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This is a 400-level post-graduate seminar. Freshmen are advised to delete this post immediately.

Some political battles now look favorable. Lawsuits are proceeding, and we have won a few. Inflation so far seems tolerable. The naive think the tide could be turning, but they are deluding themselves.

The stories below once seemed impossible. Later, I had continued doubts. Over time, after painful study, I understood them. Now, I think a lot of it is factual. The following may be easier for you to grasp if I share that it took me a year to wrap my head around it all. The usual objection is that these must be fictions because involving so many conspirators would never work. Anyone with this reaction should recall the conspiracies of the last few years—COVID, the withheld therapies, and the vaccine that was a weapon rather than healthcare. And the election frauds.

Even though I was already familiar with much of the following video’s contents, Christian Elliot ruined an afternoon for me when he sent it. He apologized, and I’m sorry to be a buzzkill for you, too. (I never smoked much weed in my youth, but my climber buddies did, and they taught me that word).

I hate receiving videos because they eat my time. My open secret is that I use 2x speed with headphones. A Substack author friend claims he can understand at 3x, but his bandwidth is broader than mine, and I suspect his claim is literary license. I recommend that you briefly scan this post, then set time aside later to watch the video.

Remember the airsickness bag in the seat pocket in front of you. Warning: children, sensitive adults, and small animals should read no further. To keep from blowing lunch, and despite my familiarity with sections of this video, I skipped around and viewed it in parts. It is about how international bankers perpetrated the World Wars for profit. It also presents ideas about the JFK assassination, tells a version of the 9/11 story, and explains how it was used to fabricate the “War on Terror.”

I am not asking you to relax your skepticism, and I do not expect you to believe it all. One of the conspirators’ tactics is to discredit the record by using lies, exaggeration, and distortion. Some of what follows might have been planted as reality perversion. A historical example of this tactic was planting the insane idea that that moon landing was possibly faked. Always triangulate your sources and keep your BS meter flashing red.

You do not need advanced degrees or a prior background to form opinions, and you must base judgments partly on your personal witness to today’s ongoing genocide. My goal is to get you through enough data to allow you to study these issues further. Knowing about these stories, whether you believe them all or not, is a requirement for postgraduate study of today’s events.

This video, “From JFK to 9/11 Everything is a Rich Man’s Trick,” frequently gets censored, so it seems to be bombing over the target.

HERE are some copies that are still available. Note the search method of entering the title in the “” website. One that is still live on Vimeo is HERE:

Learning is always painful for me, and changing my mind is agonizing. I know that changing yours is difficult as well. Richard Morgan’s advice about intellectual flexibility is, “Accept the facts and get on to the next screen” (Altered Carbon). To survive, we must learn all we can and then spread the truth. 

After studying these stories, some people conclude our situation is hopeless. They are wrong. Psychopaths are a tiny minority, and they cannot dominate without our compliance and cooperation. This explains their attempts to intimidate us with media lies and other gaslighting tricks. Stripping away censorship and blasting out reality is the first step to defeating them. This is happening.

These criminals are not crazy, but their thinking is contaminated with megalomania and ridiculous ideas.* These include immortality, merging man with machine, and achieving productivity using coercion. None of it is remotely possible. Although total victory against them including criminal prosecution is unlikely, they can never win if we stand up. They grossly underestimate us.


For me, these stories are a plunge into an arctic sea. I stay in as long as I can and have to jump out. We know central bankers are at the center of the web, because so far, they are pretty frank about it. And the internet still vomits up any filthy secrets they try to hide.

Psychopaths have no limits except those imposed on them from outside. They continue their attacks because they have gotten away with so many atrocities before.

Thanks to J. Arnold (Liars World Substack) for his ongoing tutoring about these subjects. He has been studying this material for 16 years, so nothing shocks him anymore. He told me:

  • The globalists are likely experiencing internal dissent from a faction who are concluding that the economic destruction they spawned will ultimately affect them along with everyone else. I am uncertain about this theory because psychopaths destroy for the sake of torturing and destroying. See Cassandra’s Memo.

  • Ninety percent of your readers have heard of this stuff already. I doubt it.

    From Christian Elliott:

  • I’d be surprised if you do not get flak about that video. IMO, the high points hit the mark even if some of the detailed explanations do not. Even Tucker Carlson covered the CIA involvement in the assassination of JFK. If someone has a hard time with 9/11 being an inside job, let them keep searching. It’s all out there… and you’re right, Corbett has a lot of good stuff on that.

  • If your readers have not read The Creature from Jekyll Island, they will have a harder time with that video. If they have, it fills in details. Is there speculation? Sure. The criminals aren’t going to tell us about their crimes. They are going to deflect, sow doubt or “plausible deniability,” and try to throw out entire arguments if any piece of evidence is off. May we not fall for their tricks and instead keep our eyes on the ball–the bankers and their control of the money.

  • We won’t convince everyone, and we’re not above being duped ourselves. Heck, we have been for most of our lives. Getting the ideas out there and letting other informed minds challenge them is good. The cure for uninformed speech is more speech. Let the ideas flow!

Find Christian HERE.

Fred, the Substacker who wrote my three railroad posts, is another friend. He wrote: That is a great video, but few will digest it, others will scoff at it, and some will call you out as an amateur. I immersed myself in this material 25 years ago, and it made me severely anxious. Any time you mention the Rothschilds, their publicity machine will smear you as an antisemite. But we must keep going, and I say go for it. Find Fred here:

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Remember to ask Aunt Millie if she wants a subscription. She’s bright and has been through enough in her long life to face all this.

Substack writers live for and judge the success of their posts by comments. Thanks for any reactions you have. They do not have to be pretty or agree with me, and if you post in ALL CAPS, I will try to listen anyway. How much of this video have you had time to examine, and how credible do you find it?

Great info from Liars World: Substack is an excellent resource on the increasingly censored internet. To limit your search request to Substack, type site: topic of interest [one space preceding topic]. Don’t use Google. I’ve had good luck with Ecosia.

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