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By December 2, 2022June 10th, 202455 Comments

I am not here to tell you what to think; I am here to tell you how to think.

You must understand gaslighting to grok today’s reality. The following is from Cassandra’s Memo. Download the latest version for free HERE, and as always, I appreciate your comments. I am hoping to get it published within a week or two.

To survive through our distressing and depressing age, you must face the facts. Only one path works: you must ignore authorities and look at the data yourself. If you do not, you will be making decisions based on what you are told by censors and paid-off “experts” like Fauci. I present information and give references, but you must evaluate it. I am neither a climatologist, a vaccinologist, a mathematician—nor a licensed physician now—but I studied full time for five years to learn the truths in my books…

Government, tech companies, and those aligned with them are telling lies, flip-flopping, and exaggerating to make us anxious, intimidate us, and lure us away from reality. If we understand this and ignore it, they lose power…

Full psychopaths have no regard for others but use their knowledge of ordinary people’s sensitivities to manipulate them. They may fake empathy yet remain aloof and calculating. Some use tears or shouting to whiplash their victims’ emotions.

Incessant lying, or a stark mismatch between words and actions, is the easiest way to spot them. Psychopathic lying is successful because normal people cannot believe that anyone lies as a routine. When ordinary people deal with this behavior, they may struggle with their mental health.

The central mystery is how these vermin could have gained so much control. 

You just read a set of posts that generated comments. I did not expect this, but I have insights for you based on what happened.

When I was an emergency doctor, I learned how to make decisions. The critical one was whether a patient went home or got admitted to the hospital. It is a simple binary, a switch to flip, but mistakes can be disastrous. We use foundational logic such as “common things are the more likely” and “one cause for a problem happens more often than many.” The best of us refuse to be confused by arcane debates or academic absurdities. Since we are trained to triage patients, these skills allow me to do the same for the complex data sweeping past us. 

Here are a few points that seem obvious to me. Your truths may be different. It is up to you to evaluate and decide for yourself.

  1. Using lawsuits, rich people who sue middle-class people force their targets to pay ruinous lawyers’ fees. These are like buying paperclips for the wealthy, and winning or losing—or even the issues litigated—are typically unimportant to them. Here is one example, and others are legion. Some New York apartment co-ops are inhabited by people worth tens of millions. But if they allow the wrong billionaire psychopath into their midst, he can dominate them with litigation threats. The co-op admission committees typically ask for twenty (20) references, then turn many people down anyway.

  2. Comment sections of blogs like mine contain people who tell lies or promote inconsistencies (gaslight) to confuse or intimidate other observers. This happened in the last post. I generally do not take their “contributions” down because, most of the time, it is hard to judge sincerity. 

  3. Even those who are armored with skepticism should never underestimate their chances of being fooled by the next psychopath. They do not display signs of anxiety, remorse, or care about others in the slightest. In other words, they act just like we do, but many are practiced at feigning human qualities. 

  4. Judge the Breggins by their history. It is transparent, well-known, and reflects high ideals. They have stood up to criminal power at personal expense for many decades. Peter was an expert witness for the plaintiffs against Lilly during the first Prozac suicide litigations. The company knew about these deaths since the mid-1990s. By 2000, they had spent about $50 million settling and sealing lawsuits. Prozac had more legal problems than any drug in history up to then.

  5. In this war, we are forced to take our allies where we find them and not be critical of different points of view. Although Malone worked his entire career for the wrong people, he seemed to recently have had a change of heart and was regarded by many as doing good work. One question of mine, among many others, is whether anyone can ever escape ties like Malone had (or has).

Here is my pep talk near the end of Cassandra’s Memo:

What we must do

Individual civil liberties are our doctrine, not collectivist drivel about “the most good for the most people.” If most of us understood this, ruinous vaccines designed to prevent hypothetical future bioweapon attacks would never be considered. Openness—free speech—is the first American value. “Security clearances” and government secrecy are contrary to this, and censorship is the worst.

Although we face wealthy, patient foes who are getting away with murder, they are not unbeatable. There are only a few thousand of them and billions of us. As a group, we are far more dangerous than the psychopaths. They are hindered by fatal hubris, swallow transparent frauds, and believe collectivist ideas that have been tried and failed countless times. There is no Great and Powerful Oz behind the curtain. They are small, aging, terrified men holding up a soggy tissue of transhumanist delusions to shield themselves from death.

If you hide now, you and your children will have an agonizing time later, for giving ground to predators emboldens them. If you think this is a spectator sport and do not help work the courts and the legislatures, civil disobedience will soon be all we have left. This is ugly and dangerous.

We will survive and even thrive if we step up. You have gotten my memo, and you must now share it. Stay frosty, keep at it, and the calamity will go no further.

PS: Here is an exhaustive takedown of Stew Peters and Died Suddenly:

Rounding the Earth Newsletter
Stew Peters’ Chaos: Credibility that Died Suddenly, Part 1
“…you are in a war because this is a fifth-generation war for your hearts and your minds done mostly by digits…through your computer and those kinds of things.” -Lt. Col. Peter Chambers Click here to see other articles on Chaos Agents…
Read more

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  • Avatar mejbcart says:

    maybe that talk can help you with more ideas:
    “Ed Dowd discusses COVID and the Global Financial Collapse: A Tale of Catastrophes and Cover-Ups”

  • Avatar Jerome V says:

    Love this, Robert! Got to read that takedown of Stew Peters now…

  • Avatar Phil Davis says:

    I learned a long time ago to trust no one. Especially so on the internet. I will though lean towards trusting the likes of Alex Jones’s before any media company. They need revenue, and lots of it, and will play with the news for views.

    There are plenty of charlatans here on Substack or preachers of half truths. Then there are those who mean well but have a lousy BS meter.

    I think it’s just called humanism.

    As I have come to appreciate from Jordon Peterson. Once you let free speech loose (which I advocate) the psychopaths take advantage to do their evil work. And, that is exactly the risk that Substack has in front of it, it can be a fatal risk too. This goes for Musk and Twitter also.

    We must be on our guard not only for false, misleading data or narratives. But, also for purposefully crafted messages used for extreme evil. We have let the monsters out of the box buy or lack of concern for propoganda over the decades. We got fat and happy in the easiness of the West. Now, we are under attack and finding out our enemies have been surrounding us for decades.

    This is not the time for a mental vacation. We are in middle of a information war that has dire consequences for the future.

    • Avatar Duchess says:

      Obama was the one who changed the laws so that the media can spread propoganda inside the United STates.
      I know we should have every penny tracked for public view…but lets start with the simple stuff.
      And every law should have pros and con comments. BEFORE WE HAVE TO READ THE BILL TO KNOW WHAT IS IN IT.

      Can we at least demand this of our so called representatives?

      • Avatar Phil Davis says:

        Actually it was before Obama. In 1987 the FCC formally repealed the fairness doctrine.

        Regarding representatives. This is why republics are one of the worst forms of government. The framers knew this, but they thought they put enough safeguards to keep each side of government in check. They did not consider the representative. The middle man always becomes corrupt. Therefore we are stuck with corrupt representatives in all parties.

        • Avatar HardeeHo says:

          That’s why we need a Convention of the States to agree to several amendments. One urgently needed is to limit the terms of all elected and appointed officers, including the courts. Another would be to restore the sovereignty of the states corrupted by a misinterpretation of commerce clause. And another would be regulations required to balance cost/benefit and strictly limited to legislative intent. Congress would never do those amendments but the Convention could propose and if 2/3 of the states agree would create the amendment.

          • Avatar Phil Davis says:

            Yes, very good points. Although, It seems impossible to get to that level of understanding in the nation. For instance, the push to get the DeSantis to run for president. That would be a wasted effort because the deep state would castrate him, as they did Trump.

            What first is needed is half or more states to have governors like DeSantis. Then we can push for less federalism.

            More than likely we will see the US splitting before that happens or worse civil war.

            I follow the ECM Model, which is uncanny in it’s ability to predict future events based on human cycles. The model tells us by 2032 the US will begin losing its finance capital of the world status.

            I’m afraid there is no fixing this, as past nations have done, a crash and burn is the only cleansing method that works.

            I think deciding on a State to live that is sane is now critical for survival.

          • Avatar HardeeHo says:

            WE have exported our inflation over many years thus most places have run deficits that will be harder to finance with rising interest rates. That likely will result in various devaluations. Our own debt service will be difficult. If cuts reduce transfer payments there will be a lot of very mad people. I do think ’23 will bring some change – a crash and burn is likely. Only real assets will matter. Hope the Chinese are kind as they rape our resources.

          • Avatar Phil Davis says:

            Yes, please realize this too: there is a massive sovereign debt crises larger than any in history around the corner. Public asset’s ie government paper, or debt will be crushed, while private assets, gold, stocks etc will survive and rise. It’s a confidence game, once there is a loss of it in public assets it’s over for them. The untold truth about the depression was it’s cause. It was not a market crash, the market did recover. It was the following defaults by countries, like the UK and others that became the catalyst in the destruction of the economy.

            So why is there this massive push for world war? It’s a cover for the coming defaults. Look, the market hiccup in the UK bond market was a little glimpse. They could not sell the long end of their bond sale. No one wants bonds in a rising interest rate environment, and no one wants government bonds like in the past. China is selling it’s US bonds knowing a war is coming.

            The next 10 years may be the most challenging. 2023 could be a very violent year world wide. Brazil is an example and the media is not even covering it. Yet, it is only one place of many on the brink of extreme violence.

            So yes, hard assets, quality dow stocks, corporate debt with assets backing them, real estate in choice areas, and so on will be the go to holdings.

          • Avatar HardeeHo says:

            I see them as inflating their way along which means that most capital gains are illusions once people try to take the gain; prices will collapse. I agree low debt real assets might survive the storm. Observe that zero interest implied capital had no value. Agree the next 10 years will be troubling. I wan’t see it, I think.

      • Avatar Grape Soda says:

        Good idea. Radical transparency needed if we want to have government that actually represents us. At minimum we should know what’s in every bill and track every penny of spending.

    • Avatar Robert Yoho MD (ret) says:

      Yes Jordan Peterson

  • Avatar Kim says:

    Research Dr Stephen C Meyer
    Devine Intelligence
    He explains proteins, coding into cells and changing DNA.

    Gates has known about this for years and is changing the Human Genome with the assistance of Fauci, WHO, CDC, NHIS, Governments, Big Tech and Big Pharma. Hence C19, all Vaccines and Future Plandemics. We are in an ongoing experiment.

    There is something larger the than Human Species behind our Evolution.

  • Avatar Freedom Fox says:

    Descartes had it exactly right. “Question everything.”

    Everything. Even from sources that confirm our beliefs and theories. Especially from sources that confirm our beliefs and theories. That is true science. The scientific method. Also a Descartes design.

    Fyi – Descartes had his famous dream that inspired his development of the scientific method in 1619. Coincidence?

  • Avatar Gary Gillman says:

    Stick to the facts so you won’t be the next victim in the lawsuit scam.

  • Avatar Bull Dog says:

    I am still unsure about the critique of Stew for a couple of reasons:

    1. I know of people that watched it and are now terrified, where prior fully boosted and wanting more (and now sick as hell, for the most part). A US Representative and a Senator said they watched Died Suddenly and wanted to meet with Dr Ryan Cole and the embalmers. Seems all good to me. Did not the other side lie to get their way? If you want to win a war with morals and good manners, I hope I am in another army than with your friends.

    2. Stew is a lot like the enquirer and? It seems that you and your friends are not serious about free speech, just the opposite, it seems you are for “correct” speech, which seems a lot like the predators that got us where we are today, no?

    As for Malone, a guy that has lost more than just his career to come forward and saved me personally as I was waiting for more data at the time before taking the jab, but when he and Steve was on The Dark Horse Podcast, I knew not to take it. Malone has saved many peoples life’s. Is he perfect? Probably not. Is that a dis qualifier to be part of your clique? Oh dang. I am out rock thrower!

    You have spoken a lot of crap about a lot of people, you are not a good person. Just my opinion, oh that is right, that is not allowed. Whatever, so disgusting.

    • Avatar Robert Yoho MD (ret) says:

      If they do good work, who are we to criticize methods. The Breggin suit is black and whit however.

    • Avatar Robert Yoho MD (ret) says:

      you seem sincere. If you have the courage to chat, reply to this email and I will send you my phone number.

      • Avatar Bull Dog says:

        I am speaking what I think is right, right in this case is gray area, I am countering those against Malone and Stew as I don’t either meant harm to “our” side and should be allowed to speak. One seems a little to thin skinned and the other is not a Doctor or Scientist, he is an entertainer! And he did a wonderful job at that with 12 million official views!

        Now, think clearly here, a Documentary by Real Scientists and Doctors could be a big hit too, maybe just as big.

        So here is my idea….

        You have skills as do some of your other substack writers, hopefully all of your DR and Scientific friends have great skills, so I have a counter proposal to the bitter back and forth with Died Suddenly. If you agree to produce a small team that will meet with Dr Ryan Cole (Cole replied to a twitter troll that he would meet with any team to show the clot science) and lets say two Embalmers to do this clot thing in a scientific way, I will chip in 100 dollars. I personally don’t want any other aspect, no Globalists or any of that. Stick to proving or disproving the clots existence and the cause. Get your other followers to chip in a small amount. No one should expect it to be as “slick” as Died Suddenly, just video what you find. Make what you do reproducible by another team. This way something positive comes out of all this hooplah. In fact, if your team finds that the clots are related to the shots, you may actually save some lifes. Maybe there is a therapy that will save people? That seems pretty exciting to me.

        You in?

        (i tried to edit this as I have some typos, etc. It seemed to not let me. Hopefully you can decipher)

  • Avatar Patrick D Hahn says:

    “Although we face wealthy, patient foes who are getting away with murder, they are not unbeatable. There are only a few thousand of them and billions of us. As a group, we are far more dangerous than the psychopaths. They are hindered by fatal hubris, swallow transparent frauds, and believe collectivist ideas that have been tried and failed countless times. There is no Great and Powerful Oz behind the curtain. They are small, aging, terrified men holding up a soggy tissue of transhumanist delusions to shield themselves from death.”

    Thanks, I needed that.

  • Avatar Crixcyon says:

    It getting more difficult to trust anything about the last 3 years and the current effort to find the truth. It is easy to be bamboozled and faked out by various thugs who care only for themselves and what they can reap from other’s fear and ignorance. It’s a constant battle to find people and ideals that one can firmly believe in.

    Yes, I believe the WEF and the elitists will fail in the long run. Since I am older, I don’t have much to lose fighting back against tyranny. I don’t know how I’d feel if I was 30-40-50 years younger. Without naming individuals ( in media, government, tech areas, the medical field, etc) there are some that are rock solid and I trust without a second thought, some that I flip-flop over and most I completely distrust or ignore.

  • Avatar Afshin Nejat says:

    Good analysis. Well-rounded and point for point. A healthy diet of this sort of analysis from all directions and in all directions can only be good epistemic hygiene at the very least. In this caes, it is on a matter that is so significant and substantive that our entire modern history has only one major event capable of competing with its narrative gravity, the causes and consequences of WWII. Fortunately for analysis, these events (WWII and Operation Covaids) are both essentially military operations conjoint with genocidal objectives. Germans being genocided led to WWII, and then they were genocided THROUGH the war, and the worst came at the end and after the war. Now we see Operation Covaids being the capstone of 80 years of strategic genocides masked as social and progressive policies, with the conservative elements of all involved political entities being there as a sort of corral to absorb resistent elements in society and hem in their reactionary possibilities into a controllable domain. These are clearly social engineering and Civil-Military operations. But Operation Covaids and WWII both involved massive propaganda pushes conjoint with massive economic and social upheavals engineered by those with the power of position to do so. And they happen to be the same institutions and agents, intergenerationally and in some cases there are still-living agents involved in both operations (some of whom have recently died supposedly, such as a certain Rothschild and a certain Windsor). So history is a treasure chest of data to confirm these epoch-scale event clusters and their organic relationships. Let’s hope that any real historians out there can get to work in this direction because there is really not a better theoretical angle on the last 500 years that can be had, and the last 100 years is like a red neon arrow pointing to this treasure trove. I work in philosophy and can only perform, at this time, a generalist’s service to the field of history and journalism. But this is the direction to go. For example, the work of Foucault is not without merit in this area, with specific regard to the general approach of the “archaeology of thought”. While his focus in many areas, and his philosophical results, are easily brushed aside as somewhat arcane and nebulous, his work’s approach was really a good idea, and his application to of that approach to the field of psychiatry in his “History of Madness” was phenomenally worthwhile. I’d hope that Dr. Szasz and Dr. Breggin had at more than a passing knowledge of it.

  • Avatar Kim says:

    I have figured Peters was either just a harmless, bumbling showman /hack or a paid misinformation master, luring honest specialists in like moths to a flame? Flypaper? with the purpose of making sure their messages are discredited. I lean toward the latter. But which of “his” specialists are part of the grift?
    The person I am most curious about is Karen Kingston. She seems incredibly sincere, incredibly frustrated and full of ghastly information. I wish experts like Dr. Malone would critique her data. I figure it’s either too hot to handle or doesn’t merit the time and effort. But I’m not aware of anybody taking her seriously (except Stew Peters and he doesn’t count, for all the reasons listed in this substack).
    Who can you trust?
    I can’t find it now, but very recently, I came across Dr. Malone saying something to the effect that, of course, the mRNA gets into the DNA. He made some qualification that whether or not it has an effect is not known, but everybody with elementary science knows it does this. It came in response to the “bombshell” reports that it does this within as little as 6 hours. This came across to me like someone screeching a record. WHY is he saying this two years after the fact? Is he “normalizing” it? When I have time, I need to hunt this down, but what. the. heck?!
    Who can you trust?
    Here’s the link:

  • Avatar David Watson says:

    I read Cassandra and was really impressed with its breadth. Too broad for many modern readers, probably, but I like it. I’m disappointed in the frenzied ad hominems against Died Suddenly, though. But it’s human nature for herd members to jump on bandwagon like that. I prefer to remain more focused on the specific issues. The main premise of the vid is unusually numbers of people are dying (suddenly) from unusual blockages (not clots) that began after the bax rollout. None of the frantic critics seem concerned about that. I am. Thosecwho worry about dramatic attention grabbers in media must have never encountered advertising or politics or Hollywood films. Deal with the issues.

  • Avatar Duchess says:

    “Individual civil liberties are our doctrine, not collectivist drivel about “the most good for the most people.” If most of us understood this, ruinous vaccines designed to prevent hypothetical future bioweapon attacks would never be considered. Openness—free speech—is the first American value. “Security clearances” and government secrecy are contrary to this, and censorship is the worst.
    Truer words never spoken.
    I am firmly on this side.

  • Avatar Robert Yoho MD (ret) says:

    I looked through my pics and it seemed emblematic of healthcare. I’m open to a new one. That’s a photo I took but sadly, the pig is disceased at the butcher’s hand.

  • Avatar Robert Yoho MD (ret) says:

    Worse. They are murdering us.

  • Avatar Andy Bunting says:

    Thank you for this & all of your posts.
    Your clear cut analysis is always excellent.
    Your observations here fully illustrate just how evil evil can be.
    Sociopaths indeed.

  • Avatar mzlizzi says:

    “As a group, we are far more dangerous than the psychopaths.”

    Even as individuals, we are dangerous.

    They need us more than we need them. That’s why they use propaganda.

  • Avatar Elizabeth says:

    DR Yoho,
    I understand you are retired. I am in need of someone to prescribe the right hormones. Is there any way I can contact you? Do you have any recommendations of any other doctors that are trustworthy?

  • Avatar Walking With Goats says:

    This subject is vitally important. In my own way, I approach it here. After 3 years of moving towards food self-sufficiency, I think we must seek self-reliance and reliance on our immediate communities in order to know ourselves.
    We must find our own compass – and we will.

  • Avatar Robert Yoho MD (ret) says:

    My expertise in these areas is derivative and I do not have skills outside of writing and podcasting. Despite my degrees, my role is as a popularizer. A lot of what you suggest is being done by better qualified people, and our role is to spread these messages. Thanks for your ideas and passion and keep up your good work. And yes that guy was a clear troll. I didn’t realize it at first. Best

  • Avatar John Smith says:

    Recently Pfizer posted an extremely sarcastic and disrespectful tweet aimed at the critics of the covid vaccine, considering how much damage their poison has wrecked upon the world.

    If you click the Pfizer tweet to view it on Twitter, you’ll see that only people that Pfizer mentions (references via the “@[username]” function), will be able to reply. They definitely know they’d get eviscerated in the comments. What pathetic cowards peddling their poison in their little safe space. They spend millions upon millions buying media and academic/pro shills, but they’re still so afraid of being called out by the little guy. I think they know their hold on things is more tenuous than they let on. Bill Gates did the exact same strategy last year on Twitter when people were posting 100 hate comments per minute in his Instagram. Those were people across the world, of different nationalities, all grasping the truth, and speaking it to the false self-appointed king of humanity. And he was scared.

    The above is to support Dr. Yoho’s point > “Although we face wealthy, patient foes who are getting away with murder, they are not unbeatable. There are only a few thousand of them and billions of us. As a group, we are far more dangerous than the psychopaths. They are hindered by fatal hubris, swallow transparent frauds, and believe collectivist ideas that have been tried and failed countless times.”

    If Pfizer and the pharma psychopaths were so confident, they wouldn’t be so worried about one mere Twitter post. But like someone panicking on a leaky boat, their hands are frenzied, trying to block out every crack that is developing around them. Our persistence and refusal to give up will surely sink them for good.

  • Avatar Denis Kristan says:

    Hvala za knjigo

    • Avatar erin says:

      Please learn to distinguish between psychopaths (and other severely personality disturbed people) from normal folks. It’s crucial…

        • Avatar erin says:

          A lot of German Jews perished because they could not distinguish between “our wonderful highly cultured historical Germany” and “present Germany in love with a psychopath”. Those who could stood a chance.

          We all have a capacity to be evil, yes. That does not mean we all have the capacity to be Ted Bundy. Big difference. My impression is that those who try to erase this massive difference are playing — even if unwittingly — for the other team.

          Knowing whom to trust can mean the difference between life and death. Especially in wartime.

  • Avatar Mark Travis says:

    I just cancelled a paid subscription to Malone’s substack with a note to the effect of:
    “I strongly oppose your bogus lawsuit over an internet disagreement.”

  • Avatar Sally Gould says:

    Off Point
    Iron – Written by your subscriber, mejbcart

    Some additional information relative to Bing Liu is included towards the bottom of the article.

    Kindly read it. …. Thank you so much!

  • Avatar erin says:

    I think if the only purpose of Died Suddenly is to make large numbers aware of this issue, then it is a big success. Someone else should pick it up from there and run with it. I have been waiting for this for a long time, ever since these report began. If it’s left to the mainstream, nothing will ever happen, and it will be shoved under the rug.

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