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The following is required listening.

These are on Spotify, so I bought a subscription. Although this platform occasionally censors, they wouldn’t or couldn’t take down Rogan. Ever since I paid, their music ads are gone, but they still have annoying ads on podcasts.

To Rogan’s credit, he frequently interviews people who are brighter than he is. Some of his guests are a little condescending. At times, he gets defensive—he is, after all, one of the biggest celebrities on the planet. Rogan considers himself a classical liberal, but with all that is happening recently, he sees that they are off-course.

Here are some of his best:

His interview with Peter McCullough, MD. (Also HERE.) Despite my knowledge of medical corruption, I didn’t grasp the Covid frauds until I heard Dr. McCullough say that most of the deaths could have been prevented by inexpensive, well-known treatments.

Robert Malone, the inventor of mRNA technology, had an equally important interview HERE. He is another polymath genius who is easy to understand. He was double-jabbed and nearly died before he understood the vax dangers. He says the hill he is willing to die on is injecting children.

Robert Epstein’s fantastic podcast about tech censorship is HERE. Google is the most powerful company in the world, and they can and will influence elections by altering search engine results. But Epstein is watching them, and they know it. Listen to find out how you can remain independent.

Maajid Nawaz on Rogan. More HERE. He is a former Islamic terrorist who served four years in prison and is now a British commentator. He may have the most interesting interview here.

Bill Maher is freakishly influential. Some of my physician friends told me that if they couldn’t get the news from his comedy show, it wasn’t worth listening to. His interview (#1804) has gotten headlines such as, “Joe Rogan, Bill Maher trash medicine, big pharma, vaccines: ‘Don’t trust them.’” Maher, a lifelong progressive, is now questioning the propaganda.

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