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He is the mysterious Dr. Katz in Butchered by “Healthcare.”

The Rumble video link is HERE.


I met Dr. Fraimen at the Lown conference four or five years ago. This meeting is for medical truth-tellers who advocate for patients against pernicious industry influences. I went up and introduced myself to Joe after one of his lectures.

I later spotted him between sessions and went over and hung around with him for an hour. I have never seen him in person since.

We subsequently chatted on the phone for hundreds of hours and became fast friends. He tutored me about medicine and kindly spent at least sixty hours editing and improving Butchered by “Healthcare.” I called him Dr. Katz in the book.

Joe is far brighter than me, and I am always flattered when I can pick up polymaths. His elementary school teachers had never seen anything like him, so they stuck him with the slow learners for several years.

He is 42, loves New Orleans, and says he will never leave. He spends several hundred hours yearly on their Carnival parade. 

Although he works in small hospitals as an emergency physician, he publishes regularly and has significantly contributed to our knowledge of Covid and the “vaccine.” He is networked with some of the most prominent physicians in the world. 

Joe is modest about his talents. I always tell him he belongs at a major university because of his influential work. But Dr. Fraimen refuses to apply for grants or subject himself to the commercial conflicts of academic medicine. He explains that he values his independence and that any step in that direction would destroy his intellectual freedom. 

My interview questions

Before we discuss your current publication, tell me the story about how you woke up to the problems with Covid.

You analyzed the published Pfizer data in a paper and found that it described a vaccine that should have never been approved. World-famous authors put their names on your article as coauthors. But didn’t you have to publish it in a vaccine journal because the major journals rejected it?

Please describe your involvement with Florida’s efforts to protect its populace from Covid and the vaccine. You were on a public panel with other experts, is that right?

Please comment on your opinion that the FDA instituted a system without good sensitivity for harm. In other words, they purposefully sacrifice disease identification to avoid finding anything. Does this have the effect of hiding injuries and fatalities?

Dr. Fraimen is what you get when you put a man with intellect and well-developed ethics into the evils we face today. He comes off as an innocent, something like Pierre Kory. The ground has shifted under these people’s feet, and they cannot fully believe the world they see before them. 

If you have any doubts that we face bioweapons deployed by international criminal conspirators, download Cassandra’s Memo HERE or, better yet, Ken Stoller’s Incurable Me HERE. Although it was published in 2015, he accurately predicted our world today. The following was from his conclusion:

We look up in the sky and see them spraying us with aluminum and other toxic nanoparticles, and we do nothing. We drink high-fructose corn syrup and fluoridated water, chew gum laced with aspartame, and allow ourselves to get vaccinated with deadly ingredients, some of which are meant only to depopulate the world. 

In the eyes of these deluded psychopathic and self-appointed demigods, we are worthless bottom-feeders held in great contempt because they control so much of the world’s resources. The Corporate (Deep) State, the New World Order, globalists, or whatever you want to call them are out to reduce us into mere ants who will either mindlessly work for them or get stepped on. 

Just never forget that we will always have our individual free will and choice to dissent. We can oppose the tyranny or wait to get stepped on—that is the choice. Nevertheless, some of us will get stepped on, but don’t forget we have the power to change all of this through our decisions. We are not stuck, we are not doomed, and we are not limited. Ever! 

The children of the Seventh Generation (1989–2012) are just now starting to become adults. This will be their fight, so there has been a strong effort to poison and dumb them down. Many sacrificed themselves so their uninjured brothers and sisters would know what they needed to do when the time came. 

That enough will make it through and be present when called upon is my hope and prayer. We are so much more than we have been taught to believe. We hold the true power if we choose to use it. Use it or lose it. 

“To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men.” —Abraham Lincoln

Joe Fraiman’s gift is respect for other people’s points of view. He is my good bro, so I will let him have the last word. As always, judging what is true is your job. He wrote, “The above apocalyptic language is a bit much for me, but I think it’s ok coming from you… as I know this is a serious fight and I believe different people play different roles in it, and it is good that different people are taking different approaches.”

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When patients and families are butchered by “healthcare,” I suffer along with them. So I write to teach others about the world we face and to encourage them to join the resistance.

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Parting Shot 1

Parting shot 2: There Was No Pandemic

From the Denis G. Rancourt, Ph.D. essay dated June 22, 2023

Here are my conclusions, from our detailed studies of all-cause mortality in the COVID period, in combination with socio-economic and vaccine-rollout data:

1. If there had been no pandemic propaganda or coercion, and governments and the medical establishment had simply gone on with business as usual, then there would not have been any excess mortality

2. There was no pandemic causing excess mortality

3. Measures caused excess mortality

4. COVID-19 vaccination caused excess mortality

Regarding the vaccines, we quantified many instances in which a rapid rollout of a dose in the imposed vaccine schedule was synchronous with an otherwise unexpected peak in all-cause mortality, at times in the seasonal cycle and of magnitudes that have not previously been seen in the historical record of mortality.

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