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The Big Lebowski: What in God’s holy name are you blathering about? The Dude: I’ll tell you what I’m blathering about… I’ve got information man! New s**t has come to light! —The Big Lebowski

Chlorine dioxide is the biggest medical advance in our lifetimes, so knowing its details is important. My most knowledgeable reader told me, “That last post was good but only 90 percent true.” This post will clarify and correct my mistakes. First, here is a brief recap:

CD becomes a gas at 52 degrees F, so when it is dissolved in water and swallowed, it rapidly evaporates in the warm stomach, passes into the surrounding tissues, and is drawn like a magnet to acidic areas. There, it does its oxidation magic, curing cancers, heart disease, infections of all kinds, and even many neurological diseases.

That last paragraph seems speculative or even fictitious. What is clearly known, however, is that CD profoundly affects diseases, even advanced pancreatic cancer, which is a quick death for anyone who trusts traditional medicine. The most feared and/or resistant infectious diseases, including herpes, Covid, malaria, fungal illness, and the Lyme bioweapon (reference), can be cured. Heavy metal toxicity and coronary artery disease can, too.

This has all been documented in informal but robust clinical trials using tens of thousands of patients. Because chlorine dioxide costs pennies, there is no money to be made on it, so there is no motive to steal. No contract research groups have ever been hired to perform fraudulent studies or cook the numbers. No expensive statisticians are needed for diseases like malaria, where the cure rate is close to 100% after three MMS doses at two-hour intervals.*

But most telling of all is that the media and government agencies are heavily suppressing this information. We live in a surreal, upside-down world.

*Conventional antibiotics fail to save lives in 17 percent of severe malaria cases, and it kills 2.7 million a year. Four-fifths are children under five years. The dose to cure malaria for adults is 12-14 drops taken three times at two-hour intervals. For kids, it is 7-8 drops in the same pattern.

Here are the terms I use:

  • MMS (miracle mineral solution) is sodium chlorite. It can be activated by stomach acid if your stomach is normal.

  • MMS1, activated sodium chlorite, is a two-part system that was first used for human consumption by Jim Humble. One to four drops of sodium chlorite 22.4% are swished in a glass for a minute with the same number of drops of hydrochloric acid 4%. The mix turns brown, is diluted in four ounces of water, and consumed immediately. Although other activators besides hydrochloric have been used, hydrochloric acid produces the least side effects. Avoid citric acid. The drops refer to the total sodium chlorite drops, not the sum of these plus the acid drops.

  • CDS, chlorine dioxide solution, can be made using a method popularized by Andreas Kalcker to purify the substance by dissolving it in water. This requires some special glassware and know-how.

My key sources told me their opinions

  • CDS does not help malaria or autism, but MMS1 universally cures malaria and is effective against most cases of autism. Their conclusion was that MMS1 is much stronger. This may be because CDS is partially inactivated by stomach acid. They believe this because when CDS is put into a solution similar to stomach acid with a low pH, it turns clear.

  • After several years of using CDS, some sophisticated observers began to think that it was only useful for IV or topical use, which would have made it a dead end. However, it has been used orally many times in the decade since Kalcker popularized it, and the chlorine dioxide testimonials reported since have included many about CDS.

  • Kids tolerate anything, so MMS1 is best for them.

  • GI upset may be worse with MMS1 than CDS, but this is due to the use of citric acid activator. Hydrochloric acid is far more gentle, and a major authority told me there is no difference between CDS side effects and those for MMS1 ever since hydrochloric acid has been used to make MMS1. Effects such as stomach upset and diarrhea are due to Herx* reactions, not to MMS1 toxicity. To stop the reaction for the day, drink a glass of orange juice, which is an antioxidant that inactivates chlorine dioxide. Take no more MMS1 the rest of the day and start the next day with half the dose.

    *The Herxheimer reaction was originally described with the penicillin treatment of syphilis. As the antibiotic killed the spirochetes, patients had fever, chills, body aches, and skin rashes as the dead bacteria were being eliminated. Similar reactions can occur when other effective treatments are used, even herbal supplements.

  • Current theories say that MMS1 lasts longer and activates further as it passes through the stomach and intestines. Although it is hard to establish dose equivalencies or exactly why it is so, MMS is far stronger and more effective than CDS.

  • Creating CDS requires special glassware and works best when refrigeration is available to keep the substance from immediately evaporating. This may not be possible in the Third World. Another issue is that many find its manufacture confusing and complex.

    Most chlorine dioxide trainers want to teach people to fish rather than sell them fish.

  • These drugs cost pennies to make, so our leaders should not hawk them in glass vials as if they were running a drug company.

  • Andreas Kalcker’s book is above and available HERE, HERE, and HERE. He has generated enormous interest in chlorine dioxide and developed a global organization. It is impossible to dismiss his service, courage, or the opposition he has faced. However, from reports and emails that I have seen, he rarely gives credit to his colleagues. They painstakingly developed protocols and acquired massive clinical experience while living in small countries and curing poor people. Kalcker did some of that, but he came to the scene late.

  • Jim Humble wrote several books about MMS and arranged to remove their copyright upon his death. I bought them for you. Download them immediately.

    MMS Health Recovery Guidebook Ebook 2016


    Master Mineral Solution 3rd Millennium 2011


  • My sources said they switched from MMS1 to CDS when it was first popularized and used it for a few years. Many abandoned it after they understood it was inferior, but because of Kalcker’s promotion, it has caught on.

MMS1 is more effective than CDS for me.

After several months of CDS, I never noticed any good or bad effects, but when I started MMS1, I Herxed the second day, which meant it was working.

The vast majority of readers will never need to figure out how to make or take CDS, and most should forget they have ever heard about it. But if you want to, refer to my original post HERE and dive into The Ultimate Guide below.

The CDS manufacturing process, as described, is absurdly complex compared to counting drops. This opinion is not fully shared by the author of the following book, but as you will see when you read it, he is a brilliant dude and practically a chemist.

Dosing and usage for MMS1

Mix one to four drops of sodium chlorite 22.4 percent with the same volume of hydrochloric acid four percent in a glass. Swirl it around for about one minute, then add 4 ounces of water and drink it immediately. Set your cellphone timer for another hour. Avoid food or supplements during MMS1 consumption.

You should scan the protocols from The Ultimate Guide to get ideas, but there are no hard and fast rules. Taking less MMS1 may be as good as taking more—the stuff works even in tiny quantities. Using it four hours a day might work as well as eight.

If you are sick, you might start with 100 drops in a bath twice a day for a week. Twenty drops are a cc, so this is 5 cc of each ingredient. It is gentle, and even 400 drops in a bath is gentle. Others might try a drop an hour orally for eight hours for the first few days before advancing to two drops or more.

Never be in a rush, for if you go too fast, you may have stomach upset, diarrhea, or feel poorly. This is a Herx reaction. Stop for the day and start the next day on half your prior dose. To take a half drop, mix a drop of sodium chlorite 22.4% with a drop of the four percent hydrochloric acid activator, swirl it for a minute, put the water in, then throw away half. Do not be discouraged if you Herx—the chlorine dioxide is treating your toxicity.

How to make huge quantities of chlorine dioxide in your kitchen for pennies

The following is excerpted from the complete manual HERE. This was also referenced in my prior posts, and you should read the entire thing and watch the videos.

Make enough 5% hydrochloric acid for your neighborhood for less than $100

Distilled water: 300 ml
HCL 35%: 50 ml

(Detailed instructions for all solutions in videos)

When mixing the two solutions, always add the acid to the water. (Never add water to a concentrated acid, as this can produce a splatter reaction.)

In a glass measuring cup or container, add 300 ml of distilled water. Now add 50 ml of 35% HCL.

Label and store in amber/opaque bottles away from sunlight.

Make enough sodium chlorite 22.4% for years of use

280 grams of 80% sodium chlorite (NaClO2) flakes or powder. 720 grams of distilled water
Makes 850 ml MMS

(Detailed instructions for all solutions in videos)

Mix sodium chlorite and distilled water together after measuring. It may take up to 30 minutes to dissolve. Filter with an unbleached coffee filter if sediment is present. (Use only a plastic spoon and a glass container such as Pyrex. No metal.) Label and store in amber/opaque bottles out of sunlight.

Yoho: If your measurements are somewhat imprecise, it will all still work. Also, there are several grades of reagents. Try to figure out what you are buying and get the best you can find, but you will only be consuming a minuscule amount. Concentrated hydrochloric battery acid from auto parts stores is perfect for this application, for example. Also, sodium chlorite flakes are only 80% pure. Do not worry about that.

All that said, be as careful as you can and read the instructions in the wonderful reference above.

About the author of The Ultimate Guide

The Curious Outlier is a Jesus follower, dad, and registered nurse with 25 years of critical care experience. He chooses to remain anonymous, but you can reach him at [email protected].

The Curious Outlier loves educating and inspiring other humans to find their full potential for life, health, and spiritual well-being.

Worry less!

Taking chlorine dioxide every week or possibly daily rectifies many modern woes. It eliminates toxins, including pesticides, heavy metals, and herbicides such as glyphosate. It destroys many prescription drugs right inside your body, which is usually a good thing. How much CD you need to use is an individual decision that should be made by trial and error using careful judgment. Four hours a week might be enough if you are not dealing with specific health problems.

What happened to me?

I have my friends—Steve, Kerri, Michelle, Tanya, Tamara, and others—who tutor and support me on my journey. Kerri has weekly successes with autism, and Tamara seems to have cured her nasty, unstable diabetes after only a week of using three drops an hour of MMS1 four hours a day. When she had a hypoglycemic episode that required a trip to the hospital, she discovered she no longer needed insulin. This was a success but a brutal way to learn what she did.

This is nothing compared to the tales I hear from Steve about cures for cancer and other diseases. It all seems like magic, science fiction, or a smile from a benevolent God. Efforts to conceal and libel chlorine dioxide are failing, and the movement has compounded exponentially over the past ten years. We must never be intimidated by propaganda from the mainstream or anyone else. And, if people can make and take chlorine dioxide in Uganda, it is easy to accomplish in Cleveland.

I did not initially respond to CDS, but after only two weeks of taking three drops of MMS1 an hour, I am having an energy surge and sleeping through the night. I have learned so much in just a few months that I now have hope our worldwide network of real people will, too.

If you do not have time to learn these basics

Your entry drugs into this world are the commercial products from Frontier and Snoot!. My affiliate link HERE takes you to the Frontier website. THIS ONE is for Snoot! Spray and empty sprayer bottles. If you want to help spread the word and make money, join the Frontier program HERE. Snoot!’s is HERE.


This is general commentary; I am retired and never give medical advice. If you can find an expert to help you, godspeed, but these are rare and hard to judge. The Ultimate Guide to Chlorine Dioxide is the best single reference I found. You must make your decisions based on your research and judgment. Do your reading and never believe me or any other authority without confirmation.

Bear in mind two of my rules:

  • Believe your eyes, experience, and intuition, which is the sum of logic and emotions. Have confidence in your discernment powers and take little on faith or authority.

  • If a source contains explanations you do not understand, it can generally be cast off as false.

A great ship is not held by a single rope, nor a great life by one hope. We are all students who must make each final decision about our health. No one knows the whole elephant we face, and most of us are blind to what we cannot feel ourselves. My only advantage is that I study full-time. Dig me up some subscribers from your friends. ❤️❤️

Parting shot #1: avoid wireless headphones

My meter proves that these blast the Bluetooth signal right through your skull. This is similar to holding a cell phone up to your ear. (Always use the speaker!) Glioblastoma, the most malignant brain tumor, becomes more likely with this exposure. While some online sources (think Apple and telecom power) make this sound questionable, these tumors typically arise near the ear in the brain’s parietal lobe.

Teddy Kennedy had a cell phone glued to his ear for decades, and I met a man in a Tijuana cancer clinic who used wireless headphones constantly for many years. Both developed this cancer in that spot. Kennedy died in less than a year, and my friend has had multiple brain surgeries over eight months. Chlorine dioxide potentially cures this disease, but who listens to me?

The meter goes green between wired headphones, so those are safe. To learn more, the EMF articles from my archives are HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Parting shot #2

Parting shot #3: Please write reviews for Judas Dentistry

There are nearly 17,000 of you, and with your help, we should get record numbers of reviews. There are only a few now. THIS link will take you straight to the Amazon review page. You do not have to read the entire book to drop a review, and it would not bother me if you just looked at the cover. (Did I just say that?)

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Parting shot #4

If you have not followed Tucker Carlson’s Australia tour, HERE is his final speech. He is waking everyone up in a frank and humorous way. Heavily recommended.

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