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Now I know we are all different species of bought-and-paid-for industry shills. For the dentists, exhibit A is dental products, B is fluorIdation, C is mercury amalgams and root canals.

By Robert Yoho and Deborah Butler (The World Has Gone Mad Substack).

Before I start bashing dentists, I confess that I was once an acolyte of Jay Geier, one of their marketing gurus ( I went to conferences with hundreds of dentists and a few cosmetic surgeons. Part of what he did was to teach geeky professionals basics such as how to dress, make eye contact, and even to keep their offices clean. He also brought corporate sales practices to individual practices. I learned a lot and spent tens of thousands of dollars. My wife, who wrote the checks, informed me repeatedly that Jay was a fraud.

Exhibit A: We must never trust toothpaste or other oral care products. 

In an age when we are hearing rumors about Big Agriculture putting genocidal mRNA bioweapons in our food, worrying about toothpaste, mouthwash, and dentists might seem trivial. We might soon be in a scene like the escape from the gulag in the movie Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. Max asks the train conductor, “What’s the plan?” He replies, “There ain’t no plan… the track ends in four miles.”

But even if apocalypse is nigh, you should learn that holding chemicals in your mouth puts them into your bloodstream nearly as fast as giving them intravenously. For example, nitroglycerine placed next to your gums immediately relieves the chest pain from heart disease. Thoughtlessly shoveling heavily marketed dental care items into our mouths might be a bad idea. Even though Proctor and Gamble claims their products are “Iconic brands you can trust,” scrubbing them into your mouth pushes whatever corporate inventors cook up directly into your body. You cannot spit it out.

In 1997, the FDA put a warning on every toothpaste tube, “If more than used for brushing is accidentally swallowed, get medical help or contact a poison control center right away.” They also say that children under six should only use a pea-sized amount.

Studies implicate mouthwash in head and neck cancers. Chlorhexidine, a common ingredient, raises blood pressure. Triclosan, also widely used in dentistry, is a pesticide that has been shown to harm kidney function (from Swartz, book image below).

Those who are awake view every corporate concoction as possibly harmful. We know the people selling them prioritize only profits, have little regard for health, and will claim anything to increase sales. Likewise, endorsement of multiple toothpastes by the American Dental Association proves only one thing: the companies paid for it.

All conventional toothpastes and most fluoride-free “natural” ones use artificial sweeteners. Cyclamate, the first of these fake sugars, was invented in 1937. In 1969, when the annual sales were a billion dollars, studies proved that it caused bladder cancer in rats. The US banned it for foods, then took it completely off the market in 1970. Abbott Laboratories, the owner, petitioned to have it reinstated several times but failed, although it is still approved in 130 foreign countries. Likewise, saccharin was banned in 1981 because of similar issues. 

Six artificial sugars are now approved in the US. Xylitol is found in many toothpastes, including some from the health food store. This is a non-nutritive plant sweetener, and it is antibacterial and antiviral. My friend and mentor Martha Rosenberg wrote an article praising it that you may download below:

A Natural Sweetener May Fight Viruses And Bacteria
3.59MB ∙ PDF file

Ellie Phillips, DDS, wrote Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye: A Do-It-Yourself Mouth Care System for Healthy, Clean Gums and Teeth (2017). She says you can heal cavities naturally because teeth are dynamic organs just like the skin or nails. Her advice includes using xylitol liberally along with several mouthwashes and other products. She says this decreases mouth acidity. Her credibility suffers for me when she advocates fluoride, however. HERE is a website that summarizes Phillips’s recommendations.

Like other chemical sweeteners, xylose causes blood sugar disturbances that could contribute to diabetes. A search reveals supposed reports of irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, kidney stones, and cancer. Higher doses are claimed to produce liver failure. The European Union forbids the use of this sugar in soft drinks, and a single piece of xylitol chewing gum can kill small dogs. 

I do not need to review the other non-nutritive sweeteners to convince you that they deserve no place in your body. Most have been implicated in health hazards. These fakes are everywhere—in sodas, candies, sports drinks, and “energy” drinks. Most of us thoughtlessly pound this stuff down every day. I did until recently.

My readers understand that the integrity of Pharma “research” and “research” paid for, published, and promoted by food companies are identical. You cannot trust any of it. For example, the follow-up studies of saccharine suggested it did not cause cancer: “Most studies of the other five approved artificial sweeteners have provided no evidence that they cause cancer or other adverse health effects in lab animals” (italics mine).

Could this be anything but horses***? Do you think real studies will ever be performed on these products by the corporations making the money? Do we need to waste time looking at the other ingredients of commercial oral hygiene products before trashing them?

HERE is an article describing seven nontoxic alternatives to commercial toothpaste. These are charcoal, Bentonite clay, baking soda, neem (an evergreen tree), miswak (twigs of the Salvadora persica tree), and sea salt (but large particles of this can damage tooth enamel). I now use baking soda and charcoal. Neither is pleasant, but both are inexpensive. (A reader recommends Takesumi Supreme charcoal powder.)

Another cheap possibility is “coconut oil pulling.” You can buy a lifetime supply of this for $20. Swish the oil around your mouth and through your teeth for ten to twenty minutes daily. After using a Waterpik, I brush my teeth with it using my Sonicare. Then, I pull what remains through my teeth. Since I am often working, this is not socially awkward or time consuming. It removes residual food particles and inhibits plaque formation.

At least one review concludes that brushing your teeth and even plaque removal has little effect on cavities.

What about deodorants? Almost all contain aluminum, which is the vaccine additive used since mercury was removed from (most) of them. We know it is dangerous to humans and should never be taken internally. You can find deodorants that contain none, such as the “Life Doesn’t Stink” roll on.

Baking soda works better and costs about two cents a day (thanks to Arnie at Liar’s World substack for this). Use a volume equivalent to about three or four American quarters. Moisten it with water, rub it between your palms, and apply. Caveat: using too much or too often causes skin irritation. Some need it only every other day.

Here is the best tip of this post: use hydrogen peroxide in your water pic reservoir and your mouthwash. I use Costco brand but HERE is one that is food-grade. Dentists say this can make infected gums pink and healthy in a few weeks. It is more than a cosmetic issue, for the same bacteria found in dental plaque and diseased gums are also in coronary artery blockages. They started in the gums and then infected the heart. THIS excellent podcast explains.

Pour a bit of 3 % hydrogen peroxide into the water pic tank, then fill it with water. You do not need to measure the exact quantity because most people tolerate this even at 50 percent strength (1.5 %). I use a teaspoon of the 50:50 mix for mouthwash, and it foams in a satisfying fashion. Caveat: if your mouth is sensitive or easily irritated, try it using quarter strength. 

Above: I kept the baking soda and the magnesium roll-on deodorant; it is hard to get too much magnesium. I poured the Colgate mouthwash into the toilet and filled the bottle with my 50 % hydrogen peroxide mouthwash mix. The rest went into the trash.


  • My age group often has gum recession; some use the little toothbrushes at the upper left. 

  • I use the Advil bottle for baking soda.

  • I trashed the Crest fluoride toothpaste.

  • I kept Tom’s toothpaste, which contains xylose. My dog is safe because he stays out of the bathroom.

  • When I checked the Sonicare toothbrush using my Ghostbuster EMF meter, I was relieved to find nothing. The bristles show evidence of its abuse with charcoal tooth powder, however.

Exhibit B: fluoride

In America, phosphate fertilizer companies dispose of their industrial waste fluoride by putting it into our drinking water. These companies heavily subsidize the American Dental Association, which in return rabidly promotes fluoridation.

Swartz (below) writes, “The more [fluoride] is used, the greater the damage to the central nervous system.[145] It should never be used in dentistry or in any product. Putting it in drinking water is criminal… It does not prevent tooth decay. It causes dental problems over time.” The central nervous system is the brain. Fluoride has been conclusively proven to significantly lower children’s IQs.

The best way to understand these issues is through the Fluoride Action Network. They are pursuing fluoridators through the indolent US federal courts. In a recent victory, the judge on the case released the comprehensive summary of the expert science that indicted fluoride. This cited irrefutable studies relating the urine fluoride levels for pregnant mothers with profoundly lower children’s intellects. Biden officials, including Rachel Levine, a transgender admiral and later Secretary of Health, are managing the litigation on the wrong side. (Update HERE.)

Seventy percent of US communities are victimized by fluoride, but most of the rest of the world has banned it. In Europe, for example, 97% of the countries choose not to fluoridate drinking water. If you live in the USA, and you do not want stupid children, you must rid your water of fluoride using filters or reverse osmosis systems such as Culligan’s.

Postscript: About a quarter of prescription drugs have toxic fluoride structures, including:

  • Statins (Lipitor, Crestor, etc.)

  • Anti-inflammatories (some steroids and NSAIDs)

  • Antacids (Prevacid)

  • Antidepressants and antipsychotics (including nearly all SSRIs)

  • Some antibiotics (Levaquin/Cipro)

Avoid them all if possible.

Exhibit C: Amalgam “silver” dental fillings and mercury root canals

Amalgams are a pre-Civil War technology that should have been outlawed long ago. Half of US dentists acknowledge this and never use them because of the well-known health hazards of their mercury. This has no safe dose. Amalgams are inexpensive and more profitable for dentists than newer technologies. Ignorant or unscrupulous practitioners often put them into patients who are poor or have Medicaid federal insurance. Many dental schools and the American Dental Association still refuse to acknowledge mercury’s dangers and continue to promote amalgam fillings against a mountain of established evidence.

Amalgam (“silver”) fillings are a mixture of several metals, one of which is mercury. Nickel, lead, aluminum, and cadmium are other problematic metals that are also used. These tend to leech out of the fillings and are absorbed into the tissues of the body.[78] 

“Silver” fillings are made up of 50% mercury, which is a particular problem causing health problems.[79] and the biggest source of mercury exposure for people who have them. Mercury fillings represent the largest mercury exposure to people all over the world. Dr. Friberg, the chief advisor of the World Health Organization, insists that there is no safe level of exposure to mercury.[80] [81] Mercury is one of the most toxic naturally-occurring substances in the world.[82] 

Medical professionals realize this. In fact, if a mercury thermometer was still being used in a hospital and it broke, the whole floor would be closed down, and the haz-mat team would come in to clean it up. The dental filling has about fifty times as much mercury as a thermometer. Mercury exposure is deadly, affecting the way you think and feel.[83] [84] 

If you have a mouth that contains one or more fillings that are made with mercury (amalgam or silver) fillings, you are constantly being exposed to toxicity.[85] When you chew or brush your teeth, mercury is released from the fillings and goes into your body’s tissues. This happens from the very first day the mercury filling is placed into your mouth by a dentist, until it is removed. 

There is no safe way to place an amalgam filling. Mercury amalgam is the absolute worst material being used to fill cavities. Careful barrier techniques are crucial when removing mercury to protect patient, doctor, and staff from mercury exposure during the procedure. Because the fillings do not last, they must be replaced repeatedly. But safety in removing mercury amalgams is usually not a priority in most dental offices. This causes toxic exposure not only to the patient, but also the dentist, dental personnel, and anyone in the office. The media is unaware of this problem. 

Mercury vapor is released from amalgams[86] when you chew[87] and crosses right through the blood-brain barrier. The more mercury you have in your mouth, the more mercury you have in your brain[88] and kidneys.[89] [90] It may take some time for symptoms to present themselves, as the mercury slowly builds up in the body. Early symptoms like fatigue, difficulty sleeping, anxiety, and depression may not be easily recognized as being associated with the amalgam fillings. Mercury from fillings can create many common symptoms including depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue,[91] chronic headaches, digestive upsets, depression, and memory problems.[92] 

Mercury toxicity in a pregnant woman and also in the father[93] can cause problems in the unborn child.[94] [95] Mercury causes destruction of your cells[96] and leaky membranes.[97] Mercury vapor causes damage to both sciatic and optic nerves,[98] and nasal sinuses. Breathing in the mercury vapor takes the mercury straight into the brain,[99] damaging the lungs.[100] [101] 

Amalgams are a huge source of environmental pollution.[102] The dental industry dumps about 4.4 tons of mercury into the planet every year. Mercury doesn’t just come from coal-fired energy plants. It comes from dentists who keep putting it into people’s mouths. Imagine the huge amount of mercury that is released into the environment when someone who has mercury fillings dies and is cremated.[103]

Source: Swartz M.D., J.M.; Wright M.A., Y.L.. Toxic Teeth: How a Biological (Holistic) Dentist Can Help You Cure Cancer, Facial Pain, Autoimmune, Heart, and Other Disease Caused By Infected Gums, Root … Jawbone Cavitations, and Toxic Metals (pp. 32-34). Lulu Press. Kindle Edition. (Reference sent by Deborah A. Butler of TheWorldHasGoneMAD Substack. Thanks!)

  • Swartz had dental care every six months during his entire life. Nary a cavity was seen except during a brief period at college, when a dentist somehow discovered a dozen and filled them with mercury amalgams. I had the same experience with another driller when I was about ten—I had 17 amalgams placed over two years. No one discovered other problems in my mouth besides him. Swartz and my mother trusted these people. Behind closed doors, dentists call this “drill and bill.” (Although questionable practices are common, we will never know the truth for individual cases.) 

  • Dr. Mercola had two dozen mercury fillings installed during his youth. The circumstances were likely similar to mine. When he had them removed later, he had the work done by a conventional dentist rather than one who used barrier methods and a vapor evacuation system to prevent mercury exposure. This damaged Mercola’s kidneys.

  • “Biological” dentists specialize in removing and replacing all the outdated, hazardous metals in patients’ mouths. These include root canals, which frequently contain mercury and are also sources of chronic, often asymptomatic, infection. Some specialists drill out “cavitations” adjacent to dental appliances. These are often infected as well. This work produces symptom relief in about eighty percent and can dramatically improve health. 

  • Swartz advises choosing a dentist who has been certified by Hal Huggins, one of the innovators. To learn more about this and to find a dentist who uses the Huggins methodology, go to These doctors know that if the mouth is unhealthy, the rest of the body cannot be healthy.

    Chew On This… But Don’t Swallow by Grube and Vazquez-Tibau (2022) is an excellent, similar reference that has stunning stories. One of the authors, a dentist with decades of occupational mercury exposure, had her blood work checked and was diagnosed with lymphoma during a holistic dentist seminar. , She was cured immediately after removal of her root canals and amalgams. Her fatigue and lifelong concentration problems disappeared as well. She notes:

  • Amalgams that start with 54% mercury have 28% twenty-five years later.

  • Norway, Denmark, and Sweden have banned the use of dental mercury.

  • In 2018, the European Union banned mercury for pregnancy, breastfeeding, and kids under 15.

  • Huggins’ training is the standard for biological dentists.

I (post author) am 69 years old, have a blood mercury level of zero, and my amalgams seem stable. Replacing them with the newer mercury-free materials might be riskier than leaving them alone. However, I have a worsening neurological condition called an intention tremor, so I decided to get all seventeen of them removed. I will tell you how it turns out.

Mercola’s dental podcasts are the best part of this post:

  1. “Mercury awareness week” is HERE.

  2. “It’s all in your mouth” is HERE.

  3. “Mercury free dentistry week” is HERE.

  4. HERE is an interview of Dr. Thomas Levy about how tooth disease causes inflammatory diseases like heart disease and cancer.

More natural ideas from my friend Polymath Paul:

  • B1/thiamine and catnip are natural mosquito repellants. New collaborative research from Northwestern University and Lund University proves that catnip is least as effective as DEET. (Prior study showed catnip to be 10x more effective than DEET.) 

  • Coconut oil works far better than DEET for both mosquitoes and ticks, according to a new US Department of Agriculture (USDA) study. 

  • Imagine if one combined crushed B1, Coconut oil, and catnip into a natural mosquito repellent. The mosquitos would probably leave town.

  • Methylene blue and quinine would be my go-to anti malarial in the tropics. 

  • Paul needs to start a Substack.


Debbie, the coauthor, told me, “I think the d**n dentists are worse than the doctors.”

I replied, “Fluoride reduces children’s IQ by about 7 points—half a standard deviation—for the seventy percent of us who are force-fed it in our water. Dentists have also caused untold inflammatory and neurological diseases for the 100 million Americans whom they convinced to get mercury amalgams. But doctors are worse because they are accessories to the Covid vax genocide. Ed Dowd’s numbers prove that the “vaccine” has killed, disabled or rendered chronically ill ten percent of us, which is 30% of the labor force.

To be continued.

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