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But when I discovered Robert Gammal’s book, The Garbage Collector, I learned that I had missed a huge part of the story

I would rather have questions that can’t be answered than answers that can’t be questioned. —Richard P. Feynman

Since I quoted him for 80 percent of this post, Dr. Gammal consented to coauthor it. The Rumble version is available under “Surviving Healthcare.”

I wrote about dental apostasies HERE, HERE, and HERE. But I said little about root canals. If these are in your mouth, you need to study The Garbage Collector until you become convinced they must all come out. (Apicectomies and “retrograde root fillings” are virtually the same thing.)

Teeth consist of the hard “enamel” on the outside. On the inside, there is the soft nerve and “pulp,” which conducts the circulation that keeps a tooth alive. A “dentin” layer lies between these:

The hard exterior contains three miles of “microtubules” per single rooted tooth. These pass from the inside layers to the outside of the enamel. Bacteria and anything else in the pulp or mouth can pass freely back and forth.

During a root canal procedure, the endodontist drills out the tooth’s center. He then applies carcinogenic antiseptics such as phenol and formaldehyde in a futile attempt to sterilize it. Next, he fills it with a range of materials that are far from biocompatible. These toxic materials are described HERE, and all of them are considered safe and effective by the dental fraternity, the FDA, and the Therapeutic Goods Association of Australia. Any of these can pass into the brain, which is only a few inches away.

Precisely filling the remaining hole where nerves went into a tooth’s roots is impossible. So the dentist either leaves these open to the rest of the body or overfills it. In the past, this was often done using mercury alloys. Currently, other hazardous materials are used, but removing dead teeth with old amalgam-containing root canals is still part of any biological dentist’s practice.

Dr. Gammal’s wrote me to say, “All root fillings leak and this gets worse over time. The other danger is that if the root canal is overfilled with toxic filling materials, it inevitably kills the bone around the end of the root. Mercury is sometimes still placed at the end of the root following the apicectomy procedure, and this is a total disaster.”

Following a root canal, the tooth is no longer living but dead—it becomes a “foreign body.” A tooth is not a stone—it is human tissue. All surgeons know what happens when dead biological materials remain inside people. These are inevitably infected and spread bacteria to new locations. For example, nearly all heart attack artery blockages are infected with the same bacteria that are in the patient’s mouth. Also, inflammatory diseases such as arthritis and other autoimmune conditions often go away when canal teeth are removed.

Gammal editorializes:

Nothing works. The whole procedure is based on illusion from beginning to end. If it were possible to sterilize the tooth, then this problem would not exist. There is a blanket denial that bacteria and toxins escape from the tooth the whole way down the length of the root, and not just through the apex. It would therefore make more sense to take the whole root out and not just the end of it. Fantasy and illusion reign in the minds of endodontists.

NB: This introduction understates the harms of root canals. The rest of this post will document why they should never be performed and why they must be extracted.

This is Robert Gammal, B.D.S.

From 1975 until 1987, he placed amalgams, did root therapies, and poured fluoride over children’s teeth. After this, Dr. Gammal took three years off to study natural treatments. During this period, his health improved dramatically because he avoided mercury. After he returned to dentistry, he studied with Dr. Hal Huggins in Colorado. He learned that reducing his patients’ total body mercury by removing amalgams often produced spectacular health improvements.

Gammal believes that most oral and many medical problems are caused by ill-conceived dental procedures such as tooth implants and root canals. In The Garbage Collector, he describes what happened when he removed dead tissues such as teeth from his patients’ bodies, “When we take [this] garbage out, the body has a chance to heal. This can happen so quickly it can make your head spin.”

Here is Dr. Gammal’s hero’s journey. He retired in 2014.

My professors, peers and dental association taught me to poison myself, my family, my friends, and all patients.  I do not thank these people.  These people I regard at best, as criminally negligent and possibly pathologically insane. The mad hatters are the teachers, judges, and jurors of our great profession! These people pretend to be the guardians of dental ethics and education, and are responsible for some of the greatest suffering that mankind experiences.

Yes, I sound scathing because I am. The criminals who taught me made me responsible for creating an unknown quantity of disease. I have no idea how many people I have poisoned and killed. This is one of the greatest burdens for any dentist who takes on this new paradigm. There is no exaggeration in what I am saying. As a good, conscientious dentist, I looked after my family and friends. I did what I was told, going by what the great professors and deans taught at university. I had a chance with some of these people to undo the damage I had caused. Others died of all sorts of medical conditions caused by my “treatments”. Did I really cause these deaths? Do I feel differently about the patients who are not my inner circle? No! I became a very good “sick-making” machine. I was the perfect dentist because I did everything that I was taught to do at university. Everyone suffered.

I spent the rest of my forty years in dentistry doing the opposite. In this latter period, I saw multiple sclerosis disappear after extracting one dead tooth. I saw suicide notes torn up after extracting one dead tooth. I’ve witnessed brain tumours disappear after extracting one dead tooth. And it goes on and on. All these dead teeth had had root canals which were done by dentists who I am sure had the best interests of their patients at heart, just as I did. The end results of their state-of-the-art treatments became glaringly obvious. The body can often heal itself very quickly if given the opportunity.

Gammal emphasizes that to obtain predictable results, the entire area around extracted teeth must be thoroughly cleaned out. Contrary to customary practice in dentistry, no part of the tooth ligament or any surrounding area that may be infected should be left. Moreover, if the underlying bony area has “cavitations,” which are soft areas visible on X-ray, they must be drilled out or infections persist. Clues to all these issues are sometimes more obvious on specialized three-dimensional imaging.

Work like this is routine for surgeons; they call it “debridement.” For dentists, however, it is usually frowned upon as “over-servicing” by the dental establishment.

Many chronic degenerative diseases can be linked directly to dental treatments. Doctors, not knowing or understanding this, can only treat symptoms without ever finding a cure. They, like the dentists, have been misled for far too long. They do not know that dead teeth can create cancer or that mercury may be responsible for infertility. They all believe that fluoride in the drinking water stops tooth decay and that it cannot calcify your pineal gland or cause hypothyroidism, osteosarcoma, or heart disease.

Dentistry is not the only cause of chronic degenerative diseases, but it is one of the most overlooked and ignored causes. You will see later the relationships to cancers, multiple sclerosis, cardiac disease, and a vast range of other conditions.

He writes about his mentors:

In 1991 I went to Colorado to study with Dr Hall Huggins. If you can get a hold of his book, It’s All In Your Head, you will read the firsthand account of what follows and learn lots in the process.  Dr Huggins was the man who started the third amalgam war in the 1970’s, with his research into amalgam. He was the person who brought the teachings of Dr Weston Price into our current consciousness. He was a genius with a heart bigger than his enormous intellect. When I went to his clinic to register for the course, I was delighted by a young 8 year old girl, who was having a great time playing in the waiting room.  I made comment to the receptionist about what a gorgeous happy kid she was.  The receptionist said, “take a good look as she is part of your course”.   By the time she had come to see Dr Huggins a year earlier, she had been sent home to die, because her leukemia was untreatable.

Dr Huggins was very thorough.  He had blood tests and biomarkers from the time he saw her, throughout her treatment and follow ups a month, 6 months and a year later.  What was the treatment?  Dr Huggins removed a tooth that had been ‘treated’ with a pulpotomy and covered with a stainless steel crown.  The pulpotomy was performed about a year earlier and she was diagnosed with leukemia a month after the dental treatment. Within a week of this tooth being removed, her white cell count returned to normal. A month later she was told that the leukemia had disappeared.  One year later there was still no trace of cancer.

In the latter half of my dental career, I was exposed to the teachings of people like Dr Hal Huggins, Dr Horst Poehlman, Prof Boyd Haley, Prof Murray Vimy, Prof Vera Stejskal, Dr Jerry Bouquot and in the written word, Dr Weston Price, to name but a few of the great thinkers with the courage to talk about their knowledge.  They patiently taught me as I violently rejected their claims. 

This is when I learnt about the true cost of leaving dead teeth in the mouth.  This is when I started to learn that the forced medication, called water fluoridation, had no beneficial effects at all.  This is when I learnt that the mercury, I was implanting into patient’s bodies, was causing mercury poisoning, with all the horrifying ramifications that this entails.  I learnt that by using mercury amalgam as a filling material, I was also poisoning myself and my staff.  There was at last a reason for the uncontrollable trembling hands, muscle twitches and splitting headaches, as well an explanation of the acute optic neuritis and rapid mood swings.

 Dr Huggins was once asked if all root-canalled teeth should be removed. He replied that it was only “for those people who had an interest in their health.”

Gammal discusses why root canal procedures fail:

Not one of the god-endodontists has a way of measuring the sterility of the tooth. In fact, there is no measure of sterility at all. It is impossible to sterilize the canal, so there is not really any standard by which we can judge whether the tooth is ready to be filled. Because they had to admit failure regarding their ability to sterilize teeth, they created a new term. They now claim to be able to take the teeth to a state of “physiologic balance”. There is no such thing as physiologic balance!

When the tooth is ready to be filled is a guess based on a lack of pain and ‘no stinky smell’. The decision to fill the canal and finish the treatment is based only on the dentist’s appraisal of how much he or she can get away with. Spending too much time on such a tooth erodes the profit margin. It is neither a scientific nor a logical decision. All root-canalled teeth are infected. The bone around all of these teeth is infected.

All materials used in the root canal procedure are toxic. Some will affect the nervous system. Some will affect a developing foetus. Some will cause cancer. There is not one which is biocompatible. All these materials will escape from the tooth and spread around the whole of your body. They can cause all sorts of diseases in any part of your body.

German physician and cancer specialist, Professor Max Daunderer, is contemptuous of dental care:

In an interview in 1998, he stated, “The dental work we get from dentists is not something biological or medical. I’d say it is a technical thing, and the techniques give the dentists a number of very strong poisons to be implanted in the mouth. If you kill the tooth and then fill its root canal with mercury, formaldehyde, cortisodentistry is just a sin against the biology of the body and a sin against the ‘real’ medicine.”

Gammal says titanium implants do not work:

These good looking X-rays of dead teeth do not show the infection around or in the roots. No matter how good the tooth looks on an X-ray, it will still be infected.

For the bone surrounding the implant to become infected from this source, the bacteria have to have “escaped” from the dead tooth and penetrated the bone. If they are in the bone, then they will be carried everywhere else in the body. If these bugs decide that your heart is a good home, then you might just have a heart attack. They might decide to inhabit your brain instead and create neurological cancers or MS. They might localize in your ears and cause deafness.

All bacteria and the toxins they produce can and do travel out of the tooth to the rest of your body. It is not just the implant that might fail in this case. In any language, this is a focal infection arising from the source.

Titanium implants are blends of alloys. Each of these metals can potentially cause allergy or toxicity. Some manufacturers consider their products’ contents trade secrets, and this impedes precise diagnosis of patient problems. Also, electrical currents between implants, tooth fillings, and orthopedic appliances potentially create problems such as metal shedding. This can make people sick.

To avoid these problems, ceramic (zirconia) has recently been used for implants. These are not metal, and they are nearly biologically inert. Surgeons who use them must be skillful and trained in new techniques. As of late 2023, the manufacturers’ and the dental surgeons’ pricing seem predatory. For example, I heard that in California one patient was charged $200,000 for four implants. It is more reasonable in Spain.

Gammal about mercury:

Dentistry also does not consider mercury from amalgam to be a problem. Mercury is the third most toxic element known to science. Arsenic is the “first” most toxic. Lead is somewhere in between. There is no amount of mercury that is safe. None. The manufacturer states that this material causes cancer. Why in the name of sanity does a health care profession want to implant it into living bodies? Why do the TGA and FDA give approval for its use, especially in children?

Hundreds of studies prove that root canals destroy health:

Just one short list published in the International Endodontic Journal, titled “Root canal treatment and general health: a review of the literature,” is testimony to this: “There has been an increase in the number of case reports published in the medical literature citing dental infection as an associated factor in several systemic illnesses including; • uveitis (Sela & Sharav 1979) (inflammation of the middle layer of tissue in the eye) • intracranial abscess (Holin et al. 1967, Henig et al. 1978, Ingham et al. 1978, Churton & Green 1980, Aldous et al. 1987, Marks et al. 1988, Saal et al. 1988) (brain abscess) • childhood hemiplegia (Hamlyn 1978), cerebral infarction (Syrjanen et al. 1989), acteriospermia and subfertility (Bieniek & Riedel 1993) (brain damage or spinal cord injury that leads to paralysis on one side of the body) necrotizing fasciitis (Gallia & Johnson 1981, Steel 1987, Stoykewych et al. 1978) (a bacterial infection that results in the death of parts of the body’s soft tissue. It is a severe disease of sudden onset that spreads rapidly.) • mediastinitis (Hendler & Quinn 1978, Zachariades et al. 1988, Musgrove & Malden 1989) (inflammation or infection of the mediastinum) • fatal endocarditis (Kralovic et al. 1995) (infection of the lining of the heart) • toxic shock syndrome (Egbert et al. 1987, Navazesh et al. 1994) (acute septicaemia typically caused by bacterial infection) Septicaemia (Lee 1984) (Bacterial Blood Poisoning)

A small taste of the current literature shows that dead teeth can cause a wide range of diseases: 308 • immune system diseases 309 • infection of hip replacements 310 • abscess of eyes 311 • cervical cellulites and mediastenitis 312 • Necrotizing fascititis 313 • coronary atherosclerosis 314 • sinusitis 315 • Multiple Sclerosis 316 • brain abscess 317,318 • brain cancer 319 • central nervous system damage 320, 321, 322,323 • Trigeminal Neuralgia 324,325,326,327,328,329

Infection spreading from teeth may cause the following: 331 • Osteomyelitis of the mandible • Maxillary sinusitis and orbital abscess • Wound botulism • Ludwig’s angina (Heart) • Necrotizing fasciitis • Cavernous sinus thrombosis (brain) Persistent pyrexia of unknown origin (high temperature) • Septicaemia—Streptococcus milleri and Pseudomonas Septicaemia with disseminated intravascular coagulation • Pulmonary abscess (lung) • Pyogenic hepatic abscess (liver) • Brain abscess • Brain abscess and acute meningitis • Paraspinal abscess and paraplegia (spine) • Bacterial endocarditis (heart) • Splenic abscess (spleen) • Mediastinal abscess and pneumonia (chest)

The following diseases are listed in a paper entitled “Systemic Diseases Caused By Oral Infection”, published in 2000: “Cardiovascular disease, coronary heart disease: atherosclerosis and myocardial infarction, stroke, infective endocarditis, bacterial pneumonia, low birth weight & diabetes mellitus, cerebral infarction, acute myocardial infarction, abnormal pregnancy outcome, persistent pyrexia, idiopathic trigeminal neuralgia, toxic shock syndrome, systemic granulocytic cell defects, chronic meningitis.”348 (Published in Microbiology Reviews – This paper is referenced with 158 references) The bacteria in a tooth can and do travel throughout the body. There is now research which demonstrates the presence of oral bacteria in the uterus and amniotic fluid. These uterine infections can lead to preterm birth in pregnant women.349,350

He concludes:

Research about the dangers of mercury from amalgam fillings has been around since its inception in 1812. Research about the dangers of root canal procedures has been around since the early 1920’s. Research about the dangers of fluoride has been around for over 80 years. There is no reason to suggest it does not exist, especially when the current research fully supports the older research.

The amount of mercury in the mouth of a person with fillings was on average 2.5 grams, enough to contaminate five ten-acre lakes to the extent there would be dangerous levels in fish. (Electric Power Research Institute, EPRI Technical Brief. “Mercury in the  Environment”, 1993;  & EPRI Journal, April 1990.)

Dr. Gammal told dozens of stunning stories about patients who were cured after their metals and rotten teeth were removed.

[While] I was hopeful that taking out the dead teeth would help, I was shocked to see the speed at which the body can heal when the rubbish is removed. It was terrifying to see my patients come back a week later to have the stitches removed and report that the symptoms they had suffered with, sometimes for years, had disappeared within a matter of days.

One of the most common stories that I heard was that of breast lumps. I lost count of the number of women who told me their breast lumps had disappeared after a root-canalled tooth was removed. This often happened within a week of the tooth coming out. The psychological stress of living with lumps in the breast is one thing. The very real rise in the incidence of breast cancer is another.

Arthritis is [frequently] associated with dead teeth. A relevant case study appears in the 2002 literature. This report describes a remission of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) of 16 years duration, apparently caused by the extraction of endodontically well-treated, healthy looking teeth. The only clue that the teeth were contributing to the disease pathogenesis in this case of RA was that the patient was able to reproducibly induce severe attacks of arthritis after prolonged, heavy pressure on some of his teeth treated with root canal fillings. After extraction, a small pus layer was found to cover the apices of the clinically healthy-looking teeth. The rheumatoid factor (RF) became negative and the patient remained symptom free for the next 16 years.

Multiple sclerosis (MS) cures

Quoting Professor Daunderer, “if we take Multiple Sclerosis patients who removed amalgam but refused both extraction of root canals and treatment of infected maxillary bone, we observe a cure rate from MS of 16%. But when we consider multiple sclerosis patients that beside amalgam removal accepted our full treatment (root canal extraction and cleaning of alveolar bone), the percentage of cures increases to 86. 576”

In the 1970s and 1980s, Professor Patrick Stortebecker, who was then the Professor of Neural Surgery at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, demonstrated that the primary lesion in Multiple Sclerosis is not demyelenation but instead is an infected plaque around the venous side of the blood supply to the brain. Cerebral MS plaques showed the same organisms as found in dead teeth, periodontal disease, and other oral infections. Spinal MS lesions showed the same organisms that are found in the bowel and vagina.

Stortebecker described the pathway of transmission through the non-valved venous plexus for both areas. By injecting dyes into the angle of the mandible (therefore not a bony connection to the rest of the skull), he was able to fill the whole of the intra-cranial blood vessels. This demonstrated that the non-valved veinous plexus below the skull allows movement of blood in both directions. This is critical to the understanding of how the microorganisms from the mouth could enter the brain. 602,603,604,605

Causal comparison of the WHO map of dental caries incidences throughout the world reveals a striking parallel in general trend. Comparison of decayed, missing and filled teeth with the MS death rates results in a correlation coefficient of 0.97, and the probability of a chance occurrence is less than 0.002. This represents a nearly perfect linear relationship between dental disease rates and MS death rates.

From the work of Professor Vera Stejskal in Europe, it is clear that all metals must be avoided in Multiple Sclerosis patients. This includes the metals in composite resins that are used to colour the filling materials. Porcelains should be the filling material of choice and should be cemented into place with old-fashioned, but safer, zinc phosphate cement. For all those with an autoimmune disease, I strongly recommend you read the information at

MS patient stories:

Bill was another patient who came to see me in desperation because, at the age of thirty-two, he figured that he was too young for an MS diagnosis. The treatment he received was the removal of a single root-canalled tooth. Of course, our surgical procedure involved removing the periodontal ligament and unhealthy bone from the cavity. Bill stated the following: In September 2003, I went along to my dentist and had a root canal treatment performed. Months later in January 2004, I started to experience problems with my balance, tingling sensations and numbness in my hands and feet. Subsequently I was referred to a neurologist and after many tests – C.T. scans, lumbar puncture etc, – I was told that the probable cause of my problems was Multiple Sclerosis. The amazing thing for me was I had this root canal filled tooth pulled out in September 2004 and a week later, literally a week later, my balance started to improve, and the sensations that I had been experiencing for 9 months, started to abate. The numbness & tingling – and basically things have just improved from there. It is now December 2005!633

A lady in her forties—Helen, for want of a name—came to see me after being diagnosed with MS She had a few young children and a great relationship with her husband. She was very happy but felt that she was too young to be sent home with a death sentence and no hope of treatment. On examining her mouth, I found one root-canalled tooth on the upper left and a small metal-and-porcelain bridge to replace a missing front tooth. There wasn’t any amalgam in her mouth.

Technically, the bridge was very well made, but we had no idea which metals were used. The root canal looked like a job that any endodontist would be proud of, and there was no abscess visible on the X-ray. No matter what the tooth looks like on an X-ray, all dead teeth remain infected, as it is impossible to sterilize them. She’d had great mechanical dentistry done. She also brought in her MRI scan, which showed two large lesions in her brain.

She had done her research and requested that I take out the bridge and the dead tooth. I told her there was no promise it would affect her health, as I always did, and she accepted this completely. I also agreed with her that there was a good likelihood the MS could be related to these. At this first appointment, she decided to remove both the tooth and the bridge immediately. She was not interested in proving which was a cause. She just wanted to eliminate all possible causes.

She was quite happy to go home with a “gappy” smile. Three months later, Helen came back in to see me with a new MRI. All of her symptoms had resolved, and the MRI scan was clear of any lesions. Her neurologist had declared her free of MS and did not want to know what she had done to make such a radical change.

The symptoms of mercury poisoning and those of multiple sclerosis are identical. The main source of mercury to the general population is, of course, dental amalgam. In fact, mercury exposure occurs at a rate ten times higher through this source than through all other sources combined, including seafood. 634 Studies have found mercury-related mental effects to be indistinguishable from those of MS. 17,635,636,637

Many MS patients have been helped by reducing their mercury loads. This can be achieved only if the source of the mercury is removed. Thus, all amalgam fillings need to go, as well as all other sources of mercury, including amalgam tattoos. Several published studies have clearly demonstrated an improvement of symptoms after the amalgams are removed. Not all recover, but many do. Amalgam may be an important risk factor for patients with autoimmune diseases. 642,643,644

Dr Huggins noted that the incidence of both ALS and MS started going through the roof after 1976, with the introduction of high-copper amalgams, which release about fifty times more mercury than the older formulations of amalgam with less copper. Multiple Sclerosis was not known before 1830, when mercury amalgam became a worldwide phenomenon!

Dr. Gammal saw many tumors disappear three to four months after taking the root canal teeth out of his patients’ mouths. Here are opinions from oncologists who learned about these treatments:

Dr Issels, Daunderer and many others have rated their treatments as only average, unless the dental work is done first. Then their success rates increased to about 80 per cent. This is a far cry from the miserable cure rates of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. According to a 2004 report by Morgan, Ward, and Barton, “The contribution of cytotoxic chemotherapy to 5-year survival in adult malignancies … survival in adults was estimated to be 2.3% in Australia and 2.1% in the USA.”578

Dr Issels found that 98 per cent of his cancer patients had between two and ten dead teeth.

Try looking up the success rate of radiation therapy and you will find a never-ending array of articles claiming a 95 per cent success rate for Prostate Cancer ONLY. No other type of cancer is mentioned. Also, no mention is made that radiation is itself carcinogenic. The use of radiation started as a bad experiment in the 1920s but proved to be too profitable to discard.

Gammal writes,

Most of the degenerative diseases of our times are regarded as having “no known causes”. Potential causes are linked to genetic and environmental conditions when you ask the doctor the why, what, and how. Many of these diseases have “societies” attached to them for the support of patients and research. For as long as I can remember, the evening news has carried regular stories of trial treatments for cancer, which are always in their research stage. The level of depression in our society has gone through the roof. Behavioural problems in children are also increasing at alarming rates. There seems to be a potential vaccine for just about any disease, even including those that are not infectious like the human papillomaviruses that cause cervical cancer.

When there’s no known cause, there can never be a cure. Gradually the “no known cause” becomes a part of the language and the thinking of both doctor and patient. There is an acceptance amongst most people that if there is ‘no known cause’, then it is just bad luck. Perhaps it is your genetic makeup? The genetic argument never states as much but strongly implies that if you have a particular genetic weakness in some area, then that’s what’s going to kill you. We all have a genetic weakness, as well as genetic strengths. To a point, this totally explains the variety of diseases found by both Price and Rosenow. Many of these conditions may not kill you but will certainly reduce your quality of life.581 Perhaps it is time to look in other directions for a cause.

He concludes:

There is now more than sufficient published research which demonstrates the role of oral infections as a cause of heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, Multiple Sclerosis, and other neurological diseases, to call for an immediate ban on the practice of keeping dead teeth in the body. It is certainly time for the dental profession to take responsibility for the disasters they cause.

I saved the most incredible part of this stunning story for last. American dentists may be censored or even have their licenses revoked if they advertise or even mention to patients that removing amalgams or other dental work improves health.


Dr. Gammal’s website: Possibly the most critical link is his instructions about the care that should be taken to avoid poisoning the patient when removing mercury.

Dr. Gammal tells how to understand dentists HERE. If you can, find one who is trained by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IOAMT).

Dr. Gammal’s fluoride presentation. This is a free download for any of us to use.

Quecksilber is Gammal’s 2004 documentary about the dangers of mercury from dental amalgam. More recently, he produced Rooted, a movie about the dangers of root canals.

The Roots of Disease and The Toxic Tooth by Robert Kulacz and Thomas Levy

Curing the Incurable by Thomas Levy.

Solving The M.S. Mystery: Help, Hope and Recovery by Dr Hal Huggins. Order it HERE.

Root Cause (2018) is a documentary about the taboo subjects of cancer and heart attacks and their relation to dead teeth. Interviews include one of America’s leading cardiologists, Dr Thomas Levy, who made it clear that infection from root canals cause heart disease. Every single root canal is infected and stays infected.

Dr. David Minkoff interview on YouTube about root canals.

Cancer: A Second Opinion by Dr Issels. He devotes a chapter to dental causes.

Anyone who has dental work needs to read this post and sign up for Surviving Healthcare. But finding a good “biological dentist” isn’t easy. The first place to look is to search for IAOMT, the professional group for honest tooth doctors.

Parting shots

From Dr. Gammal’s book:

The hatters of old used to cure rabbit fur with mercuric nitrate. They had profound psychiatric manifestations—they went quite bonkers. They became as “mad as a hatter”, as clearly demonstrated in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland! Many patients who have amalgam implanted into their mouths also become mad, from the mercury they’re exposed to. Any dentist who uses or drills out amalgam will also be mercury poisoned and often will also become as mad as a hatter. Should we wonder why dentists have the highest suicide rate of all professions?

Adolf Hitler… refused to listen to his generals’ advice to quit whilst ahead. WW2 could have ended in 1943, but Hitler had numerous amalgams, along with two gold bridges and crowns, which would have guaranteed a continuous flood of mercury to his [brain.]

Fluoride in the drinking water also has profound psychological effects. Fluoride will lower IQs across a whole population. 646,647 It was put in drinking water in German concentration camps to keep the inmates more apathetic. It is used in our water supply for the same reason. Both mercury and fluoride act as inhibitors of brain growth and maturity when foetuses are exposed in utero. Neither is in any way beneficial…

A forty-six-year-old male restaurant owner… for many years suffered with chronic fungal infections in and around his fingernails. He had, like most of the patients I see, tried everything to get rid of this, as it had a profound effect on his ability to work with food. Within one month of removing a dead tooth and doing some periodontal cleaning, all of the troublesome infections had gone. In his words: “it is now time that I should say that I am breathing a lot easier. I can breathe in without opening my mouth all day long. The same at night – I can breathe in without breathing through my mouth. Whereas before was completely the opposite …” He told me his story while showing me how he could use his fingers as drumsticks on the table. This was impossible before because of the excruciating pain.

From Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye: A Do-It-Yourself Mouth Care System for Healthy, Clean Gums and Teeth (2017) by Ellie Phillips, DDS:

Almost all American adults have damage from dental disease as they age, and almost a quarter of all adults between sixty-five and seventy-four have severe disease. In the United States today, around 30 percent of adults age sixty-five have no teeth at all. Many people, despite visits to their dentist, are never cured of their disease, but they continue to require treatments year after year, with repairs becoming constantly more extensive. Dental visits are often a maintenance system that does not stop the disease but, rather, simply keeps the symptoms within limits that you, the consumer, agree to accept. Patients have been conditioned to view fillings and repairs as normal, as problems that are part of the aging process, and their ongoing dental treatments as something they deserve.

This post deserves to go viral. See what you can do.

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