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209. Murdered For Her Bed, A Dr. Vernon Coleman repost from the UK

By March 10, 2023June 10th, 202442 Comments

This is all about how and why so many hospitals have become modern killing fields and 21st century death camps.

Watch it HERE.

Yoho comment: in past episodes, I interviewed Scott Schara and Robert Garmong about how their daughter and wife were murdered in hospitals. Neither of these victims were elderly.

By Dr. Vernon Coleman 19th January 2023

Hello, it’s January 2023 and this is my 320th video since I started recording them early in 2020, and in this video I’m going to explain how hospitals have become death camps and how many doctors and nurses have abandoned their healing roles and have become murderers. No apologies for what sounds like hyperbole because I’ll show you that it isn’t. This video is all about how and why so many hospitals have become modern killing fields: 21st century death camps.

I’m going to start by telling you about a woman in her early 70s whose story is significant, to say the least. She had been in good health when suddenly, unexpectedly, she collapsed and, after the now customary eight hour wait for an ambulance, eventually found herself in hospital. She was unconscious, and a junior doctor eventually diagnosed that she’d had a stroke. It wasn’t a difficult diagnosis. It was what her husband, her son and the paramedics had diagnosed.

Eventually, they found a bed for her and the doctors confessed that there wasn’t much they could do.

‘How long will it be before we know anything?’ asked the woman’s husband.

‘She could be like this for days, for weeks or for months,’ replied the doctor – the one who had made the diagnosis.

‘We don’t want a Do Not Resuscitate notice putting on her notes,’ said the son, who’d read about such things, and whose wife was a nurse in another hospital.

‘Of course not,’ said the doctor. He then went away and the husband and the son saw him talking to two nurses. By now it was late in the evening.

The doctor disappeared but one of the nurses arrived at the bedside. She was carrying a syringe. ‘She could be like this for months,’ said the nurse. ‘She could be suffering a great deal.’

‘But she’s unconscious,’ pointed out the son. His mother, who was breathing normally, seemed to be quite peaceful.

‘We’ve decided to give her something to help her,’ said the nurse.

‘What is it?’ asked the husband.

`It’s two medicines,’ said the nurse. ‘It’s a mixture of midazolam and morphine. It’ll help her rest. We don’t want her suffering. She could be like this for months.’

After giving the injection the nurse suggested that the husband and the son went home. When they returned to the hospital the following morning their wife and mother was dead.

`We were just about to call you,’ said another nurse, who seemed very sympathetic. The doctor came. He too was sympathetic.

It was only afterwards, when they were at home, that the man and his son realised that their wife and mother had been killed – deliberately, cold-bloodedly killed. There had been absolutely no reason to give her the now infamous and widely used kill-shot of midazolam and morphine.

‘People who’ve had strokes can make a full recovery,’ said the woman’s daughter-in-law, as they talked when they were back home.

‘I remember that film star Patricia Neal,’ said the husband. ‘Her husband was Roald Dahl. She made films again – despite having had a stroke.’

The three of them were numb. It didn’t occur to them that they’d just witnessed a murder. But that’s what it was.

It wasn’t euthanasia. It wasn’t mercy killing. It certainly wasn’t treatment.

The hospital staff killed that woman because stroke victims can take months to recover. They didn’t want a woman over 70 using a bed on one of their wards. Beds have been in short supply in British hospitals for years. There are fewer beds than bureaucrats.

And it wasn’t manslaughter either. By any definition, it was pre-meditated, cold-blooded murder. Murder, remember, is the unlawful, premeditated killing of one human being by another. What else would you call it when a patient in hospital is killed without their consent, without the consent of relatives and without the consent of a court of law?

Nor was this incident rare.

Pretty much the same thing is happening every day in hospitals all around the world. Staff put patients to sleep in the same way that a vet might put a dog or cat to sleep. They kill patients whom they think might need a good deal of nursing or medical care.

What is happening is exactly what I predicted almost three years ago – at the beginning of 2020 when I warned that one of the reasons for the covid fraud was to find an excuse to kill the elderly and to save billions on pension payments. The Government has boasted about the money saved.

In my book Coming Apocalypse – published in April 2020, right at the start of this fraud, I said: that life would never again be as good as it was in January 2020 and I stand by that, I’m afraid. Those who sneered might like to think again. I’ve been lied about and banned but everything I’ve said, written and predicted has been accurate. I wish it hadn’t been.

In many hospitals all around the world, the term ‘Palliative care ward’ is now a synonym for ‘death camp’ as the killing of the elderly, which started in 2020, gathers pace.

First there was the Liverpool Care Pathway – whereby elderly patients were deliberately starved to death or deprived of fluid until they died. Then the United Nations effectively allowed doctors around the world to kill people over the age of 70 without anyone caring.

And care home staff were allowed to dose the elderly with tranquillisers and sleeping tablets without telling the patients or their relatives what was happening. It was, and is, all perfectly legal. Now, of course, there aren’t as many care home staff as there were – thousands of them left their jobs when they were told they had to have a dangerous, ineffective covid jab; a so-called vaccine which they knew from observation was a killer.

And there is the kill shot. The mixture of midazolam and morphine which takes medical care one step further than the Do Not Resuscitate notice casually scrawled on the medical notes of anyone who looks too sick to bother with. I described it as murder in the early summer of 2020.

At the moment, of course, it’s usually anyone over 70 or anyone disabled or chronically sick – whether physically or mentally ill – who gets murdered, though in some hospitals anyone over 65 is vulnerable. Soon it will be anyone over 60. And then it’ll be anyone over 50. And then the slippery slope gets ever steeper.

Doctors and nurses – who have the power of death over life – are murdering people every day in our hospitals. And no one gives a damn. I suspect that the doctors and nurses don’t even realise that what they are doing isn’t just ethically wrong it is also legally wrong.

It’s the reason anyone over 60, or anyone ill, should do everything they can to keep out of hospitals. And, if they have to go in to do everything they can to get out. Britain is the worst country in the developed world for health care.

Of course, the midazolam and morphine kill shot isn’t new. What’s new is the way that it has become part of hospital culture. It came in the slipstream of covid-19 – the fake pandemic of 2020 – and now it’s commonplace.

And the kill shot, a single jab of death, isn’t the only way doctors and nurses are guilty of mass murder.

Right from the start, ministers, journalists and doctors have lied, lied and lied again as they’ve fought against the facts to sell us a fake pandemic and a dangerous drug that never did what it was said to do.

In 2020, the medical profession became obsessed with covid-19, even though it was provably nothing more than the rebranded flu. It was the most over-promoted scare in history; a deliberately created fake pandemic. Doctors and nurses were either too stupid or too greedy to see the truth. And they became part of the biggest crime in history. They became professional killers – assassins working for the conspirators.

They created a fake pandemic out of the ordinary annual flu by claiming that everyone who tested positive for covid – and subsequently died was a covid victim. They used a test, the PCR test, which everyone knew didn’t work, and hospitals in many countries received a cash bonus for every covid diagnosis they made. They were bribed to lie. In America, hospitals were given $13,000 for every patient they diagnosed with covid-19. If a patient needed to be put on a ventilator the hospital received a bonus of $39.000. What a surprise that so many patients needed to be put on ventilators – which killed many. The bonus system was used all around the world – another coincidence – and in some countries the staff got part of the cash bonus – kickbacks I think they usually call them.

Anyone who believes there was a pandemic in 2020 is a fool or a liar. Or both. Anyone who says the covid jab was necessary, effective and safe is a fool or a liar. Or both. Any national TV host who thinks they can prove me wrong can fix up a live TV debate. They won’t, of course, because they’d lose. And the Government wouldn’t let them anyway. I’m banned from all TV and radio. And I’m banned from most of the internet too, simply for telling the truth. The last time an internet radio station interviewed me – months ago – nearly a quarter of the interview mysteriously disappeared. The time before that the station lost its ability to raise money because they’d interviewed me. I’m banned because they know damned well I’m right and it’s important to protect the lies in order to keep the conspiracy alive. There was a time, long ago, when information was powerful. Today, the truth is the world’s most dangerous commodity. There is no freedom of speech. The authorities even banned David Icke from travelling to mainland Europe – presumably worried that he might wake up some sleeping souls.

The patients who tested positive with the PCR test, a dangerous, useless test everyone knew didn’t work and might kill people (and it has killed people – as I have shown in earlier videos, such as the one titled `This needs to be stopped now’) were dumped on a covid ward and treated as though all that was wrong with them was that they’d got the rebranded flu – even if they didn’t have any flu symptoms at all. Some were given dangerous drugs that didn’t work. But thousands didn’t receive the treatment they DID need because they had been wrongly diagnosed as covid patients.

Patients who needed specialist surgery, dialysis or other treatment didn’t receive it because they’d been falsely branded as suffering from covid – the rebranded flu. They couldn’t be transferred to specialist units so they died and were put down as covid deaths. They died because they were mis-diagnosed and denied treatment. It was, and is, genocide. It was official health care policy. GPs had disappeared – they had abandoned their patients in case they got the annual flu – and hospitals became killing grounds. And while all this was happening, hospital departments shut. Cancer related surgery dropped by 26% in the UK in 2020. In contrast, there was a 0.6% fall in Denmark. Doctors and nurses betrayed their patients, their professions and themselves.

The medical establishment, collective victims of the world’s most egregious confidence trick, had decided that global warming was THE health care threat. And so they decided there should be less testing and treating of patients. I’ve dealt with this extraordinary nonsense many times.

What has been happening is all part of the killing. The genocide. The plan to reduce the global population and the plan to appease the few idiotic pseudoscientists and children who claim, quite wrongly, and without evidence, that man has made his planet unbearably hot. Or is it unbearably cold. They change their minds a lot. They’ve been wound up and misdirected by conspirators who have, since the 1940s, been concerned about the disappearing oil and convinced that the population needs culling.

And the killing is working well.

In 2020 – the year of the fake pandemic – the total number of deaths was normal. I proved that. But in 2021 and 2022 – when covid virtually disappeared and was replaced by the returning ordinary flu – the death totals suddenly soared and they’re still way above normal. That was no mystery. It was all predicted. In the USA, over 100,000 young people died or were seriously ill after being given the experimental jab that didn’t work and wasn’t safe. Today, previously healthy people all over the world are dropping like flies. Journalists and doctors struggle to find bizarre new explanations for what they call Sudden Adult Death Syndrome. But it was all predictable. I predicted it would happen in 2020. Check out my old videos on

Today, those who had the covid jab have altered immune systems and their hearts are in danger. The predictions I made throughout 2020, 2021 and 2022 are already true or all coming true. Those who have been jabbed need to avoid strenuous exercise and stress, eat carefully and boost their immune systems.

The ignorant, the susceptible and the half-awake think that covid is a dangerous bioweapon. The mainstream media want us to believe it’s a bioweapon so that the ignorant believe that covid (the rebranded flu) is a deadly disease. And they use it to cover up vaccine injuries. They blame the rebranded flu for all the deaths caused by the covid-jab – the most dangerous drug in history. The covid jab’s creators and promoters were praised to the skies but they produced something that, in my view, wasn’t tested properly, doesn’t do what they promised it would do and isn’t safe.

And because I’ve told you the truth about the genocide, about covid and about the dangerous covid jabs, I’m considered dangerous and must be silenced.

Please don’t forget to watch my friend Dr. Colin Barron – who is back making wonderful videos. And please visit my websites – and www.vernoncoleman.orgwhere there are new articles most weekdays. Please remember that I am banned from all social media and I do not have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram or any other sites. I am banned from accessing YouTube – let alone putting videos there. Anything that appears in my name on social media is fake and should be labelled as such. The only sites I control are my own two websites. Finally, although it may feel like it at times, please remember that you’re not alone in being aware that the conspiracy is real and deadly.

Distrust the Government, avoid mass media and fight the lies. These are the most dangerous times in history. We must remain vigilant.

Please share this and my other videos on the internet – on social media and on other platforms. I can’t because I’m imprisoned here on my websites and banned worldwide for the modern sin of telling the truth.

Please remember, God is on our side, and thank you, again, for watching an old man in a chair.


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Let me know if you like seeing other people’s work here or if I should just post my own. Coleman is brilliant, has paid a big price for telling the truth, and deserves to be read.


  • Avatar SpringTimeFun8 says:

    Thank you Dr. I never imagined this in my lifetime.
    Their plan was to kill 7 billion people.
    I am grateful for the militaries around the world who are taking this corruption down.

  • Avatar jeffrey p lubina says:

    Doctor, NO I’m telling you, you are only understanding this Genocide from one stubborn viewpoint, just the same as thousand of other researchers and doctors are doing, and all of you are only “partly” correct. The problem all of you have is “not putting it all together.” This misunderstanding and stubbornness is NOT an anccident, region by region, and it’s NOT YOUR FAULT!!! All of you believe you’ve got it figured out, meanwhile stepping on each-other in the process. Hear Me Doctor: I believe you are absolutely correct: This is a mass Genocide. But it’s all of the above, as far as the methods and media coving it up and misdirecting everyone, especially the scientists.

    The Vaccines, the multiple varied Viruses, the way it was created and spread, the deadly treatments rather than the cheep simple solutions—which don’t work and/or kills people, the media coverage…all of it it Military Grade (CIA, Maddad, MI-6; the media they control), and all of it is part of the Whole Genocide Story nobody is supposed to completely figure out. There are thousands of doctors looking at this from one angle or another rather than all together. It’s a multifaceted method of killing, not just your one view. Can’t you get this in your head yet?

    • Avatar jeffrey p lubina says:

      …all of it is (CIA, *Massad, MI6; the media they control). I’m not a nut. What I’m telling you is the REAL.

    • Avatar Kevin says:

      I think he did. Follow the links. The drug therapy rarely works. The side effects are outrageous. Death is following these monsters. Oh you are going to die. They just make it painful.

    • Avatar Robert Yoho MD (ret) says:

      Read Cassandra download here:

    • Avatar Lili says:

      I don’t doubt what you say. Who do you think is capable of coordinating so many different government entities so that it is all happening at the same time.

      • Avatar jeffrey p lubina says:

        It’s truly massive, the organization. You get it, as much as “they” allow everyone to understand. Endless fractions; Not conspiracy, and we can dispense with theory, too. I’m about to open my substack to individuals who actually desire real democracy, without the bullshit wars, political and military. Please consider reading, not just my publications, but others I recommend in publication, and please consider subscribing to those I subscribe (left and right—whom I’m trying desperately to center). [This message is also for Dr. Robert.] He keeps people thinking.

  • Avatar wendy perzow says:

    I’ve followed Dr. Vernon Coleman (Old Man in a Chair) for 2 years now and he called it a genocide way back then. He saw the inordinate amount of Midazolam usage in the UK ….three year normally supply run through in six months, and then the massive ventilator use, blasting the lungs of fragile elderly people as well as anyone of any age turning up that the hospitals could snag and test and send to the Covid ward ! Matt Hancock’s ( Health Minister at time ) conversations with others show him calling what they plan as ‘a good death’ when ordering supplies of Midazolam. As well, his twitter revelations show his incriminating conversations depicting how he was manipulating the public with his comments…

  • Avatar Kevin says:

    Thank you. Universal health care! What is it good for? Absolutely nuttin. Say it again

    • Avatar Kevin says:

      Went through the “science”. They can fix a broken leg. Everything else is probably bullshit. The pills are a spiraling out of control death trap.

      • Avatar Robert Yoho MD (ret) says:

        Tho half of what docs do is BS, ignore them completely at your peril.

        • Avatar Truth Seeker says:

          Can you say more about that?

        • Avatar Kevin says:

          I would agree. Trust is completely gone from Canada. I witnessed 2 of these “putting them down for their own good.” Both inlaws. One at 46. He was a well loved schizophrenic who pushed a food cart. He developed lung cancer in one lung. He was put to sleep because he could not catch his breath. While he was gasping the nurse asked to leave. He said he was scared and asked if he was going to die. His dumbass sister who worked in hospitals said yes. The nurse said, dont worry he won’t feel a thing. He will just sleep. The family ever afraid of questioning the professionals, let him die. I am ashamed for doing nothing and letting a sociopathic system murder a helpless man.
          My wife’s brother who suffered from a severe case of sleep apnea was ignored by his doctor and died choking in his sleep.
          My wife’s mother was put to sleep after suffering a stroke.
          My wife was experimented on with drugs from A toZ to treat crohn’s. It only took a diet switch.
          The vaccine. Doctors are now doing phone consultations. Consultation a was a Astrozeneca recommendation. We were hesitant because the media said side effects were bad. A couple of weeks later, during yet another phone consultation, Take the Pfizer” were his exact words. Forget the other one. Seriously, trust them?
          So really, what are my risks ,ignoring these so called professionals.
          I also recommend to stop all organ donations. End up in an accident and doctor gets paid 50k for your kidney, you are dead. Especially over 65 in reasonable health.
          I think the Health care systems commit murder to harvest organs.
          Be careful what you sign over to government. Pretty bad to have that much distrust of your fellow man, isn’t it.
          Oh and my Dad is so afraid of dying of COVID wears 4 masks when he goes out. He has had 5 shots. After shot 4 he started bleeding from his rectum. Never had that problem. Listed as a side effect.
          Hopefully, I die in bed. We moved to Central America. I dont trust the system, doctors or any science.
          If I break something, they can set it. I will never sleep in a hospital or old age home.

          • Avatar Marta Staszak says:

            Thank you for sharing this, however upsetting.

          • Avatar Unapologetically Me says:

            “We moved to Central America”.

            May I inquire where in Central America?

            Am a dissident Canadian, completely fed up with the state of affairs in this godforsaken country of fast-food fools and medically controlled consumers of MSM news and “Health Recommendations” and “health mandates”.

            Bought and Paid For with tax dollars, by the Canadian Government.

            They have NO authority over me.

            Am getting out.

            I’d appreciate knowing where you escaped to, and how that’s going.

            Thanks. ❤


        • Avatar Bandit says:

          But can a layperson tell the half that’s BS from the half that isn’t? All vaxxes are BS. Most, but not all, pills are BS.

          • Avatar Fed up says:

            Absolutely. There are books written by doctors on the sham of all vaccines. They are not responsible for stopping the spread of diseases – clean water and living conditions were (See books, “Dissolving Illusions” and “Turtles all the Way Down”). I would also not put it past them if these diseases are/were caused by chemicals in our atmosphere (polio/DDT).

            I’ve read a ton of stuff about vaccines but one thing I read was that if a vaccine generates $5 billion in sales, the diseases caused by them generate an additional $50 billion. These are figures for illustration, but it was similar to that. How is it that cancer – very big business – still does not have any cures after 100 or so years of collecting money/donations? And any doctors or indigenous groups that do have cures are sent packing. What a sham.

            Also, the cholesterol sham and statin drugs. Same old. Just wish people would do their research. Those doctors being slammed/vilified are the ones worthy of our ear. Love Vernon Coleman. Everything he says is true. He’s tired and he’s right pissed off but he still goes on. A hero!!!

            I have Crohn’s which I believe was from a hep B vaccine. I only clued into this when I read others did too. That’s why it’s always good to speak out. You will piss a lot of people off but 1 or 2 might just get it. Thanks Dr. Yoho for all you do as well. You’re a rare hero in a sea of willful compliance. If I have a flare of the Crohn’s, I’ll definitely try the carnivore diet. Thanks, Dr. Yoho, for mentioning that to me.

            As an aside, ever notice how your keyboard/spellcheck changes with these “updates”? Who knows that they are doing with our stuff. Fauci and Covid spellcheck, and have for some time.

          • Avatar Robert Yoho MD (ret) says:

            Peterson Mikhaila carnivore diet



            Several other keto and carnivore videos are also on the same Fit Rx podcast (on buzzsprout) Greg Denis

          • Avatar Fed up says:

            Thanks so much!

          • Avatar Robert Yoho MD (ret) says:

            Read Butchered by Heakthcare for a start.

    • Avatar Richard says:

      Probably most of the “health” (sickness) profession should at least be in jail, for de facto committing assault and murder, including by numerous other means too, including needless damaging activity and negligence!

      I didn’t get why most people applauding NHS staff, every Thursday, for merely, allegedly, “doing their job”, during the lock-downs. They obviously weren’t doing their job much, or at all, became curious people discovered that many hospitals were mostly empty, which was also evident, because many, obviously bored, hospital staff, were messing around at work and posting videos of this on Tik Tok.

      I thought that my neighbour’s loss of a parent in a nursing home, I think in 2020, sounded suspicious and mentioned the deductive certainty of midazolam “good death” mass murder, but they didn’t want to know.

      My mother, seemed quite lucky to have survived a week-long, do-not-resuscitate, hospital stay and a two-week, nursing-home recovery-stay, after a fall and stroke about a year ago; probably caused by C19 jabs and statins, both of which I had strongly warned her against.

      I am now even more loath to trust any medical staff, or the safety of donated blood and organs, because of probably some contamination by the C19 jabbed.

  • Avatar Truth Seeker says:

    Please note that the state of California is continuing to give grants (our tax dollars) to physicians to push the COVID shot on children.
    This is just the latest in a series of financial incentives–the first round was $50,000. to doctors to incentivize their pushing the COVID shot. Please share this information. Most people have no idea this is going on. I for one, will never trust the medical establishment again. No one should.

  • Avatar Turfseer says:

    An excellent summary of the euthanasia program now in effect!

    Songs about the dangers of vaccines and the Covid tyranny.

    THE MYOCARDITIS BLUES. A man sings the blues after coming down with side effects from the mRNA vaccine followed by a deadly heart inflammation.

    JUST TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. “Straight shooter” advice on vaccination for the brainwashed

    “Country” stands up to Medical Tyranny. Watch Turfseer’s “THEY TRIED TO KILL COUNTRY (BUT COUNTRY FOUGHT BACK).”

    Shakespeare meets Vaccine Injury Denial. Listen to Turfseer’s PERCHANCE TO DREAM.

    Subscribe to Turfseer’s Newsletter. Songs, music videos and much more.

    BONUS: Free Download. THE ALTERNATIVE COVID-19 NARRATIVE HANDBOOK. A Collection of useful links. Get it here:

  • Avatar ABIGAIL REPORTS says:

    This scares me to death. In 4 days my eldest who is 52, will be under going a Heart Cath. He has made his wishes known verbably, but can’t see, to get to the point of doing a Living Will and a DNR. As his mom, I’m tasked with making decissions should he not be able too. I’ve already lost 2 of my 4 sons.

    My granddad was a victim of Medical Malpractice when I was a teen. Grandma had no idea it was medical malpractice, she was like many women of her generation illiterate.

  • Avatar Linda McHam says:

    Dr. Coleman is a gem. I have several of his books. The first one I bought was “Anyone Who Tells You Vaccines are Safe and Effective, They Are Lying.” I have given copies of it to several people, doctors included. It’s only $3.99 for the paperback edition. Here’s the link:

  • Avatar Bandit says:

    I love Dr. Coleman. He tells it as it is and doesn’t mince words. I value him as much as I do you, Dr. Yoho. We need to read/hear all your voices.

  • Avatar Joel W. Hay, PhD says:

    Why doesn’t he put his stuff on substack?

    • Avatar Robert Yoho MD (ret) says:

      Joel: are my efforts to expose these other writers to my readers useful or should I just publish my own work?

  • Avatar Joel W. Hay, PhD says:

    I think they’re interesting. I encourage the posts.

  • Avatar pretty-red, old guy says:

    Doc, my initial thought, in answer to your end question, is that you should only post your own. On the other hand you do a service by opening folks up to other viewpoints by re-posting another’s substack articles you feel are exceptional examples. So, yeah, keep ’em coming please, and thank you.

    Have your kids gotten the memo yet?

  • Avatar Jack Black says:

    I worked ICU and ER for 15 years and got out in 2016. I sadly will say this:

    “Conventional healthcare and especially Big Pharma are the biggest farce ever perpetrated upon humankind”

  • Avatar Andy Bunting says:

    Thank Dr. Yoho. Dr. Coleman, your good self & just a few others truly are Living Saints.
    That’s not heresy. Not a mockery, derision, or insult to anyone’s personal beliefs.
    They are Living Saints. FACT.
    We should all be grateful to be alive to hear & see their graciousness.

  • Avatar Jack Black says:

    Worth watching. Back in 2020 this respiratory therapist tells the truth

  • Avatar Jerome V says:

    Sent chills down my spine! They way presumably “normal” doctors and nurses were brought to conspire to “terminate” seemingly uneconomic bed-occupiers. Shakes me to the core! Knowing that we have a pathocratic “elite” driving this inversion of morality from the “top” of the power hierarchies… We must find ways to go free of rule by these creatures.

  • Avatar Unapologetically Me says:

    The case described by Dr. Coleman (in Britain) is precisely how my uncle was euthanized, in Italy.

    In his case: It only took 22 minutes from administration of the drugs until he drew his last breath. December 23, 2022.


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