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Most of these have aluminum heating elements that heavily contaminate coffee. Either use a drip method or buy one that is made of stainless steel.

I have more about how your coffee maker is working against you at the end. Here is this post’s Rumble LINK. Note: I use “silicon” or “silica” as synonyms for water-soluble orthosilicic acid (OSA), which is what we are referring to. Equating these is not strictly correct.

Dr. Dennis Crouse’s dear mother was losing her memory. So he studied Alzheimer’s disease (AD) for over a decade and wrote Prevent Alzheimer’s, Autism and Stroke: With 7-Supplements, 7-Lifestyle Choices, and a Dissolved Mineral (2016). 

Dr. Crouse majored in biochemistry at Harvard College and has a Ph.D. in chemistry from Harvard University. Since his thinking is high-level, his YouTube videos at the end of this post may be the easiest way for most of us to understand him. 

Crouse proves that aluminum causes Alzheimer’s (AD)

When Alois Alzheimer first described AD in 1906, it was rare. Now, a third of US citizens over 80 have it. After diagnosis, lifespan is only three to nine years. Here are some critical studies from Dr. Crouse’s book:

The increase in AD precisely matches the rise in aluminum use:

Above: the residential drinking water history was collected for 600 people in the ten years before their deaths. Some developed, and others did not develop Alzheimer’s. The study correlated the dosage of aluminum with Alzheimer’s incidence. 

A lot of US drinking water is treated with alum, which dissolves aluminum into our tap water and increases AD by 7.6 times (last line above). Crouse writes:

Over half the alum-treated drinking water in the USA contains over 100 ppb of aluminum. In the seven largest epidemiology studies, aluminum over 100 ppb has been linked to an elevated risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Fortunately, this exposure can be reduced by filtering. 

Crouse shows evidence that aluminum exposure shortens lifespans and causes many other diseases besides AD. These include atherosclerosis, heart disease, autism, multiple sclerosis (MS), osteoporosis, Parkinson’s disease (PD), seizures, and many cancers. It also decreases male fertility.

The “aluminum age” is a health disaster. 

Aluminium began to be widely used in the late 1800s. It is now in drinking water, food, colored candy, pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and even inhaled air. 

Dr. Crouse:

Chronic use of aluminum-containing pharmaceuticals and cookware can be the largest source of bioavailable aluminum. The largest acute source of bioavailable aluminum is from the adjuvant in vaccines. Yoho: for our children, vaccine sources dwarf all others.

Chronic aluminum exposure produces a gradual onset of many diseases and, eventually, death. The exponential increase in autism and Alzheimer’s over the last 80 years cannot be explained by genetics. The U.S. Alzheimer’s Association and the US aluminum industry, led by big Pharma with their vaccines, are covering it all up. For example, see my last post for how Exley’s research was “canceled” by the aluminum cartel. 

Crouse writes, 

Those countries, such as Sweden, Iceland, and Finland, that schedule no aluminum-containing vaccinations from birth to 3 months have less than half the ASD prevalence compared to the UK and the USA, where babies are given aluminum-containing vaccinations from birth to 2 months of age. In addition, a positive correlation was found between autism prevalence and childhood vaccination uptake across the US population.

Many health issues can be boiled down to exposures to silica and aluminum—the former improves health and the latter destroys it.

Aluminum and silicon are independent variables for human well-being and longevity. Independent variables are the prime movers that influence dependent variables, which change because of independent variables. These are my words, not Dr. Crouse’s, but he agreed with the idea during the interview.

This is an enormous claim. Crouse makes a strong case for it in Silica Water, the Secret of Healthy Longevity in the Aluminum Age (2018), then supplies comprehensive proof in Finding a Cause and Potential Cures for Alzheimer’s Disease: Climbing the Ladder of AD Causation (2022). This section summarizes some of his data.

Oxygen (46 percent), silicon(28%), and aluminum (8%) together make up over half of the Earth’s crust. But the human body only had to deal with aluminum in the last century and has little resistance to its toxicity.

The world’s six longevity “Blue Zones*” have natural water supplies that contain high levels of dissolved silicon. These supply drinking water and are used for irrigation. Grains, fruit, and vegetables absorb it. Beer and wine produced in these areas have high silicon content as well. People there eat the “Mediterranean diet.” The six areas are:

  • Okinawa, Japan

  • Villagrande, Sardinia

  • Ikaria, Greece

  • Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica 

  • Loma Linda, California

  • Western Hechi, China 

All these places have long-lived people and also have significant reductions in many diseases. 

Unfortunately, most of the world has little naturally available silica. In addition, modern fertilizers contain only with phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium. This depletes the soil of silicon. So most crops are silica deficient and less healthy to consume. Crouse writes:

Of the ten most produced crops in the world, eight are silica accumulators, and all nine of the most cultivated crops in the USA are silica accumulators. In the USA, the production of these crops removes approximately 10 million tons of silicon… from the soil each year. Silica levels in these crops are declining because silica is not used as fertilizer. 

*Blue Zone is a trademarked name being used to sell various products. Dr. Crouse has no financial interests in his story except book sales. Based on my experience, the returns from this are next to nothing.

To avoid aluminum, Dr. Crouse recommends the following lifestyle choices. 

  • Trash your aluminum cookware. It dissolves the toxin into your food. Substitute glass, stainless, cast iron, or enamel-coated pots instead. Test them by trying to scratch them with a key. If it makes a mark, they are aluminum.

  • Never drink from aluminum beverage cans, even though they are claimed to be enamel-coated. Use glass instead. And those little juice boxes are lined with aluminum-based film.

  • Testing canned goods with a magnet will tell you if they are aluminum, which isn’t magnetic.

  • Colored food, candies, and vitamins are aluminum sources. For medications, if the ingredient list says “Aluminum lake” or “FD&C,” it is no good.

  • Use no antacids except calcium carbonate. Others are aluminum-based. Yoho comment: avoid any medications, including over-the-counter ones, that you cannot live without.

  • Avoid baking powder! This has contained alum since 1900, and even the brands claiming to be aluminum-free are contaminated. It is used to make pickles, pancakes, muffins, and waffles. Instead, use old fashioned cream of tarter baking powder, which has no aluminum. Alternatively, you can make baking powder using Crouse’s recipe in his book or on the internet.

  • Trash all aluminum antiperspirants. These have been related to Alzheimer’s, and many have deceptive labeling. The ones that contain no aluminum are Arm and Hammer Essentials, Tom’s of Maine, and Schmidt’s. A natural alternative is to wet a small amount of aluminum-free baking soda in your palm and use that.

  • Filter your drinking water for aluminum. Reverse osmosis systems such as Culligan work the best. Most filters also remove silica, but you can replace that; see the next section.

  • Avoid processed foods. These contain far more aluminum on average than unprocessed foods.

  • Mothers must make their own infant formula to avoid poisoning their babies with the aluminum in commercial baby food.

  • Quit smoking. Two packs a day doubles the risk of AD. Cigarettes and marijuana have lots of aluminum, and when you smoke, you put it straight into your brain.

  • Avoid having more than one or two alcoholic drinks a day. 

  • Eat the right foods. Whole grains, vegetables, beer (averages 65 ppm), and bananas are sources of silica. 

  • Sleep properly

  • Oatmeal porridge does contain some silicon.

Harmless silica water prevents and treats AD and many other diseases.

It binds aluminum and forces its urinary elimination from the body. Hundreds of studies show improvement in many diseases when silica water is used. This is commercially available as Fiji, with a silicon concentration of 146 parts per million (ppm). There are several other brands including Langkawi Pure (133 ppm) and Volvic (51 ppm). Silicon water can also be made inexpensively at home from tap water, as Dr. Crouse describes HERE. He writes: 

Drinking silica water (i.e., OSA) facilitates the excretion of aluminum resulting in lower levels of fasting glucose, glycated hemoglobin, and triglycerides in the blood and less BMI, waist circumference, and cardiovascular disease…

The best evidence that AD can be prevented is comparing the AD rate in countries with high orthosilicic acid [solubilized silicon] levels in their drinking water, such as Singapore and Malaysia, with countries with low levels of orthosilicic acid in their drinking water, such as the US and Iceland.

With comparable life expectancy and higher orthosilicic acid in their drinking water, people who live in Malaysia and Singapore have a much lower death rate due to AD. Since orthosilicic acid facilitates the excretion of aluminum by the kidneys, there is evidence that lowering aluminum will prevent AD.

Crouse’s other recommended treatments and prevention for aluminum toxicity include:

  • Vitamin D. Cod liver oil is a great source.

  • Taurine, vitamin K2, CoQ, vitamin B12, and alpha-linolenic acid. Animal foods are the best sources.

  • Exercise and perspire. Saunas help, too.

Here are two of Dr. Crouse’s many success stories:

His mother was diagnosed with moderate (stage 4) AD: “A year later, I started her on a liter of Fiji water daily. Before this, she couldn’t remember her brother and sister’s names, struggled with cooking, had issues driving, and wouldn’t talk on the phone for more than 5 minutes. Now, she corrects herself when she says the wrong word, is cooking again, driving again, and talks on the phone all the time. But most important, she is happy! She now has only mild (stage 3) AD.”

She used aluminum pots and pans, but her cheap coffee maker was the big culprit. He bought her a fancy one with a steel heating element that would not poison her.

Another story: “The Fiji Water has been removing aluminum from my brain for almost five months. I can drive and go shopping by myself again and also do memory block video puzzles. My scores have been more than triple since starting detoxing.”

Examples of diseases affected by aluminum but improved by silica

Multiple Sclerosis:

Compared with those without MS, people with relapsing-remitting MS have 7-fold more aluminum and people with secondary progressive MS have 2.6-fold more aluminum in their urine on average.  Also, people with MS have much higher than normal concentrations of accumulated aluminum in their brains369,488. Silica-rich drinking water has been shown to increase aluminum excretion in the urine by 2.5-fold in those with MS.


The incidence rate of PD is correlated with increasing worldwide aluminum production… Aluminum levels are higher in the [substantia nigra] region of the brain in people with PD as compared to people without PD. Aluminum alters the metabolism of levodopa resulting in the inhibition of neuromelanin (NM) production and ultimately lowering NM levels by 50% in the SN region of PD patients allowing aluminum to cause oxidative damage to the SN region.


People living in the Okinawan longevity region have 40% less hip fractures than people in the U.S.A. This is most likely due to higher levels of [silicon] in the Okinawan drinking water. 

And you will look younger:

Restoring or maintaining a youthful appearance as you approach 100 years of life is a goal that can best be achieved on a diet that includes supplemental [silicon]. This is because silicon is an essential element required for metabolism of connective tissue that makes skin, hair, and nails. Youthful skin appears soft and smooth… [silicon] both activates enzymes that cross-link collage and is incorporated into structural proteins as a cross-linker. This adds strength and elasticity to your body’s structural proteins…

Crouse concludes:

The primary reason for taking supplemental silica is to decrease the accumulated aluminum burden of your body’s organs. This will lower the risk of diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, atherosclerosis, stroke, cancer, multiple sclerosis, and seizures leading to greater longevity. In addition, supplemental silica may allow the brain to heal from aluminum accumulation and also provide healing from autism and improve male fertility.

Crouse makes silica water at home

His parents drink Fiji water, however. Dr. Crouse says that everyone doing this would be unsustainable. His video shows how he makes this water for about five cents a gallon. He calls it “Silicade.” In the final step of this simple process, he filters the water with a Brita pour-through pitcher system using filter number OB03. This removes any aluminum from his tap water. If you have a reverse osmosis water purifier like Culligan, your system already removes aluminum, but Dr. Crouse still recommends filtering just to be safe. HERE is the recipe from his website.

When I studied all this, I asked myself if there was some easy way to just add a concentrate to a gallon of water. I also wondered, why not use higher concentrations or simply take a pill? I learned that silicon in water is limited by solubility. Above 200 ppm, silicon comes out of solution, and super-saturated mixes like this might produce kidney stones. Pills have the same theoretical issue.

Avoid scams and hazards.

  • Crouse says that zeolites do not work.

  • Avoid products with any ingredient on the label that include: alum, alumina, aluminum, or bauxite.

  • According to Dr. Crouse, most commercial products touted as silicon have problems. Either they are unproven or have been shown not to work. Note that the bioavailability of the most silicone consumables is low:


Aluminum Toxicosis Paper
2.69MB ∙ PDF file

Dr. Crouse’s Facebook page and his author’s website

His books are:

Banging on Simone Gold: more nasty details are HERE.

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