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There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy. —Hamlet

Note: the analysis George and I did in the interview is incomplete. Rather than cut or try to append our chat, I left it intact so you can learn our process. Skip to the end of this post to learn more.

Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf that huge lies are more believable than small ones. We face obvious dangers, but most of what we hear today is idiocy designed to panic and discourage us. It is human-scale, not magic, and the sky is not falling.

Dane Wigington presents an expensively-produced two-hour video, The Dimming, where he states:

The basic building blocks of climate engineering are to saturate the atmosphere with… extraordinarily powerful light-scattering particles like barium, aluminum, strontium, and manganese. The particles are then manipulated with extraordinarily powerful microwave transmissions, transmissions that are used to heat the upper layers of the atmosphere like the ionosphere, transmissions that can create pressure zones that can steer upper-level wind currents that can steer weather zones. These particulates, when stimulated with these frequencies, can literally move air masses… [they are] extraordinarily powerful and dangerous microwave transmissions. er

His musical accompaniments are dramatic, and his tone is panicky. In a recent interview published by Mercola titled, Deadlier Than the Vax: Is the Military Dropping Mini ‘Death Bombs’ on Us?, Dane adds that chemtrails might be an “extinction-level event.”

The story is that our jet planes—all of them—are spraying poisons on us from above. On our very heads! It’s the military again! The stuff can be seen coming out of the tails of the jets!

Even Catherine Austin-Fittz claims to believe it. I have avoided her so far, but learning this interested me in looking at her more closely.

Wigington scared the hell out of me, so in return, I recruited my buddy George to vivisect him. Engineers are skeptical, and their training gives them the confidence to analyze anything. G is particularly sure about airplanes because he has been obsessed with them since his early teens and knows their technology. He understands many other information conspiracies, but he says his knowledge of aircraft is the most comprehensive.

Dane’s claims did not survive our surgery. Before we take our scalpels to his body of allegations, look at the case studies below to understand how we reason.

One of the most horrifying and discouraging stories—if you are gullible—is the microscopic robots. They are swarming in our bloodstream! You can see them! They will soon awaken through 5G activation or maybe even Skynet! We are all going to die! It sounds absurd, but an MD presents it and terrifies many already shell-shocked people. My recent post, “A Few Less Things to Worry About,” thoroughly debunked the tiny robot idea.

Those who work do not have the time to analyze this sort of thing, and the dummies think it is game over. Even brilliant people like Dietrich Klinghardt repeat this foolish fabrication about the planes. Mid-level intellects like me smell a rat, but we only learn the truth after studying and maybe calling for help. I sheepishly confess that until I looked critically, I thought we were done for. But in this case, I needed less than five hours to understand the lies, and I did not have to learn to use a microscope.

The other vanishingly unlikely tale going around is that space-based energy weapons destroyed Lahaina, Maui. Anything is possible these days, but why postulate new, never-before-described technologies when plenty of Judases will light fires for a few pieces of silver? Several decades ago, when I examined houses burned by brushfires in Altadena, California, I saw strange effects. That was before we all “learned” about space weapons. George has more in the interview.

The following tasty image is a screenshot from The Dimming:

This story must be another psy-op, but what do I know? I have no advanced degrees in Star Wars weaponry. Those who do play video games, practice their onanism, debate about alien invasion landing modules, and waste our money at the Pasadena Jet Propulsion Lab. It is great work for those with these qualifications.

Yoho’s Reality Rules

Cast off most of what you hear as lies. To help you smell the bulls**t, keep the following in mind:

#1. Identify what is true.

  • If a source contains explanations of “science,” legal theories, or anything else you cannot understand, you are likely being lied to. Dismiss it.

  • Believe your eyes, experience, and intuition. Have confidence in your reasoning powers and take nothing on faith or authority.

#2. Basic principles:

  • Those with the gold make the rules, so learning the funding source explains a lot.

  • For psychopaths, lying and damaging others is a drive like sex. Never underestimate your ability to be fooled by them, for they do not telegraph duplicity like ordinary people (Chapter 2, Cassandra’s Memo).

#3. Use simple heuristics to unearth liars:

  • If one of our “colleagues” is all over YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram, he is part of a bowel movement, not the Freedom Movement. Judge us on what stays up and what gets censored. I am a small animal, but the jackals take down everything I put up within 30 minutes.

  • “Anybody carrying water for archons, demons, alien invasions, or part-man, part-machine cyborg warriors is either a moron or a paid shill” (Polymath Paul).

  • Be suspicious of those who combine hysteria and apocalyptic religion.

  • Crediting powerful, previously unknown technology to the psychopaths replaces our reasoning powers with atavistic fears about magic.

  • Events that are light-years of distance or eons of time away from us are science fiction. They are not practical approaches that might yield insights or action plans today.

If stories fail these tests, they are garbage.

The following case studies will cement your approach to new information.

Rennette Senum

She chats with Ana Mihalcea, the baby robot woman. Senum copies images from Ana’s post HERE. I reproduced them for your viewing pleasure:

I think the “Prison Planet” thing refers to our salvation by alien creatures from outer space. Correct me in the comments if I am wrong and if you care. There was a lot of secret handshaking during the interview, and the girls seemed to agree about everything. I did not understand much about all this (see rule #1 above). Senum gave Malhalcea a platform, putting them in the same diagnostic box, whatever that is.

Senum also claims that planes are dropping spider webs on us and obtained a sample that she gave to Malhalcea to get her version of scientific analysis:

Spider Silk Polymer Sprayed Via Geoengineering Operations From California – Darkfield Microscopy Analysis. Image: Spider silk specimen as received I recently did an interview with Reinette Senum, during which she asked me if I would help with furthering the investigation of “Spider Silk” found in Jamestown, California, suspected to come from geoengineering operations. Kathryn Saari had already done Infrared Spectra for Qualitative Analysis. The conclusion was that this is natural spider webs.

Note the bizarre capitalizations. I speculated in THIS post that Malhalcea had a science fiction-loving ghostwriter in his late teens.

Senum is all over YouTube and never seems to be censored. My videos last only about a half hour after I post.

Remember Grundvig? Malhalcea interviewed and listened to him respectfully as he bloviated about his Qanon-type theories. He has been claiming for several years that he has inside information about our beloved and loyal federal civil servants soon riding in to save us. The pair got along famously. The episode was titled “Unrestricted Warfare ‘Time To Make A Stand’ with/ James Grundvig.” He has a YouTube presence and does not seem to be censored. HERE is another example of his opinions.

Senum also presents Jim Lee:

Cosmic Unrest: How an 11-Year Solar Cycle May Be Behind the Uptick in Global Revolutions. Are ‘Sunspots and Mass Excitability’ behind current world conflicts and rebellion? Jim Lee of provides a 9-minute overview that may blow your mind.

Jim is sometimes rational (see George’s comment below), but here, he claims that today’s “mass excitability” is produced by a decade-long log sunspot cycle—and presumably not by psychopaths killing people with injections. Nothing to see here, folks; it’s the sunspots! He presents another idea: since our bodies are mainly water, we are influenced by lunar cycles and the “rise and fall of the tides.” He says this makes us “lunatics.”

AMD tells us everything known about “shedding”

People close to vaccine-damaged people sometimes get the same symptoms, so some have concluded that the vaccine, the spike, or something else is transmitted to them by Covid-vaxed people. The anonymous commentator “AMD” recently wrote the most complete analysis HERE. His story was published on Mercola, and he said it got half a million views when the link was tweeted.

AMD titled his 10,000+ word essay “What We’ve Learned from Over a Thousand Vaccine Shedding Reports.” He wrote, “We believe this is a real phenomenon as we have seen numerous patient cases which can only be explained by mRNA shedding.” (My emphasis).

He admits, “In theory, shedding with the mRNA vaccines should be impossible,” and goes on to summarize his opinions and conclusions:

1. Shedding is very real.
2. People’s sensitivity to it greatly varies.
3. Most of the people who are highly sensitive to shedding have already figured it out, so if you do not already believe it is an issue for you, you probably don’t need to worry about it.
4. There is still no agreed-upon mechanism to explain why it happens.

AMD is a brilliant person who writes exhaustively analyzed essays weekly. My job is to restore skepticism and common sense to the debate. In this case, the question is, after all this observation and analysis, whether any physical factor might explain shedding.

AMD and others propose that shedding works like an infectious disease. The standard of proof for this is Koch’s postulates—four criteria designed to establish a causal relationship between a microbe and a disease. These are:

  1. The microorganism must be abundant in all organisms suffering from the disease but should not be found in healthy organisms.

  2. The microorganism must be isolated from a diseased organism and grown in pure culture.

  3. The cultured microorganism should cause disease when introduced into a healthy organism.

  4. The microorganism must be reisolated from the inoculated, diseased experimental host and identified as being identical to the original specific causative agent.

Shedding is 0 for 4, so it’s nonsense. No one understands it, so it fails Yoho’s Reality Law #3 above.

I confess this story initially frightened me. As you know from my past work, “Almost everything scares me these days,” But when AMD put everything we know together, I could analyze it and debunk my fears.

Occam’s razor says the simplest explanation is the most likely. All physicians know this and use it daily. Scan AMD’s writeup and try to find any hard data that shedding is anything but the hysteria of crowds. We are seeing plenty of that these days. It is a well-known subject that has been documented for thousands of years. In America’s history alone, we have seen it from the Salem witch trials to the McMartin fake child abuse cases.

The idea of shedding is likely a psychological operation. Not only is it perfect for that purpose, but AMD’s work was never censored off “X.” A further test would be to publish this essay on mainstream channels and try for TV exposure. If permitted, it would prove to me that the whole thing was another aggravating psy-op designed to weaken and intimidate us into submission.

Matt Crawford calls the people* in this post “chaos agents.” What kind of a hole did they come out of? Are they bribed, threatened, or are they crazy?

*I am not referring to our friend AMD, and no, Matt did not call them by name.


The Dimming is Wigington’s flagship YouTube video.

Dane Wigington: Geoengineering Gatekeeper and Chemtrail Scaremonger is HERE.

Internet searches turn up many references. This is Dane’s main site. It is worth a quick look to see what we are dealing with:

46 million visitors. Dane certainly does not seem to be hassled by censorship. Have a look, but I recommend you turn it all off once you get the general idea.

A few more pearls from George

It’s like Jim Lee says.  Everyone is busy looking at the clouds when the whitening of the skies – through pollution- is right under their noses. 

Chaff.  Of all the things to be worried about. The military planes don’t spew chaff often, only in training and combat. They need to keep it so they can use it when they’re fired upon.  Plus, the amount of garbage spewed from the exhaust is probably a million times more, and it’s up in the stratosphere or higher. Pollution this high takes 100 times longer than lower pollution to clear out of the air. It eventually clears, though.

Mercola should listen to Jim Lee more and Dale Wigington less. It’s about airline pollution. This is Lee: “The airline industry is unique; no other industry dumps their pollution at 20K feet or higher where it circulates and sits for years and years.”  HERE is a Del Bigtree interview. The airline industry doesn’t want us to realize they are dumping such impactful pollution, so they and NATO like the distraction.

How much garbage does a single coal generation plant spew in the air compared to the trash from a hundred military planes during training?

End note

If the Cabal had the power to kill us, they would have done it already. Instead, they confuse, discourage, and intimidate us with media. They are trying to weaken our spirits using fairy tales and science fiction—soap bubbles, really. If the claims we hear were valid, why would the globalists bother with psyops or propaganda? I recommend you shut off any suspicious source.

Psychopaths cannot control information flow in today’s internet age. As we educate the populace, the trump cards are vanishing from their hands. Some of us believe the rising tide of understanding is making them desperate.

A footnote about the interview

After we recorded this, I spoke to another expert who told me that some vaccinated people generate alphanumeric codes. These can be seen on Bluetooth reception devices you can buy on Amazon. The Covid vax contains metallic graphene, which must be causing this effect. Those who never had a jab generate no signals. George says that Bluetooth technology experts like him think that worrying about phenomena like this is absurd. The numbers appear random, and we doubt they have any active significance.

My goal is to teach dispassionate analysis. If you find horror movies more entertaining, subscribe to some of the people I mentioned here. I would prefer you drag your friends to rationality by signing them up below —best, and thanks.

Parting Shot #1

What conclusions can we draw? The enemy is a tiny minority who has to rely on techniques like these. Are they afraid of us despite their wealth?

Openly exposing the criminals’ names might be our route to victory or at least stalemate. The Spartacus post from October 13, 2023, HERE lists the well-known racketeering conspirators.

But these are bit players. The 2000 Trilateral Commission members are near the cabal’s center. Download their list and preserve it by sending it around. The source is HERE.


Parting Shot #2

As I was writing, a friend emailed me to ask what I thought of THIS story he found in a UK tabloid: “First EVER hurricane alert issued for Central California as 97 PERCENT of state’s population put under flood warning – as ‘bomb cyclone’ prepares to batter LA and millionaire playground of Santa Barbara – sparking emergency alert from Gov. Newsom.”

Parting shot #3

I’ve made about $2500 on Frontier Pharm’s commercial chlorine dioxide multi-level marketing. I need suggestions about who I can give it to to promote CD usage. Please leave your ideas in the comments. If you do not know that story, download my book HERE and look at the Epilogue. I would have had it available commercially by now, but I had an OCD attack—sorry, my bad.

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