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I know what you are thinking—Dr. Yoho fantasizes he is the George Plimpton of Substack. GP was a journalist who tried out for professional athletic teams and wrote about it. He was a good athlete but not a professional; he was tolerated because of his writing. He also acted in a Western, performed a comedy act at Caesars Palace, and played with the New York Philharmonic.

I am trying out alternative medicine treatments and cures. The difference between George and me is that I have a diagnosis, which is skin in the game.

Plimpton in his heyday.

HERE is the Rumble video version of this interview.

Kerri Rivera kindly returned for a second interview about chlorine dioxide and other natural medicines. She began studying natural health to save her vaccine-injured son from autism years before Kalcker or Humble appeared on the scene. This makes Kerri an OG, an Original Gangster. This phrase is a rapper complement that now means a respected or old-school source.

Kerri and me.

Kerri deserves to be heard because of her depth of experience and training with some of the best healers in the world. If you haven’t, listen to her first interview HERE. She helped me clear up some of my confusion about alternative medicine. Kerri is a homeopath who offers online consultations. Email her at if you are interested.

I asked Kerri the difference between homeopaths, naturopaths, functional doctors, chiropractors, and the ragtag group of MDs (allopaths) trying to use these traditional therapies. She sensibly told me that results, not degrees or certifications, were what counted.

I have never met an MD who called himself an allopath. I think alternative doctors use this label to run down MDs, but we deserve it.

Here’s Kerri!

  • “Chlorine dioxide (CD) is foundational; methylene blue is adjunctive.” Long-term CD use is safe, and we do not know any contraindications.

  • How long should you stay on MB for Parkinson’s? Indefinitely, it is harmless.

  • Kerri says that MB should be dosed twice daily on an empty stomach. Others say once a day is fine.

  • I asked her the sweet spot for MB in mg/kg/day. She said 25 drops of 1 percent twice daily worked for most people. This is 1.25 cc (milliliters).

  • Swallowing MB with a straw helps to avoid staining teeth. Kerri also has used 25 mg compounded capsules, taken twice a day.

  • Kerri said roughly ten drops of each ingredient of Humble’s MMS is equivalent to 40 cc of chlorine dioxide solution as made by Kalcker. Either formula is used in a liter of water and sipped all day.

  • Carnivore diets are beneficial for Parkinson’s and other inflammatory conditions. They can profoundly improve arthritis. I have been told this repeatedly but never got the memo into my thick head. Carnivore constipation is solved by taking at least a gram of magnesium daily and castor oil as needed.

  • Kerri has experience taking up to 170 supplements daily. She says it is a mistake—no surprise there!

  • How to improve digestion and “leaky gut” is not a secret. Morning probiotics (not prebiotics), a tablespoon of black seed oil twice daily, and chlorine dioxide all help.

  • Kerri has fasted for over a week at a time and thinks this can be useful.

  • She has seen mebendazole (Povan) used and thinks it is helpful as a routine oral trial to treat many conditions. This is a general parasite killer.

  • Supplements interact with each other and should ideally be taken separately. This applies to CDS, phosphatidylcholine, boron/Borax, MB, vitamins, and food.

Click the image to access Kerri’s store.

Kerri Rivera, D. Hom. CD Protocol

Have a look at the products Kerri recommends at


Trying to live at peace with too many freaking supplements

Parkinson’s disease (PD) has a hundred theories and a similar number of treatments recommended by various authorities. Diseases like this are “idiopathic,” which means the doctor giving you the diagnosis and advice is an idiot. Another marker for this is when syndromes like PD are blamed on genetics. While this could be partly true, diseases that increase 300 percent in a few decades are often caused by toxins.

I have listed my supplements below. You will question my sanity as you look through the list. Keri ordered me to cut some of it out and take probiotics and blackseed oil until my stomach feels better. Goat’s milk kefir helped me recently.

DAILY (I discontinued some of this on my recent trip.)

Nailit nail toenail fungus treatment from FrontierPharm (sometimes twice a day).

Thiamine six 500 mg tablets with food.

A tablespoon of colostrum sometimes to settle the stomach.

CNSE “stem cell activator” in eyes: I take one drop a day in each eye; it helps with the dry eyes I’ve had since cataract surgery.

Sovereign Copper small swig every few days

Chlorine dioxide solution, 40 cc in a liter, sipped over the day.

Borax/boron 1/4 teaspoon in about 1/2 to a full liter of drinking water

Methylene blue 1 percent, 2 to 3 droppers once a day, on an empty stomach twice daily. (It upsets the stomach a little.) Kerri recommends half this twice a day.

One tablespoon of BodyBio phosphatidylcholine syrup daily at no particular time and sometimes on an empty stomach. I am planning on taking two a day soon.

I consume about a liter of Fiji silica water daily to force the urinary excretion of aluminum. Since CD does this, too, I might soon quit Fiji.

ALTERNATING DAY 1: Capsules (taken mixed with food)

K2 180 mcg (Mercola source)

C liposomal, 1 gram, which is equivalent to 3 grams of ordinary C (Mercola)

Magnesium, two 400 mg capsules (Costco)

D 50,000 IU every other day in a single pill (goal: D level 120 ng/ml)

Zinc 50 mg

Co q 400 mg (Costco)

Circumen sometimes (Costco)

ALTERNATING DAY 2: these are liquids placed in 4 oz of water and taken together at the end of a meal

Lugols iodine 2 percent, a dropper or two

B12 5000, a dropper

Micelized vit A, several drops

Selenium 500 mcg, one to two droppers

“Max B ND” dropper

Recommended by functional doctors but not started yet:

ALA lipoic acid supreme. BID

Glyphodetox BID

Black seed oil, a tablespoonful twice a day

My most recent adventure was getting stem cells from my tibia injected into 50 “meridians” around my body and also into my ankle and subtalar joints. The surgeon dripped it into my eyes, my gums, and deep into my nose to target my brain (I need help there, ha). I’m somewhat better.

George Plimpton was a beloved family member of the elite levels of American society. He went to the best schools, had a patrician manner, affected an accent, and said he was “a sort of country club tennis player.” Plimpton was enormously popular and was regarded as an all-around nice guy. No one has ever accused me of any of that.

Plimpton died in 2003.

Show me some love ❤️❤️. You know what to do.

Parting shot: Your truths are your own

I overheard a few characters in the balcony section of my theater arguing about whether reality is subjective—whether my truth is different than yours. Oprah frequently brings this up, and someone compared me to her. (Yuk!)

There is no objective reality. We each see life—and today’s disasters—differently:

  • We have different backgrounds, training, and experiences.

  • We have different core beliefs and emotional structures.

  • We are two sexes, which creates perceptual and conceptual differences.

  • Some of us are trusting; others are more doubtful and suspicious.

  • Some have religious beliefs and see the world through this lens.

  • Some find mechanistic explanations convincing. These are theories about how things work.

  • I am a trained empiricist; we look for evidence and have rules about how to do it.

I have emphasized from the start that we must all find our truths and that I am here to give you ideas and data rather than dictate what you think. Several stories are commonly used to teach these concepts:

The blind men and an elephant is a story of a group of blind men who have never come across an elephant before and learn and imagine what it is like by touching it. Each blind man feels a different part of the animal’s body, but only one part, such as the side or the tusk. They then describe the animal based on their limited experience, and their descriptions of the elephant differ. In some versions, they suspect the other person is dishonest and come to blows. The parable’s moral is that humans tend to claim absolute truth based on their limited, subjective experience as they ignore other people’s limited, personal experiences, which may be equally valid. The parable originated in the ancient Indian subcontinent, where it has been widely diffused (Wiki).

Image: Wiki.

The men’s blindness is an allegory for our individual views of the world, and the parable has been used to illustrate a range of truths and fallacies. Broadly, it implies that one’s subjective experience can be authentic but that such knowledge is inherently limited by its failure to account for other truths or a totality of reality.

At various times, the story has provided insight into the relativism, opaqueness, or inexpressible nature of truth, the behavior of experts in fields with contradicting theories, the need for deeper understanding, and respect for different perspectives on the same object of observation. What things exist? What is their true nature? How can their relations to each other be accurately categorized? (Abridged from Wiki).

Rashomon is a classic Japanese film depicting various people who witnessed a samurai murdered in a forest. The characters provide subjective, alternative, and contradictory versions of the same incident. The “Rashomon effect” is named after the film. It is a storytelling and writing method where an event is given contradictory interpretations or descriptions by the individuals involved. This provides different perspectives and points of view on the same incident. It describes the unreliability of eyewitnesses, contested interpretations of events, and disagreements of evidence. It illustrates subjectivity versus objectivity in human perception, memory, and reporting.

A children’s game in which a story is passed orally from group to group illustrates a related idea. The tale has altered unrecognizably by the time the final result is compared with the original.

The “observer effect” is a fourth relevant phenomenon. This means that watching a situation or phenomenon changes it. It has been observed in physics as well as people.

If you relate better to popular culture, consider what Anakin Skywalker said in Star Wars: “Only a Sith deals in absolutes.” This means that if your worldview is narrow, you miss nuance, see all points of view as black or white, and believe everyone is either for or against you.

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