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Media stories and a lot else are a wall of frauds vomited up by psychopaths to harm, unnerve, and demoralize us.

HERE is the link to Briggs’s book.

This post is a review of current events. Reading it will get you full credit for the semester even if you cut a few classes. If you attended all the lectures and understand everything already, delete this and go to lunch early.

Recall that I have been corresponding with a subscriber who is a slow-learner. He recently wrote:

So yes, there IS a conspiracy…. to a large extent focused on greed. But, for example, how would Pfizer benefit from deliberately wiping out its own customer base? Who then buys their product?

As we saw in the 2020 elections, and then later in Brazil, there ARE sinister forces at work that have huge abilities to do evil, with complete cover from the press. But one needs to analyze their motives… which involve wresting power away from us. How do THESE bad actors benefit from wiping us out……who then pays taxes…..who fawns over them on tv…. they need serfs to run the estates?

But answer this… if the idea was to wipe out (genocide, in your words) a significant portion of the Earth’s population, why not distribute the “hot” doses more widely in the first instance, and get it over with?

With the global population collapsing organically….’ almost NO modern country at the 2.1 births per couple level (or even NEAR it), nobody needs to HELP reduce the population… is going to happen on its own, and in catastrophic fashion.

He did not freaking read (DFR) my book Cassandra’s Memo, so he does not understand. The following is from the first chapter, “In the Company of Psychopaths.” The entire essay is also at this SUBSTACK LINK.

These transnational criminals live to cheat, defraud, and blackmail. Many are killers. They make no contribution to those around them or society, and fair value exchange is foreign to them. They crave power and wealth, but this is secondary to their primary motivation—damaging others. Lies, conspiracies, and intimidation are their trademarks. 

Today’s agendas are so dark that they could only have been conceived and carried out by psychopaths. Their stated plan is “ending overpopulation,” but this supposed problem is already solved. Global birth rates are crashing, and demographics prove that our numbers will peak and decline within a few decades. The Earth’s people are now mostly fed, and their economic situation is improving. 

So why the fraud? Population reduction is killing and destruction for its own sake, which is what psychopaths hunger for. Normal humans have trouble conceiving of such evil, see this behavior as irrational, and dismiss these people as crazy or “psychotic.” This is inaccurate. Psychopaths see reality but have no “operating system” of human love, ethics, and sympathetic feelings.

With this in mind, our world-gone-mad and all the lies make sense. The schemes [I describe] are designed to harm people as the primary goal.

The psychopath trademark is a stream of purpose-built lies to confuse and dishearten us. The open question is how much is designed to damage and kill us and how much is simply to make money. I fear most is the former.

The following fabrications, misconceptions, and horror stories hamper our ability to make critical decisions for our world, ourselves, and our children. 

  • Burning oil and coal and putting carbon dioxide in the air is not bad for our planet. See my posts HEREHERE, and HERE. (I am not discounting the terrible effects of pollution.)

  • Understanding your sexual identity and how your genetics play into your character is the most important distinction you make about your life. Thinking that men and women are the same is a mass hysteria promoted by globalists, an attempt to destroy our adolescents’ sense of self. See my Substack post reviewing Abigail Shrier’s book about transgenders. 

  • Guns are not the root cause of mass shootings. SSRI antidepressants are (HERE). Likewise, violent crime is prevented, not encouraged, by gun ownership. Start watching “Active Self Protection” on YouTube if you do not believe this.

  • The Ukraine disaster is purpose-built to bankrupt us, kill people, and distract everyone. This is obvious if you understand most of the rest.

  • Many doctors, hospitals and all the medical journals have turned against us, and we must now doubt them. (See HERE and also Butchered by “Healthcare.”)

  • Over 50 percent of us take prescriptions, which is insane. Good health is never built on toxic, expensive drugs. Looking at the prescription medications you take and throwing away as many as possible is the first step to better health.

  • Psychiatric drugs are universally damaging. See the “Living on Planet Psych” section of Butchered by “Healthcare” and HERE. Nothing in the psychiatric formulary would have been FDA approved without bribes. These drugs cause violence, addiction, and health destruction. None have been tested against sugar pill (placebo) controls, which means their evils are being actively concealed. 

  • Covid is a weak bioweapon manufactured by psychopaths. Its origins were proven by viral genetic sequencing and documentary evidence. The virus would have been inconsequential had the therapies not been suppressed. Insurance company data confirm that no effect on global mortality happened until the “vaccine” rollout

  • The Covid “vaccine” is a mortally damaging bioweapon. You must repeat the academic year if you do not see this by now. Since its deployment in early 2021, worldwide mortality has increased and live births have each decreased by about 20 percent. Statistics like this have not been seen in a hundred years. But humans are resilient—despite all the other attacks on us, our overall death rate never increased until the “clot shot” was deployed. 

  • Every other vaccine, including the ones for childhood, is a significant harm (see HERE and HERE). Over the last thirty years, these caused the US autism rate to increase from 1/10,000 to 1/30. Like the psych drugs, no vaccine has been studied against proper placebos. Public health measures such as sanitation produced the following drops in death rates, not vaccines.

  • Google, Wikipedia, social media, and the mainstream media are packed with propaganda; if you read them, you must consider them theater. Evidence that they are controlled is that their messages are virtually identical word-for-word across platforms (see Butchered by “Healthcare” and Rogan’s Robert Epstein interview #1768). 

  • We must never trust the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) about food—or drugs. Their recommendations for cheap, manufactured fats such as Crisco instead of healthy animal fats are lies that have contributed to bad health and the obesity epidemic

  • HIV drugs, not HIV, cause AIDS deaths (See The Real Anthony Fauci by RFK, Jr.). This stunned me so thoroughly that I wrote another episode where I extensively reviewed and quoted this book. Access it as a chapter in Cassandra’s Memo.

  • Most American dentists are cooperating with a plan to poison us. Their American Dental Association endorses fluoride, which is a neurotoxin rather than a boon for our teeth (see the summary HERE and the Fluoride Action Network). Half of them are still installing mercury amalgams, which contain 54 percent mercury. This is the most toxic and volatile non-radioactive metal. These dissolve into our bodies over decades. For more about why every dentist should be looked at with suspicion, see HEREHERE, and HERE.

  • WiFi and other forms of electro-smog threaten our health but could be easily eliminated using hard wiring; see THIS post.

  • Courtesy of big Agriculture, our food—even when we buy “organic” from (Amazon’s) Whole Foods—is packed with glyphosate and other poisons. It is unclear how big a threat these are to our immediate health, but they limit our lifespans.

If you look at all this and do not believe that genocidal maniacs are targeting us, I do not know what to say to you. This attack dates back at least decades and possibly a century. After the globalists pulled off the two Kennedy assassinations and 9/11, they thought they could get away with anything. (James Corbett has the most balanced reporting about these events.)

Ridding ourselves of all health threats is impossible. However, remediating as many as we can will help some of us survive. Doing this requires study.

I have a friend who understands Covid, but most of the above is hidden from him. He has mercury fillings in his mouth and lives with his cell phone against his body in a WiFi-infested home. Though his diet is excellent, he has never learned about pesticides. He is dear to me, so I am doing what I can to get through his dense layers of denial.

This excerpt from my recent post reviews how we are being targeted by the Cabal’s propaganda language:

Certain words decrypt reality. Each is meaningless except as a compliance handshake, but they are definitive markers for today’s lies. You will almost always be right if you hear any of the following and assume the opposite. The following labels are an attempt by the Thought Police to confuse and intimidate us.

  • The king of this is conspiracy theory, which the CIA developed after the JFK assassination to discredit doubters of their coverup. It has been used as a weapon ever since. 

  • Doubters, deniers. Example: election denier. 

  • Transgender/transphobe/TG. Criticizing this destructive phenomenon is an American “third rail” that can preclude publication by the mainstream. Most Euros have resisted this. 

  • Homophobe

  • Sexist

  • NAZI/Hitler is used ubiquitously as labels for far-right conservatives.

  • Racism also applies to about anything. (Critical race theory.)

  • Any pronoun idiocy, such as using their/them rather than a feminine or masculine form. I have been guilty of this and left at least one of these mistakes above as an Easter egg hunt for you. Sorting this out is designed to make your head hurt.

  • The idea that the difference between sexes (two entire chromosomes) is culturally fabricated, yet the difference between races (invisible genetically) is consequential.

  • Antisemite has been so overused that any relationship to reality—or even Jews—has been lost.

  • Fact checks universally reveal a deep-state propaganda source, as does the use of the words disinformation or misinformation.

  • Right-wing extremism. 

  • White supremacist.

  • Woke/DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion)/ESG (environmental, social, governance)

  • Domestic terrorism: anti-mask, anti-vaccine, anti-critical race theory, questioning the outcome of an election, calling out radical LGBTQ+ activists for their grooming behavior.

  • Any reference to Trump. Though his flaws are legion, the screaming criticism has dulled us into indifference. 

  • Insurrection; insurrectionist

These words are easy to spot, stink of jingoism, and are purposefully vague to allow painting with a broad brush. Call yourself or your friends out when you hear them used. Anyone who mouths this nonsense is fooled, careless, a cretin, or hypnotized by propaganda. 

However, keeping these ideas ready for use gives you special powers. In many social and professional situations, you must pass through heavily guarded checkpoints behind enemy lines. Sun Tsu tells us all warfare is based on deception. Lying to anyone—even to hostiles—may be unnatural, but it is a survival skill, for we are at war.

Remember Machiavelli: Keep your friends close but your enemies closer. Stay calm, skeptical, and ignore anything you hear until you can confirm what happened after the fact. Worrying about predictions gives anyone hives.

There is a silver lining.

Until the jab was introduced, despite all the health attacks we have been subjected to, the population mortality never changed. In other words, our natural immunity handled everything from mercury to “healthcare,” and on average we lived just as long.

But allowing ourselves to be injected with poisons changed that. Ed Dowd tells what is happening HERE. Live births, mortality, and disability numbers are all going the wrong way.

Resistance to the genocide is spreading. With friends, family, and celebrities dying around us, even some of the morons are waking up. We are being coerced with threats of job loss, but that is a small thing compared coercion using physical force. If that happens, I predict we will see overwhelming defiance.

Here is Andrew Bridgen’s optimism:

Good will always beat evil in the end.

Humans have been around on this planet for a very long time, and we evolve our behavior in response to threats. If evil were the winning strategy, by now everyone would have to be evil to maximize our chances of survival. As most people are not evil, that means it’s not the winning strategy.

The truth will ultimately triumph. It always does. (Quote credit: James Roguski) 

Many heroes are doing the math and putting it all together. Our prayer is that enough wake up in time to stop the unfolding disaster. Please do your part by spreading the truth.

Stone-cold psychopaths are uncommon. If theirs were an entirely successful strategy, we would all be one. Most of the people you try to recruit for my posts are fooled, indifferent, or stoned on street or prescription drugs. Be persistent, for the rule of life is that “the world belongs to the askers” (Brian Tracy).

Parting shot:

This serious young dude is trying hard. He wore shades, so I did too. The episode was HERE, but the jackals at YouTube censored it.

Gifts for you: Cassandra’s Memo ebook is free HEREHormone Secrets is HERE, and Butchered by “Healthcare” is HERE. Hard copies of Cassandra are on Barnes and Noble, and the other two are on Amazon. Please write reviews if you like them.

I have no copyright; you may quote any of my essays or books in part or whole without restriction or permission if you credit me. Also, because I am retired, I never give personal medical advice. Use the information here at your own risk.  

I write full-time to help my readers avoid being butchered by “healthcare,” to help them understand the world we face, and to encourage them to join the resistance.

To RR: thanks for maintaining your sense of humor while I use your emails as examples. You are anything but a slow learner, but sometimes I think you DFR. 

To my dear Little Chrissie: call me if you read this. I do not expect to hear from you because I suspect you DFR either. You have an excuse—you work fifty hours a week.

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