Breggin. The Breggin’s new best-selling book: COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We are the Prey is available at Amazon and on the America Out Loud Bookstore. In the US, the book is available directly from us for a special discount at

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  • Avatar Bandit says:

    NOW, I understand why I had trepidations about him without anything concrete. I find it odd that there are some people you can “get vibes” from just through their writings.

    • Avatar KW NORTON says:

      Important, really important, to honor this. I stopped trusting him soon after I began reading him. Many reasons. Bit we only have one gut reaction and it is usually correct.

      • Avatar RE Nichols says:

        Desmet’s theory angered me. I realize that was from cognitive dissonance since–in the case of the Covid hysteria–the concept of Mass Formation makes no sense.

        • Avatar KW NORTON says:

          Desmet’s s theory has alternatively left me cold and at times seemed sensible. I see deeper and historic things at work while at the same time appreciating how well the idea of Mass Formation works to explain denial to those who don’t like intellectual subjects. I also appreciate his awareness that it is a relatively small number of dissenters who help turn totalitarianism around. None of his ideas are terribly original.

  • Avatar End tyranny says:

    Malone is an egomaniac- that I am sure of – but now I see him for what he really is, an asset for the American intelligence apparatus. It’s all making so much sense now.

    • Avatar Paving the Way says:

      That is not proven.

    • Avatar Garrett Smith says:

      Thank you Stephanie. I have a feeling I’m replying to the next Whitney Webb just as soon as you expand your profound insights beyond the substack comment section. 😏

    • Avatar Jim Reagen says:

      At first I wasn’t going to “like” your comment because calling Malone an asset seemed a stretch. But after reading more, it does indeed make sense now.

      The idea is to divide the movement and Malone has enough loyal followers that he can do that. The idea is also to send a message to any dissenters from Malone orthodoxy: argue with him and he’ll break your kneecaps.

      All along, Malone has been blind to the imminent threat not of global warming, but of the theory of warming catastrophe which is completely false. However, this is a key theory in the implementation of the Great Reset and this assumed premise is shot throughout Schwab’s recent two books (at least), and virtually its sole moral justification.

      Climate catastrophe– emergency measures– track/trace carbon footprints— social credit scores and bingo, we’re in the totalitarian dictatorship. Throw in a few more pathogens that came not from biolabs but from a disastrously warming world and the plan is complete.

      Yet Malone has not once pointed out this trajectory.

      • Avatar End tyranny says:

        I think Malones connections into the dark underbelly are a huge cause for concern. He still refers to these people as his colleagues and I don’t see him being destroyed in any way shape or form other than on social media and from a few people changing his Wikipedia around. Others involved in this movement have lost their license to practice as well as there are livelihoods. This guy is still doing interviews about his horse breeding to wealthy women. And I still cannot get over the fact that he got the shot knowing the technology behind it because he developed it.

        • Avatar Richard says:

          I agree, he looks like, at least, controlled opposition, and more probably, a knowing bad actor. He is probably like many others who have a status quo investment which they seem unable to entertain critique of, so have tantrums when this investment is rigorously challenged. His criticism of Peter A. McCullough MD is quite telling, because Peter is one of many rightly challenging one of the major pillars supporting this “medical” scam. That being, Pasteur’s Germ Theory nonsense, thus virology, and all the nonsense about natural and man-made genetic modification of these alleged pathogens called viruses. There are Billions to Trillions of fiat currency tokens, and associated power, at risk if that corrupt Ponzi narrative collapses, and some “elites” have clearly already caused the destruction of critics and people providing honest solutions, including by murder; this looks like more of the same.

      • Avatar pretty-red, old guy says:

        on the other hand. . .
        I just now read Malone’s latest:

        After reading the details he offers, I am feeling less sympathy for the Breggins as it sure appears to me he has been defamed. They don’t seem to be the harmless little “old couple down the street” . . .

        I will hang fire and let the situation settle a bit before backing either of them.

        • Avatar HardeeHo says:

          Quite agree. Malone’s claims have merit as do Breggins. Not sue why the situation has devolved to the court. One hopes a mediation session might resolve their differences. There are elements of truth in Desmet’s notions of a mass in sort of hysteria. We have all seen that irrationality. Desmet enjoys book revenue and gains some status. Not clear what Malone’s gains might be other than notoriety.

          • Avatar c Anderson says:

            Fame is an insatiable appetite, but securing a proper legacy in the history of medicine is what is driving him, which in itself can push a person “over the edge.” I prefer to think of Malone as having lost his way instead of being a litigious jerk with the goal of draining $25,000,000 from the Breggins.

    • Avatar Baldmichael says:

      ‘Me a control all beware’ is anagram of Robert Wallace Malone, his full name.

      Under the circumstances seems reasonable. He will say some reasonable things but needs much discernment. Even the Devil tells some truths to wheedle his way in.

  • Avatar David Watson says:

    In the headline paragraph, it says to find out why malone is worked up, we should read seems a bit biased.

    It’s unfortunate that people allow their emotions to get in the way of their objectives. But both of these combatants have been under continuous assault for a lo g time. Probably some PTSD involved. The rest of us should remain focused on the outcomes both Malone and Breggins want. United we stand, divided we fall.

    • Avatar Jim Reagen says:

      I disagree. We need to understand what this dispute is truly about and look at what Malone is trying to do. He’s actively working to suppress the idea of conspiracy during Covid-19, which Desmet explicitly says did not happen. Breggin knows better. So does RFK, Jr. And, so do we.

      Now Malone is doing the equivalent of breaking Breggin’s kneecaps to warn others what will happen to them if they entertain ideas of Covid conspiracy.

      • Avatar Paving the Way says:

        He may be trying to keep the movement credible. This is how we confront that issue:

        Important statement about conspiracies

        Since we are critical thinkers we are very careful about which beliefs we ingest. All of us are constantly bombarded with unproven theories from questionable sources of information. The process of cultural secession from dominant narratives can challenge one’s social moorings and open the secessionist’s mind to all sorts of anti-establishment theories. We tread carefully into these murky waters and use our critical thinking skills to arrive at our beliefs.

        • Avatar c Anderson says:

          Cultural succession is word salad for WOKE in the real world of science. Critical thinking is what we were robbed of when Big Pharma, Big Media, and Big Government colluded to keep us in the dark. 🙈🙉🙊

        • Avatar TheArtistFormerlyKnownAs. . . says:

          Gee, I guess we’re supposed to be impressed with your fancy schmancy ten-dollar words and syntax. Ooh-Aahh. . . .

          Let’s keep it simple: If you are SO concerned about “unproven theories” perhaps you could enlighten us all as to the SCIENTIFIC FOUNDATIONS of the Mattias Desmet theories Malone has been pushing incessantly. Desmet is a psychologist/psycotherapist. He is neither a trained psychiatrist NOR a trained historian. Malone is a virologist. Dr. Peter Breggin is a Harvard-educated MD / psychiatrist. He has much greater standing than either Desmet or Malone to critique a psychological theory. And BTW that’s ALL it is — unless you can provide the credible SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE to show Desmet’s theories, so aggressively championed by Malone, are anything more than merely unsubstantiated theories offered by a Freudian psychotherapist. Kind of like Freudian Penis Envy. But please feel free to provide the SCIENTIFIC FOUNDATIONS of THAT theory while you’re at it. We all have our dictionary apps poised to look up your polysyllabic vocabulary. C’mon, help Malone keep our movement credible. Protect it from us dumb clucks who don’t know how to think critically.

          We’ll wait. . . . .

          • Avatar RE Nichols says:

            Unless you want biological information a psychologist is as credible as a shrink. Even more so because they work with people and take an interest in their humanity. Shrinks are bioreductionists who just hand out prescriptions for various drugs.

        • Avatar RE Nichols says:

          Well said.

      • Avatar David Watson says:

        If you fight your own team, you’ll lose. If you want to know malones issues, the court filings are available online. But I have no more interest in his neuroses than I do yours, only whether he’s an effective fighter. He’s done more to win the fight than anyone.

        • Avatar Jim Reagen says:

          I read the court filings. Yes, Breggin said some bad things about Malone.

          Malone is a fighter … well, he publishes a heck of a lot for a guy constantly traveling and speaking. But what’s the end goal of all this writing? He’s gotten tons of followers, yes. But for me this is key: those followers now believe the Desmet line, which is emphatically that there was no conspiracy. Desmet in chapter 8 of his book introduces the Sierpinski triangle to “prove” to us that what looks like a conspiracy isn’t a conspiracy at all. Desmet in one breath says there was definitely manipulation (so Malone’s followers can be deceived that Desmet is against the Reset) and in the next breath that the manipulation was due to ideology, not planning: mass formation is ultimately due to an amorphous ideology that captures us all and no one, no one at all, has deliberately induced this formation. There is no grand conspiracy.

          It’s an extremely insidious theory and Malone’s support of it is a “tell.” As I see it, Desmet and Malone are both working for a vision of the Great Reset that blames the administrative state that’s been captured by ideology, with no Great Reset conspiracy behind it. This is EXACTLY what Desmet is saying.

          This tactic allows the Great Reset to continue working in the background, doesn’t it? We go after the administrative state but the real players are free to plan their next moves. Who cares if a couple of Faucis get shuffled around or if Walensky gets fired?

          This is a long game. Track and trace, monitor and manage is the end goal. A couple of “emergencies” and the whole thing could be set in motion but Malone and Desmet say, not to worry, it’s no conspiracy, it’s just that damn administrative state. When they tell us to snap out of our mass formation it’ll be too late.

          Preserve freedom and individual self-determination. It seems to me that Malone is likely working to dismantle these, for a “greater good” that people like him and Langan have decided is best for us. Either that or Malone is way out of his depth in the philosophy department, but judging from his writing (if it is even his) this isn’t the case.

          Yes, I’m speculating. But in any case, I can no longer trust the man.

          Bottom line: Desmet’s philosophy is insidious: of that, there’s no question. Read it carefully. Breggin is correct. Any support of Desmet undermines the truth of what really happened.

          • Avatar David Watson says:

            Doesn’t matter if there’s a conspiracy. First priority is make the oppression stop. We’ll identify the causes and punish the perpetrators later, at the new Nuremberg trials. Making it stop requires convincing more people to stop being victims. They’re learning fast. The same psychology Desmet attributed to the fall can also be adapted to create the recovery. As Desmet generalizes, we only need about 5% in a noisy resistance to swing the 65% complacents to defeat the 35% oppressors. We shouldn’t get hung up on the details. Nor personalities. It’s not about Desmet, or Malone, only about me and those I care about.

          • Avatar Jim Reagen says:

            If we focus on protecting individual self-determination and medical freedom for everyone and informed consent to medication with no penalties for refusing to consent, then I agree.

            I’m concerned that Malone really is a Trojan Horse and really is manipulating us for ends that he and his buds are hiding from us. This is of course speculation; but since he’s suing Breggin for an outrageous $25 million I have to scratch my head and ask what’s that all about? Breggin was a warrior long, long before Malone came on the scene. He’s done a great deal for we, the people against pharma, which is now gleeful that Breggin is being sued– by Malone no less!

            If Malone doesn’t back down won’t that be a huge tell?

          • Avatar David Watson says:

            25 mil ain’t what it used to be. But I don’t care about personal squabbles, only about making the oppressions stop. Attacking allies doesn’t help.

          • Avatar Jim Reagen says:

            We’ve not established that Malone is an ally. That’s the $64,000 question.

          • Avatar David Watson says:

            He’s done more to raise awareness of the tyranny than anyone.

          • Avatar Jim Reagen says:

            More than Breggin’s book?

          • Avatar David Watson says:

            Great book. Malone had half million followers on twit before he was censored, so yeah. But both are important. Those seeking to pit them against each other, and choose sides, are inviting defeat.

          • Avatar RE Nichols says:

            What if acknowledging the conspiracy is necessary to stop the oppression? If there isn’t one we should rule it out since different methods will be required. Like a physical sickness. “It shouldn’t matter if its anemia or thyroid problems. I just want to feel better!” Or car problems. “Why do you need to look under the hood? Who cares if it’s the engine? Just make the clunking stop already.”

        • Avatar David Watson says:

          Malone has worked for the conspirators, so probably knows more about their tactics than most people, if not their motives. His writings show pretty clear intent to oppose them.
          Tom Renz posted a link to tucker Carlson interview w desmet. Desmet describes politicians as being in servitude to the mass mob like the rest of us. The elites control the deep state bureaucrats, who use propaganda to manipulate the masses. 30% support the conspiracy, 65% recognize the scam but meekly follow the loudest combatants. If the 5% speak out against the tyrants, the 65% sheep will shift and the conspiracy will fail. Malone has been famously outspoken. Those who try to silence him are supporting the elites, usually oblivious (a.k.a., “useful idiots”), sometimes agents of the conspirators.

          • Avatar Jim Reagen says:

            “The elites control the deep state bureaucrats, who use propaganda to manipulate the masses.”

            That isn’t what Desmet says, and if it is, it’s definitely not what he says in his book.

            If the elites are controlling through propaganda then that isn’t a spontaneous mass formation at all. Desmet says there was no Covid conspiracy and that it only appears that way because of the mechanism of mass formation.

            So which is it? Elites control propaganda and use propaganda to create fear and that leads to mass formation, or the fear spontaneously arises during the mass formation?

            Read what Breggin says and the distinction will be clear.

          • Avatar David Watson says:

            It’s what desmet told tucker. Very good interview.
            Desmet has consistently said the herd always needs a catalyst to drive their reactions. It’s never spontaneous. It might seem that way to those who don’t pay attention.

          • Avatar Jim Reagen says:

            Desmet is having it both ways because his theory makes no sense and so he has to backtrack.

            Do you honestly believe Covid-19 was all just spontaneous fear due to ideology? No planning, no censorship, no lockstep lockdowns that destroyed economies and livelihoods and lives? No 24/7 news coverage and brutal censorship of doctors who disagreed? No planned suppression of life-saving drugs, just spontaneously everyone decided to withhold safe treatments?

          • Avatar David Watson says:

            His theories make perfect sense. None of this would have happened without billions of willing volunteers. Desmet provides the best explanation available why billions volunteered. Those who expect easy Bond villains should stick to movies.

          • Avatar Jim Reagen says:

            No, Desmet’s theories make no sense if we consider books like “The Devil’s Chessboard” or “Mary’s Mosaic” that describe historical events and the very apparent deep state planning behind them. To Desmet, this is fiction. Nothing to see. That’s what Desmet is telling us: it’s all spontaneous mass formation, we were all captured by an ideology, and when track/trace and the Chinese system of social credit are imposed on the whole world, well, that’ll just be our tough luck for allowing ourselves to be captured by the mass formation. But by then it’ll be too late to see that Desmet was talking through both sides of his mouth.

          • Avatar RE Nichols says:

            There was the Dancing Plague of 1518 that could have been “mass formation”. But this Covidianism is something entirely different. No one on TV told those peasants to dance non stop “Or someone’s grandma will die.”

          • Avatar pretty-red, old guy says:

            David, I don’t need Desmet, Malone, OR Breggins to tell me what I “see”:
            — propaganda world wide wedging the sheeple from both the right and left into the chute(Example: Fox News’s consistent ability to display many politicians, news anchors, and celebrities using the same 2 to 3 words on the same day compounding the narrative from the LEFT)
            — Leftist propaganda continually emoting each new dire crisis; continuallly generating NEW crises non-stop for years since about, uh gee, let’s say 2016!
            — Hilary Clinton actually displaying a big red reset button with the Russian ambassador a few years ago; the open display of WEF books and beliefs around the world.
            — Evidence from many that the DoD is directing US Fed agencies as marionettes.
            There is more of course.
            The point: with all this happening I can easily see that mass formation is not spontaneous from a void. There are directors.
            It could very well be that Malone has been either fooled by Desmet or he is, in fact, captured. I will not call it either way.

            Hey, he may wake up and dissolve his lawsuit.

          • Avatar David Watson says:

            If I defame you, would you complain? I hope so, but many would not, preferring to shrink back in fear. Malone’s dispute is personal, none of our business, and irrelevant to whether he’s an effective fighter against covid tyranny. We are losing because most who fear the tyranny also fear doing anything about it. Thise who aren’t afraid need to remain focused on issues that matter.

          • Avatar pretty-red, old guy says:

            Your point is certainly valid David, but not for this argument, I believe.
            — If Malone was suing big Pharma or the DoD because of the “Lies my Government told me”, now, that would make sense.
            — He is suing people ostensibly on HIS side, that is NOT logical(to me!)
            — MOST important he is suing based on what is, to me, a technicality that he could easily walk around. “You say potAto, I say potaahto.” There is a 50/50 chance either is correct that this debacle is being directed– or NOT. He does not have to die on this hill commanding Breggins’ to shut up: “You have a 50% chance of being wrong, I am RIGHT dammit.” The facts I display above indicated (again, maybe just to me) that logic and truth reside in Breggins’ corner.
            — and, I have NOT read much if anything of Breggins’ statements. . . this is just MY eyes viewpoint. Certainly, they and their zealot supporters could find MUCH more to rebutt that this debacle is being DIRECTED.

          • Avatar David Watson says:

            It wouldn’t have been my approach, either, but I’m not really interested in their personal squabbles, however public, however sensational. It doesn’t diminish my appreciation for their work. Inserting emotional interests dilutes what should be everyone’s primary objective — stopping the abuse.

          • Avatar Tony Porcaro says:

            But they were far from “willing volunteers” but coerced in more ways that can be listed and we have real villains with names and far worse than any Bond villain.

          • Avatar David Watson says:

            Their comfort was more importent than their health, or their integrity. Bond villains are fiction, but fiction supplants reality for many people.

          • Avatar Tony Porcaro says:


        • Avatar Jim Reagen says:

          And yet Malone supports Desmet and Desmet clearly says there was no Covid conspiracy, that it gives us comfort to think there is because we want to try to make sense of what happened. This is what Desmet says.

          What’s Malone up to, then? Is there a conspiracy or not? Or is he having it both ways so that he can slip Langan’s eugenics in on the side?

          Does Malone actually believe the earth has an overpopulation problem and the people need to be deceived in order to do the right thing population-wise? Because as his buddy Langan says, “people are stupid.”

          Who in hell is Robert Malone? A man who sues an 86-year-old man for $25 million merely for the words he said has very questionable ethics, to say the least. But at least he has Integrity, or so he tells us.

    • Avatar Jennifer says:

      Have you seen Malone’s “Most interesting man in the world” ad? I don’t think he is suffering PTSD. He’s having fun

    • Avatar Sage Hana says:

      Here is the lawsuit embedded link on this page.

      I got it off the Breggin’s page.

      So if you want more than blather…it’s there for you to review

        • Avatar Jim Reagen says:

          So Malone is going to sue an elderly couple for $25 million because this couple publicly stated they didn’t trust Malone and believed he was running a psych-op?

          Hmmm … that’ll send a message, won’t it?

          What would normal, decent people do instead of attacking an elderly couple? Maybe just let it blow over, forget about it? I thought Malone was a tough guy and could handle it– after all, he set himself up as a target. Gonna take some flak.

          Malone’s continued defense of Desmet’s position that Covid was NOT a conspiracy should be a red flag for us all. It was a red flag for Breggin.

          I trusted Malone. But when he threatened to break an elderly couple’s kneecaps, that’s when I stopped trusting him.

          • Avatar Paving the Way says:

            Do not forget. Alex Jones was just fined a million bazillion dollars for promoting a conspiracy theory that presumably hurt people. Malone has reason to want to avoid that landmine. The new Alex Jones, Stu Peters, seems to be on the same pathway.

          • Avatar Robert Yoho MD (ret) says:

            this is a tactic and there is no objective substance

        • Avatar Paving the Way says:

          We think alike.

    • Avatar Robert Yoho MD (ret) says:

      It is not about facts, it’s intimidation

      • Avatar TheArtistFormerlyKnownAs. . . says:

        Dr. Yoho: Thank you for re-visiting your comments section on a recurring basis and weighing in with your wisdom. It is clear you have some very heavy troll activity going on here by people who are NOT reading you or commenting because they share your worldview, but rather because they want to undermine and invalidate it. By periodically addressing them and putting a stake in the ground to counter their sophistry, you help your readers identify and understand that some of the commenters are here to mislead and to direct people AWAY from what you are thoughtfully taking time to communicate. Thank you for being so engaged and so instructive. So many doctors have not had your courage nor your warrior spirit.

  • Avatar Newtown 390 says:

    Suing for: “Injury to his reputation.”

      • Avatar Tom Hogan says:

        Malone harmed himself to some degree by supporting DeSmet unreservedly. DeSmet smeared all of us who point out the collusion in Event 201 as “conspiracy theorists.” It’s in his book.

      • Avatar c Anderson says:

        When you are a public person, proving slander is very difficult as it should be or we would never have public discourse. Malone is foolish if he thinks this will be easy or help him in any way to look like a reasonable man or for that matter a great scientist. It makes him look like what he is, a fearful man who is lashing out at anyone who questions him.

  • Avatar John Raymond says:

    It got me listening to the Breggins!

  • Avatar (Comrade) Inugo says:

    Inventor of the mRNA is involved? Weird…
    Satanists be satanizing science.
    // end sarcasm //

    • Avatar D Old One says:

      Breggins comment is misleading and I suggest you do some comprehensive research RE what Dr. Malone invented. There is a ton of info AND MISINFORMATION out there. Including in Breggin’s Yada Yada Yada.

      • Avatar (Comrade) Inugo says:

        Never said I supported either side. Trust is earned and not many have earned much trust. Lot of liars everywhere and satan is rampant in academics, trust me.

        Thanks for the assumption and good night.

      • Avatar (Comrade) Inugo says:

        Captial “S”, hey? How do you block on this?

      • Avatar Tony Porcaro says:

        Quite right that science , especially medical science, has long been “satanized” and those satanic forces were always based upon lies, deception, monetary greed and influence and , of course, control of a gullible, and often complicit, population; one has only to research the history of medical and biological “discoveries” to realize that an entire pharmaceutical industry had its origins in fraud and scientific methods that were far from being scientific; this began centuries ago in various forms but more recently in the 1800’s when one of the greatest charlatans of all by the name of Louis Pasteur gained prominence by promulgating theories plagiarized from Antoine Bechamp, the real and true genius of the time; to this day we praise Pasteur for his “germ theory” and disparage Bechamp for (what came to be known as..) the “terrain theory” , even though Pasteur admitted(on his deathbed) that he was wrong about his theory while Bechamp was on the right track all along; modern medical science has been slow to recognize and acknowledge Bechamp whose discoveries are still remarkable by today’s standards because big pharma learned from Pasteur how lucrative the vaccine industry was and could be and that actually saving lives was a mere distraction; so what’s new in 2022!?

    • Avatar Tony Porcaro says:

      “Satanism is not a ‘belief in Satan’ but the false pursuit to self-deify oneself.” from “Antichrist and Apocalypse” by Dr. Taylor R. Marshall . One could undoubtedly say that the whole elitist power structure group of psychopaths have been “religiously” pursuing their goal which includes self-deification. There will be no “New Normal” or “Great Reset” when God’s plan is the “New Covenant”! But we have to freely choose and heed the warning and advice from Deuteronomy 30:19 : ” I am now giving you the choice between life and death, between God’s blessing and God’s curse, and I call heaven and earth to witness the choice you make. Choose life.”

  • Avatar pretty-red, old guy says:

    I do NOT understand.
    I read Dr Malone’s substack and not the Breggins’, except for this tome.
    It appears there is great resentment by Malone for the Breggins’ statements but I have no idea what exactly those statements were or why he objected to them and this tome makes no specific mention of the actual details in the controversy.
    I have to say it is a cryin’ shame that people, basically on the same side, intent on helping humanity are being so obtuse to each other. Certainly, suing for $25 million is obtuse but I have not heard what or how Malone’s resentment could be that LARGE. WHAT in the world did the Breggins say?!
    EDIT, now 3 mo later:
    Eventually I did find out what they were and realized that, to my estimation, Dr Malone went way too far in his offensive actions to prevent Breggins disagreement(which is all it was) with his point of view. Although I am still subscribed to Malone’s stack(no refunds), I will not re-up. Mainly, only because he appears to react overly to this slight. The slight I believe is only that: He believes and reinforces Dezmet that it is the fault of the receivers of propaganda being influenced because they cannot resolve the cognitive dissonance of the propaganda vs reality and Breggins believes in placing the blame where it belongs– at the feet of the real perps. [Jim Reagan, below, gives a better rendition!] . . . I agree with Jim and the Breggins.

    I cannot recall; will try to edit again later, but a lady financial consultant, had a great review of this kerfuffle that called a spade a spade and, to me, settles any debate.

    Malone: Withdraw and apoloogize.

    • Avatar Paving the Way says:

      They criticized the notion of Mass Formation because they believe it lets the global predators off the hook. It does not. But there must be more to get Malone this upset.

      • Avatar pretty-red, old guy says:

        yep, I failed to read the link where this was described, thanks. Sometimes I need help waking up. . . ha! and yes, gee, there MUST be more, right?

        Even if Malone does not believe he is “letting them off the hook” it is just an opinion not grounds for libel. How in the world could his lawyer logically figure this is a winning position for him?

        If this is ALL there is, to me, it really makes me question HIS overall credibility. Kind of reminds me of the statement Dr. Trozzi made in which he soberly questions whether Apollo moonshots ever landed on the moon. Totally weird.

        • Avatar Jim Reagen says:

          No, you have it wrong. Breggin’s point is that the mass formation during Covid was deliberately induced. Yes, people had a responsibility and of course there were many protests and these protests were the only thing truly spontaneous during the induced mass formation. But notice how these protests were suppressed, doctors were censored and fired for speaking up, and safe and effective drugs were deliberately suppressed in order to continue the fear campaign that amplified the mass formation as health organizations and the media moved in lockstep based on deliberately cherry-picked data and suppression of contrary data, so that everyone could stand up and say “we’re following the data.” Breggin says it was all deliberate and planned, and this is exactly what RFK, Jr., says as well. Desmet specifically says there was no conspiracy. And now Malone is working hard to suppress the idea of conspiracy by breaking Breggin’s kneecaps.

          Malone is the one splitting the resistance and creating an opposition within the opposition. This is insidious.

          Mass formation is real. Breggin and Desmet both know this although might call it different things. Malone is pretending that the dispute is over the reality of mass formation. It is not. The core of the dispute is over whether this formation was spontaneous or induced during Covid.

          Guess what? If we hadn’t suppressed Dr. Ioannidis’ initial take on Covid fatality and the clear age stratification, if we hadn’t suppressed hydroxychloroquine and then ivermectin and other safe treatments, if we hadn’t suppressed doctors promoting these treatments, if we hadn’t given Covid 24/7 news coverage that was largely fabricated, if we had allowed working people who had little susceptibility to Covid get on with their lives, if we’d advised calm instead of panic, then there would have been no mass formation for what was largely a bad flu. Covid would have existed in the background, where it belonged. If our health agencies were truly working for the people they would’ve pooled clinical evidence for treatment from doctors all over the country (like Dr. Zelenko) and we’d have emerged from Covid relatively unscathed. But, that wasn’t the point, was it? The point was a mass formation of fear. Desmet just has the wrong end of the stick.

          • Avatar Paving the Way says:

            Are you saying that every action on this chain of events was a coordinated aspect of a grand conspiracy that was launched and managed by some people somewhere who had the power to dictate behaviors?

          • Avatar Jim Reagen says:

            That is exactly what I’m saying.

            That “power” was the inducement of what Desmet calls mass formation. They created the fear, they amplified it. They control the media. They control the CDC and the FDA and Tony Fauci.

            “They” want a Great Reset, and for them the end justifies the means. This is why they set forward the bogus theory of catastrophic CO2 warming, which now looks very much like a tool to induce another “mass formation” of fear when (bogus) studies come out telling us that tipping points are imminent and we need to act now.

            We’re at a tipping point where technology can be used to monitor and manage everyone on the planet. Individual self-determination– the bedrock ideal of America– will die when that happens. “Emergencies” like Covid will be used to usher in this new social credit system, and what better emergency than the potential death of the very planet?

            Malone has been very silent on the implications of the theory of catastrophic CO2 warming and how that theory is the moral foundation for the Great Reset, without which the Reset is completely unnecessary. I was always curious about this because it’s so blatant.

            Imminent global catastrophe would be a convenient “emergency” to launch a track/trace system they so desire because of course it’ll be “necessary” to monitor everyone’s carbon footprint, for the greater good and to save the planet. And then we can install the Langan/Malone program of anti-dysgenics, which is eugenics spelled backwards, so that we’d need permission to reproduce because of course over-population is the root cause of our supposed planetary emergency.

          • Avatar pretty-red, old guy says:

            Great Post. I could not be more convinced. I may be leaving Malone’s newsletter if he does not change course. Whether he is controlled opposition or is ego expanding is immaterial– both wrong courses.

            EDIT, 3 mo later: I TRIED to leave but the cancel subscription I tried must not have “taken”! I see that I am still subscribed and there are no refunds for cutting out. . . early.

          • Avatar Robert Yoho MD (ret) says:

            I left after this post:

            My comment was:

            You seem to have done a lot of good, however, your own words make you a question mark now:

            “…risk of developing a culture that promotes and thrives on circular firing squads and conspiracy theories. We have plenty to focus on without that sort of drama. We are seeing the beginning of Jacobinism develop with our hypnotized opponents, just as my friend and scholar of mass movements Dr. Mattias Desmet had long predicted.“

            This “conspiracy theory” accusation was invented by the CIA to discredit those who questioned the Kennedy assassinations. It’s being actively used now by the cabal. You also have thrown that conspirator word at the wonderful Breggins. What does that say about you? I encourage other readers to look at what they have written and not take your word about it.

            Does anyone not see conspiracies now? You’d have to be blind.

            “Others have made a lot of money selling overpriced vitamins and supplements.”

            Mercola is the most credible person in the entire opposition. He has a long history. You are a newbie who came out of nowhere. You have made your money not on a company you founded but on the regulatory interface of government and industry.

            “I once again have to deal with fragging.”

            Is it fragging to point out that you have associated yourself with this Desmet, who attempted to let a mass murderer off the hook? And you seem to respect degrees. D doesn’t even have a PhD, and is a member of a notoriously unreliable and self-referential group.

            “people with little to no comprehension of the context are spinning up wild accusations without taking the time to develop an understanding of what is really going on. People with no prior governmental experience and a high school education are drawing conclusions…”

            Are you saying, “trust the experts??” I’m going to watch you carefully now. My trust has declined.

          • Avatar Tony Porcaro says:


          • Avatar pretty-red, old guy says:

            I would ONLY add : “they control the DoD who likewise, control the media and other Fed Depts too”

          • Avatar Tony Porcaro says:


          • Avatar RE Nichols says:

            You are right to be skeptical. I was too at first.
            Do some research. There’s some stuff even on YouTube. Plenty on Substack. Pat Wood sums it up best. It’s called Technocracy. The John Birch Society also has information. Be ready to separate wheat from chaff. A lot of chaff out there. Q for instance. And look at the WEF website. The “conspirators” don’t admit to genocide (of course) but they do want a one world government where they’ll own everything and take care of the rest of us. They really, really wanted a needle in every arm.

          • Avatar Tony Porcaro says:

            Extremely well stated!

        • Avatar Paving the Way says:

          Well stated. Victim politics is sexy. It sells. Resilience is boring.

      • Avatar Jennifer says:

        Malone actively dismisses the idea that the powers that be are attempting to usher in a New World Order.

        • Avatar Paving the Way says:

          No he does not. Malone has been very clear that he believes in the global conspiracy. He has written about that consistently. The question remains whom are the powers and how are they doing it? How did they execute this particular plan?

          • Avatar Jennifer says:

            Interesting. Honestly I quit following Malone awhile ago so I am admittedly not an expert in the nuances of his opinions. When i did follow him I caught some inconsistencies and contradictions so I turned my attention to folks who seemed more genuine. It’s true that I need to be careful assuming that I understand someone’s intentions based on some scraps of their public life. That being said- for the time being, based on grandiosity of this lawsuit- I don’t trust him 😉

          • Avatar Jennifer says:

            Hi troll hunter- can you put link of video here?

            Honestly, I don’t know why I jumped on this article this morning… I don’t pay much attention to Malone because of my aforementioned suspicions of him and it is a serious thing to accuse someone of being part of the Deep State NWO apparatus. I don’t have enough knowledge of Malone to prove anything. I think I had some of my negative impressions of him validated by the tacky (IMO) lawsuit and got caught up in the hype. Also, i am partial to the Breggins….

            Commenting was probably a little self indulgent on my part. I should probably walk away from this thread altogether and spend time with my kids!

            That being said, if you have a video of Malone discussing the NWO I would be open to hearing it from the horse’s mouth.

        • Avatar Annette says:

          I agree with OS Councelor. I’ve watched Dr. Malone many times discuss this very thing. He lives in the same reality I live in. The Breggins owe an apology – a 25 million dollar apology.

      • Avatar Jim Reagen says:

        You’re missing the point of the Breggin-Malone dispute.

        Edit: I’ve read the Malone lawsuit. Breggin has been calling him out as opposition for some time, so Malone has a leg to stand on.

        When it gets to the courts of course they’ll side with Malone because “there’s no conspiracy, just a mass formation.”

        For the life of me it certainly looks like Malone is fighting the wrong battle and that Breggin is 100% right about Desmet, whom Malone defends even though he must understand what the core dispute is about and that Breggin is in fact correct. But Malone is steering his followers into “there was no conspiracy camp” despite that on the one hand he might assert that there was. It’s a subtle and deceptive game he’s playing. Desmet is wrong about what actually happened during Covid: it was carefully planned, coordinated, and executed to induce a mass formation. The only thing spontaneous was the resistance.

        Malone has shown us all his true colors and the lengths he’ll go to, to defend his “no conspiracy, just a mass formation” stance.

        Now everyone will be afraid to cross Malone. That’s the point of the lawsuit, no?

        • Avatar Paving the Way says:

          I believe it is an integrity defense, not a dispute about facts or conspiracies.

          • Avatar Jim Reagen says:

            You mean from Mr. Integrity himself? Who has no qualms about threatening an elderly couple with financial ruin and litigation headaches? I think Mr. Integrity lacks basic Decency.

          • Avatar Tony Porcaro says:

            That’s BS!

          • Avatar Robert Yoho MD (ret) says:

            none of these ideas have merit. Malone is burning Breggin by spending his money on lawyers. Win or lose, makes no difference. Here is how it works:

            • Using lawsuits, rich people sometimes sue middle-class people to force them to pay ruinous lawyers’ fees. These expenses are like buying paperclips for the wealthy, and winning or losing—or even the issues litigated—are typically unimportant to them. Here is one example, and others are legion. Some New York apartment co-ops are inhabited by people worth tens of millions. But if they allow the wrong billionaire psychopath into their midst, he can dominate them using litigation threats. The co-op admission committees typically ask for twenty (20) references, then turn many people down anyway.
            • I came in contact with a wealthy doctor who sued patients, and patients sued him. He also sued tenants, suppliers, and even moving companies. Some of his tenants won countersuits. One of his patients sued him for malpractice, lost the countersuit, and spent ten years trying to get the judgment overturned. When everyone finally walked away, the court had seized her house. After it was sold, there was no money left for the doctor when the loan, realtors, and bankruptcy trustee were paid. By the end, this woman’s total lawyer bills were $500,000. The doctor must have enjoyed it all because it was not profitable. I was informally sympathetic to this woman, so he called and threatened me. On another occasion, he tried to get me thrown out of our professional organization. I had to defend myself in front of a committee and they told us to stay away from each other—wise advice, for I was abrasive in those days.

        • Avatar Tony Porcaro says:

          Quite right and it is a very realistic fear that the courts will automatically side with Malone by focusing on the “conspiracy theory” aspect with claims that there is no definitive evidence to support such a claim; of course a lot of evidence does support such a claim with more coming out all the time; but the courts will follow the politically correct narrative backed by all of the fake science and the paid for shills of big pharma and the usual government hacks; once again this has all the earmarks of a well planned strategy orchestrated by Malone’s puppetmasters who intend to destroy any serious opposition to reaching their goal of global mastery; and, as usual, the facts and the truth will be buried and Malone and his supporters will claim the kind of victory we have become accustomed to from watching stolen elections.

          • Avatar pretty-red, old guy says:

            Yes, and the fact is at this point in time “we” do NOT know it is solid fact that “they” are orchestrating the entire debacle unfolding here. It will be nigh impossible to find / show provable connections between the WEF, for example, and the US DoD and subsequent down-feed of command and control into various Fed. Departments and MSM. “They” have all the US and international security systems(MI6, CIA, FBI, DoD, NSA, etc etc) controlling the “PROJECT”.

            We have only. . . God on our side. hmmmm.

  • Avatar Possum says:

    The movie has 10 million views and growing exponentially. This is more than any one else. Does the controlled opposition object to this as uncontrollable? Does he wish to use the 25M to purchase SubStack and what if someone I know bid 26? Is he doing DARKA’s bidding? Is he under threat? We don’t know the full story. For him it’s a not a good look. Time will be telling all and there will be no hiding for anyone.

  • Avatar Paving the Way says:

    Wow. This is sad and troubling. Malone needs to let it go and the Breggins need to stop being all or nothing. Global predation and mass formation work together.

    • Avatar Jim Reagen says:

      Yes, global predation and mass formation work together. That’s not the dispute. The dispute is almost entirely over whether mass formation during Covid was induced or spontaneous. Breggin says induced. Desmet says spontaneous.

      Breggin is correct, period. Read what he says about Desmet then read Desmet’s defense, which actually supports what Breggin is saying.



      • Avatar Paving the Way says:

        That seems like dancing on the head of a pin. Only 30% of people get brainwashed. Why are they brainwashable? They lack resilience and have a strong need to be cool. Breggin has his guns solely on the elites and the practitioners. He always has. That is his signature. But for every Red Guard there is a dissident. Maybe there are fewer of them but they are there. I find Desmet’s approach empowering.

        • Avatar Jim Reagen says:

          Desmet says there was no conspiracy: Covid lunacy was spontaneous.

          Do you really believe that? That 24/7 news coverage of Covid, suppression of safe drugs, censoring dissident doctors was all just spontaneous lunacy? That medical journals throwing up bogus studies to prove hydroxychloroquine was unsafe and didn’t work was just a bit of lunacy? That health departments and pharmacies working against the distribution of a drug used safely for decades and used in very modest doses to prevent serious Covid was all just spontaneous lunacy?

          Anyone who understands what happened with hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, and other safe drugs knows that the suppression of these drugs was carefully orchestrated and not just spontaneous mass formation.

          • Avatar Paving the Way says:

            Desmet says there was no conspiracy or did he say there was no carefully orchestrated and only top down micro-management of a phenomenon to depopulate the world? We have no proof yet that this was a depopulation scheme. Yeadon says it was but he provides only circumstantial evidence.

          • Avatar RE Nichols says:

            You make valid points. How would you provide such proof?

          • Avatar Greg says:

            Spot on!

          • Avatar Paving the Way says:

            Has anyone said suppression of those drugs was not orchestrated? I believe Desmet posits that totalitarians create Mass Formation does he not? Certain societal conditions exist, loneliness, free floating anxiety, anger at the system such that the stage is ripe for totalitarian influence.

          • Avatar Jim Reagen says:

            No. In chapter 8 of Desmet’s book he asserts that mass formation is driven not by conspiracy but by ideology. Everyone is captured by the formation, even the elite who take advantage of it.

            In other words: large-scale psychological manipulation of the population through the use of professional social psychologists and social engineers, etc., does not exist. Do you believe that?

            Read carefully what Breggin says about Desmet.

      • Avatar HardeeHo says:

        Not to add gas to this fire, but both can be true – induced or spontaneous. Not that I take spontaneous literally as many seem to do. The pandemic mafia has been at work for a very long time imagining a fatality rate ~ 30% (+/-) which SARs-2 was not anywhere near that. The mafia implemented many of the features needed for mass death. In this process fear was engendered via the Trusted news Initiative.

        Our military in preparation for the next war involving biologics needed a rapid vaccine platform and dreamed that a mRNA might be the way so has funded that. Errors in Wuhan created the opportunity to produce that mRNA vaccine. We might forgive a vaccine that protects against a high IFR with considerable damage along the way but would be less tolerant of such a vaccine for a low IFR. In this pandemic the vaccine has proved less than promised.

        Then we have the globalists wishing to conquer the civilized world attempting to captialize on the new normal. They play into the hands of the big government types who wish control everything themselves. Both angling to accumulate riches for themselves. All with the backdrop of human greed. Nothing new to any of that. And they both want to prey on citizens consumed by fear.

        So yep induced but crowd dynamics of public hysteria wishing to be relieved of that irrational fear – spontaneous combustion.

        • Avatar Jim Reagen says:

          Perhaps. And perhaps this was all planned to induce fear and get people to the ultimate goal: vaccine passports = road to track/trace system.

          I believe the goal of track/trace and monitor/manage everyone on the planet is the end goal. Think of the $$$! And the control.

          I do not believe that the public goes around with baggage of anxiety waiting to be tapped into and channeled into a mass formation. People have normal anxiety about jobs, kids, school, etc. Normal stuff. Left alone, we’re fine and have been fine. It’s only when we layer on irrational and fictional fears, like that of non-existent CO2 catastrophe or a virus whose lethality is greatly exaggerated and for which early treatment is deliberately withheld, do we get a mass formation “psychosis.” Then people start acting crazy yet so many want to say “look at those stupid people wearing masks still” as if they, and not the manipulation on high, are the problem.

          A lot of people are busy or have other interests and believe they can trust “the news.” That doesn’t make them bad people. Yet Malone/Desmet say in essence that it’s their own damn fault.

          • Avatar HardeeHo says:

            I see the mass hysteria is the degree that people accepted limitations on their freedom rights. While a short period is something most would accept, the extended period was excessive, but people went along with it. It’s that acceptance by most that I see as a mass formation. Given that perpetual fear has some limiting factors (China 3 years?), we tolerated it for much too long. In spite of red states opening up, others demonized the effort and many blue states continued for way too long.

          • Avatar Tony Porcaro says:

            Except that the “acceptance” wasn’t mass formation but individual cowardice and the willingness to give up personal identity and sovereignty for the mental and physical slavery promised by “you will own nothing and be happy”; well, we will own nothing alright but we won’t be happy!

          • Avatar RE Nichols says:

            If desperate enough they’ll sell themselves for bread–made of chitin.

          • Avatar RE Nichols says:

            And when you pointed them to articles and videos saying otherwise they called you a “conspiracy theorist” and laughed at you. Even if these were put out by icons like Fauci, the CDC or Tedros. “We can never go back to normal.”

        • Avatar Paving the Way says:

          Yes, it is a both/and scenario.

      • Avatar TheArtistFormerlyKnownAs. . . says:

        G_d bless you, Dr. Yoho. You have some real trolls in your Comments section. Thanks for bringing the receipts.

        I was so amazed when you repeatedly referred to the book “Political Ponerology” in your podcast. Usually only the few remaining old Cold Warriors and their former students know of that extraordinary book. Perhaps you could educate your readers & listeners further into how to identify the propaganda & agitprop techniques used heavily over the past century. It could help them identify the operatives & agents not only among ostensible “elites” and “authority figures” in our own movements, but also among the social media commenters. There are clearly a few notable ones in your own Comments section and their techniques & slippery re-calibrations are transparent as daylight once people have been trained to know what the techniques are.

  • Avatar c Anderson says:

    Dr. Malone is obviously afraid that he is going to be held accountable for the damage the mRNA technology made possible. He is launching a war against peaceful people and it is despicable that he is attacking the Breggins. 🙏for your ability to prevail in this. Your books are witness to your dedication to truth and genuine love for humanity.

  • Avatar Christy Evans says:

    Malone revealed who he really is… ha, who is behind him and this lawsuit?! 80/20 to fool us! The great pretender!! ☺️

  • Avatar John Smith says:

    I’m just so disappointed that Dr. Malone would do this.

    First of all, I only tangentially heard that Dr. Breggin and Dr. Malone didn’t get along. But I think Malone is extremely over-estimating how far and strongly Breggin’s criticisms of Malone have taken hold. Proof – I’m subscribed to dozens of substacks, and have been reading them since Nov 2021. I don’t recall one instance where Breggin’s criticisms of Malone’s were mentioned. Even on the other discussion boards where everyone is critical of the covid vaccine, I haven’t seen them mentioned anywhere there either, and these are places where all the critical news/studies/commentaries on the covid vaccines are found, so I would say they are representative of the audience who might come across the Breggin-Malone beef. So I can’t see how there is any material hit to Malone’s reputation or standing. If anything, all of the New York Times and other corporate press articles present far greater examples of anything resembling defamation against Malone.

    Let’s look at what the lawyer states Malone has suffered: “in addition to the pain, suffering, insult, embarrassment, humiliation, and injury to his personal and professional reputations, publication of the Statements caused Dr. Malone to lose business and income, lost public appearances due to perceived reputational risk, and other special damages, including career damage, including loss of future employment, loss of future earnings, impaired and diminished earning capacity”

    Reputationally, as I already said in the beginning, I don’t think there’s any case for that. And which public appearances did Malone miss because of Breggin? He seemed to be at the most recent conferences. If he DID get banned from some, it’s not going to be because of Breggin, but because of some clueless MSM article that had a wide reach. And none of those are going to cite Breggin, they’ll cite some vax-pushing hack.

    I looked at the lawsuit – on page 8 the list of supposed defamatory claims begins:

    There are 14 statements listed.

    This one for instance, is entirely a philosophical disagreement between the two:
    “The synonymous concepts of mass formation, mass hypnosis, and mass psychosis have an obvious damaging impact on the international health freedom movement and on the cause of liberty everywhere. These concepts take our eyes off the totalitarian global predators who are taking
    over and exploiting humanity. They restrain us from charging these predators with criminal conspiracy if we win the battle with them. The pernicious effects of the Desmet/Malone ideology came fully into light with the recent publication of Desmet’s The Psychology of Totalitarianism and Malone’s continuing efforts in support of mass psychosis.”

    How is that defamatory in any way? There are going to be strong disagreements over any differing sociological views. They basically have a disagreement on the nature of evil actors. Man, that’s a debate that goes back millennia.

    Again, another philosophical disagreement that is listed as a defamatory statement:
    “Whether Desmet or Malone consciously intended it, their ideology has seriously harmful effects similar to a psyops — a psychological operation — aimed at paralyzing the health freedom movement and freedom movements worldwide.”

    That’s again a disagreement. Activists are going to have disagreements over theory – for example, is using the corporate social media such as Facebook beneficial for outreach, or is it ‘playing into their hands.’ Such disagreements can get heated, but how this approaches defamation is beyond me.

    Another disagreement:
    ““Desmet and Malone’s [mass formation psychosis] concept deflect, discourage and undermine attempts to place the blame directly on global predators who have been committing mass murder under the guise of COVID-19.”

    Again, that’s a wholly philosophical debate. You could write a book about the strength about one view (Breggin’s) vs another (Malone’s).

    The only thing that remotely has any merit is whether Malone is “deep state” or “controlled opposition” or something. The thing is I’ve seen hundreds of people called that – I’ve never seen any lawsuits for being called that ever. Even people who are anti-deep state have been called “deep state actors” so I can’t see how this is a serious and materially damaging hit on one’s reputation.

    • Avatar Paving the Way says:

      Hmm. I am glad you posted the details. The implication that Malone was doing a psyop and could be deep state seem irresponsible if not defamatory precisely because Breggin has such clout. That sort of accusation has harmed a lot of people badly. It also comes across as ego-based (my theory is better than yours). I believe Peter should apologize publicly and seek dismissal of the suit.

      • Avatar Jim Reagen says:

        The key point of contention is: was mass formation during Covid deliberately induced or spontaneous? Mass formation is real; I don’t think anyone argues about that. But Desmet and Malone are providing cover, saying that this was largely spontaneous and that people like Schwab and Gates took advantage of it, as they were themselves largely captured by this mass formation. Desmet specifically says there was no conspiracy.

        This is nonsense. Breggin pointed it out. The mass formation was deliberately, 100% induced. That was the point of Covid, wasn’t it? Then the mechanisms that Desmet accurately described could kick in.

        Malone has shown his true colors. No decent human being sues an elderly couple for $25 million because of a disagreement over spontaneous versus induced mass formation … unless, that is, one wants to suppress the idea of “conspiracy” and warn others off that idea.

      • Avatar Jennifer says:

        25 million dollars is an obscene amount of money and a waste of valuable time. Why would Malone want to tie himself to such a quagmire?

        The thing is, being a “covid personality” isn’t Malone’s job. It’s supposedly something he does in his spare time out of the “goodness of his heart”… Nothing the Breggins have done should affect his job in vaccine development (you are aware that he is still in the vaccine development business?)

        • Avatar Paving the Way says:

          I believe he has bigger aspirations and I do not fault him for that. He wants to lead, and his signature is integrity (see his latest article). Anyone who challenges his integrity (implying he is covert and dishonest) is defaming him. The 25 million seems to be a statement figure.

          I have been with Peter Breggin since I discovered him almost 30 years ago. He is also a great leader. He should apologize for casting aspersions on Malone’s character. That is what has Malone angry. I would be angry too. This may be difficult to understand for people that think only in terms of power and money.

          • Avatar Jennifer says:

            To each his own. I even understand his anger; but to me a great leader earns his spot through the power of his character. Succumbing to anger through litigation is an aggressive power play and not something done by any leader I would want to follow. He should battle it out through the power of the pen and not attempt to financially ruin a couple in the twilight years of their lives.

          • Avatar Jim Reagen says:

            Every single one of us should be questioning Malone’s character after his lawsuit for $25 million against a man who has worked so hard for we, the people, for so many years. And, against pharma.

            Breggin called out Desmet’s nonsense, and that’s really what it is. Breggin is absolutely correct. Yet Malone still sticks with Desmet– why? Surely he can see that Breggin is correct in his criticisms of Desmet?

            Breggin would only need to be silenced if he were speaking the truth. Think about it.

            Isn’t Malone, unwittingly or not, doing exactly what pharma would like him to do to Breggin, a man who has poked pharma in the eye for years?

          • Avatar Paving the Way says:

            You make good points but if you are open you might also see that Breggin’s criticisms were ego-based and excessive. That happens to the best of us. Breggin is a great soldier but his zeal may have got the best of him here. I would like him to apologize and try to move on.

          • Avatar Jim Reagen says:

            If Breggin is correct then his criticism aren’t in fact excessive, are they? So that is the question: is Breggin correct? He certainly is about Desmet.

            So if Breggin is right about Desmet and yet Malone still promotes Desmet and defends him, what does that say about Malone?

            For those of you who have Desmet’s book, have a look at the Sierpinski triangle Desmet introduces in chapter 8. Why? It’s to prove to us that there is no manipulation, isn’t it? Just as the Sierpinski triangle appears to be deliberately constructed, so too did High Covid appear to be deliberately constructed, according to Desmet. There was manipulation that was no manipulation; Desmet explicitly says there was only the appearance of conspiracy: hence the Sierpinski triangle.

            So why does Malone promote Desmet? Once Breggin shows us the flaws we can see them, can’t we? They’re obvious. The Sierpinski triangle is a good example of Desmet’s doublespeak and his seduction of making us believe there WAS manipulation but at the same time pulling the rug out from under that idea. This is devious.

            Covid-19 manipulation: it was all just a Sierpinski triangle. An illusion of conspiracy but not a real conspiracy. Desmet is an apologist for the predators, is he not? And Malone is defending him.

          • Avatar Paving the Way says:

            No, not necessarily. It is all or nothing thinking. Breggin can be correct about certain arguments but still excessive in his other unfounded criticisms of Malone that were spelled out in detail in the lawsuit. To me, and I have been a big supporter of Breggin for decades, he comes across as saying, Who is this new guy getting all this attention and making all this money? What about me? I have been at this for years and all I have to show for it is battle scars. I believe he could use more humility and more acceptance. He has done very well for all of us and we appreciate his leadership. This is not a beauty contest.

          • Avatar Jim Reagen says:

            Basically it boils down to a matter of decency for me: you don’t sue an 86-year-old for $25 million, someone who worked all his life against pharma and bad medicines, and for the people. To my mind that’s a huge red flag and the announcement of the lawsuit was preceded by Malone’s essay on “integrity,” as if defending it is what this is all about.

            Malone can take his integrity and shove it up his ass.

            Some feel Breggin went over the top but I disagree. Especially since Breggin really is right about Desmet and very clearly states the case against him, and to me Desmet is either a Trojan horse or a very confused thinker (perhaps both.) Malone is the one over the top.

            Do you really believe Breggin is so petty as to be jealous of Malone? No: it’s clear that there are solid reasons for him to oppose Desmet and I focus on that because that’s a huge part of the issue, and I know enough about Desmet’s writing that I can call it on my own without Breggin’s telling me what to think. Only, Breggin opened my eyes. Before, my trust in Malone blinded me.

            Malone has shown us his true colors.

          • Avatar Paving the Way says:

            It is a good point but yes, this does comes across as resentment (not jealousy) to me. The mental state would be as follows. I have been at this for six decades and taken a lot of arrows. I am 86 years old and thinking about integrity vs. despair. What has my life been worth? Now here comes this upstart guy who is getting all the attention and recognition and making all the money. Peter may be a great man and a seasoned psychiatrist but he is not immune from unconscious motivation. He continues to lead a life of integrity. No need to agitate against another man.

            I agree Malone should drop the lawsuit. Peter should arrange a meeting with Malone via a mutual colleague and lower the volume. Repair the alliance and move on as brothers.

          • Avatar Jim Reagen says:

            Disagree because Breggin’s criticism matters. It’s the difference between acknowledging “unrestricted warfare” (a real term the Chinese use, explained in a book by that name and involving unconventional warfare through technology, etc.) or pretending that it was merely a spontaneous mass formation.

            Because Malone refuses to acknowledge Breggin’s valid points regarding Desmet, I believe he’s probably controlled or even in on it, and is being deceptive with us.

            You can call Breggin resentful but the basic fact is that, reading Breggin and Desmet, Breggin is 100% correct in his assessment of Desmet. That’s not mere resentment. It’s actually easy to see this if one reads what Desmet says in his book; his public appearances I believe are waffling and an attempt to save his theory by being a bit coy.

            Malone is certainly smart enough to see this. He constantly talks about those planning against us, yet he supports there’s-no-plan Desmet. This leads me to believe there’s some sort of deception going on, a steering of his followers for ends that we can’t see at this time.

            Another huge, huge red flag is Malone’s failure to call out CO2 pseudoscience and warn of the dangers of this theory; namely, that it can be used to trigger the next great emergency requiring massive government control “for the greater good.” This theory in fact underlays the Great Reset, as I’ve pointed out many times. This theory is tied in with collectivism, the Great Reset, the Democrats, the bureaucratic state, the technocratic program, everything. It is in effect the seed from which the logic of the Great Reset can and will unfold, if we let it.

            Remember the Neil Young song, “Shut it Down,” at the beginning of the pandemic, celebrating that everything was shut down and the planet could breath? There’s too many people, right? Is this what Malone actually believes, too? “Start again and build it back for eternity” says Young– “build back better”?? Is that why Malone introduced the idiot Langan, who I can barely stand to listen to? I studied metaphysics and that guy talks nonsense, but … he offers a new world for us to “build back better.”

            Who is Robert Malone? In my book, definitely not a man to be trusted. But I’d better be careful: the guy is vengeful and does NOT liked to be called names.

          • Avatar RE Nichols says:

            I’d say Desmet is a “predator denier.” What mass formation is about. A spontaneous mass hysteria instead of an orchestrated psy opp.

          • Avatar Steveo says:

            How about questioning his motives of shilling for vax’s most of his career? How about habing the idea of wanting fo develop mrna and alter/edit dna that God created? I believe thede were lawsuits fdom 2012 where the rx companies fought to own dna, and wede gdanted it because they showed mrna alters the original dna and so it’s no longer the same.

          • Avatar Tony Porcaro says:

            Exactly right! Malone is doing what big pharma would like him to do and appears that he is under the influence of the puppetmasters controlling big pharma; in every interview and article both Malone and Desmet typically downplay or outright deny that there was an elitist and globalist manipulation of the masses; the concept of mass formation serves the purpose of indoctrinating the masses even further by providing a psychological “excuse” for individual behavior that was in actuality based on ignorance, cowardice , fear and self preservation; in any case, mass formation is descriptive of the RESULT, not the CAUSE , the result of decades of cumulative indoctrination into group-think by those determined to “reset” the world order….and Covid was just another weapon in their arsenal designed to achieve that end.

          • Avatar Jack Black says:

            Who are you to say Desmet’s work is nonsense?

          • Avatar Jim Reagen says:

            All one has to do is read Desmet’s work to understand that it’s complete nonsense.

            Totalitarianism requires censorship and surveillance. That’s all. It doesn’t require mass formation at all: the formation arises after the herding of people through fear, as we saw during the massive censorship during High Covid.

            Even Desmet’s allusions to Arendt’s writing on totalitarianism fails since Desmet imagines that the masses gave rise to the terror of Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia. This is absurd, and Arendt herself says that the masses went along, yes, but this was because of social and economic disruptions which had very clear objects (and were not, as Desmet claims, amorphous anxieties with no object.) But the masses did not create the terror of Nazi Germany or Stalin’s Russia: they were subject to it, and this terror produced alienation and atomization even in the pre-totalitarian stages.

            Ask yourself this: is it really true, as Desmet states, that prior to Covid we were all atomized and anxious, ripe for mass formation? Or did we instead go to ball games, concerts, colleges, parties, bars and restaurants and enjoy being with each other? Is it really true that most of us were mechanistic thinkers waiting for technological utopia, or did we all understand very clearly that life is far more than technology and that fulfillment comes from relationships with family and friends?

            What can cause mass disruption is economic and social collapse, which began to happen during Covid. Then, yes, the masses might look for a leader, someone to get them out– a new Hitler, perhaps. But this is NOT a psychological mechanism per se, it’s economic and social conditions leading to anxiety and uncertainty.

            Odd that Desmet says nothing of this and blames is all on we, the people, who are supposedly damaged by our propensity for blind mechanistic thinking.

            Isn’t it odd that the real beginnings of totalitarianism– censorship– are now in play on a large scale, but Desmet virtually ignores this? And isn’t it odd that the solid foundation for totalitarianism– censorship– is now being used against someone speaking up against Desmet?

          • Avatar Danko says:

            “Odd that Desmet says nothing of this and blames is all on we, the people, who are supposedly damaged by our propensity for blind”

            Appears that you don’t know what Desmet said and are just babbling your thoughts

          • Avatar Jim Reagen says:

            To hell I don’t know. I’ve read the book more than twice, took extensive notes, watched several interviews, read Hannah Arendt, and am now in the process of writing an extended essay on how wrong he is, using his own words.

            Desmet’s ideas are extremely dangerous. The real cause of totalitarianism is massive censorship. Desmet says virtually nothing about this and wants to pretend that totalitarianism arises from our own pressing psychological needs due to our faith in mechanistic thinking.

            Read the damn book! It appears that you’re just shooting from the hip and don’t have any idea about what Desmet really says.

          • Avatar Danko says:

            I worked critical care for a long time in a university hospital and I saw more than one patient die from Egos butting heads and all I see out of you and the rest of you cronies is egos butting heads. Yada yada yada

          • Avatar Jim Reagen says:

            Intelligent and analytic comments that are to the point are always welcome!

            Yours maybe not so much.

          • Avatar Jack Black says:

            Robert Malone in my opinion is a controlled opposition to Big Pharma.

          • Avatar Jim Reagen says:

            Yes he opposes big pharma. But he also supports Desmet, whose theory supports soft totalitarianism precisely because it asserts there was no conspiracy during Covid (chapter 8) and the root cause of totalitarianism, according to him, is the anxiety and uncertainty of the masses. Soma for the masses, then?

            Censorship, not “the masses,” leads to totalitarianism. The masses don’t cause censorship; they’re victims of it.

            So I agree Malone is basically and probably a good guy– maybe. But his insistent support of Desmet is way off base. It’s a contradiction.

            Why has Desmet been attacked by Breggin, by Unlimited Hangout, by Consent Factory? Because it’s pure, 100% nonsense, and I say that because I’ve studied it closely to see what I was missing. Those who believe in Desmet simply aren’t paying attention.

          • Avatar Jack Black says:

            I’m no fan of Malone and haven’t been since the start of the plandemic. A snake in the grass to me.

          • Avatar Jim Reagen says:

            That’s not what your comment implies, but yes, I can certainly sympathize.

          • Avatar Tony Porcaro says:

            Extremely well argued!

          • Avatar RE Nichols says:

            The Covid insanity did not bring people together. Quite the opposite.
            If people subconsciously wanted to believe in the Plague in order to achieve a sense of group belonging or purpose why did those who succumbed remain isolated and idle? That makes NO sense. There was no such pay off for the Covidians.

          • Avatar RE Nichols says:

            Mass formation may be a real phenomenon. But the question is whether the Covid hysteria was an example of this.

    • Avatar Jim Reagen says:

      I have read, subscribed to, commented on, and trusted Dr. Malone for a long time. I think this substack we’re on now is allowing some of us to vent our genuine disgust at what Malone is doing to two people who’ve fought hard for we, the people, for so many years.

      Maybe that’s the real reason the Breggins are being attacked, and Malone is just the vehicle. If that’s not it then, Dr. Malone, drop the lawsuit immediately. I predict he will not. He’ll ignore complaints against him and simply tell his many loyal followers how he must defend his Integrity because Integrity is what he got that so many don’t, and that Breggin fella who worked so hard for we, the people, for so long, well, he ain’t got none of that Malone integrity, that’s for sure. And it’s a damn good thing he doesn’t.

  • Avatar Paving the Way says:

    Thinking through this more. Breggins had a book out with a premise that was selling well. At the time of the complaint Malone had a book in development. What better way to dissuade purchasers than to plant innuendo that Malone is Deep State. Maybe unconscious jealousy?

    • Avatar Jim Reagen says:

      I hardly think that would motivate Breggins. Apparently Breggins has been warning of Malone for some time; he saw it early.

  • Avatar Priscilla Schwartz says:

    I really don’t know what this is all about, but I will tell you this: It was Dr. Peter Breggin’s beautiful loving voice through his podcasts and his insightful book that gave me much needed hope when I had zero hope. I looked forward to each podcast – and I honestly felt loved by this man as his kindness came through. I will always be grateful to him for this – as well as the expose he and Ginger put forth in their book. Thank you Dr. Breggin for ALL you have done over the years. I also took his advice about what he and Ginger did when they were sick early on likely with this virus. My family used the iodine in a nasal and throat rinse, as well as other recommendations when we were stricken in September, 2021. We did not even need to call a doctor, though we were plenty sick.
    Again, I will forever be grateful to them both.

    • Avatar Tony Porcaro says:

      Beautifully expressed!

    • Avatar Julia says:

      Their awesome book is underappreciated. It’s not just good research (like The Real Anthony Fauci) but digging into psychology and spirituality, and calls for a more loving moral world. Now, if you look at it, suing somebody for $25 million because they feel offended is petty and soulless.

  • Avatar Andy Bunting says:

    Malone finally shows his true egomaniacal colours.
    I’m no expert. But “A Leopard can never change it’s spots.”
    Must be a top notch legal practitioner amongst substack’s members?
    Time for countersuing methinks.
    Lets start at $10 Billion against maloney’s baloney.

  • Avatar mejbcart says:

    That’s extremely important! Thank YOU! My view is, Malone infiltrated the entire ‘covid response’ together with his ‘military bodies’ (he calls them literally this way, whoever it may be!), in order to bring the ‘truthful’ viewpoint to everyone, assured as the inventor of the very technology which NOW KILLS MILLIONS!!!!
    It should be Breggin who sues Malone, not the opposite, and not for millions, but BILLIONS, which then can be distributed to all the families of the deceased, who BELIEVED they are dealing with VACCINE and NOT gene modification treatment, with lethal consequences. Malone, the inventor, double vaxxed, still alive and thriving, everywhere on news, that’s quite a good advertisement for the lethal concoctions, coming directly from the inventor! Oh, btw. his first ‘opposition’ against the injections came out only AFTER starting the injections on children. He didn’t oppose the inventions when all the parents were injected, and DYING! WHY?
    Who is going to take the parent-less children now? His military bodies?
    Yes, lot of sci-fi in my point of view, but it adds up, for me.

    • Avatar Sally Gould says:


      Thank you!

    • Avatar Tony Porcaro says:

      It adds up very well, extremely well stated! I have always said that Malone is lacking in transparency and most likely is not acting as an independent voice but as an agent for those who are controlling him; he was probably chosen as the one to launch the lawsuit against the Breggins because he has developed a considerable following of supporters which puts his “cause” in a good light; I was once one of them but no longer and others I know appear to have lost any sense of critical discernment and feel good that they belong to his “club”.

      • Avatar mejbcart says:

        Thank you for the confirmation of the ‘making sense’ opinion. On other substack post I also mentioned the other important TIME issue with Malone’s sudden appearance. Here it us if you like to consider reading:
        Writes mejbcart’s Newsletter
        18 hr ago
        That’s why I NEVER signed up for the letters from this criminal called Malone… It was clear that from his VERY FIRST appearance on the dark horse, in June or July 2021, when still not too many people were injected, that his main mission was to say to millions, oh I invented that mRNA technique, I got my 2 injections and you see, I’m still alive!!! He never even considered to tell everyone, it is NOT A ‘vaccine’, but GENE THERAPY! For that alone, I do believe he and the news misled all simple people immensely. And that costed peoples lives, as we see MILLIONS BY NOW!!! Peter, SUE MELONE, not for millions, but for BILLIONS…

        • Avatar kitten seeking answers says:

          i got my 2 saline & still alive

          • Avatar mejbcart says:

            thank you, that’s another issue! nobody knows who got exactly what, except for Pfizer/Mod-ERNA.. Just wonder, did people who decided to get jabbed, needed an appointment? Until then, it would be enough time to prepare the ‘right’ vial..

          • Avatar Steveo says:

            You’re very fortunate. My 42 yr old brother in law isn’t. And most I know are dealing sith many health issues, they didn’t have prior to the rat juice. Everyrhing from cancsr to migraines, vertigo, etc.

          • Avatar kitten seeking answers says:

            praying that his health improves🙏

          • Avatar Steveo says:

            Brother in law passed. The rest seem to be getfing worse but its all dkfferent things so Dr.s tell them they already had it or blah blah blah

          • Avatar mejbcart says:

            I stopped completely going to the Dr.’s for the last ~10 years, have no health insurance and so far am alive… That alone is a big saving step btw… I think if every single person just took some time and would start reading books about nutrition (what Md’s have no idea about…), about basic simple vitamins, and would STOP USING THE PRESCRIBED PHARMA CARTEL drugs, the entire nation would be much healthier and happier. We need to uncouple from the cartels, both medical and pharmaceutical, as much as possible.

          • Avatar Steveo says:

            I haven’t been going either, I can’t talk to them and now I know longer trust their judgement. I prayed the silver lining in all of this would be a grand awakening. I’m not so sure? Best wishes to you.

          • Avatar RE Nichols says:

            When doctors pass I don’t feel sorry. They should know better but are blinded by greed. Like they always have been as far back as I can remember.

        • Avatar TheArtistFormerlyKnownAs. . . says:

          Speaking of “SUDDEN” appearances, look at the timeline and chronology of Mattias Desmet. He VERY “suddenly” appeared with his scientifically-unfounded theory and Malone started championing it (rebranding it as “Mass Psychosis”) everywhere he spoke — and Malone, notably, is everywhere. Looks like a well-financed and well-orchestrated Info-Op . The lawsuit is merely a “Divide & Conquer” strategy to distract & weaken the Medical Freedom movement, to promote the Desmet unscientific theories that relieve totalitarian psychopathic leadership from the personal responsibility & accountability of their evil choices (after all, we dumb proles are merely “manifesting” them out of our own fears), and to silence & crush a HEROIC 85 year old Harvard-educated Psychiatrist who has devoted his entire life to honorably and at great personal / professional expense to fighting for humanity: Dr. Breggin led the fight to make lobotomies illegal; to end psychological brain surgeries,’ to stop disgraceful abuse of using black children in State care as involuntary test subjects; to stop the use of electro-shock therapy; and to stop the horrific over-prescription of psychotropic drugs. What has Malone been doing for most of his professional career? But now, when Malone claims to FINALLY have switched to the side of Light & Goodness, he chooses to sue an 85 year old HERO of humanity?! This is the definitive “tell” as they say in poker. Malone has revealed he is not playing for us nor for our side in the fight against the BioSecurity State and in the fight against the Global Predators.

  • Avatar I_Am_Unconconquerable says:

    All right. First, the Breggins claim that they never mentioned Malone’s name when attacking mass formation psychosis…
    When I began scanning his claim, I read ‘Malone’ SIX times. Am I mistaken?
    I don’t agree with everything Dr. Malne says, but I do think mass formation psychosis is real. The Breggins could have simply said that they don’t believe it, without mentioning Mattias Desmet and Malone’s names. I think $25 million is a bit extreme, but I do understand why Dr. Malone is trying to get his reputation cleared.

  • Avatar Manyunya says:

    I’m with Malone on this one. Yes the global predators… but nothing would be achieved without the mass psychosis.. yes I blame the people. To me Breggin is too myopic

    • Avatar Jennifer says:

      Is it worth suing the Breggins for 25 million?

      • Avatar Manyunya says:

        Worth? He’s pissed, he feels defamation, so he’s suing 🤷🏻‍♀️ Maybe 25mil is quite a sum..( doesn’t mean he’ll win or get all $) But we live in a country where anyone can sue anyone, so I’m for freedom! And still think Breggin is wrong to not put any blame on the public.. (Hitler wouldn’t succeed if not for huge public support)

        • Avatar Jennifer says:

          Just cause you can doesn’t mean you should🙃

          • Avatar Julie Maizels says:

            If you want to stop a personal attack these days, you must sue with a number that would make them think twice. Malone said this number was what was recommended by attorneys. The Breggins started this situation with baseless attacks on Malone’s integrity and motivation. It is normal to disagree and discuss their different opinions regarding Desmet’s theory but to baselessly attack the character and motivations of Desmet/Malone is uncalled for. Malone is in his rights to sue. And the the divisness was actually the creation of the Breggins, et. al. with their attacks. Are they the real psyop? Are they actually gaslighting Malone, accusing him of what they are actually doing? They are certainly disrupting a movement. They did not have to personally attack Malone to express their critique of Desmet’s theory.

    • Avatar Tom Hogan says:

      The mass psychosis only occurred in upper middle class professionals, generally. This was important and was done by the global predators via panic mongering and spreading of confusion.

      DeSmet’s smear campaign of the Breggins (and others who see the collusion in Event 201) as “conspiracy theorists” is a big part of the problem. Then Malone supports DeSmet unreservedly???

      If Malone would come clean about Event 201 and distance himself from DeSmet on that point, I think that there might be opportunity for healing.

      • Avatar Tony Porcaro says:

        A very astute comment! Quite right to point out that a good number of professionals or those we would consider intelligent individuals capable of critical thinking, in fact became very compliant; was this the effect of “mass formation” at work!? I would think it was a conscious and cowardly choice to be on a “winning side” and not face the repercussions being constantly threatened and actually enforced; these enormous pressures were designed to strike at the heart of our souls and personal identities and if there was some kind of “mass formation” or general hypnosis it appeared as an “effect”, not a direct “cause”; the tyranny existed because the ideology already existed decades ago and Covid was part of the overall design to further the global takeover.

        • Avatar RE Nichols says:

          What industries contain most upper middle class workers? Medicine, big pharma, education, big tech, government. How did the lockdown affect them as opposed to the rest?

    • Avatar c Anderson says:

      Speak for yourself as most of us were NOT psychotic and many were just plain ol’ duped! It is time we take some personal responsibilities for our bad decisions.

    • Avatar c Anderson says:

      Psychosis is defined as a loss of contact with reality. We were lied to that the vaccines were safe and effective, that we could avoid contracting Covid if we used hand sanitizer and masks, and we just needed two weeks to beat Covid. So there was NO mass psychosis occurred. Of course Malone would like to think his life’s work was not a part of it, so he blames the victims, who he says “psychotically”followed as a mass formation what the government told them to do. Why isn’t Malone blaming big pharma and government corruption? Let me answer that for you, his income as a researcher came from pharma and government.

      • Avatar Manyunya says:

        I started listening to Malone pretty early on, and up til now from his interviews, I did hear blame on the pharma and that the government continues to lie. So exactly when is the point when there IS a mass formation? Are all the people who are calling you a conspiracy nut and anti vaxer just poor innocent souls who “are lied to”? Maybe this excuse can work til maybe mid 2021.. If the medical professionals cannot see this by now.. then yes they are part of the psychosis. They do not want want to look at evidence that’s starring them in the face! I saw through all this BS and propaganda in 2020.. but I’m not a typical American

        • Avatar c Anderson says:

          I guess you are just one of the brilliant few because a lot of medically trained professionals and super smart people got the jab. My understanding is Malone got jabbed too. No psychosis for you.

          • Avatar Manyunya says:

            Not jabbed, no psychosis, Just critical thinking, seeing what’s happening around, doing your own research, and not following the herd… The fact that Malone is jabbed has also been strange to me.. ( whatever he is , I did get a good info on MRNA /spike mechanisms from his interviews.. And unfortunately I as well have many family and friends who drank the koolaid, but some are coming around..

          • Avatar Tom Hogan says:

            Two points about the jab–1st, no liability for pharma. 2nd, no long term safety/efficacy studies were done. That’s why I refused. I didn’t need any academic knowledge to figure that out.

        • Avatar RE Nichols says:

          Maybe they wanted it to be true so they believed it.
          They didn’t want to admit they were wrong, they hoped to get a promotion, they had invested in zoom technology, they couldn’t handle the idea that they’d been turned into lab rats.
          People and their belief systems are complicated.

      • Avatar RE Nichols says:

        Anyone who believes outrageous lies and builds a life around them is out of touch with reality. Call it what you like.

    • Avatar RE Nichols says:

      What shrinks call “psychosis” is simply a matter of believing what isn’t true. Lies by ourselves or others. A lot of “super sane,” educated midwits fell for this. My guess is the outsiders were less susceptible. Non conformists.

  • Avatar Aimee says:

    Breggins was unprofessional, and Malone wants to preserve his reputation. We’ll see what happens.

    • Avatar Jim Reagen says:

      Malone wants to provide cover for the Covid apologists.

      He wants to make sure that people understand that if they argue with him he’ll break their kneecaps.

      A kind, gentle man of Integrity, right? High morals? Leader of men? Just DO NOT cross him.

      I am so disgusted with that man. He’s vicious. He wants to consolidate his opposition-within-the-opposition and splinter the movement even though he says he wants to do the exact opposite. This is exactly what the deep state would want. Then Malone can keep telling us all how nothing was really planned, it was just because of bureaucracy and he has Desmet’s theory to back him up.

      It fits in very well with what the deep state would want.

      I think Breggin simply saw early what many of us see only very lately: the man isn’t to be trusted.

      • Avatar Tony Porcaro says:

        I totally agree! The apologetic tone comes up repeatedly in his writing and interviews with a similar tone evident in Desmet’s work and interviews; this happens whenever the subject of power elites or global conspiracy comes up and their predictable reactions are to use the term “conspiracy theorists” and that “conspiracy thinking” is a predicted result of “mass formation” ; this serves to ignore or disallow any further questions or discussion about actual global leaders who have openly stated what their plans are and how they intend to achieve them ; this is “mass hypnosis” in action with a vulnerable and gullible public being mesmerized by a steady onslaught of lies, deceit and even legal threats such as we see being perpetrated against the Breggins.

      • Avatar RE Nichols says:

        From the start, before he started his book, Peter Breggin expressed similar reservations about Fauci.

  • Avatar Mother Mott says:

    Just my two cents worth, but I find several things troubling about this situation. 1: Recall that Malone was late to join in the health freedom movement, not raising his head above ground until December 2021. That’s almost 2 years into the plandemic, after brave doctors such as Breggin, Kory, McCullough, Marik, etc. stood on the front lines taking direct fire, risking their livelihoods from the beginning. 2: In his December 2021 appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience, Malone bragged about his ties to military and intelligence agencies, even “outing” a CIA operative in Wuhan. He also claimed to have lost business and had his license threatened because of his appearance at an event in Hawaii in the fall of 2021 – one year BEFORE the Breggins discussed Mathias Desmet. 3: Malone and his wife are pals with Bill Gates and the rest of the philo-monopolists, who have likely never heard of Peter and Ginger Breggin. Therefore, they would be unmoved by any perceived slight Malone claims to have suffered. His reputation is firmly entact, as he still retains his advisory position with the NIH. 4: Senator Ron Johnson has stated that, in the Second Opinion Testimony (January 2022), the original plan was to open the session with testimony from the Vax injured witnesses. Their stories would grab everyone’s attention right from the start, then the medical experts were to testify in the afternoon. But the schedule was flipped at the last minute, as someone new took control of the event. According to Johnson, the change weakened the impact of the Vax injured victims and undermined the gravity of the forum. The only person new to the event, and the movement, in 2022 was Robert Malone.

    Malone desperately wants to control the narrative and lashes out at anyone who questions his qualifications to be the voice of health freedom. Don’t forget, he never said that the jabs are dangerous to everyone – he took the path of least resistance, advocating protecting children, but not all children. He continued to advocate jabbing seniors, the immuno-compromised, and vulnerable children- just like a good eugenicist would.

    • Avatar TheArtistFormerlyKnownAs. . . says:

      It makes sense if the purpose (of slapping an 85-year old Psychiatrist with a lifelong track record of fighting medical wrongdoing, who has published a 1,000+ page heavily footnoted & annotated, well-researched book fighting against the Covid “Global Predators” ) is to CRUSH & SILENCE this voice of a credible, heroic warrior who has absolute professional standing to critique the scientifically unfounded theories of Desmet and his champion Malone. The lawsuit makes sense if Malone is pursuing “the politics of personal destruction” or classic Alynskiite targetting. Both Desmet & Malone appeared from nowhere as if suddenly fully formed from the forehead of Zeus to join us in this fight for Freedom from Medical Tyranny. They should be evaluated VERY methodically for their inconsistencies and contradictions. This lawsuit is a YUGE red flag and a classic tactic of destruction.

  • Avatar Prof. Fred Nazar says:

    Who is wrong? It’s clear that mass formation was accomplished through a very detailed plan from the freemasons. Check ex illuminati Ronald Bernard, at Tavistock they have the best social scientists. He says something like: we put one dog on the right another barking on the left and the sheeple march straight to wherever we want. The dogs were the media info-terrorism, the “deadly” virus and the police state lockdowns: the slaughter house for the sheeple was the vaccine.
    This is the complete plan:
    Malone has helped a lot in the Truth movement. We probably lack data. Before taking a stand. Let’s hear both sides. Yet, it makes no sense to sue someone over a theoretical discussion, even less for 25 million.
    Disclaimer: I’m proud to have shared with Dr. Malone the International COVID summit:
    Based on 2000 papers:

  • Avatar Ozkar says:

    But it is ‘our’ fault. Predators will always do what they can get away with.

  • Avatar Hubris says:

    “Malone shredded his credibility and created a conflict that hurts our movement.”

    Or was it the Breggins, constantly attacking him?

    • Avatar Jim Reagen says:

      I now believe that the Breggins simply saw early what many of us are only now seeing: Malone isn’t the real McCoy.

      While the Breggins were working hard for the people Malone was working with the intelligence agencies. That’s OK. But now, curiously, Breggin, who worked so hard and fought so long against big pharma and corporate medicine, now Breggin is being punished. By someone who by his own account worked for and with the deep state.

      What an amazing coincidence.

  • Avatar Don says:

    i suspect that Dr Malone ask the advice of some lawyer on the chances of winning the lawsuit.

    At this point, actually some days ago Dr Breggin needed to see if there was any merit at all to the lawsuit. i assume he sees none, otherwise safe thing would be to try and settle out of court.

    That would take some self awareness on his own part.

    If Dr Breggin gets a judgement against him, won’t that hurt the movement?
    so who really hurt it, if it could have been avoided???

    • Avatar Robert Yoho MD (ret) says:

      This sort of suit is filed by wealthy person to impoverish someone who is not. The legal fees will be the same on either side and the judgment if any will not be a consequential part of the costs.

  • Avatar Christy Evans says:


  • Avatar KW NORTON says:

    In reading Malone, I caught a vibe of self-importance of bloated ego which tipped me off. He does indeed to be a perfect sort of Trojan horse. There are many. This has been well planned for centuries. Develop a sense of health skepticism. Lots of snake oil salesmen out there. Obama threw lots of pretty words around too.

  • Avatar mzlizzi says:

    The appeal to their old ages is unnecessary and unbecoming . . . and manipulative.

  • Avatar Garrett Smith says:

    Perhaps the Breggiins should have sat down w/ Dr Molone first. They refused to speak with Matiess Desmet. Classless!!

  • Avatar Melissa says:

    I always hated Malone …he’s a snake and I could see it immediately. Dr. Breggin and Ginger are heros and this guy’s a fucktard …he’s arrogant and just looks like a mf weasel pos. Deep state still strong in his blood ..
    This asshole is fucking with 2 people that have helped save so many has this prick done other than act a fool and spout bs. Breggin is my favourite doctor and I don’t even know htf asswipe Malone has the audacity to show his ugly ass mug in public. THANK YOU Dr. BREGGIN AND GINGER 🙏…coming from someone who’s been tortured and abused by the medical mafia “cabal” to the extent of them hijacking my (entire) life completely …*they ruined my life with a fraudulent lie and have caused so much trauma and pain. I am a woman whom was an absolutely destroyed child ..I was exploited … caused immense pain and humiliation…terror…multiple assaults …had cruel and non consensual highly illegal experiments forced upon me…the list of heart wrenching abuses goes on. ..including mkultra at (ROYAL VICTORIA REGIONAL HEALTH CENTRE) IN BARRIE ONTARIO CANADA 🇨🇦 this is an evil evil “hospital” …and the horrors I’ve experienced will never ever be forgotten or forgiven…they know they are harming many…and they enjoy this thoroughly …sexuallly and otherwise sadistic ..perpetrators of horrendous crime…don’t enter this place under any circumstance. I personally speak of Dr.Breggin and Ginger in such high regard and tell people this man is my hero. And Malone wtf have you done??? Other than “create” the disgusting tech that’s fucking murdering everyone while uou smirk and grin from your smug pos face. You re attacking the righteous the ones who are good…fuck you Malone. Screw with Gods chosen and you ll pay… you will…you ll pay. Breggin is tough as nails and you re a cowardess pos Malone. I didn’t even need to know anything about this creep…I could see it all plainly on his face …oh did I mention I hate this bitches face??😅…
    I love Breggin’s courage …huge heart and any honorable endeavors…as well as Ginger’s …and I fuckin hate you Malone. Come sue me.

  • Avatar Edward Flynn says:

    This lawsuit is real strange I agree. I don’t think either party has nailed an unassailable model of behavior on a mass scale. Why this goes beyond “you are entitled to your opinion” is beyond me. I heard Malone talk about Desmet and Desmet talk about his work and found much of it reasonable without believing it was gospel. I’d go with Breggin if that were all he was saying. His claim that Desmet relieves the global predators of criminal charges is ludicrous. The back and forth on this is boring. Human behavior is too complex to be described by one model. I think Desmet’s work captures some important truths about society today with out capturing certain other aspects.

    Malone’s lawsuit seems like the reaction of a narcissist, unlikely to succeed except to make life miserable for Breggin. It is an attempt to limit free speech because Malone took “offense” like some sort of wokester. He should, instead, just be cool about it and believe in himself. Does he?

    Is not the whole societal phenomenon due to the grasp for self worth from an artificial life on social media and indiscriminate belief in authority and hi tech? Folks want to “help others” by taking the shots and at the same time support medical tyranny, failing to think critically and missing the suicidal aspect of their own unshakeable convictions.

    Just as corporate leaders who trade on ESGs to extract revenues from millenials who have learned to “love the shots” these same millenials tout their own ESGs among each other. They wear masks, take the shots and ignore the extermination of 1M Americans by shots and hospital protocols. The preoccupation with social justice and “helping others” become hypocrisy as they support criminal tyranny and Constitutional collapse imposed by the regime that has poisoned them. Sorry to repeat this comparison, but I am reminded of the grazing buffalo that have no reaction to the cow or bull a few feet away that flops over when Buffalo Bill shoots it.

    I disagree with Breggin that Desmet’s opinions let the global predators off the hook in any way. I disagree with Malone that Breggin’s writing should get from
    him any more than a point by point analysis and attempt to reconcile diverging views. If not possible, then so what?

  • Avatar Tom Hogan says:

    Thanks for this.

  • Avatar Jennifer says:

    The fact that Malone wore a tie with a pattern of supposed coronaviruses always irked me. Where did he get that anyway? Struck me as kind of sinister. Also, his “Most interesting man” ad was super weird. Also, he continues to work in vaccine development.

    One piece of the puzzle alone doesn’t make a complete picture, but when it’s all together, along with this frivolous lawsuit, I see a deep state picture emerging.

  • Avatar pretty-red, old guy says:

    Wow. Dr Yoho. I finished reading the comments . . .
    YOU have real started a discussion! Holy Crapp.
    My reading: Malone is losing the followers by a 60/40 margin, give or take.
    My 2nd reading: Like others, this has really made me think hard about believing in any one. I have not read basically anything or know anything about the Breggins before this. . . I will be though!

    • Avatar Irene The Insomniac says:

      Their book is about the globalists behind big Pharma, Covid etc. Malone has claimed that they are upset more people “believe” Or follow Desmet than them

      • Avatar Jim Reagen says:

        I believe the core issue is the Desmet/Breggin debate, and this is the true division. Read what Breggin says.

        I formally supported Desmet largely because I trusted Malone. But Desmet is talking pure nonsense: it literally makes no sense if one consults history as described in such books like “The Devil’s Chessboard” or “JFK and the Unspeakable.” To Desmet, there is no conspiracy! He literally says that. This is extremely naive.

        Desmet writes that there was manipulation but ascribes that manipulation to an ideology that captured us all, so there really were no actors doing the manipulation at all. It’s doublespeak that provides cover for the manipulators: don’t look here.

        If the system of global track/trace is ever implemented, Malone/Desmet will be urging us to wake up from our mass formation but of course, then it’ll be too late, won’t it? This “ideology” will have spontaneously imposed itself over the planet, according to Desmet. Tough luck, that.

        • Avatar pretty-red, old guy says:

          Well, I cannot “tell” whether my little brain’s conclusions are derived introspectively or I have been partially brainwashed at this point. However, I am and have been in the Breggin camp based on your explanation here. It is totally naive to believe this was not orchestrated or controlled op . . . Oh, I just don’t wanna’ go there! The whole argument is insane. I just want to see “their” heads on spits at the entry to London, New York, and . . .

          If Malone actually understands that Desmet is claiming “it’s all your own fault, wake up” and himself believes there is no orchestration going on, he is living in fairy land. However, with his DARPA background he is not in fairy land. ergo, Breggins’ conclusions .

          • Avatar Jim Reagen says:

            The thing is, both Desmet and Malone are having it both ways: insisting there was manipulation yet at core Desmet says there was no manipulation. This is why Desmet introduces the Sierpinski triangle which, we’re told, proves that the mass formation only appeared to be controlled and orchestrated. It’s an insidious comparison.

            The end game of the Desmet/Malone strategy, if I might presume, is to confuse us at the onset and make it appear as if they agree there was a vast overarching conspiracy and then later, when the dust settles, to promote the idea that the was no conspiracy using Desmet’s logic.

            I trusted Malone for a very long time. I even thought his support of eugenicist Langan might have been some sort of error– a whole substack on that man and his metaphysics. But now I wonder if Malone actually believes that people must be led to do the right thing because, as Langan emphatically states, people are too stupid and can’t make decisions for the greater good. Thus, Malone might feel justified and even honorable if he deceives people in order to accomplish the “correct” greater good. Maybe at heart he really does believe there are too many people on the planet.

            Malone is, quite simply, not a real man when he goes after Breggin so viciously.

    • Avatar Robert Yoho MD (ret) says:

      Breggin’s have a lifetime of fantastic work. Some of what you read here is written by trolls.

  • Avatar Irene The Insomniac says:

    All true science should consistently and continually allow questioning. I’m a “fan” of Desmet but we need to be able to critique everything including him, Malone, Breggin etc. NO ONE should be held up as the ONLY authority on anything. Have we not learned from FAUCI at all???
    I do not know nearly enough to be able to comment on Malone’s motives, but one must be concerned about his past connections and the pride he takes in being the inventor of mRNA technology. I’ve always wondered why he wouldn’t have realized that the shots wouldn’t stay in the arm and as a result be far more dangerous… but maybe that’s my ignorance, but has always seemed somewhat fishy to me.

    Like the virus vs no-virus argument, I think this “fight” will be exploited against the medical freedom movement. ALL egos should be set aside. Respectful debate must occur.

    • Avatar Tony Porcaro says:

      Yes, but clearly to some of us, “the fight” was designed and intended by Malone and his cohorts to cause dissension in the medical freedom movement; for one thing Malone utterly lacks the transparency which characterizes that movement while claiming to be a part of it…that’s not called INTEGRITY!

  • Avatar Julia says:

    Dr Malone is a brilliant man, he’s good noticing errors of other people and I agree with his estimate of the Dr. Desmet’s book, not with Peter Breggin (who still got good points). Unfortunately, he’s got a giant ego and a “my way or the highway” attitude, and can’t tolerate any criticism. I don’t believe that he’s a deep state actor but he has to work much harder on his credibility than Peter Breggin who fought for health freedom for his entire life, and Dr. Malone popped up last year before that working for Big Pharma for decades, now behaving like it never even happened. He’s got attention of the health freedom community for free but he has to own his past.

    • Avatar Tony Porcaro says:

      Exactly right!

    • Avatar Jim Reagen says:

      We need to pay close attention to Breggin’s criticism of Desmet. Breggin is correct.

      What’s happening in Desmet’s theory is that he’s essentially taking the blame from the global predators and assigning it to an “ideology” which is the real cause of the mass formation during Covid. He says this explicitly in chapter 8 of his book.

      So, there are no real manipulators: there’s only an ideology we all succumbed to. This is what Desmet says but people get confused because Desmet says that there was manipulation! Read carefully: he then turns this around and later says that the manipulation was (in so many words) derived from the ideology itself: the ideology is central, not the manipulation.

      I think Breggin made a beautiful analogy somewhere when he said that what happened during Covid was similar to when a small flock of birds will take cover in the bushes when a predator is overhead: they have reason to fear. But Desmet says there was no predator that deliberately induced our fear! Our fear was the result of an ideologically-imposed (by whom???) mass formation.

      Is Desmet really so naive about the tools that large PR firms have used for decades to persuade and mold thinking? Or the desire of some to impose a system of track/trace akin to the Chinese social credit system, on the entire planet?

      I now believe Malone is not working for we, the people. He may believe he is because we, the people, are too stupid (as his apparent hero, genius Langan, says) and must be guided, even by subterfuge. Perhaps Malone is of the opinion that our greatest good is that we must be led by people like himself and Langan who can see better than the rest of us. Perhaps Malone is being used, or perhaps he is deep state. Whatever. I simply cannot trust him now. The suing of Breggin tells us who Robert Malone really is because no decent man would attack an elderly man who has worked so very hard for we, the people, for so long. Unless, of course, Breggin were cutting too close to the bone.

  • Avatar Shlomo Kafka says:

    Self sacrifice is not automatically good. It’s also not a carte blanche to write and say nonsense and blatantly false claims. What did You expect? Just stop dissemination of falsehoods. Malone didn’t harm anybody but himself (by taking Moderna). He didn’t work on the current transactions.

    • Avatar Jim Reagen says:

      All of us need to think very carefully about what Breggin is saying, and compare that with what Desmet/Malone have said.

      Breggin pulls the veil behind the curtain hiding the predators. Desmet/Malone subtly and slyly put that curtain back. To understand this we need to understand that Desmet tells us that yes, there’s manipulation, but no, it’s not real manipulation: it’s simply the manifestation of the underlying ideology that we’re all captured by in the mass formation. See what just happened there? Desmet says these things on the very same page of his book. He’s providing cover for the predators, allowing them to continue their manipulation in the background. Malone supports this 100%, yet surely Malone is perceptive enough to see what happened.

      I now believe (after trusting Malone for so long) that Breggin is spot-on and Malone isn’t to be trusted. This is why Breggin is being attacked.

      Think about it. If Breggin were just whistling in the dark, wouldn’t Malone just say that he’s an old fool and forget about it? Especially since Breggin had been working hard for we, the people, since Malone was still an undergraduate. But if Breggin is cutting too close to the bone, then he must be silenced.

      • Avatar Shlomo Kafka says:

        I can see obvious flaws in what he writes. Now he says, he meant it well, I believe him, but that doesn’t make it truth. From the very start belief is harmful. Just check, what people say. There are things people agree and although it is tiny, it is the basis. There is no point in baseless accusations.

  • Avatar Tom Hogan says:

    I have to say, buy the Breggins’ book if you haven’t already, and maybe some copies to give to friends and family in the future when more clarity exists.

  • Avatar Jim Reagen says:

    I’ve muted comments on these threads because I’m getting inundated with emails, most of which inform me that so-and-so ‘likes’ my comment. A few disagree with me and I tend to answer back, which is what I need to stop doing just for my personal sanity: I don’t want to be consumed by this debate.

    I urge everyone to read what Breggin says about Malone and Desmet:
    Doing so will clarify what the real issues are that Breggin is attacking.

    I agree with Breggin and when I earlier praised Desmet I did so before reading his book (I’d listened to some interviews) and, more importantly, I trusted Malone. I no longer trust Dr. Malone for the simple reason that Breggin is spot-on in his criticism of Desmet (see the above link) and yet Dr. Malone, a very smart man who is supposedly for individual self-determination, will not let go of Desmet or modify his views toward him.

    As Breggin says, the logic of Desmet’s theory actually leads us to totalitarianism because it takes the blame away from the main actors and tells us that really, we’re all actors and we all succumbed to the same mind-numbing ideology, without acknowledging the actors who imposed this ideology on us. What Desmet giveth, he also taketh away: manipulation is real, he says, but actually manipulation is simply a mechanistic evolution of ideological currents. These two things are said on the very same page of his book. See what happened right there? Real manipulation just disappeared.

    The global predators want us to believe this nonsense so that they can continue their subterfuge. They’re in the background and as Breggin says, and as I have said, they now have the technological means to track and trace, monitor and manage, every human being on the planet. This is the real danger: that track/trace will be unleashed in an “emergency” onslaught, while Desmet and Malone will be urging us to snap out of our mass formation. But at that point it’ll be too late, won’t it?

    Some people believe that monitoring and managing are necessary to “save the planet” and depopulate because overpopulation, we’re told, is the real problem. Some people might believe that subterfuge is necessary in order to get people to buy into this. So once again, as I’ve mentioned many times on Malone’s substack and on my own, the theory of catastrophic CO2 warming is really the core premise, the kernel of (false) logic, out of which so many necessities will logically unfold if we accept this false premise. This is a central theory in Reset thinking: Schwab’s last two books (at least) are shot-through with the unquestioned premise of catastrophic CO2 warming. But literally, nothing is happening.

    Above all, preserve freedom, preserve individual self-determination for ourselves and future generations. This is what Breggin says constantly. He is right. He is right that Desmet’s ideology subtly undermines the fight against those who would track and trace, monitor and manage, every single human being on the planet for a “greater good” that we, the people, will have no say in.

  • Avatar George says:

    It is known that Malone is deeply involved in the development of a Covid vaccine and Big Pharma business himself. That was always a bit suspect.

    Malone is a co-developer of RelCoVax, a vaccine “which resulted in ACUTE LUNG INJURY in animal studies and introduce Aluminum (neurotoxin) directly into human cells”. (according to

  • Avatar Tony Porcaro says:

    Excerpts from “Mass Formation and Mass Psychosis: A False and Dangerous Concept that Threatens Our Freedom.” by Peter BregginMD& Ginger Breggin: “This is not a mere academic debate to be held within ivory towers. Nor is it a personal attack on Desmet and Malone as they characterize it. It is a clash between two world views- blaming the victimized , nearly enslaved people themselves or holding responsible the powerful global predators. It is among the most critical political clashes of our time, because blaming the people cements in place and enables totalitarianism while, in sharp contrast, holding the elite predators responsible encourages and empowers the ageless fight for human freedom from oppression.” ” A careful reading of most of the writings of Desmet and Malone on mass formation or mass psychosis will confirm that their ideas are most consistent with preventing any recognition or effective response to the elites who are now clamping down upon the citizens of the world with totalitarianism.” ” In addition to identifying our real enemies in the real world, we must rebuild the strongest defense against totalitarianism ever created by human minds-constitutional democracies.” (See )

  • Avatar John Day MD says:

    God Bless and Keep You, Paul and Ginger!

  • Avatar Elizabeth says:

    Malone has always been suspicious to me. I subscribed to his substack for a year. Something was off, could not put my finger on it. Something I did not trust. He seems to be a little slimy and his posts have a dramatic flair of victimization–ie: he was burned at the stake–stuff like that. I don’t doubt he has been censored, banned and treated miserably, but that seems his claim to fame. I do not think he is credible.

  • Avatar TheArtistFormerlyKnownAs. . . says:

    I am not “disappointed” in Robert Malone. Instead, I am CONFIRMED in Robert Malone.

    He has always been suspect. Too many red flags and inconsistencies. He is clearly a brilliant scientist. He has also always appeared to be an Op, an Agent Provacateur, a cat set amongst the pidgeons. His lawsuit is the linchpin. The classic Double Agent is sent out to tell MANY truths precisely to lull people into accepting the lies & falsehoods they eventually plant, or to lull them into following the Agent as he/she eventually diverts their attention or leads them off into the wrong direction. No one in their right mind who was actually mission driven in the cause of this high stakes fight for the future of humanity would divert off into an irrelevant and egotistical cul de sac by pursuing financially crushing litigation (for defamation!!) against powerful leaders in the fight for freedom from medical tyranny (and universal tyranny as it increasingly appears to be.) I think it is no accident that both the Breggins and Dr. Simone Gold — all POWERFUL and highly effective medical professionals fighting against the interests of the BioSecurity State and their Corporate Paymasters — are suddenly being persecuted by LAWFARE strategies accompanied by endless PR attempts to smear their reputations. This is CLASSIC “Politics of Personal Destruction”.

  • Avatar Paving the Way says:

    Dr. Malone said on the Mercola interview yesterday that he and his wife lost their consulting contracts when he entered this movement because outspokenness is not what his clients wanted. He believed he tried to do the right thing and that meant he lost his livelihood. He was cancelled from everything. He makes his living now on subscriptions to his Substack, on which his wife is the primary writer. He is also hoping for good income from his book. Mercola did not ask him and he did not volunteer, but it stands to reason that the attack on his credibility by Breggin could have a significant impact on his two primary sources of income.

    I noticed that our host here is retired, many of the commenters use pseudonyms, the Breggins are presumably retired.

    I can imagine how Malone might be feeling. He sacrificed a lot to try to do the right thing and gets criticism and potentially bankruptcy in return? I’ll add an aside. Wives tend to take that less well than husbands.

  • Avatar Robert Yoho MD (ret) says:

    Exactly. Download my new book free here and read the gaslight section. Help me in a week or two with a review when it goes up on amazon

  • Avatar Julie Maizels says:

    I have followed Breggin before Malone regarding psychiatry and have appreciated his insights. His work has been very significant in my life. I also have followed Malone since he entered the scene. At first I was not sure whether to trust Malone as at first he seemed to believe that governments were making honest mistakes with no ulterior motives. I have watched his evolution and red pilling more and more over time. I have come to believe he is a sincere person and with deep integrety. I have also felt the same about the Breggins. They and others have many different theories about what is going on. To assume, based on their take on things, that Desmet or Malone are part of purposeful governmental psyops is going too far. Using implication and innuendo based on no fact and creating division within this movement by attacking Malone and Desmet actually appear more like the tactics used by the government. I could just as easily argue that perhaps the Breggins et. al. are controlled opposition. And Stew Peters, in his presentation, to me, seems way over the top and hard to take seriously. The fact is that the criticisms and attacks started from the Breggins, et. al. and not from Malone/ Desment. Instead of respecting different theories of the case – which in fact I agree with the Breggins point of view- why was there a need to attack the integrity and intent of Desmet/Malone. That is where the Breggins have gone too far. They need to apologize and move on.

  • Avatar Annie says:

    This started as a disagreement between Breggin and Desmet over the term “mass formation” after Malone got a lot of attention after saying it on the Joe Rogan show. Malone believes it explains why so many people were brainwashed by the CDC, Pharma, Media etc so he was loyal to Desmet. Breggin has a different opinion and he won’t agree to disagree. It’s bad enough Malone has to live with the fact that his mRNA tech was weaponized by sociopaths to depopulate the world, but now he’s called a “murderer” and “controlled opposition” by those who are loyal to the Breggins. I think he filed the lawsuit just to shut them all up. Instead, they have continued to take swipes at him rather than just knock it off. Breggin’s outspoken opinion is what got this ball rolling. The apologies should start there but I’m not holding my breath. It’s a shame because the others got caught up in Briggin’s personal battle with Desmet yet won’t apologize either. They are so convinced Briggin is right & remain loyal no matter how much this may cost them. They feel the term “mass formation” puts the blame back on those who are deceived or brainwashed by the elites. I never interpreted it that way. I don’t see Malone as a bad guy. Until there’s evidence to the contrary, I see Malone as a doctor who has been slowly waking up to the reality of what his profession has been doing to the world. I’ve learned a lot from all of these truth-seekers and I don’t appreciate the way it’s been dividing people. Stew & Jane keep asking why isn’t Malone busy working in a lab to find the cure when I feel it is unreasonable to think he could quickly figure out an antedote after all of the gain of function they did for the last 3 decades. We weren’t even told by Pharma what is in the deadly shots. I read the complaint and I think Malone has a case though I don’t agree with every detail. But I also believe if they sincerely apologized & stopped defaming him, Malone might be willing to drop the suit. I was reading Jane’s thread the night Malone came on and posted a few months ago. I thanked him for speaking out against the shots and was blocked by Jane. The many comments attacking Malone were quite shocking & unnecessary. There’s a fine line between “free speech” and defamation. Proverbs 26:17: “Like someone grabbing hold of a dog’s ears is the one passing by who becomes furious about a quarrel that is not his.”

  • Avatar Patrick D Hahn says:

    Here’s my two cents:

    We are facing an opponent with deep pockets and serious anger issues. We’ve all got to hang together or we’ll all hang separately.

  • Avatar Thomas Hogendobler says:

    I don’t believe Malone ever solely blamed those who are brainwashed by the establishment, I definitely have heard him going after the perpetrators. So that part is a lie. Also these brainwashed idiots attack people constantly, sometimes violently. You can not talk to these people, it’s worse than talking to a wall, walls don’t scream at you and threaten you. I have NO pity for these brainwashed psychotics.

  • Avatar Jack Black says:

    Malone worked for Big Pharma on creating the so-called mRNA platform to deliver the clot shot. That right there should tell you whos side he’s on

  • Avatar Jack Black says:

    There are a lot of Trojan horses out there working for Big Pharma and Malone is one of them

  • Avatar Masaki Fujii says:

    Both seem almost fair, so the quarrel should stop.
    Bill Gate,Schwab,Fauci & Boula rejoice behind the scenes.

  • Avatar Jack Black says:

    There appear to be a lot of intelligent people who post on this substack, with that said, has any of them ever thought or posted that maybe this lawsuit is brought on by blackmail by the cabal?

    Have any of you watched any of Whitney Webb’s interviews or read her book “One Nation Under Blackmail?” Could it be that Malone was told to or blackmailed to file the lawsuit? Then again maybe not.

    Divide and Conquer

  • Avatar RE Nichols says:

    Been reading more about the theory of “mass formation.” I am now struck by something I hadn’t observed before. “Mass formation”–according to the theory–arises spontaneously from lonely people with no meaning or purpose in life. This differs from a psy opp or calculated form of mass hypnosis requiring a collaborated effort and scheming of the media, politicians, Big Pharma, and others pulling strings behind the curtain.

  • Avatar Robert Yoho MD (ret) says:


  • Avatar ClearMiddle says:

    Interesting quote (below), easier to state than to prove. Do events of recent years and decades reinforce it or argue against it?

    “Here is Andrew Bridgen’s optimism:

    ‘Good will always beat evil in the end.

    Humans have been around on this planet for a very long time, and we evolve our behavior in response to threats. If evil were the winning strategy, by now everyone would have to be evil to maximize our chances of survival. As most people are not evil, that means it’s not the winning strategy.

    The truth will ultimately triumph. It always does. (Quote credit: James Roguski) ‘”

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